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Vision Statement: Adding Joy to People's Lives.
Mission Statement: Creating Joyful Community Experiences Through People, Parks, and Programs.

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Art Commission Minutes - April 25, 2007

APRIL 25, 2007 AT 7:00 P.M.

CALL TO ORDER: Chairperson Ruiz called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.

ROLL CALL: Commissioners Present: Ron Beatty, Patrick McCarran (arrived at 7:24pm), Vivian Faye, Saunie Fridley (arrived at 7:05pm), Sandra Gill, Wanda Groseclose, Barbara Guise (arrived at 7:07pm), Helen Myers, Catherine Perez, Greg Ruiz, Bart Schneider, Annette Seabury (arrived at 7:13pm), and Joe Trebino
Commissioners Absent: None.
Staff Present: Rebekah Burr-Siegel, Arts Manager.

BELIEF STATEMENT: Commissioner Schneider read the Belief Statement.



John Silveira, Director of Pacific Coast Farmers’ Market Association, mentioned that this year Farmers’ Market will move to Saturdays, starting May 19th, on 1st St. He sees that this event will be great opportunity to build a sense of community. With the help of the Arts Commission he hopes to incorporate local artists into this event.

Chairperson Ruiz acknowledged the attendance of former Arts Commissioner Bryant.

1. Approve minutes of regular meeting of March 28, 2007
2. Accept monthly budget report (R. Burr-Siegel)
5. Accept monthly report from Public Art Committee (P. McCarran)
7. Accept report from Art Society (R. Beatty)
MSC to approve items 1, 2, 5, and 7 Gill/Trebino

Items 3 and 8 were pulled by Commission Trebino.

3. Accept monthly report from Executive Committee (G. Ruiz)
Commissioner Trebino mentioned that to have the Art Society take the lead on Cornfest now is too late. This issue should have been brought up at an earlier meeting for discussion. MSC to accept item 3 Trebino/Gill.

4. Accept monthly report from Arts Manager (R. Burr-Siegel)
Commissioner Guise commented money should not be spent on adding a mural to the Community Development Dept. or the Library since these two facilities will be torn down in the near future. Rebekah Burr-Sigel noted that these murals will be portable therefore it could be mounted again at a later time. Commissioner Guise noted an alternative to having these murals could be to have purchased artwork hung in its place.

Commissioner Gill noted that this purchase is not on the priority list. Chairperson Ruiz recommended discussion of this topic during item 11. MSC to accept item 8 Faye/ Guise

Item 6 pulled by Commissioner Fridley.

6. Accept staff responsibilities for Art, Wine and Jazz Festival (G. Ruiz)
Commissioner Fridley requested clarification on the bullet regarding payment of the musicians. Rebekah Burr-Sigel noted a change to bullet number 6, point 3, should read 10 days and not 10 weeks.

Commissioner Fridley commented that under bullet 7, regarding the City Vault, it will be hard to predict when we’ll be needing visit the City Vault. It was mentioned that the verbiage could change to read “as needed” but that it would be too vague. The Executive Committee will review this document with staff and report back in May.
MCS to approve item 6 with revisions to the last three bullets.

7. ACTION: Approve 2007 CityRead book recommendation & budget request (L. Roudman)
Leonard Roudman, Head Librarian, presented the book for the 2007 CityRead, Samurai’s Garden by Gail Tsukiyama. He mentioned that he would like purchase 650 copies this year instead of the usual 500. In the past, books were not returned for others to read therefore he requested that more be bought. He reviewed the budget expenses relating to the CityRead program.

Commissioner Gill commented that she has finished reading this book and that is was very well written. MSC to approve the 2007 CityRead budget and book: Guise/Beatty.

8. ACTION: Discuss and approve recommendations by the Arts Commission’s Ad Hoc Committee (R. Beatty)
Commissioner Beatty reviewed the three recommendations for Conflict Resolution. These recommendations are ways to promote better communication and resolving issues within the Commission.

Chairperson Ruiz inquired whether it would be possible if the Ad Hoc Committee would work with the Art Society in seeing what areas they can take over for the Commission. Commissioner Beatty said that would be possible.

Commissioner Gill inquired whether the Commissioners understood what the Ad Hoc Committee will be doing and that the number of Commissioners on this Commission may be reduced to 12. Commissioner Trebino is not in favor of the reduction of Commissioners to this group and inquired about how programs would be funded.

Rebekah Burr-Siegel spoke about the regranting program she is recommending and how it would work. The Commission discussed the funding for staff and how money is raised since there are no fundraisers. The Art Wine and Jazz Festival was mentioned as a fundraiser but was commented that no money is brought in during this event. It was suggested that the Ad Hoc Committee review the funding possibilities.

Commissioner McCarran motioned that the Commission accept the recommendations made for Conflict Resolution but have the Ad Hoc Committee further review the possible downsizing of the Commission and the various projects. Chairperson Ruiz requested further clarification of this motion. It was suggested that two separate motions be made in regards to these various matters. MSC to approve the conflict resolution recommendations: McCarran/Trebino.

Commissioner McCarran motioned to accept the splitting of this Commission and the reduction of number of Commissioners to a more equitable group and for the Ad Hoc Committee to further review this possibility. This motion was later rescinded due to further clarification of this motion. MSC to have the Ad Hoc Committee review this matter further: Trebino/Gill.

9. ACTION: Consider recommendations for Brentwood Art, Wine and Jazz Festival (Art, Wine and Jazz Festival Committee)
Commissioner Trebino wanted to discuss why a Country Band is being considered when this festival states Jazz. Commissioner McCarran agreed that this was inappropriate and suggested changing the name to reflect music in general and not use Jazz.

The topic will be discussed further at the next committee meeting and the result will be back at the next Arts Commission meeting. MSC to accept the report: Guise/Beatty.

10. ACTION: Review and discuss the Public Art Committee’s recommendation for the purchase of two artworks, each to be considered separately (P. McCarran)
Commissioner McCarran reviewed previous actions regarding a lot (three pieces) of artwork which the Commission wished to purchase. It was decided that the items to be purchased would be voted on separately. However, one of the three pieces of art was sold.

Commissioner Guise reiterated her suggestion of placing purchased artwork at the Community Development in lieu of the previous request made by the Community Development Department.

Commissioner McCarran suggested a motion to change the priority list since it was pointed out that this matter has not been placed onto the priority list. MSC to add fine art purchases for future art gallery to be on the priority list.

Commissioner Gill mentioned that the priority list needs to be reviewed and revised. The Commission should not just pass things because they are before the Commission but to really analyze the priorities as they may have changed with time. Some items are unrealistic, completed or near completion. We need to find a better way to vote on things.

Commissioner McCarran suggested having the priority list brought back quarterly for review and to finish up the guidelines. Commissioner Trebino does not see a reason for revising a plan because it has already been done.

Discussion came about regarding the two remaining pieces which are still available for purchase. The Commission discussed some of the issues when purchases of art are done fairly slowly, due to the process. It was determined that one of the pieces was sold because the Commission had waited too long before deciding to purchase.

Another issue brought up was the security of the artwork. It was mentioned that currently art is placed in the open at the Technology Center and it has remained safe.

It was suggested that some of the artwork may promote a certain bad habit. In the defense of those Artists, it was mentioned that their artwork may be admired for more than just the connotation it may or may not promote. An artist should not be judged solely on that but for its artistic values.

Commissioner McCarran said we should vote on the remaining two artwork and let the City Council decide if this is the right way to go. If not, the Council will come back with their feedback and the Commission can rethink this. MSC to purchase the Frank Lloyd Wright: McCarran/Beatty, 2 Abstentions: Gill and Ruiz. MSC to purchase the Stanley Mouse: Trebino/Faye, 2 Abstentions: Gill and Ruiz.



Mayor Bob Taylor gave an update on what has been going on in the City of Brentwood. He also recently had a Town Hall Meeting. He talked about the vandalism which has taken place at few of the parks in town. He assured the Commission that the Police Chief has set up a very tight schedule in patrolling these specific parks. The Police Officers are at each park every hour either on bikes, motorcycles, or patrol cars. Numerous arrests have been made.

Code enforcement has been enforcing curfew and parents are being cited for their lack of control over their kids. He mentioned that they are enforcing the Ordinance which states that you can not sleep in their cars. The Police Officers are enforcing the speed limit around town as well. All those who speed and are pulled over will be cited.

He wants the Commission know that they are moving forward with the new City Hall and Senior Center. The Mayor wants the Commission to know that he attends the Arts Commission meetings to listen and not to get into the middle of any disputes. He hopes the Commission continues doing what they are doing and hopes that they don’t end up dissembling. He wants the Commission to continue in a structured and organized manner.

• Commissioner Faye said she recently visited Copia, a place in Napa and it exhibited food art. She suggested maybe that could be a possibility at the Farmers’ Market.
• Commissioner Myers has sold 102 tickets for the Art Walk.
• Commissioner Seabury mentioned that she will be distributing the tickets for Art Walk soon.
• Commissioner Fridley mentioned that she has been quite excited by all the calls which she has been receiving regarding the Art Jazz and Wine Festival.
• Commissioner McCarran wanted to thank the Mayor for his updates.
• Commissioner Perez highlighted a future opening reception on May 4th at the Kazem Gallery. It will feature music by Jon Weston and there will also be food.
• Commissioner Trebino hopes that everyone will attend the ArtWalk and bring their friends. It will feature 29 artists.
• Chairperson Ruiz wished that we could do the ArtWalk at the same of the Farmers’ Market since it has moved to Saturdays.
• Commissioner Schneider spoke of the various performing art events at Edna Hill and Adams Middle School. A production of Grease and High School Musical will be performed. He also mentioned a mural which is currently being painted in the Edna Hill Middle School hallway.

Rebekah Burr-Siegel mentioned the ArtWalk and the strolling musicians. She mentioned that the Rotary Club is interested in sponsoring a mural in town.

Commissioner Beatty would like to discuss Ordinance 244 with regards to the City’s capital improvement projects paying into the public art program.

Commissioner Schneider would like to discuss what the Commission can do at the Farmers’ Market to feature local artists. It was suggested by Chairperson Ruiz that this would be better as an action item. He also suggested talking about the possibility of changing the name of Arts Jazz and Wine Festival.

Chairperson Ruiz adjourned meeting at 8:46 p.m.

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