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Vision Statement: Adding Joy to People's Lives.
Mission Statement: Creating Joyful Community Experiences Through People, Parks, and Programs.

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July 27, at 7:00 p.m.
Brentwood Technology Center
101 Sand Creek Road, Brentwood, CA 94513

Chairperson Jim Bryant called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.

All stood for the Pledge of Allegiance.

Commissioners present: Chairperson Bryant, Commissioners Barbara Guise, Greg Ruiz, Kermit Sveen, Sandra Gill, Chris Robinson, Helen Myers, Joe Trebino, and Doreen Forlow.
Commissioners absent: Deena Foley, Patricia Lacy-Rankin, Saunie Fridley, and Patrick McCarran. Commissioners excused: Vivian Faye
Staff present: Poldina Scherff, Recreational Manager and Bill Weber, Curator
Staff absent: Arts Manager Rebekah Burr-Siegel.


Chairperson Jim Bryant commented on a few items that he felt important reminders for all of the Commissioners. He felt it important to consider how the Commissioners are responding and acting as Commissioners. He stressed the fact that they are a part of the City Government, and should consider how they function and operate under the rules just as the City Council would in their meetings, as well as other government agencies. Two items he felt important for Commissioners to remember; one related to civility and a reminder to all that they need to be civil to each other as the meetings proceed, and secondly not to be talking among themselves during the meeting when other people are talking. This is important to show respect to the person who has been recognized by the Chairperson and has the floor.

City Council liaison Annette Beckstrand arrived at 7:05 p.m.

No Citizens comments.

1. Approve minutes of regular meeting of June 22, 2005.
2. Accept brochure design from Community Relations Committee (G. Ruiz)
3. Accept monthly report from PERFAC (K. Sveen)
4. Accept monthly report from Literary Arts Committee (C. Robinson)
5. Accept monthly report from Day in the Park Committee (C. Robinson)
6. Accept monthly report from public Art Committee (S. Gill/R. Burr-Siegel)
7. Accept monthly report from Visual Art Committee (G. Ruiz)
8. Accept monthly report from Arts Manager (R. Burr-Siegel)
9. Report by the 2004/05 Budget Allocation Committee (C. Robinson/R. Burr-Siegel)
10. Accept City of Brentwood’s Commission Handbook (R. Burr-Siegel)
Chairperson Bryant asked the Commissioners to review the Consent Calendar. Commissioner Kermit Sveen requested pulling items 3 and 8. Robinson/Ruiz MSC that the Consent Calendar be approved with the exception of items 3 and 8.

3. Accept monthly report from PERFAC (K. Sveen)
Commissioner Sveen referred the Commissioners to that report in the Commissioner’s packets and said he wished to clarify some items. He said he had missed the two meetings the Sing-along Messiah and the band meeting. Ms. Burr-Siegel wrote the minutes and notated in bold print some of his comments after the fact and some were out of context. He wished to make these items clear to anyone with questions. The Sing-Along Messiah has set the date of December 3, 2005 and there will be a public rehearsal on the 19th of November and all will be invited at that time to rehearse. He also pointed out the item “Volunteers Wanted”, this came out of a PERFAC meeting and with the idea to form a volunteer council of the Arts Commission. He also mentioned the information on the Grant Makers and asked if anyone is interested in applying for grants, he attended this workshop on June 30 and reported some of this information in this report. Approval of Item # 3, MSC Guise Ruiz.

Commissioner Ron Beatty arrived at 7:08 p.m.

8. Accept monthly report from Arts Manager (R. Burr-Siegel)
Commissioner Sveen said he wanted to point out that the Arts Manager’s report was very thorough. However, she did not include any of the PERFAC items that she has been very active and involved in. He felt she forgot to include them and thought perhaps a friendly reminder to her to make her report as inclusive as possible. Approval of Item # 8 MSA Trebino/Sveen.

Chairperson Bryant commented that there are two publications distributed to them at the meeting for their review.
Councilmember Beckstrand then asked to make a couple of comments and said that on the brochure she wanted to know how many have been run at this time. Commissioner Ruiz said 250 and the one distributed at this time is a sample. She suggested that in Public Art on the back on the Veterans Park and Police Station, she wanted to know that this would only be on the brochure for this limited time. Commissioner Ruiz said that was correct and they were implementing changes on the brochure at this time. She also wanted to make sure that all noted that the band is “East County Concert Band”; they need to remove the word community from printed material. She wanted to make sure that this is clear with everyone.

11. Approve movie equipment recommendation and accept monthly report from Movie Committees (P. McCarran/T. Burt)
Since neither Commissioner McCarran nor Mr. Burt were at the meeting, Ms. Scherff, Recreational Manager made the report on this item. She said that Tom Burt, Recreational Supervisor, has been researching alternate sources for the movie equipment. She explained items in the bid and stressed the fact that this was the type of equipment needed for display quality and the lowest bid they have received. Other bids have been about $30,000 and above. There was discussion of Commissioners that this would be a good value and good investment since renting the equipment as they are currently doing costs nearly a third of the total price of buying this equipment. Commissioner Robinson said the recommendation of the subcommittee was to purchase the equipment. Commissioner Guise asked if there was any warranty on this equipment. Ms. Scherff said they did not have this at this time since it was not included in the bid. Commissioner Guise said she felt this was crucial and should be researched. Commissioner Trebino asked if there were enough funds available in the budget to purchase this at the amount over the $10,000. Chairperson Bryant felt the money would be available. The question was asked about the quality of the equipment compared to what they have been renting and Ms. Scherff said it was the same, and rental runs from $3,000 to $3500 each time. Commissioner Trebino said he felt it was clear that in lieu of this fact, it would definitely be the best financial move to purchase this equipment. Chairperson Bryant said the subcommittee should take additional program suggestions for discussion and possible action. Forlow/Robinson MSC that the bid be accepted and the equipment be purchased as long as it comes with a warranty for at least one year.

12. Consider changes to the Day in the Park Budget (C. Robinson).
Commissioner Robinson referred to a previous meeting where the budget for the entertainment for the Day in the Park was approved at $1,000. Since then she has discussed this with Mr. Rod Linn who is coordinating the entertainment and feels that he can provide the entertainment, bands, etc. for up to $4,000. She said this amount had been approved in an Executive Committee meeting on July 13, and was therefore requesting the entire Commission’s approval of the$4,000 amount. Robinson/Trebino MSA that the $4,000 amount be approved by the Commission instead of the previously approved amount of $1,000.

13. Receive 2005/06 Arts Commission budget by Committee (J. Bryant)
Chairperson Bryant discussed this budget and referred the Commissioners to the budget material in their packet. He discussed the draft that had been received by the Commissioners previously. Chairperson Bryant said that the budget for programs in the draft version is $64,450. The full budget is set at $77,000, including $13,000 additional is for other operating costs. He discussed another amount which includes transfers of revenue which include the Farmer Statue, Heron Park, and the Day in the Park bringing the total of $181,000. He explained how this amount is allocated. He also discussed the return of funds from 2004/05 related to the start-up costs for the Arts Manager’s position. This amount has not been figured yet. Chairperson Bryant then reiterated that they do now have the $64,450 allocated for programs, along with the start up costs from 2004/05 return, and will go on from there with their fundraising efforts. He wished all the Commissioners to have a clear idea of where they were financially at the start of the new fiscal year.
Ms. Scherff commented that the City’s budget was approved and Ms. Burr-Siegel will be reporting back with the new budget at the next regular meeting. Chairperson Bryant also said that the Brighton Station development has made an offer of $104,000 that will be allocated to public art. Commissioner Guise requested that the Brighton Station public art project be placed on the next agenda.

14. Approval of Art Center facilities for the future (J. Bryant)
Chairperson Bryant said a few weeks ago an ad hoc committee was designed for the Commission to put together a concept of what the future facilities would look like. He discussed this with Commissioner Beatty and other Commissioners to make sure he had included everything the committee had discussed. Ms. Burr-Siegel had also put this information together. This was in response to a request from Commissioner Guise at the June meeting, who serves on the Facilities Committee for the City of Brentwood. This was to define what an art center should be. Commissioner Sveen suggested adding films/video to the “Visual Arts”. It was then said that the first paragraph should read as follows on the second line, “Typically the arts are defined as the Visual Arts (painting, sculpture, films/video, photography, etc.) . . .

Councilmember Beckstrand said she would like to see an 80,000 square foot building downtown. There was further discussion on spaces that may become available in the city. Chairperson Bryant asked what should be the Commission’s next step in proceeding on the plans for an art center. Councilmember Beckstrand said that eventually this project should be formulated and brought before the City Council. The City Council could then request the staff to look for space. Commissioner Guise said also that the Facilities Committee that she serves on could also work on these ideas. There was discussion of a possible new car auto center that might then free up the Ford or Dodge properties on Brentwood Boulevard.

Commissioner Guise asked for a recommendation from the Commissioners for her to take back to the Facilities Committee for the new amphitheatre or other possibilities. Chairperson directed her to the fourth item on his proposal under Long-Term location 80,000 square feet. The first line under that heading says as follows; “New location near the new amphitheatre”, he suggested adding what she had just stated to that sentence. Commissioner Guise said the Facilities Committee really would like it to be located in the downtown area. The suggestion for change was then changed to “at Marsh Creek at the Vineyards or a downtown area”, Commissioner Forlow said she would like this flipped to have the downtown area first and then followed by the new amphitheatre. All agreed this should be the way it should be worded. Robinson/Trebino MSC that the concept as presented be approved with the following changes: (First paragraph) “Typically the arts are defined as the Visual Arts (painting, sculpture, films/video, photography, etc.). (Fourth paragraph) “New location in the downtown area or near the new amphitheatre at the Vineyards at Marsh Creek”.

Commissioner McCarran arrived at 8:10 p.m.

15. Approval of Delta Theatre recommendation (D. Forlow)
Commissioner Forlow said she would like to make a recommendation that this Commission support the City of Brentwood’s pursuit of finding avenues to preserve the Delta Theatre as a working movie theatre and venue for the cultural arts. She feels the city has lost some chances to preserve landmarks such as this theatre. She would like to see it designated as an official historic site. The building is currently up for sale by the owner for $2.2 million. Discussion of the wording followed. After the discussion, Chairperson said he felt they were discussing two different subjects, 1) to preserve the Delta Theatre, 2) to ask city council to make the theatre an historic site. Commissioner Guise moved then that the City Council be requested to make the Delta Theatre an historic site. Motion seconded by Commissioner Robinson. There was a discussion on this motion. Commissioner Gill said that this should be approached as being an important piece of art in the community and would encourage the City Council to take steps to preserve the use of the building as a performing art venue. Commissioner Beatty also disagreed with the motion as originally given. Commissioner Guise was asked if she could re-word or withdraw her original motion. Commissioner Guise withdrew her motion. Discussion continued. McCarran/Robinson MSC that the Chairperson designate someone to write a letter to the City Council indicating the Commission’s interest in preserving the Delta Theatre, with emphasis on the artistic and historical qualities of the building. (The motion was enhanced with wording from Councilmember Beckstrand and that wording approved by Commissioner McCarran.) Chairperson Bryant asked Commissioner Gill to draft a letter to the City Council. She agreed to do this in cooperation with Commissioner Forlow.

16. Approval of 2004 retreat priorities (J. Bryant)
The Chairperson cited the last retreat and materials received afterwards, which was a survey of the Commissioners and the highest priorities of what the Commission should do to become more productive and effective. He recommends that the Commission conduct another retreat before the end of the year to establish long-term goals and a strategic plan. He would like to see an ad hoc committee formed to define volunteer needs. Commissioners commented on the need for a follow up on the retreat; need to stay directed towards their goals. Time available to plan this retreat before the end of the year seemed to present a problem to the Commissioners. Various dates were discussed. Chairperson Bryant said that Commissioner Faye has indicated willingness to begin working on the ad hoc committee for recruiting volunteers if she could get help. Commissioner Sveen indicated that he would also work on this and with the assistance of the Arts Manager could start working on this plan to bring in volunteers to work with the Commission. Guise/Sveen MSC that a subcommittee be formed with Commissioner Faye as Chair, to start organizing a volunteer group. Commissioner Ruiz suggested this be coordinated with the Arts Manager.

Forlow/Ruiz MSC that the Arts Manager, Rebekah Burr-Siegel start working on a retreat for 2005/06 and to look at the dates of either February or March as has been suggested, one abstention. Councilmember Beckstrand asked if they felt they could really wait that long, she felt there must be time between now and the end of the year they could have a retreat. Other Commissioners expressed reasons why it would be difficult to do before the end of this year. Councilmember Beckstrand asked if they could not meet in August. Commissioner Trebino said possibly a workshop, rather than a retreat in August. Commissioner Sveen also suggested a workshop prior to 2006.

Trebino/Sveen MSC to hold a workshop in August to set Commission priorities for the next few years. The Arts Manager should survey the Commissioners in order to set a date for the workshop.

Councilmember Beckstrand said that a new City Attorney has been hired who will come on board on August 8. He comes from Redwood City. A new City Clerk has been hired. The budget has been approved. The new City Council member has been elected and installed. She mentioned the new police station which will be dedicated the following Friday. The City Council recently approved the “critters” for Veterans Park. She also mentioned the Veteran’s Park dedication. Commissioner Ruiz thanked Councilmember Beckstrand for her support of the Arts Commission.

• Chairperson thanked all for doing such a good job on their various commitments and gave special thanks for the beautiful brochure.
• Commissioner Beatty reminded all of the Art Gonzales Exhibition opening the following week in the art gallery. They could use some help in putting up the art. He also said that Bill Weber has been building some special security receptacles in his garage for the special art such as five Chagall’s, one Dali, one Picasso, etc. He added that on September 10, 2006, the Arts Society is holding their annual fund raiser.
• Commissioner Gill said she feels they do need to find a way to get others in the community to get involved in some of the work. She also felt they need to have a more organized way of holding their meetings. She suggested the possibility of holding more standing committee meetings.
• Commissioner Forlow commented on Commissioner Sveen’s article in the newspaper and felt it was a good one.
• Commissioner Ruiz commented on attending the Big Break Marina opening, and he represented the Commission at a Discover Art League meeting and started to network with them. He is also working on the rotating art show. He mentioned the picture of a cow passed out by Bill Weber, Art Curator, which is priced at $100,000. He said there is a silver horse available from a sculpture gallery at Oakley for $1500, life size.
• Commissioner Sveen said he will be gone most of August and requested an excused absence for that meeting.


Community Relations Committee/survey
Brighton Station Public Art Funds

Chairperson Bryant adjourned the meeting at 9:12 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Betty Jo Whincup
Minutes Recorder


City of Brentwood Arts Commission
35 Oak Street,
Brentwood, CA 94513
(925) 516-5444
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