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Art Commission Minutes - August 23, 2006

August 23, 2006 at 7:00 pm
Brentwood Technology Center
101 Sand Creek Road
Brentwood, Ca. 94513

PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE: All stood for the Pledge of Allegiance.

ROLL CALL: Commissioners present: Barbara Guise, Ron Beatty, Catherine Perez, Sandra Gill, Saunie Fridley, Doreen Forlow, Patrick McCarran, Vivian Faye, Greg Ruiz, Annette Seabury-Day, Helen Myers and Joe Trebino.
Commissioners absent: Commissioner Deena Foley
Staff Present: Rebekah Burr-Siegel, Arts Manager
Others present: City Counsel Liaison, Annette Beckstrand

BELIEF STATEMENT: The Belief Statement was read by Commissioner Catherine Perez.

A. Leonard Roudman, Branch Librarian
Arts Manager, Rebekah Burr Siegel, reported that Mr. Roudman was unable to attend the meeting. She passed around copies pf “Epitaph for a Peach”, by David Mas Masumoto for this year’s Cityread program on his behalf. The books are to be read and either returned to the library or other designated sites, or they can be passed on to friends. It is requested that all who read the book to initial on the front inside cover in order to track the number of readers of the books returned.

B. Livermore Arts Commission
The person who was to represent the Livermore Arts Commission was unable to attend due to a death in the family, she is planning on attending the September meeting to discuss Livermore’s Cultural Arts Master Plan and talk about what they are getting out of it and how the process is expected to help their community. Ms. Burr-Siegel said that she also has the “tool kit” for the National Endowment for the Arts, and passed around information from this book. She will copy a chapter each month and give it out to the Commissioners to read.

CALL TO ORDER: Chairperson Sandra Gill called the meeting to order at 7:08 p.m.

AGENDA REVIEW: Commissioner Greg Ruiz asked to have #10 placed before the Consent Calendar.


City Council Liaison Beckstrand arrived at 7:09 PM

CHAIR COMMENTS: Chairperson Gill asked that all Commissioners take the emotion out of the upcoming discussions so that the conversation can be centered around the facts that they have, and exploration of the facts that they don’t have, prior to drawing conclusions. She asked that all Commissioners treat each other with the utmost respect and wait for the Chairperson to recognize them before speaking.

Commissioner McCarran arrived at 7:10 PM.

10. Consider $500 donation to Marsh Creek Clean-up Day on Sat., Sept. 16th (M. Grim)
Linda Stadlbauer, Park Planning Technician, spoke in place of Mary Grim. She said the Liberty Jazz Band will be playing at the Marsh Creek Clean-up. She gave a history of the band in the Brentwood community. She explained the need for a $300 donation to the band. Ms. Stadlbauer explained the Jazz band would be volunteering their time regardless but a donation for their playing time would be used for band’s needs for other functions, instruments and travel expenses.

Commissioner Fridley arrived at 7:14 PM.

Commissioner Ruiz asked about the amount of $500 asked for and how it would be used, as Ms. Stadlbauer was requesting only $300. Ms. Burr-Siegel explained this was for art projects connected to the event. Commissioner Trebino asked if this amount was within the budget and Ms. Burr-Siegel said that it was. MSC Ruiz/Faye to approve the donation of $500 to the Marsh Creek Clean-up on Sat., Sept. 16, 2006.

Commissioner Guise arrived at 7:15 PM

1. Approve minutes of regular meeting of July 26, 2006
2. Accept monthly budget report (R. Burr-Siegel)
3. Accept monthly report from Executive Committee (S. Gill)
4. Accept monthly report from Public Art Committee (G. Ruiz)
5. Accept monthly report from Literary Arts Committee (R. Beatty)
6. Accept monthly report from Arts Manager (R. Burr-Siegel)
7. Accept letter of resignation from Deena Foley (S. Gill)
Commissioner Ruiz moved to pull Item #2 from the Consent Calendar, Commissioner Trebino seconded the motion, motion carried unanimously. Commissioner Ruiz then moved to approve Items # 1, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7. Commissioner Trebino seconded the motion, motion carried unanimously/

2. Accept monthly budget report (R. Burr-Siegel)
Commissioner Ruiz pulled this because there is no budget to approve. Ms. Burr Siegel, Arts Manager said the reason for no budget report was that the accountant was on vacation. Commissioner Trebino asked if the CPI 2.8% increase applies to the 2006 Art, Wine and Jazz Festival; it does not. Commissioner Guise would like to know how much is budgeted for conferences for the Arts Manager. She would like that figure and the amount that she is allowed each year. Commissioner Ruiz asked Chairperson Gill to discuss this question with Commissioner Guise at a separate time. Commissioner Guise agreed since she has had considerable experience with other organizations regarding this subject. Commissioner Guise said she would also like a list as to what are the most important conferences she should be attending. Commissioner Trebino asked when the new exhibit fees of $25.70 starts, Ms. Burr-Siegel said this would be at the next scheduled exhibition. Commissioner Trebino asked if they could set the fee every year. Commissioner Ruiz said yes, they can, however it would have to be approved by the City Council. He suggested that they increase the fees differently, for example, ArtWalk $11.00, Art, Wine and Jazz Festival $300, etc. Commissioner Trebino said he was agreeable to raising the fees, but did not like the odd amounts, such as $10.70. MSC Guise/Ruiz to table Item 2, until the next meeting and include the comments from the Commissioners.


7. Update on Cultural Arts Master Plan (S. Gill)
Chairperson Gill referred the Commissioners to their packets and a memo from Craig Bronzan, Director of Parks and Recreation. She said that a decision has been made to postpone the interviews with the consultants for a Cultural Arts Master Plan so the Arts Commission could research and understand more clearly the purpose of a Cultural Arts Master Plan. The City Attorney determined that funds to help pay for the Master Plan could come from the 20% Admin & Education portion of the percent for art, but could not come from the 80% reserved for art and costs associated with the public art (design, fabrication, installation, etc.). Chairperson Gill stressed the need to appoint a subcommittee to pursue this project in detail. A subcommittee was formed which will include Patrick McCarran, Doreen Forlow, and Greg Ruiz.

8. Update on Arts Commission Retreat with Gary Winters on September 18, 2006 (S. Gill)
Ms. Burr-Siegel explained that the work of Gary Winters at this retreat does not come from the Arts Commission budget, it is being funded entirely by the City. This is an opportunity to further develop the role of the Arts Commission both internally and externally. Ms. Burr-Siegel stressed the importance of attendance from all of the Commissioners. The meeting will start at 5:00 pm.

9. Consider recommendation(s) regarding the Brentwood Art, Wine & Jazz Festival
(Centipede Assoc.)
Commissioner Beatty said they are progressing right along. Working on signs now, posters are up all over town. Glasses ordered and shirts are on the way as well.

11. Update on Commercial public art (G. Ruiz & R. Beatty)
Vice Chairperson Ruiz deferred to Commissioner Beatty. He said he has had some long conversations with Director Bronzan on this issue and reminded him that this has been a long process going on for over two years. Commissioner Beatty feels this is a bit of a political issue and the timing is not right just now. He said they looking to pursuing this issue again next year, his concern that they are nearing buildout and a lot of commercial buildings are in final stages, the balance being smaller, less costly and therefore percentages would be much smaller. He is afraid they may have missed a great opportunity for gaining these funds through the commercial builders in the city for public art. Ms. Burr-Siegel, Arts Manager reported on the meeting on August 15, 2006 on this issue several options were presented to City staff who will meet with the Public Art Committee on Sept. 12, 2006 to further the discussions. Commissioner Guise said she felt they need to try and get the city to include the percentage in the “conditions of approval” in future commercial buildings proposed in the city. Commissioner Ruiz commented on a fountain on a new building near the police station, he wondered who and why and where the fountain came from.

There was no new business.

Commissioner Annette Seabury-Day left the meeting at 8:03 PM.

Annette Beckstrand, City Council explained why the fountain was placed at the building near the police station. She the process that builders and developers must go through prior to getting approval. There was some discussion on the process in which prospective builders have to meet the requirements established by the city. Ms. Beckstrand reiterated the importance of the upcoming retreat. She is very excited about Gary Winters as the facilitator and feels he is an excellent person to lead the Commission in the right direction.

She mentioned a young man working on his Eagle Scout badge. Ethan Watts, a sophomore at Heritage High School, is trying to obtain musical instruments for the Paul Krey School. There are currently no instruments available for the students at this school. The goal is to get these instruments donated to the school for the children to use. She passed out the letter and information on the project.

Commissioner Trebino reminded the Commissioners that Saturday is the Art Society dinner at the Bristow home. Commissioner Faye commented on the Monet exhibit at the Legion of Honor in San Francisco. Commissioner Fridley said that they still need volunteers to fill the 4 hour time slots at the art and jazz festival. Commissioner Ruiz commented that he was sorry to see Deena Foley’s resignation. He also hopes that a card will be sent to Leonard Roudman from the Arts Commission.

Ms. Burr-Siegel reported that the Poet Laureate did a wonderful reading a poem in memory of Rose Pierce at the City Council. October 7th is the Cityread event and the author of the book “epitaph for a peach” will be present. There will be refreshments from local growers, catered by Bohemian Elegance. There will be a film aired on PBS in June called “Ripe for Change”. There will be artists presenting work specifically representing agriculture or fruit and vegetables. She had colored maps available of the art in public areas, along with the black and white ones included in their packets. The animals for Veterans Park black and white and colored are available also and were passed out. There was discussion on the raccoon, which the Commissioners felt looked more like a kangaroo along with the coyote. Ms. Burr-Siegel said she will bring it to the attention of the artist and take it to the Public Art Committee for their recommendation. Ms. Burr-Siegel said that there will be two more art projects up for approval on September 7th, that will be Michael Cary for Pioneer Park, as well as Laurel True for the Rose Garden. She will be on vacation the following week and she reported that she will not be present for the September meeting in all probability.

Update on Cultural Arts Master Plan

Chairperson adjourned the meeting at 8:15 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Betty Jo Whincup
Minutes Recorder

City of Brentwood Arts Commission
35 Oak Street,
Brentwood, CA 94513
(925) 516-5444
Fax (925) 516-5445