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Art Commission Minutes January 25, 2006

January 25, 2006 at 7:00 p.m.
Brentwood Technology Center
101 Sand Creek Road
Brentwood CA 94513

All stood for the Pledge of Allegiance.

Commissioners present: Jim Bryant, Vivian Faye, Saunie Fridley, Doreen Forlow, Chairperson Sandy Gill, Patrick McCarran, Greg Ruiz, Kermit Sveen, Joe Trebino, and Helen Myers.
Commissioners absent: Barbara Guise, Patricia Lacy-Rankin, Deena Foley, and Chris Robinson.
Staff present: Arts Manager Rebekah Burr-Siegel and Parks and Rec. Director Craig Bronzan.
Others: City Council Liaison, Annette Beckstrand.


Chairperson Gill called the meeting to order at 7:02 p.m.



Chairperson Gill thanked immediate past Chairperson Bryant for the good job. She also welcomed Commissioner Ruiz as the new Vice Chairperson.

1. Approve minutes of regular meeting of November 16, 2005
2. Accept monthly budget report for November and December 2005 (R. Burr-Siegel)
3. Accept monthly report from Public Art Committee (G. Ruiz)
4. Accept monthly report from Visual Arts Committee (R. Ruiz)
5. Accept monthly report from Literary Arts Committee
6. Accept monthly report from Arts Manager (R. Burr-Siegel)
7. Approve the appointment of Annette Day and reappointment Ron Beatty to the Arts Commission (S. Gill)

Chairperson Gill asked if there were any items to be pulled from the Consent Calendar at this time. A motion was made to pull Item 3 for discussion and move items 10, 11, 12 and 13 ahead of Item number 8. MSA Ruiz/Forlow.

MSA Trebino/Bryant of the Consent Calendar with the exception of Item 3.

Commissioner McCarran arrived at 7:08 p.m.

3. Accept monthly report from Public Art Committee
Chairperson Gill said she would like more information on when the some of the public art elements will be installed. Ms. Burr-Siegel went over each of the projects: Veterans Park: animals should be installed within six or seven months (the artist has finally signed the contract). The Farmer Statue: is at the foundry waiting to be cast. There will be a presentation on Heron Park later this evening. Lone Tree Way Undercrossing: will be about five years out. Granville Estates: Mr. Runion confirmed that the spiral monkey installation should be any day now, Ms. Burr-Siegel will follow up on this. Vineyards at Marsh Creek: the artists were selected recently and this project will be addressed later this evening. Rose Garden: the first seasonally banners should be installed by the end of February. Mosaic projects; two are on the agenda for this meeting for approval. She said the Cloud Park is becoming rather problematic; the project was red-flagged by the City. The project is halted until an agreement can be reached. S & S Farms: they are paying the in-lieu fee. Siena Village: six to eight months out at this time. The same is true for the Senior Multi-Unit development on Cox Properties. Prewitt Ranch: under discussion at this time, no specific information as yet. Garin Corners: we are hoping for a spring installation. Barrington Homes: no information on this project is available yet. There was further discussion regarding the Brighton Station Project and a request that this be brought back at the February 22nd meeting on the possible use of the $104,000 donation, but no art is included in this project. MSA Ruiz/Trebino to include estimated completion dates in the monthly Public Art report.

10. Receive report regarding CityRead (L. Roudman)
Mr. Roudman passed out information regarding the 2006CityRead. He said the 2005 CityRead author program went very well. He gave statistics on how many read the book, about 411 signatures were received and he knows some books were read several times. He passed around other information and notes made by those who read the book. Most of the comments were very positive and he feels the 2005 CityRead was very successful.

Epitaph for a Peach, by David Mas Masumoto is the 2006 selection and will be ordered with a 55% discount on the paperback edition. Books will cost approximately $6.28, no tax, shipping approximately $59. Mr. Mas Masumoto has a speaker charge of $500 which brings total cost to $3, 698.13. As in previous years, half the cost will be shared by the Friends of the Library. The Read is scheduled for six weeks, September 18th to October 28th. The author program will be on Saturday, October 7th from 2 – 3 pm at the Community Center. Mr. Roudman will be working with Ms. Burr-Siegel on some public relations to enable them to bring in a larger audience to use the multi-purpose room instead of the blue room. He is also working on a grant for the charge of the author’s program which would reduce the speaker’s fee from $500 to $250. This will be researched further and the actual request for funds from the Arts Commission will be later in February or March when all details are finalized.

11. Approve the concept & design of mosaic seating for Pulte’s Rose Garden by Laurel True. (G. Ruiz)
Commissioner Ruiz deferred to Ms. Rebekah Burr-Siegel who offered a brief outline of the project and introduced Laurel True who presented the mosaic design for the mosaic benches for Pulte’s Rose Garden. Ms. True’s proposal was accepted by the PAC with changes. Originally her proposal was for the same area as the mosaic seating by Dannenbeck. The PAC gave that location to Dannenbeck and offered Ms. True two different parks (Kaleidoscope and Rainbow’s End) where there will be three and two benches respectively. She explained the shapes and designs for the Commissioners. She described her color palette, design, materials and fabrication involved in her process. Maintenance of the benches will be very easy as other than hosing down dirty surfaces occasionally and resealing grout every five years or so is all that will be required. Sample boards of the design and materials examples were displayed. MSA McCarran/Ruiz to approve the designs as presented.

12. Approve concept and design for mosaic seating, soundwall treatment and gazebo medallions for Pulte’s Rose Garden by Susan Dannenfelser and Kirk Beck (G. Ruiz)
Commissioner Ruiz deferred this item to Ms. Burr-Siegel. She introduced the artists and explained how they were chosen by the Public Art Committee, the background and location of the project Ms. Dannenfelser explained the designs for the circular, semi-circular seating, medallions, and soundwall mosaic treatments, the materials, maintenance and budget. Maquettes of the designs and materials were presented. Mr. Beck described the manufacturing process of all the elements. They will replace the four existing green metal benches in the spaces now placed on concrete pads. Commissioner Ruiz commented that the Public Arts Committee was very enthusiastic about this project. MSA Forlow/Trebino to approve the project.

13. Approve the concept & design for the Heron Park public art piece by Scott Runion (G. Ruiz)
Mr. Runion discussed his public art proposal for Heron Park in detail, including the materials used and maintenance. He stated that lighting is not included in the budget. The cost of adding lights is estimated at $1,000 - 2,000. Mr. Runion discussed the costs and fabrication. Commissioner Ruiz said the Public Arts Committee was unanimous in their support of this project. Commissioner Ruiz said that if approved this could possibly be completed in about six months. All felt it important to include the lighting. Solar lighting was discussed, but discouraged by city parks manager according to Ms. Burr-Siegel. Design will include space for solar if decision to go with this at a later time. MSA Bryant/Trebino moved to accept the design.

8. Approve proposed survey form from Jamie McCreary for distribution (D. Foley/G. Ruiz)
Commissioner Ruiz briefly explained the history of the survey. Ms. Burr-Siegel confirmed that the survey will go out to all residents of Brentwood through various methods including the possibility of it being included with the utility bills. This was confirmed by the City Council liaison. MSA Trebino/Forlow to approve the mailing of the survey as it is presented.

9. Summary of reviews and approval of Executive Committee recommendations for the Day in the Park (S. Gill)
Chairperson Gill asked if there was any discussion of this recommendation. There was some discussion of the wording by Commissioner Ruiz. One Request for Proposal (RFP) was received. This will be reviewed by the Executive Committee and a recommendation will be brought back at the next Commission meeting.

14. Approve recommended changes to the Vineyards at Marsh Creek public art components. (G. Ruiz)
Commissioner Ruiz deferred this item to Ms. Burr-Siegel who said this project has undergone several changes in the past week by the Public Art Committee. She referred the Commissioners to the matrix and printed material included in their packets. She listed the three changes as the Bridge over Marsh Creek (currently $75,000), funds on this project swapped from the three entrance signage enhancements (currently $225,000). The original $75,000 for the bridge will go to the entrance signage enhancement and the $225,000 from that project will go to the bridge project. The third change was at the Village Center Park, changing from standard signage enhanced to a public art element within the park, not connected to the signage the budget is $50,000. She explained these changes and the reasons for them.

She brought up the newest recommended change due to a grand forty foot tall water feature that will be flank the entrance on Fairview which will go under the yet to be built Highway 4 bypass. Any public art element would be lost while competing visually with the planned water feature. Due to this fact, the PAC recommends that the $50,000 currently budgeted for the entry feature is allocated to the Village Center Park area, increasing that budget of $75,000 to $125.000. Commissioners discussed this project and the bridge and new underpass project. Commissioner McCarran explained these changes in the entrances and the art in the park. MSA McCarran/Trebino moved that the $225,000 be approved for the bridge and $125,000 on the public art element in the Village Center Park.

Director Craig Bronzan commented that this recommendation will go to City Council for final approval at their next meeting.

15. Discuss attendance at Arts Commission meetings and terms of office. (S. Gill)
As stated in the City’s Art Ordinance 2.44.100, “if a member of the commission is absent without cause from three consecutive regular meetings (1) of the commission may request the city council declare the position vacant. An absence may be excused (2) if it is due to illness or is unavoidable, and the member give notice to assigned city staff as to the reason.

This was further defined as follows:
(1) Three consecutive absences in a twelve month period.
(2) Possible definition of excused absence: illness, conflict with another city commitment, travel on behalf of the commission, conflict with job (no more than two such absences, etc.

Commissioner Bryant gave background information from the Executive Committee. Commissioner Ruiz explained that this is not to be construed as punitive to any current or future Commissioners. He would like to get rid of the excuses, but rather say if three meetings are missed the City Council has the option of declaring the seat vacant. Ms. Burr-Siegel reminded the Commission that a letter requesting a leave of absence is an option for a length absence. This is covered in the ordinance according to Commissioner Ruiz. It was recommended that it would be three meetings, not three consecutive meetings during a calendar year. There was discussion among the Commissioners on this issue. After considerable discussion it was suggested that the issue be referred back to the Executive Committee for redefining and to be brought back to the Commission at a future meeting.

16. Discuss the role of City Council Liaison in relationship to the Arts Commission (Executive Committee)
Chairperson Gill brought this item to the Commission as a discussion item coming from a recent meeting of the Executive Committee. Guidelines were included in the agenda packets. There were brief comments and discussion.

17. Accept Arts Commission Associate Membership (S. Gill)
Commissioner Bryant clarified the reason for the Associate Members. There was discussion regarding how this new post would work with the Arts Commission and function at the meetings, and many other details. City Council Liaison Beckstrand thought this a wonderful idea for assistance on committees and special events. MSA McCarran/Ruiz moved the acceptance of the Arts Commission Associate Memberships. Director Bronzan recommended the item be referred to the City Attorney for approval and possible revision in language. MSA McCarran/Ruiz amended the motion to include the referral to the City Attorney, two abstentions.

18. Accept letter of resignation from Chris Robinson and request to read letter into meeting minutes. (S. Gill)
Chairperson referred the Commissioners to this letter in their packets. She said there were two parts to this item, 1) whether to accept the resignation, and 2) whether to have the letter read into the minutes. MSA Trebino/McCarran moved to accept Commissioner Robinson’s resignation, one no vote.

McCarran/Ruiz MSA that letter not be read into the minutes, two abstentions. There was a brief discussion regarding Commissioner Robinson’s contribution to the Commission with Commissioner Ruiz and others.

City Council member and Liaison Beckstrand thanked the Commissioners for concern for Mayor Swisher’s son who is now recovering from cancer. She talked of her vision of an “artwalk” sort of a promenade where the new E-Bart station is proposed. This is at Walnut and Oak Street. She discussed this idea with the Commissioners. She discussed the rumors of the expansion of the Edna Hill Gym with a 299 seat auditorium. These plans are currently “on the shelf” at this time.

Commissioner Bryant circulated the Citizen’s Advisory Committee on Facilities Final Report. He mentioned that the Citizen’s Facility Committee had offered very positive comments on the Arts Commission Art Center recommendations. Commissioner McCarran expressed concern for getting a Commercial Art Ordinance in place as soon as possible. Commissioner Ruiz seconded Commissioner McCarran’s comments. He also expressed his excitement for Annette Day as a new Commissioner. Several of the Commissioners congratulated Chairperson Gill on a good meeting.

Ms. Burr-Siegel handed out the following for the Commissioners review:
1. Third Quarter Update on the City Council Two Year Action Plan
2. Council/Administrative Policy on Requests for Use of City Funds

Associate Memberships follow-up
Post Card for new Exhibit
Fund raisers, grant writing and sponsorships

Chairperson Gill adjourned the meeting at 9:13 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Lisa Smith and Betty Jo Whincup
Minutes Recorder

City of Brentwood Arts Commission
35 Oak Street,
Brentwood, CA 94513
(925) 516-5444
Fax (925) 516-5445