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May 11, 2005 at 7:00 p.m.
Brentwood Technology Center
101 Sand Creek Road
Brentwood, CA 94513

Chairperson Jim Bryant called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.

All stood for the Pledge of Allegiance.

Commissioners present: Chairperson Bryant Commissioners Ron Beatty, Barbara Guise, Helen Myers, Greg Ruiz, Kermit Sveen, Sandra Gill, Chris Robinson and Joe Trebino.
Commissioners absent: Deena Foley, Patrick McCarran, Doreen Forlow, Saunie Fridley, Patricia Lacy-Rankin and Vivian Faye.

Staff present: Arts Manager Rebekah Burr-Siegel, and Craig Bronzan, Director of Parks and Recreation. Also present Annette Beckstrand, Councilmember and liaison to the Art Commission and Curator Bill Weber.


No changes to the agenda


1. Discussion and action related to Day in the Park Art and Wine Festival (Executive Committee)
Chairperson Bryant announced that the Executive Committee and Director Bronzan, Annette Beckstrand, Rebekah Burr-Siegel, and Commissioner Robinson had just met. Chairperson Bryant opened his remarks by commenting that this is a special meeting called to discuss the Day in the Park Art and Wine Festival and approve any action that needs to take place regarding this event. He updated the Commissioners on what has taken place since the April meeting. The Day in the Park Bank & Budget Committee met on May 6, 2005, at this meeting Commissioner Fridley assumed responsibility for analyzing the last year’s Day in the Park budget. Commissioner Guise said that Commissioner Fridley has the spreadsheet ready and will be presenting it tonight.

Chairperson Bryant introduced Commissioner Robinson to present status information on the Day in the Park,

Commissioner Robinson said the most important item was the budget and as soon as they receive the 2004 budget from Commissioner Fridley, they should be able to complete the 2005 budget before the end of the month. She said that she has received some concerns through the Executive Committee and she understands the reasons for them, but wished to assure everyone that everything is going to go fine, it is just that they have had a few “snags”. One of which is trying to get a regular date for everyone to meet. This meeting will be the second Wednesday of each month at 6 pm in the Presentation Room at the Technology Center.

Commissioner Doreen Forlow arrived at 7:08 p.m.

Commissioner Robinson said that she hopes the chairpersons will get their meetings scheduled. She apologized for being out-of-town because of the illness of her daughter. Commissioner Ruiz has agreed to bring any reports or information to the Commission in case she is called away again or for any reason is unavailable. She called or emailed everyone. Some will be meeting with her this evening after this meeting. Commissioner Robinson said if you are on a committee or subcommittee and have not met or heard from the chairperson, call them and let them know that you need to have a meeting and get the dates. She feels that if all are meeting every second Wednesday, she can get monthly reports then.

She feels the vendors letter is of high importance at this time and needs to go out this week. All of the vendors will be juried. Bill Weber asked how many artists are on the list. Commissioner Robinson did not have the list, but Ms. Burr-Siegel did and said it was at least 200. There will be at least 300-400 letters going out; these need to go out by the end of this week. Commissioner Robinson says that is the main concern at this point. She asked if any of the Commissioners had any direct questions to please ask her at this time.

She pointed out that the event is different this time without Eckerstrom Production, especially, trying to put a budget together when they have not done the vendors and don’t know what the booth rental cost is, Commissioner McCarren is working on this item. One of the things being considered at this time is to have one large tent with all the wineries in it, similar to a wine garden, with lights and plants, etc. The costs are being researched. Ms. Burr-Siegel stated that the Parks and Recreation Department had rented a number of tents for the health expo in City Park. She will check on the costs of these. It was noted that the artists usually provide their own tents. Commissioner Forlow said that this is in the guidelines to artists that they need to provide their own booths, if not the rental fee would be $100.

Commissioner Faye arrived at 7:15.

Chairperson Bryant asked about a time schedule and Commissioner Robinson said that she had a planning schedule written up a few years ago. This will be revised and organized by committee with specific deadlines. She will have this available at the next meeting.

Questions were asked about the music. Commissioner Robinson said that Rod Lin, the chair of the entertainment committee can’t committee any groups until the budget is done. Commissioner Robinson said most of the subcommittees have been working on all of the details, such as music, advertising, etc. but cannot act any further until they know what the budget will allow for these activities. Commissioner Guise asked if the advertising budget from the previous year will be used as a guideline and Commissioner Robinson said yes, it would. She also asked for approval for cost of sending out the letters for the vendors. Several pieces of paper would be included and will go out bulk mail. Commissioner Trebino suggested allowing up to $500 for printing and mailing to the vendors. It will not be brought to a vote until Commissioner Fridley presents the budget. Discussion of whether or not a return envelope should be included, but not postage paid.

Commissioner McCarran arrived at 7:25 p.m.

Commissioner Sveen asked if there was any history from the former company that promoted the Day in the Park. Response was there is none.

Commissioner Robinson confirmed the regular monthly meetings on the second Wednesdays of each month will be for the chairs of each subcommittee. All, however, should be meeting every month on their separate committees. All should stay in touch by phone or email, Commissioner Robinson urged them to call her with any questions.

Commissioner Fridley arrived at 7:30 p.m.

Commissioner Fridley passed around the Day in the Park 2004 analysis of expenditures and revenue and took them through the revenue portion first showing the revenue from donations, Eckerstrom, wine sales and sales of tee shirts and glasses. Mention was made of the fact that the Commission received 50% of the wine sales from Cline, Fenestra and Lehrer wineries and 100% from Rosenblum. There was a brief discussion of the sales tax which some felt should not have been charged. Commissioner Fridley explained this saying that the invoice had sales tax attached, but she felt this was not paid, and should not have been.

All of the expenses were reviewed and explained by Commissioner Fridley. She had reviewed all of the invoices with the Accountant for the Parks and Recreation, Tina Clark. Commissioner Fridley reported that she was okay with the revenues, but expenditures were about $3,000 short. Commissioner Gill suggested that in the future to avoid confusion, when invoices are received, they should be attached to a document that explains exactly the purpose or whatever the money was spent for and reason for the expenditure. She felt a form should be made up to handle this situation in the future to create a history for the Commission. Councilmember Beckstrand agreed and said each subcommittee should follow this procedure.

Commissioner McCarran asked about the figure of $19,332.75 identified as “event proceeds”. He wondered if that was broken down somewhere. Commissioner Trebino said this is from sales of tokens at the booths and would be difficult to break down further. This figure would include everything sold at the event. Commissioner McCarran inquired as to how the proceeds from the wine sales are figured. Commissioner Trebino said that when the tokens are returned they can then figure what the sales are for, wine, beer, etc. Commissioner McCarran then inquired about the figures on wine sales showing the 50% profit from three wineries and 100% from Rosenblum, showing a total profit from wine sales of $5,180.00. Commissioner McCarran then asked if this could be handled differently this year, breaking down wine sales, beer sales profits separately. He pointed out that the shortage of nearly $3,000 must be the 50% of the revenues from those three wineries and would represent the difference that Commissioner Fridley was looking for in balancing the analysis. There was further discussion on whether or not to hire someone to put on the event, Commissioner Guise felt that was the way to handle it. Commissioner Trebino said he felt they can do better in the future and see an increase in revenue as well.

Commissioner Gill wanted to clarify that they actually have $17,000 from this event with which to buy art for the community. This was said to be correct because they were given another $20.000 from the donation. The $17,000 will go into the budget reserves for Arts Commission programs. This was agreed to be correct by the other Commissioners.

Chairperson Bryant said that a budget will be on the agenda for the next Arts Commission meeting so they can move forward. He then referred to the request for funds up to $500 to mail out the vendors information. MSC Guise/Robinson to allocate up to $500 to do the printing and mailing of the vendor materials. Director Bronzan suggested that as they make motions it would be a good idea to indicate to which committee or account the funds should be charged.

Commissioner Faye said it would be valuable to have the information on how the Eckerstrom Productions handled some of the costs such as security, etc. She felt this would be helpful to new Commissioners. Commissioner Forlow asked about the decision of $200 for the booths, it was explained this was decided at the previous regular meeting. Commissioner Robinson asked everyone present email her so that she can group their email addresses, her email address is all in caps




Meeting was adjourned by Chairperson Bryant at 8:10

Respectfully submitted,

Betty Jo Whincup, Minutes Recorder

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35 Oak Street,
Brentwood, CA 94513
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