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Vision Statement: Adding Joy to People's Lives.
Mission Statement: Creating Joyful Community Experiences Through People, Parks, and Programs.

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November 17, 2004 at 7:00 p.m.
Brentwood Technology Center
101 Sand Creek Road
Brentwood, CA 94513

CALL TO ORDER:  Chairperson Joe Trebino called the meeting to order at 7:08 p.m.

PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE: All stood for the Pledge of Allegiance.

ROLL CALL:  Commissioners present as follows: Jim Bryant, Helen Myers, Greg Ruiz, Chris Robinson, Doreen Forlow, Barbara Guise, Saunie Fridley, Patricia Lacy-Rankin, and Kermit Sveen. Commissioners absent at roll call were Patrick McCarran and Ron Beatty. Ron Beatty was an excused absence.

Staff members present were Arts Manager, Rebekah Burr-Siegel and Lt. Kevin King. Also present were Bill Weber, Curator; Leonard Roudman, Head Librarian, and three members of the public.

Chairperson Joe Trebino welcomed the new Commissioner Patricia Lacy-Rankin as a new Commissioner.

Arts Manager, Rebekah Burr-Siegel requested moving Item 12 under New Business up on the agenda as soon as soon as the presenters arrive. Forlow/Bryant MSC that Item 12 be moved up on the agenda.

Citizen Debbie Elkins asked to speak. She addressed the changes to the Day in the Park; she had heard that it was to be changed to make it more like the Cornfest. She opposed this idea since she likes the format, and the more casual atmosphere. She likes the Victorian theme and has invested in a costume to follow the theme. She enjoys the vendors and has been a volunteer for the past festivals.

Commissioner Deena Foley arrived at 7:10 p.m.
Curator Bill Weber arrived at 7:12 p.m.

The next citizen to speak was Chris Vanderheist. She lives in Antioch but volunteers to work at the Day in the Park each year. She is impressed with how the event has grown and thinks the vendors had improved this year over the previous years. She does not want it to change from the small town atmosphere.

Next was Cathy Decker in favor of the Day in the Park remaining the way it has been. She likes seeing the artists and getting to know them. She felt families enjoy dressing up.

1. Approve minutes of regular meeting of October 27, 2004.
2. Accept monthly budget report and motions for purchases (R. Burr-Siegel)
3. Update on CityRead event. (R. Burr-Siegel/Leonard Roudman)
4. Update on Performing Arts Committee (K. Sveen)
5. Update on open mike reading event on October 28, 2004. (R. Burr-Siegel/K. Sveen)
6. Update on arts education programs in the Activities Guide. (R. Burr-Siegel)
7. Approve the reappointments of Jim Bryant, Doreen Forlow, and Greg Ruiz (R. Burr-Siegel)
Commissioner Sveen asked to pull Item # 4 from the Consent Calendar. Robinson/Guise MSC approval of the Consent Calendar with the removal of Item #4.
4. Update on Performing Arts Committee (K. Sveen)
Commissioner Sveen presented materials from the Performing Arts Committee (PERFAC) and events coming up in December: the Poet Laureate Farewell Event, on Dec. 3rd at 7:00 pm at the Community Center. The other item he wished to mention is the Sing-Along Messiah on December 4th. There will be ten soloists, nearly a full orchestra, and refreshments at intermission. He also said he would like to have volunteers. Commissioner Sveen said the scores will be sold for $10 and the proceeds to go to the Liberty High School and the Arts Commission. If the scores are returned the money will be returned. Manager Burr-Siegel also mentioned that the Christmas at the Biltmore production is being put on by the Resurrection Ministries, they will performing at 2:00 and 7:30 on December 4th. Chairperson Trebino called for a motion to approve Item #4. Robinson/Lacy-Rankin MSC approval of Item #4.


8. Consider recommendations for Day in the Park (Executive Committee)
Chairperson Trebino prefaced this discussion by asking all of the Commissioners to read the recommendations of the Executive Committee for the Day in the Park. He also told the citizens present that the Executive Committee never intended to change Day in the Park to the same type of event as the Cornfest. The Chairperson opened up the meeting to questions and comments regarding the recommendations. Questions from Commissioners regarding the vendors, Victorian theme and banners. Chairperson Trebino said that the Victorian theme will not go away completely, but new banners in a more creative style will be interspersed with the original banners. The event will focus more on the art and wine. The Victorian couple will still be featured in selective areas. Commissioner Gill thought there should be provisions for those who might enjoy non-alcoholic beverages, more affordable types of hand-crafted art, and possibly Christmas items could be featured. Commissioner Robinson agreed, but felt that they have to be selective, as did Commissioner Guise. Other Commissioners felt the juried process was important for the festival. Commissioner Forlow agreed on the idea of things that would carry a Christmas theme and also suggested Italian sodas. She would like to see more people from the community able to demonstrate their art. Chairperson Trebino asked Commissioners to think about sub-committees they would like to co-chair or participate on. Sveen/Forlow MSC acceptance of the recommendations from the Executive Committee. Chairperson Trebino said there will be a subcommittee formed to work on these suggestions and changes.


9. Discussion of Saturday Art Gallery openings and 2005 schedule (R. Burr-Siegel)
Ms. Burr-Siegel stated on the current hours of the gallery (second Saturday of each month from 1 to 5 pm). She asked the Commissioners for their feedback as to the traffic at those times? Do they think it should be open more hours or less? There was a considerable amount of discussion on this issue and how to gain more attendance at the gallery if it is open and also the consideration of holding it open by appointment only. The problem with the gallery is that it is not strategically located to attract a normal flow of traffic. Commissioner Bryant said that eventually he feels there will be advertising media in the community to bring people into the gallery, however he does feel that is not happening now and probably the gallery should be closed on Saturdays at this time. Bill Weber said he does open the gallery by appointment at the present time. Guise/ Ruiz MSC moved that starting in January, the gallery be open by appointment only on a trial basis January through June and then readdress the situation.

12. Approve public art design concepts for the new Police Station (Public Art Committee)
Ms. Burr-Siegel gave a brief background of the project. This is the first building including public art in its project, although it was not conditioned to do so. Bill Weber passed around a copy of the proposed design for the Community Room, which will be done in two walls. The first is of a scene from Brentwood circa 1955. It has a 1955 police car, with a small boy giving a ticket to the police officer who is parked the wrong way. There will be citizens active in the community in 1955, walking around in the background. The murals will be rendered in a Norman Rockwell style. He will do further research on some items shown in the picture. The second mural will be a history of the Brentwood architecture, starting with the John Marsh home all the way to the present, ending with the new police station. Ms. Burr-Siegel said both the Police Chief and Lt. King have been very supportive of the project. Lt. King said although they are very much in favor of the artwork proposed, both projects are contingent upon the project having enough money in the budget to fund for the art.

Commissioner Patrick McCarran arrived at 7:55 p.m.

Scott Donahue, a Bay Area artist doing the external public art element on the new police headquarters building. He presented his design concepts which will be secured to the exterior walls of the front of the new Police Department Building. Each oval is 6 feet tall by 9 feet wide, twice life size high relief sculptures that will flank the building’s entrance. One sculpture depicts a police officer offering handshake to a group of young people, and the other shows an officer holding the hand of a baby, in a front baby carrier with grandparents in the background. There is ethnic diversity depicted, and with both male and female police officers. The reliefs will be constructed of a special concrete and about installed 15 feet from the ground. He explained the placement and how they will be manufactured. There was some further discussion and questions from the Commissioners. Bryant/Ruiz MSC the acceptance of the art proposals for the new Brentwood Police Building.

10. Election of Arts Commission Vice-Chair. (Nominating Committee)
Chairperson Trebino said the Vice Chair will serve for one year and then step up to the position of Chair the following year. Vice Chairperson Bryant will become the Chairperson for the upcoming year, starting in January 2005. The Nominating Committee has met and nominated Sandra Gill as the Vice Chair for 2005. Guise/McCarran MSC approval of Commissioner Gill as Vice Chair for the year 2005.

11. Public Art in private residential developments. (R. Burr-Siegel)
This item was presented because Commissioner Ruiz had asked which residential developments were to include public art and which were not. The list of private residential projects slated for public art was included in each Commissioners packet and presented by Ms. Burr-Siegel. She also reported that Pulte Homes’ Rose Garden development has paid approximately $10,000 to date which is their 20% of four tenths of one percent to cover the admin fee. Commissioner Ruiz still questioned the details of the ordinance and asked where the percentage was specified. It was noted that the ordinance in question was written by Commissioner Beatty who is currently out of town. Ms. Burr-Siegel confirmed that she would find the answer and supply it to Commissioner Ruiz.

13. Select two Commissioners to serve on Artist Pool Selection Committee. (R. Burr-Siegel)
Ms. Burr-Siegel explained the reasons for selecting two Commissioners for the Artist Pool Selection Committee. The artist pool will remain active for 24 months. Typically, the public art selection committee consists of artists, Arts Commission or Public Art Committee members, community members, and a project manager or architect. She asked for two Commissioners who would be willing to serve on this selection panel. Commissioners Patricia Lacy-Rankin and Greg Ruiz volunteered to serve on the panel. Commissioner Saunie Fridley will serve as alternate.

14. Update on Arts Commissioner bios on website. (J. Bryant/R. Burr-Siegel)
Vice Chairperson Bryant said he would like all bios on file updated and also would like to receive a bio for those new Commissioners who had not provided one. The form was included the packets.

15. Discussion of San Francisco Shakespeare Festival (Performing Arts Committee)
Commissioner Sveen reminded everyone that in April 2004 the Commission sponsored “Romeo and Juliet” performed by the San Francisco Shakespeare Festival, it was an excellent production, but lightly attended at a cost of $10,000. The SFSF has asked if the Commission wants to sponsor another performance for 2005, “A Midsummer’s Night Dream”. The PERFAC decided that they are not prepared to recommend spending another $10,000. They are looking at other possibilities. Commissioner Foley has volunteered to further research and will bring more information at the January meeting.

16. Approve calendar of regular meeting dates for 2005. (R. Burr-Siegel)
The calendar of meeting dates for the year 2005 was in the Commissioner’s packets for approval. Guise/Sveen MSC approval of the 2005 meeting calendar

Chairperson Trebino asked Leonard Roudman who item was on the Consent Calendar if he wished to make a comment. Mr. Roudman summarized CityRead. He said there were approximately 500 people participated. Only 27 books were returned unread, many of the books were read multiple times. He received many positive responses to the CityRead and the culminating program.

CITY COUNCIL UPDATE: Vice Mayor Beckstrand was not present.

Vivian Fay, a new Brentwood resident and artist spoke briefly and said that she was happy to be able to attend the Commission meeting.

Commissioner Bryant commended the PERFAC group on the Sing-Along Messiah.
Commissioner Foley urged those to attend the Sing-Along and also the Christmas at the Biltmore. Commissioner Forlow thanked the PERFAC for bringing the Sing-Along Messiah also. She asked about the movies in the park committee. Commissioner McCarran is the chair of this committee, she thought it would be great to read a book in the CityRead and then show the movie. The Big Sleep would have been a good example of this idea.
Commissioner McCarran said that the Chamber of Commerce Marketing Committee has established a large events sign that will go up in various parts of town, announcing the upcoming events. The first will go up at City Park the day after Thanksgiving. To advertise events, call the Chamber’s office.

Chairperson Trebino asked for a show of hands of those attending the retreat this Saturday. He also thanked all of the Commissioners who had worked with him this year. He felt what the Commission has done this past year has been very impressive.



ADJOURNMENT: Chairperson Trebino adjourned the meeting at 8:53 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by,

Betty Jo Whincup
Minutes Recorder

City of Brentwood Arts Commission
35 Oak Street,
Brentwood, CA 94513
(925) 516-5444
Fax (925) 516-5445