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Art Commission Minutes - November 15, 2006

NOVEMBER 15, 2006 AT 8:00 P.M.

CALL TO ORDER: Chairperson Gill called the meeting to order at 8:16 p.m.

Commissioners Present: Sandra Gill, Jim Bryant, Greg Ruiz, Ronald Beatty, Vivian Faye, Doreen Forlow, Barbara Guise, Patrick McCarran, Helen Myers, Catherine Perez, Annette Seabury-Day, and Joe Trebino.
Commissioner Absent: Saunie Fridley
Staff Present: Craig Bronzan, Director of Parks and Recreation and Rebekah Burr-Siegel, Arts Manager

BELIEF STATEMENT: The Belief Statement was read by Commissioner Helen Myers.




Chair Gill thanked the Commissioners for serving along side her. This will be the last meeting she will chair before handing the position over to Greg Ruiz for 2007.

1. Approve minutes of the regular meeting of October 25, 2006
2. Accept monthly budget report (R. Burr-Siegel)
3. Accept monthly report from Public Art Committee (G. Ruiz)
4. Accept monthly report from Arts Manager (R. Burr-Siegel)
5. Accept monthly report from Literary Arts Committee (R. Beatty)
6. Accept monthly report from Volunteer Committee (V. Faye)
7. Approve recommendation to City Council for the appointment of Wanda Grossclose and Richard Woolley to the Arts Commission (S. Gill)
8. Approve calendar of regular meeting dates for 2007 (R. Burr-Siegel)
9. Accept monthly report from Community Relations Committee (P. McCarran)
10. Accept letter of resignation from Jim Bryant (S. Gill)
MSC Trebino/Ruiz to accept items 2 – 10. MSC Trbino/Ruiz to accept item 1 with note explanation presented by Commissioner Guise on behalf of Commissioner Fridley. Abstain: Faye

11. Overview of expectations and responsibilities of Arts Commissioners as referenced in the City of Brentwood Commissioner’s Handbook (C. Bronzan)
Director Bronzan commented about the meeting on October 25, 2006. He was not in attendance but read emails and heard tapes of the meeting. He reminded them that in Spring 2005, a handbook was approved by the City Council and distributed to the Arts Commission regarding the expectations of the Commissioners. He felt some actions which took place at the last meeting were in conflict with the handbook. This will be further reviewed by the Executive Committee.

Director Bronzan began with the personnel changes taken place within the department, specifically the fact that Betty Jo Whincup is no longer taking minutes for this Commission. He realizes there were concerns about this and explained that because the department acquired three additional administrative staff in the last few years, it would benefit the staff to expose them to the various Commissions which the department oversees. Director Bronzan also mentioned the function of Rebekah Burr-Sigel, Art Manager. She is there to assist with the needs of the commission.

Director Bronzan further reviewed various pages of the handbook to clarify the functions of the Commissions and the importance of representing the City as well as possible in hopes of the public seeing the positive aspects of the Arts Commission. Director Bronzan stressed the importance of communication via email. He reminded them anything written could be considered public record. Chair Gill also included that sometimes email messages can be misread and its real meaning misconstrued.

The issue regarding Ms. Whincup, Commissioner McCarran mentioned that the commissioners were not notified ahead of time what the situation was and that caused confusion. Director Bronzan apologized for the miscommunication and reiterated the department felt it would be more beneficial to use internal staff to attend the commission meetings.

Director Bronzan concluded with saying that he appreciates the work of the Commissioners and know they volunteer much of their time for a great cause but hopes that they can understand the responsibility and expectations of their roles.

12. Discussion of 2007 Committees (S. Gill)
Commissioner Guise asked a question on behalf of Bill Weber: Will there be a museum at the Art Center? It was explained that it could be a possibility in the future plans. A question was raised whether the Brentwood Women’s Club could be used partially as a museum while still allowing them to use half of the facility.

The following changes/updates were made regarding these Committees & Task Forces:

Visual Arts Committee
Commissioner Seabury-Day volunteered to be Chair.
Commissioner Perez would like to be part of this committee.

Public Art Committee
The incoming Arts Commission Vice Chair will be the new Chair, Patrick McCarran.

Community Relations Committee
Patrick McCarran has volunteered to be Chair.

Public Art Sub-Committee
Greg Ruiz will be new Arts Commission Chair for 2007

ArtWalk Committee
Commissioner Trebino has volunteered to be Chair.

Art Center Committee
This committee needs to be reactivated. It was determined that they need to reestablish this committee with six members or fewer in order to not have a quorum of the Arts Commission at any meeting.

Members of this Committee will include Commissioners Seabury-Day, Forlow, Perez, Beatty, Guise, and Ruiz.

It was explained that the Visual Arts Committee deals with the sculptures, paintings, and the gallery at the Tech Center and is not the committee that deals with the developers regarding public art.

Commissioner Seabury-Day left at 9:20 p.m.

13. Discussion of the Brentwood Art, Wine, & Jazz Festival (Centipede Assoc.)

Overall comments on the report were excellent. Commissioner Guise handed out a budget report created by Commissioner Fridley, who was not present.

There was much discussion on whether or not to keep Saunie Fridley and her helpers as the core group to head up the next year Festival. Commissioner Trebino commented on what a great job she did and hopes that she is allowed to spearhead that committee again with an immediate vote. It was stressed and emphasized by a few Commissioners the importance of starting early and reserving the artists now before they are booked for other events. Commissioner Guise agreed with Commissioner Trebino in having this committee established quickly and booking the artists.

Commissioner Ruiz explained the need to review the goals of next year and not rush into voting on who will be leading the committee. He would prefer to see who will submit a proposal and follow the established process. He does agree that it is important to start early but this isn’t a matter that needs to be handled tonight. It should be first topic of discussion for the next meeting.

MSC Guise/Faye to form a committee with Art Commissioners to start a core group for the Arts, Wine, and Jazz Festival.

Members of this committee will be headed by Commissioner Fridley with members including Commissioner Trebino, Myers, Guise, Beatty, and Faye.

Commissioner Bryant would like to pinpoint a date and start contacting the artist. Rebekah mentioned that Jenny Floriviata is willing to start that if necessary.

MSC Gill/Guise to select September 29 – 30, 2007 for the Arts, Wine, and Jazz Festival.

14. Election of Arts Commission Vice-Chair (Nominating Committee)
MSC Gill/Bryant to nominate Patrick McCarran for Vice Chair in 2007



Commissioner Guise: Mentioned that the new City Council will take seat in December 12, 2006. The official votes have not been certified therefore the new Vice Mayor has not been announced yet.

Commissioner Forlow and McCarran thanked Director Bronzan for reviewing the Commission handbook.

Commissioner Faye: She appreciated the workshop and the review of the handbook.
Commissioner Ruiz thanked Chair Gill for her leadership and hopes that as he takes the reigns, he hopes to follow her footsteps in leadership. He said he was disappointed that Council Member Beckstrand was not in attendance of this meeting. He appreciated her liasonship and the quality which she brought to the Arts Commission and will miss her at the future meetings. He said goodbye to Commissioner Bryant and thanked him for his work, and most of all his friendship.

Commissioner Bryant thanked the Commission Members and truly enjoyed his service to the commission. He is looking forward to observing this commissioner from the outside and seeing what great things that will happen in the future. He has mentioned that he will be available to assist if needs be. He thanked Rebekah for her help and support with the Arts Commission and Chair Gill for her leadership and wishes Commissioner Ruiz well as he becomes Chair in 2007. He thanked Director Bronzan for being a friend and support to the Commission. He appreciates his good leadership and service. He mentioned that Director Bronzan does a lot for the Commission behind the scenes. He will miss Council Member Beckstrand as the liaison. He appreciated her insight, enthusiasm and her contribution to the Arts Commission.

Commissioner Beatty thanked Chair Gill for her leadership and will miss Commissioner Bryant. He also wanted to thank Director Bronzan and Rebekah as well for their service.

Commissioner Trebino: Same feelings as Commissioner Beatty.

Commissioner Myers: Same feelings at Commissioner Beatty and Trebino.

Chair Gill: She expressed her appreciation to the rest of the Commission for working and supporting her. She thanked Rebekah for her outstanding support. She wished Commissioner Ruiz well as he takes the seat of Chair in 2007 and welcomes the new Commissioners aboard.

Rebekah Burr-Siegel mentioned she and the Veteran’s Park artist selected rocks for the project, so it is moving forward. She added that 3 of 5 pieces are cast and bronzed. Heron Park’s public art piece will be installed tomorrow at 10:30 am. She will be off next week due to Thanksgiving.

Commissioner McCarran stated that he has met with the Press and they will do an article for us on our event. The Press said they will publish two other articles for us. Rebekah will also be doing article and if possible, the Chair will be doing one too. All we have to do is submit pictures for it and they will publish it.


ADJOURNMENT Chairperson Chair Gill adjourned the meeting at 9:51 p.m.

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