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Art Commission Minutes July 26, 2006

July 26, 2006 at 7:00 p.m.
Brentwood Technology Center
101 Sand Creek Road
Brentwood, CA 94513

PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE: All stood for the Pledge of Allegiance.

ROLL CALL: Commissioners present: Barbara Guise, Ron Beatty, Catherine Perez, Sandra Gill, Jim Bryant, Saunie Fridley, Doreen Forlow, Patrick McCarran, Vivian Faye, Greg Ruiz, Annette Seabury-Day, and Joe Trebino.
Commissioners absent: Deena Foley, Helen Myers, Patricia Lacy-Rankin.
Staff Present: Rebekah Burr-Siegel, Arts Manager.

BELIEF STATEMENT: The Belief Statement was read by Commissioner McCarran.


CALL TO ORDER: Chairperson Sandra Gill called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m.

AGENDA REVIEW: No changes to the agenda.


CHAIR COMMENTS: Chairperson Gill asked that all Commissioners be looking and recommending qualified people to become Art Commissioners, especially since they have lost a few Commissioners recently. There are committee positions that are not filled and there are opportunities that are not being taken as the result. She asked if anyone knows of someone they feel would be good candidates to give them the brochure, the web page, and encourage them to apply to the Arts Commission.

1. Approve minutes of regular meeting of June 28, 2006
2. Accept monthly budget report (R. Burr-Siegel)
3. Accept monthly report from Executive Committee (S. Gill)
4. Accept monthly report from Public Art Committee (G. Ruiz)
5. Accept monthly report from Literary Arts Committee (R. Beatty)
6. Accept monthly report from Arts Manager (R. Burr-Siegel)
7. Accept letter of resignation from Patricia Lacy-Rankin (S. Gill)
Commissioner Ruiz asked to pull Item 4 and Commissioner Trebino asked to pull Item 2. MSC Guise/Beatty the acceptance of the Consent Calendar numbers 1, 3, 5, 6, and 7.

2. Accept monthly budget report (R. Burr-Siegel)
Commissioner Trebino asked about the increase in fees and odd amounts given, i.e. $10.28 from $10.00, he felt this would be confusing and should go up by easier amounts, e.g., $11.00 if raised. The Arts Manager explained that this will happen every year due to the Consumer Price Index (CPI) and the Arts Commission can’t overturn a City Council direction. There was a discussion as to whether they could apply to the City Council regarding these changes, and to have them remain the same or go to even amounts, such as instead of $10.28, $10.50 or instead of $25.70 go to $26.00. There was further discussion regarding whether or not the charges should be classified as “fees”. Ms. Burr-Siegel will research all aspects of this issue and bring a response back to the next meeting. MSC Trebino/Bryant the acceptance of 2 with the recommendation that Ms. Burr-Siegel research the questions raised by the Commissioners.
4. Accept Monthly report from Public Art Committee. Commissioner Ruiz commended the Arts Manager, Rebekah Burr-Siegel on the map and felt it was excellent. Commissioner Trebino echoed this statement as did other Commissioners on the outstanding job done on this map of public art locations. There were some discrepancies so Ms. Burr-Siegel asked the Commissioners to mark their draft maps accordingly and she will make sure that all corrections are made properly. Ms. Burr-Siegel also noted that anyone will be able to go to the city’s Map Room to locate more information on each public art piece. MSC Ruiz/Trebino to accept 4.

8. Consider recommendation(s) regarding the Brentwood Art, Wine, & Jazz Festival. (Centipede Assoc.)
Commissioner Beatty said that the logo contest was a huge success (Commissioner Fridley was not yet present). The posters are printed, but they will need help distributing them around town. He hopes to get volunteers when going into the stores to ask if those stores would help in the sale of the glasses. He reported on the meeting with the Parks & Rec. Dept.’s Senior Landscape/Facilities Worker, Steve McLean, regarding use of the City Park. He asked Commissioner Guise to accept the responsibility for getting the port-a-potties. He rented all the tents at a much better price than 2005. However, they need sponsors and artist/vendors. The website is up and running and postcards have been sent out. He feels all is going well. They are still looking for sponsors and currently have 15 art vendors, but would like more. Commissioner Trebino has secured all the wine merchants. Linda Hanson will handle the children’s art area. Commissioner Guise suggested using the Blue Room for the poetry reading. Ms. Burr-Siegel said that the poetry reading is going to be done from the stage and Blue Room will be used for storage.

9. Approve the public art concept and design for Pioneer Square by Michael Carey. (G. Ruiz)
Commissioner Ruiz introduced Mr. Carey and explained some of the specifics regarding the project and that lighting has not been solidified as yet because the park has not been designed.

Commissioner Fridley arrived at 7:25 PM.

Michael Carey explained the artwork design and materials used, the method of construction and durability. Shea’s public art consultant Regina Almaguer was present and offered addition information. Proposed lighting for the artwork was discussed in length. Commissioner McCarran suggested approving the conceptual design with the condition that when lighting is approved it is brought back for final lighting approval. Commissioner Bryant agreed. Ms. Burr-Siegel said that all of the involved parties, herself, the artist and landscape architect and engineers will be meeting in August to discuss the placement of the sculptures and what is needed for installation and integration into the park. In that process lighting will be discussed and determined. It was explained by Chairperson Gill and Ms. Burr-Siegel that the final approval of the artist’s design, after original conceptual design approval by the Arts Commission is made by the City Council and lighting although discussed is not the artist’s responsibility, nor is it part of this project. This decision will be made by the developer and the Parks and Recreation Commission. Commissioners McCarran, Bryant and others felt that this should also be approved by the Arts Commission. The artist, Michael Carey said that this type of design would be very easy to incorporate appropriate lighting. Commissioner McCarran felt very strongly that the etching on the towers should be stainless steel to coincide with the gold plating on the birds, especially if not backlit. Trebino/Ruiz MSC to accept the design as is. The motion carried with two no votes, and one abstention.

10. Update on Commercial public art (G. Ruiz & R. Beatty)
Commissioner Ruiz deferred to Commissioner Beatty who said he has nothing new to report. Ms. Burr-Siegel said that city staff is meeting on August 15. She said that this is a very sensitive issue and that the department heads and City Manager have to be fully informed prior to meeting with the Arts Commissioners or members of the Public Art Committee.

11. Update on Community Cultural Arts Master Plan (S. Gill)
The surveys have been collected, over 317 to date to be used by whoever the Commission chooses to develop the Cultural Arts Master Plan. They are slightly over budget on this effort. The Cultural Arts Committee will meet in August to interview three of the proposals that have been submitted for the cultural arts plan. When that decision is made a professional services agreement will be drawn up with the company that has been selected. The panel will make a recommendation to Craig Bronzan, Director of the Parks and Recreation Department and he will then make the recommendation to the City Council.

NEW BUSINESS: There was no new business.

CITY COUNCIL UPDATE: City Council liaison was not present.

Commissioner Bryant said that he feels that at the workshop in September they need to have a strategic plan for the future. Two dates that were given for this workshop from the facilitator were Sept 9 and 23. Several Commissioners will be gone on the 9th and the 23rd date might be too close to the jazz festival. Ms. Burr-Siegel will talk to the facilitator and get his recommendation for some week days in the evening. Most Commissioners felt six to nine would be the best. Ms. Burr-Siegel will email Commissioners with date after discussing it with facilitator and committee. Commissioner Trebino invited all to the Arts Society dinner which will be held August 26 at the Bristow home, the cost is $75 per person or $500 per table. Anyone with art donations will be very welcome. He also said that his company, Delta Pure Water is sponsoring a blood drive on August 10 and would like donors to call him for information. Commissioner Beatty reiterated the invitation to the Art Society Dinner and said if they are Art Society members the cost is only $65. Commissioner Fridley had posters for all who would wish to take them. She already passed some out and Raley’s store manager put several of them up in their wine area. She has dropped off sponsorship letters to the golf courses. Privot’s Restaurant is looking for art to hang on their walls. Commissioner Ruiz will contact Discovery Art League to see if they are interested. Commissioner Ruiz thanked the Minutes Recorder for her accuracy in the minutes which was much appreciated. Commissioner Forlow thanked the Centipede Association for their hard work. Commissioner Faye appreciated the preparation of the agenda packets. Chairperson Gill commented on the need for additional Commissioners, since the retirement of some of the Commissioners. She noted that the Community Relations Committee is now without a Chair. Commissioner McCarran said he may have someone interested in the Commission and will contact them. It was suggested that flyers announcing the Tech Center exhibitions go out in the Chamber of Commerce newsletter.

Ms. Burr-Siegel said that Commissioner Foley is resigning, but wants to remain on the Community Relations Committee and PERFAC. She passed out the poetry contest flyer have been be printed and distributed at the schools as they did the previous year. The Sing-Along Messiah Committee is meeting and misses Kermit Sveen who was so instrumental in getting the event going. She said that she and Gail Wadsworth received a $7,500 grant through the California Council for the Humanities. This is for an exhibition on family farmers in Brentwood. She will be working with Commissioner Forlow along with Gail Wadsworth and Kathy Leighton from the Brentwood Historical Society. It will be displayed after the student show of 2007.


ADJOURNMENT: Vice Chairperson adjourned the meeting at 8:15 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Betty Jo Whincup, Minutes Recorder

City of Brentwood Arts Commission
35 Oak Street,
Brentwood, CA 94513
(925) 516-5444
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