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Vision Statement: Adding Joy to People's Lives.
Mission Statement: Creating Joyful Community Experiences Through People, Parks, and Programs.

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January 26, 2005 at 7:00 p.m.
Brentwood Technology Center
101 Sand Creek Road
Brentwood, CA 94513

Prior to the start of the regular meeting, former Chairperson Joe Trebino presented the gavel to incoming Chairperson Jim Bryant.

CALL TO ORDER:  Chairperson Jim Bryant called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.

PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE:  All stood for the Pledge of Allegiance.

Chairperson Bryant asked for the roll call. Commissioners present along with Chairperson Bryant were as follows; Commissioners Ron Beatty, Deena Foley, Doreen Forlow, Sandra Gill, Patricia Lacy-Rankin, Patrick McCarran, Helen Myers, Chris Robinson, Greg Ruiz, Kermit Sveen and Joe Trebino. Commissioners absent at roll call were Saunie Fridley and Barbara Guise.

Staff members present were: Rebekah Burr-Siegel, Arts Manager; Bill Weber, Art Gallery Curator; and Poldina Scherff, Recreation Services Manager. Also present, Councilperson Annette Beckstrand; Arts Commission Liaison to the City Council.

Chairperson Bryant took this time to comment on the immediate past Chairperson’s leadership qualities and thanked him for all he had achieved during his tenure as Chairperson of the Arts Commission.

Robinson/Beatty MSC, that agenda items 9, 10, and 11 be moved to the top of the New Business Agenda. One abstention.


1. Approve minutes of regular meeting of November 17, 2004.
2. Accept monthly budget report and motions for purchases. (R. Burr-Siegel)
3. Approve Arts Manager attendance at the CPRS Annual Conf. in March, CPRS Membership, and the AFTA Conf. and Pre-Conf. in June. (J. Bryant/R. Burr-Siegel)
4. Approve Chamber of Commerce Membership. (J. Bryant)
Trebino/Beatty MSC the approval of the Consent Calendar. One abstention.


9. Approve Concert and Movie series recommendations. (P. McCarren/P. Scherff)
Commissioner Patrick McCarran presented the proposed recommendations for the concert and movie series for the 2005 season. The first proposal was to get funding to purchase video equipment for the movies through the City Grant. Second to add two more movies to the Concert series for a total of 4 movies for the 9 concert series. The third proposal was to increase the number of concerts to 10 so that the Brentwood Community Concert Band will be the 10th concert in the series to be held on Sept. 9, 10 or 11. The fourth and final proposal is that the Arts Commission will have a concession stand at the 4 proposed movies to help offset the costs of the movies. Also, that the Arts Commission still sponsor the “Starry Nights in Brentwood” downtown musical series with monetary support.

Commissioner McCarran discussed these proposals and the types of concerts planned for the 2005 series. There were questions and discussions among the Commissioners about the Halloween event, consideration of weather and if the event would have to be taken indoors. Commissioner McCarran said the first real issue is getting the equipment purchased. There was discussion of costs and how this would be handled. Ms. Scherff, Recreation Services Manager, explained where the funds have come from in the past and said that some were taken from the Art Commission, from the Chamber of Commerce, also City Grant funds and other sources. She will come back to the Commission at a later date with more information on costs and sources of funding for the movies.

McCarran/Robinson MSC that the sub-committee pursue the proposal as presented and return to the Commission in February with more solid information on facts and figures for the events.

10. Accept Art & Wine Festival Work Plan. (J. Bryant)
Chairperson Jim Bryant presented the “Work Plan” and opened up the topic for discussion. Commissioner Patrick McCarran questioned what is meant by “local vintners”. There was a considerable amount of discussion on this section. The question being whether there would be enough wine provided by Brentwood wineries, could they go outside Brentwood to the surrounding area, East Bay wineries to provide the wine for the festival. It was suggested that the paragraph on page two of the work plan, under Beverages, paragraph two be eliminated. Definition of “local” was discussed. Local was defined as Brentwood, Oakley, Byron, Knightsen, Discovery Bay and Antioch. Regional was defined as the two appellations closest to the Brentwood area, specifically, Livermore and Lodi.

Commissioner Greg Ruiz questioned the name or title of the event, whether it should remain Day in the Park, Art and Wine Festival. There were several comments on this issue by the Commissioners. Discussion whether or not it should be Art and Wine, Day in the Park, also other suggestions for the title of the event. McCarran/Ruiz MSC that the subject be tabled until the February meeting.

Trebino/Forlow MSC the approval of the “Work Plan” as presented with the corrections made and tabling of the actual name of the festival.

11. Recommendations for Art & Wine Festival Committee Chairs and Volunteers. (J. Bryant)
Chairperson Jim Bryant reported that at the November meeting it was agreed to have eight sub-committees with specific responsibilities for the festival. These committees will be Artists, Vendors, Beverages, Entertainment, Publicity, Volunteers, Layout and Bank/Budget. Commissioner Chris Robinson prepared a list of recommendations. Chairperson Jim Bryant said that the Executive Committee would work with this list and ask for volunteers or suggestions from the Commissioners at this meeting. Chairs would be decided later by the Executive Committee. Commissioner Greg Ruiz recommended Bill Weber and himself for the Artist Committee. Commissioner Deena Foley recommended her brother Shawn Foley for the Artist Committee. Recommendations for Vendors Committee were Lillian Navarrette, Doreen Forlow, Patrick McCarran and Ron Beatty. Beverages: Barbara Guise, David Navarrette, Sandra Gill, Joe Trebino and Ron Beatty. Entertainment: Rod Lin, Deena Foley, and Kermit Sveen. Publicity: Sharon Cooper and Patricia Lacy-Rankin. Volunteers: Debbie Elkins, Layout: Ron Beatty and possibly Liberty High School Students, Bank: Helen Myers, Joe Trebino and Sandra Gill. Suggestions were made for chairs and co-chairs, these would be taken under advisement by the Executive Committee who will contact these people and make the final decisions.

Commissioner Ron Beatty’s suggestion that the Liberty High School students be asked to assist with the layout created some discussion. It was agreed that if the students were asked, they would be asked only to work under Commissioner Beatty’s leadership.

5. Update on 2005 Literary Arts Schedule. (R. Burr-Siegel)
Ms. Burr-Siegel reported on the Literary Arts Committee and their planned open mike readings on Wednesday nights since Wednesday night has become an Arts Commission activity night with the Commission meetings, Art Gallery openings, etc. The first Wednesday of each month, when there is not an art opening, was selected. 2005 dates are: March 2, April 6, June 1st, July 6th, September 7th, October 5th and December 7th. Since April is National Poetry reading month that will commence with a poetry proclamation and reading at the City Council meeting on March 22. Some other ideas for April were expressed and included in the Commissioners packets. Commissioner Deena Foley asked for play readings as well. Commissioner Doreen Forlow asked if there was a venue for the readings and Ms. Burr-Siegel said the Blue Room or the Technology Center. Commissioner Forlow said she would prefer something more inviting such as a coffee shop, businesses, such as Panama Bay, Willies Bagels, or even Brentwood Olive Oil. Other suggestions included “Books and Beans” and the “Wine Store”. Ms. Burr-Siegel will look into these as possible locations.

6. Discussion of retreat report by Jamie McCreary. (J. Bryant/R. Burr-Siegel)
The retreat report was reviewed by Chairperson Jim Bryant and Arts Manager Rebekah Burr-Siegel. The official report was included in each of the Commissioner’s packets. All felt that is was a very good report and the retreat very beneficial.

7. Discuss and Accept consultant’s report: Assessment and Recommendations for the Art Gallery Exhibitions of the Brentwood Arts Commission. (R. Burr-Siegel)
The Commissioners especially mentioned the excellent efforts of staff, Helena Pfeifer and Lisa Smith and suggested recognizing them in some way. Councilperson Beckstrand mentioned that the City has an employee recognition program. Ruiz/Trebino MSC to take recognize these two employees.

There were further discussions on the report by the Commissioners, although Curator Weber had not yet reviewed the document. Comments by the Commissioners were very positive of the report and recommendations. Sveen/Ruiz MSC the acceptance of the document with two abstentions.

8. Accept PERFAC’s performing arts program recommendations. (K. Sveen/D. Foley)
Commissioner Sveen discussed the recommendations included in the report. He mentioned that the PERFAC has two new members, Bruce Stuart and Cathy Daniels. Plans for the future include a Shakespeare event in the summer, formation of a community concert band headed up by Bruce Stuart (first rehearsal is set for April 1st). The band is planning their first performance around the September 11th commemoration as the last of the summer concert series. Anyone interested in joining the band is encouraged to contact a PERFAC member or Rebekah. Commissioner Sveen encouraged Commissioners to thank the sponsors of the Sing-Along Messiah, and listed them. These businesses have all been formally thanked in letter form by the PERFAC sub-committee. Commissioner Ruiz extended a special thanks to the committee for a job well done.

12. Report by Art Center Search Committee. (R. Beatty/B. Guise)
Commissioner Beatty reported in a summary of the report included in the agenda packet. Co-Chair, Commissioner Guise was not present at the meeting. Some of the possible locations are the current library when it becomes vacant, the Delta Theater, if a new multi-plex is built and it becomes available, the Women’s Club, and Rosenblum’s new tasting rooms or a new City facility at the Vineyard’s at Marsh Creek. Commissioner Beatty discussed these possible options with the Commissioners. He stressed the importance of going into the community to find out what type of facility they would like, since community support is very important. He feels the Art Commission has gone very far in a short period of time and needs to be careful now to not exceed their capabilities in the planning of the art center.


13. Discuss and approve development of Visual Arts, Finance, & Community Relations Committees, and committee configurations. (J. Bryant)
Chairperson Bryant presented the new committee matrix as recommended at the retreat. He described the duties of the Visual Arts Committee, with comments by Ms. Burr-Siegel. Suggestions for members of the Committee were Bill Weber, Sandra Gill, and Greg Ruiz. Jan Melloni, Art Society President was also recommended. Others suggested for this Committee were Mary Black of the Brentwood School District and a representative from Liberty School District. Beatty/Sveen MSC to approve the Visual Arts Committee.

The second potential committee discussed was the Finance Committee. Chairperson Bryant discussed three different options 1) select a treasurer; 2) establish a committee that would develop and oversee the budget; and 3) leave the finances to the Executive Committee. Commissioner Ruiz said he felt this should be a function of the Executive Committee. There were some other comments by the Commissioners regarding this committee. The consensus of the Commission was to leave the fiduciary responsibilities to the Executive Committee.

Community Relations was the third committee discussed. Commissioners Lacy-Rankin and Foley volunteered for this Committee. Trebino/Ruiz MSC acceptance of the Community Relations committee.
Commissioners Ruiz and Trebino volunteered to serve on this committee.

Chairperson Jim Bryant then asked for a motion for the approval of the matrix of the Executive Committee Arts Commission Structure and Communication Chart. Ms. Burr-Siegel further explained the matrix that the Commissioners are to vote on. Beatty/Lacy-Rankin MSC the new matrix as presented with the deletion of the Finance Committee.

14. Discuss projects/programs for 2005. (R. Burr-Siegel)
Ms. Burr-Siegel presented the program of events for 2005 and included a color-coded calendar. Chairperson Jim Bryant asked if this could be put on the website. Councilperson Beckstrand felt this was a very good idea and suggested some ways to link the Arts Commission’s calendar with the Community calendar on the website.

15. Approve survey proposal by Jamie McCreary. (R. Burr-Siegel)
Chairperson Jim Bryant opened the discussion. Ms. Burr-Siegel presented the reasoning for this survey. Commissioner Trebino suggested that Ms. Burr-Siegel have Ms. McCreary tell the Commission exactly what she would do in this survey and if there would be an analysis of the survey. Ms. Burr-Siegel will need to get a firm breakdown from Ms. McCreary as to what the survey consists of, what the costs are, what she thinks the Commission can do with some direction and bring it back to the next meeting. Councilperson Beckstrand asked where the money is coming from for the survey, where it fits into the budget. Commissioner Trebino said that if funds are available and all agree they should move ahead with the survey to find out what the community wants and get a specific plan from Jamie McCreary. Councilperson Beckstrand suggested asking for a flexible bid, so that if it goes over the $5,000 they won’t have to go back for an RFP at that time. Ms. Burr-Siegel will check with Ms. McCreary first and then consider the RFP. Beatty/Trebino MSC to table this item until additional information is received.

16. Discussion of “Art for Art’s Sake” event. (G. Ruiz/P. Lacy-Rankin)
Commissioners Lacy-Rankin and Ruiz did not have enough information on the previous event. However Commissioner Beatty has a book with many details and will bring it to the committee to assist in the planning. Commissioner Ruiz was concerned about the event being the same day as the “Fun Run” and wondered how this would tie in to the “Art for Art’s Sake”. Commissioner Beatty explained what has been done in the past. Ms. Burr-Siegel said they are not tied to the date for the “Fun Run”. There was further discussion on this event and Commissioner Ruiz asked for other input and assistance in the event.

Councilperson Beckstrand said one thing that she has campaigned hard for is a combined gallery, library, and performing arts center connected near the LMC Campus. This property is still available, and there are a number of developers coming in and could be a good source of revenue on the percentage base for funding for such a project. She also would like to have this thought considered. She commented that the Delta Theater is an icon for the City of Brentwood and will not be closed down even if a large complex theater is brought into the City. She suggested that the Commissioners get to know the new City Manager, Donna Landeros, and that she should be invited to a Commission meeting.


Chair Bryant said he would like an update in bios for the website. He also commented on the fact that the Commission is now a member of the Chamber of Commerce and suggested that members attend the mixers, which are held the third Thursday of the month at different business establishments. The next one is at Bunkers. Commissioner Gill commented on artwork she viewed in a recent trip to Chico, California. Commissioner Beatty commented on the possibility of a radio station coming into Brentwood. Commissioner Myers commented on a customer’s positive comment on what the Art Commission is doing in Brentwood. Commissioner Ruiz commented on Councilperson Beckstrand’s suggestion for having someone liaison from the Commission to the City Council meetings and he volunteered to be this person. He would also like this to be on the next agenda. Commissioner Lacy-Rankin said she was glad to be present and plans to do more in the future. Commissioner Sveen commented on the SIRS meeting and a presentation by Councilperson Beckstrand and Commissioner McCarren. He said they did an excellent presentation for the Art Commission. He also commented on a recent seminar on grant seeking in Concord and passed out material he had received there. He mentioned the Relay for Life 24 hour Marathon for the Cancer Society and would like someone to come and give a presentation to the Commission. Commissioner Trebino also commended Chair Bryant on his Chairing of the meeting and also that PERFAC is doing an outstanding job. Curator Weber passed out posters for the upcoming Art Gallery exhibition.

Ms. Burr-Siegel said that she is meeting with Howard Sword for proposed changes in the Public Art Ordinance to change the way the percent is written currently on City projects and also, to talk about including commercial projects as well. The contract has been sent out for the Police Station exterior public art element and that the installation will be completed by June 22nd and that funds are available. She is also meeting with other developers on their developments with regards to public art.

Name of Art and Wine Festival
Radio Station
City Council Updates
American Cancer Society
Survey Proposal by Jamie McCreary
Starry Nights and Movie Update

Chairperson Bryant adjourned the meeting at 9:53 p.m.

Betty Jo Whincup
Minutes Recorder

City of Brentwood Arts Commission
35 Oak Street,
Brentwood, CA 94513
(925) 516-5444
Fax (925) 516-5445