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June 23, 2004 at 7 p.m.
Brentwood Technology Center
101 Sandcreek Road, B
Brentwood, CA 94513

CALL TO ORDER: Chairperson Joe Trebino called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m.

PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE: All stood for the Pledge of Allegiance.

ROLL CALL: Chairperson Joe Trebino asked for the roll call. Present were: Commissioners Ron Beatty, Jim Bryant, Sandra Gill, Helen Myers, Chris Robinson, Richard Koscher and Kermit Sveen. Commissioners absent were Patrick McCarran, Saunie Fridley, Deena Foley and Barbara Guise. 

Other Staff members present were Director of Parks and Recreation Craig Bronzan, Poldina Scherff, Recreation Services Manager and Bill Weber, Art Gallery Curator.

A. Presentation on City Read Program scheduled for September 20 through October 30 2004, with concluding program scheduled for November 6, 2004 from 2:00 to 3:00 p.m. (Leonard Roudman). 
Mr. Roudman passed around the book which will be read during the City Read Program, “The Big Sleep” by author Raymond Chandler. He also passed around a sheet identifying the expenses for the City Read program along with a listing of where the coffee houses were located that would be involved in the City Read Program. Commissioner Robinson had helped him get connected with the Manager of Barnes and Noble for prices of books through their facility. He is currently completing a form whereas the Friends of the Brentwood Library would be able to purchase books at the Barnes & Noble at a significant discount. If the amount of books purchased is over $5,000 there is a 25% discount. Under $5,000 it is 20% discount. The Friends of the Library have a tax exempt status so there would be no sales tax as well, at 8.25%. He felt they would be more in the 20% discount category unless they purchased more than 5,000 books. Price from Amazon at a price of $9.60 per book, 500 copies and less tax would be a total cost of $5,196, plus cost for the speaker of $200, would bring total cost to $5,396. Commissioner Robinson suggested that he again check again with Barnes & Noble to see if their price would be competitive with the Amazon or Rakestraw Book, discounted from $11.00 per book. There was considerable discussion of this issue. Mr. Roudman will check again with the manager of Barnes & Noble to see if a better price than Rakestraw has quoted. Mr. Roudman will be getting out more publicity in local newspapers and will try again for some television coverage. Flyers will be coming out as well soon. 

Commissioner Deena Foley arrived at 7:08 p.m.

Discussion of the coffee shops listed where copies of the books could be picked up by the public. Suggestions for the two new Starbucks, one at Highway 4 and Balfour and one in the new Safeway at Balfour and Fairview. Commissioner Robinson also suggested checking into the coffee shop at the Barnes & Noble facility. Books will also be available at the Brentwood Library. Also, Java City in Raleys was suggested. 

Commissioner Pat McCarran arrived at 7:15 p.m.

Commissioner Bryant asked about the total amount as presented, and Mr. Roudman said the amount with speaker and including discount was $5,396. He will also check again with Barnes & Noble for final price there. Commissioner Bryant then asked what the readership is in Brentwood, and asked how Mr. Roudman came up with the figure of 500 books. He replied that last year they purchased over 325 books in two separate purchases and all books were taken. He also stated that he will be placing an insert into the books, a reading list for readers to sign their name and pass the book back to be read again by others. Mr. Roudman also asked Commissioner Beatty to do an article for the Arts Commission newsletter as he had done the previous year. Commissioner Beatty agreed to do this. 

B. Announcement of August 28, 2004 Art Society fund-raiser event. (R. Beatty)
Commissioner Beatty announced the Third Annual Arts Society Fund-raiser will be held on August 28, 2004 at the Taylor Ranch. It will be from 5:00 to 11:00 p.m. They will have the same caterer as the previous year and the same band as last year. Dinner will be from 6:30 to 7:30 and then there will be an art auction, and dancing following. Price person will be $60. Art Society members will be charged $50. He encouraged all to come. 

Commissioner Beatty moved accepting the Consent Calendar items 1,3 and 4. Commissioner Robinson seconded the motion, motion carried unanimously.

Karen Ciraub, new Managing Director of the Arts and Culture Commission of Contra Costa County. She passed around a nomination form for the 2004 Arts Recognition awards. She explained the award and requested anyone who wished to nominate persons for this award to do so. Chairperson Trebino thanked her for the comments and welcomed her to the meeting.

2. Accept monthly budget report and motions for purchases (P. Scherff/T. Clark)
Commissioner Bryant asked how much money there was in the budget, he was confused on which numbers he should be reading and if the $80,000 from Shea Homes was now included in the budget. Director Bronzan said the $80,000 was included in the budget and explained the line items of the budget as presented and how to interpret the budget as presented. He apologized that the accountant has been on vacation, but will return and be at the next meeting. He said the year to date revenues are at $l84,429, year to date expenses are at $90, 822, which actually shows $108,606 not expended as yet. There was some discussion of the budget with Commissioner Bryant and Chairperson Trebino. Director Bronzan said that as of June 11, 2004,
the Commission has about in $100,000 in available funds. Director Bronzan said that at the July meeting there will be a year end report and the adoption of the second year of the two year budget, with a breakdown per the Commissioner’s request of the budget in a program by program in the revised budget. June 30, 2004 is the end of the fiscal year in the two year budget, and July 1, 2004 starts the second year of the two year budget. 

5. Approve sponsorship and funding for City Read Program (L. Roudman)
Chairperson Trebino wanted to know where the money is coming from to fund the City Read Program. Director Bronzan said this will come from the Special Services Fund, which now has a balance of $82,000. Director Bronzan said this is the fund which will pay for the Farmer Statue and Day in the Park, etc. When Day in the Park makes money then it is returned to this fund. Ms. Scherff also noted that the $8,000 that has been donated to the Summer Concert Series has not been taken out as yet. Commissioner Bryant then asked if there was any idea what the budget would be for the next year. Director Bronzan said there were additional funds given to the Day in the Park for advertising of $25,000 and that will be coming in again this next fiscal year. Director Bronzan feels the Art Commission’s budget is in good shape. Commissioner Bryant asked for a little more “grounding” or training in understanding the budget. Director Bronzan said the new Arts Manager will go through some training in the budget and hopefully at the next meeting some time can be allocated to this issue. 

Commissioner Chris Robinson moved to approve items 2 and 5 of the Consent Calendar, Commissioner Beatty seconded the motion, motion carried unanimously.

13. Performing Art Committee report and recommendation. (Performing Art Committee)
Commissioner Kermit Sveen reported that the Performing Arts Committee convened recently and discussed the Sing-Along Messiah. He then introduced Mrs. Susan Stuart of Liberty High School who had conducted this event in past years. The committee is hoping to sponsor the Sing-Along Messiah again this year and is scheduled for December 4, 2004. Several of the committee members are working on this project and auditions are scheduled for July 8 and working on numerous other details pertaining to the event. Mrs. Stuart gave her background in conducting the Messiah for several years and passed around programs of these previous performances for the Commission to examine. She had received an email form Commissioner Sveen asking about doing the Sing-Along Messiah, and also contacted by Stacey Webb wanting to start up a chorus and using the facility at the high school. Stacey Webb is the new Chorus Director. They then decided to ask the chorus learn the Messiah and be the core group for the Sing-Along Messiah. Stacey Webb was present at the meeting. 

Commissioner Sveen said the committee will be continuing to meet and have outlined other events which they wish to bring to the community in the future. They are hoping to have not only Arts Commissioners, the Arts Manager and at-large members in the community who will become part of committee for bringing other performing arts into the community. They have proposed a committee mission statement as follows, “To foster and support an appropriate diverse and on-going performance art program for Brentwood residents which will compliment the missions and programs of the Art Commission”. They have established a regular meeting date, which will be the Tuesday morning before the Commission meeting. They plan to come back on a regular basis to the Commission to discuss the ideas and plans for performing arts. Chairperson Trebino asked if they would be looking for funding from the Arts Commission for any of these events. Commissioner Sveen said he would believe that they would. Commissioner Robinson said that they were also hoping to bring another professional group similar to the Shakespeare group or a drama, musical, etc. Other ideas that have been discussed where presented, such as a forum Commissioner Gill said she would not be able to meet with the groups in the morning, so wondered if they would want to replace her, Commissioner Sveen said the time could be changed. Vice Mayor Beckstrand also commented that on the actual day of the event the musicians for the Sing-Along Messiah would be working a long number of hours, roughly seven hours and felt that they should be paid for their time. Suggested amount about $200 per musician, and with 35 musicians that could be approximately $3500. There would also be advertising and flyers around town bringing the total need to about $3800. Commissioner Sveen said this is a little premature at this point to ask for the funding, however as the committee continues with the planning they will be on the agenda for each meeting to update the Commission. 

Director Bronzan then reported that the City Council has committed three million dollars to the Brentwood Union School District for a joint use Performing Arts Theater at Edna Hill School. It will be a state of the art theater, with practice rooms, and office and will seat 299 persons. It will probably go into construction next fall so should be open in about two years. 

Ms. Stuart and Ms. Webb were thanked for their appearance and presentation.

6. Discussion of Veteran’s Park critter prints and statues. (Veteran’s Park Committee)
Commissioner Beatty spoke to this issue. He said that he had contacted Ms. Janet Hansen, Park Planner, regarding the Veteran’s Park and inquired about what was happening in the plans for the park. He did not get an immediate response to his call so he and the Curator called on her at her office. He also contacted Director Bronzan about the park. She informed them that the foot prints were ordered and would be installed, but also informed them that there was no money for the art. He did not feel this was correct with the understanding he had in regards to the Art Ordinance for art in the parks. He was quite concerned about the issue. Ms. Hansen had told him that if there are any remaining funds after the park is completed, they may be able to assist the Art Commission in purchasing the “critter statues”. The statues are not readily available according to the research he has done and if they are to be purchased the cost could run from $6,000 to $10,000 apiece. There are to be five statues in all, the kit fox, egret, raccoon, coyote and one other which the Commissioners couldn’t remember. Director Bronzan responded to Commissioner Beatty’s complaints that the park was approved in July of 2002, prior to the Public Arts Ordinance, which was passed November 13, 2003. It did not go back to any already approved projects or development residential properties. He gave some of the history of the park and the plans and when the developer fees would apply to art in the park. Vice Mayor Beckstrand agreed with Director Bronzan. Space is left for the statues, but money would have to come out of the Art Commission’s budget. Director Bronzan agreed that when the park is finished out, if there is any money left in the contingency fund that could be considered to go back to the project. That will not be known until the park is completed, usually 90 days after the project is accepted. Commissioner McCarran questioned if the people building the park knew that the Commission planned to place the statues in the park. The answer is to the affirmative and the imprints of the “critters” are already in the concrete with space for the statues provided. The problem is now to decide on the size and cost of the statues and where to find the funding source for them. Chairperson Trebino asked if it would be possible to get these funds from a developer’s “in lieu” funds from other projects. Director Bronzan said that this would be possible. Commissioner Gill suggested that it might be a good idea now to develop a plan now to decide how they are going to go about the funding and the particular statues. There may even be a possibility that they would fund only one at a time. They could start with the ones closest to the opening gate of the park and use the funds they have on hand to get started, and then as funds come in look to the location for the next statues. She thought it would be good to have the first statue in place when the park is dedicated. Vice Mayor Beckstrand said there could be a good chance that there would be some substantial funds left in the contingency funds. Commissioner Bryant felt that the Commissioners should be sure which foot prints are in the concrete so that when the funds are available the statues will match the footprints. The Commissioners then decided that the fifth prints would be of a duck. Again, some history of the plans were discussed and the minutes would reflect some of this information. Curator Weber will check into the costs of the life sized statues and report back to the Commission. This will be on the July agenda.

7. Community Horse Project Committee report. (R. Beatty/J. Bryant)
Commissioner Beatty referred to the information he had brought to the Commission about a year ago regarding projects that other cities had undergone with statues of animals relating to the community that would be created by artists in the communities and then sold as a fund-raiser. Some projects, such as cows in Chicago, horses in New Mexico, alligators, etc. These could be fiberglass or other materials and then painted by artists in the community, placed in various areas and then auctioned off. Cities doing these projects had realized a very substantial amount of money. He mentioned amounts of $480,000. He felt this would be a good idea for the Commission and of course, would need the approval and participation of the Chamber of Commerce and other organizations. Cities mentioned were West Palm Beach, Florida, Palm Desert, California and others. He said if they planned to do this they would need to form a committee to work on it and contact these other organizations for support. He felt it was a good idea and asked for the other Commissioners ideas. Vice Mayor asked if they had not already formed a subcommittee for the project, Chairperson Trebino said they do have the committee, just nothing has been done to this point. He said the committee should have a meeting, formulate some plans and contact the Chamber of Commerce first and see if they were interested and go from there. Commissioner Beatty said he will get the informational materials together and bring it back for the meeting in September. After some further discussion this was put over to the September meeting. Commissioner Bryant said he would also like to serve on the committee, he said the town of Healdsberg had just done a similar project and has some contacts and information from this to bring back to the Commission. He felt this would be a good way to make some money and to reinvest it back into the community, and also placing art into the community. Commissioner Robinson thought all ideas should be brought into the committee for consideration.

8. Placement of Public Art Committee report (Public Art Committee). 
Commissioner Robinson was the person who had made a list of places in the community where the Commission had wished to see art displayed when the Commissioners toured the City parks recently. She did not bring the list with her, but had given the list to Director Bronzan for copies to be distributed to the Commissioners at this meeting. Since he did not bring the copies the and the subject will be tabled and brought back to the July meeting.

9. Update on Farmer Statue (C. Bronzan).
Director Bronzan said that staff had met with the Curator and artist Bill Weber regarding the Farmer Statue. The next step is to write the contract for the purchase of the statue and attached to the Commissioners packets was a four page document which is the traditional professional consultant services agreement. He said there was a subcommittee meeting with Chairperson Trebino, Commissioner Robinson and two Commissioners that were on the committee but were unable to attend, (Commissioners Guise and Myers) but approved the project going forward. He then went through the deal points for the Commission and the agreement for the services with the Commission. He then asked the Commissioners if they had any questions regarding the Deal Points of the Farmer Statue. Commissioner McCarran felt in the future the Commission should keep or sell the mock ups. However, Mr. Weber responded that often the clay mock up gets destroyed at the foundry. If made out of plastic or other materials they do sometimes stay intact. Director Bronzan suggested that this issue be decided on a case by case basis. 

Commissioner Robinson moved to approve the contract for the Farmer Statue and direct staff to complete to do what needs to be done to finalized the agreement with Mr. Weber. Commissioner McCarran seconded the motion, motion carried unanimously.

10. Open discussion of statues in general (R. Beatty).
Commissioner Beatty said this had already been done in item 6.

11. Update on Day in the Park. (C. Robinson).
Commissioner Robinson said the committee is moving along well, subcommittee has met and she feels all in going very well. She requested that all Commissioners to wear the costumes for the event. She also asked if anyone had a source, the committee is looking for costumes that could be used in a photo booth. Commissioner Beatty had a name and would pass that one to her. She also was looking for a service group that would like to help with a booth for ice cream, sodas, etc. as a fund-raiser, she would like to contact them. Ms. Scherff suggested the Youth Commission.

12. Update on Arts Manager position (C. Bronzan).
Director Bronzan reported that they have made a contingent job offer, waiting now for the final physical clearance. They expect to have final decision by Friday of this week or Monday, June 28, 2004 and since the person is eager to go to work and should be on staff by the week of June 28, 2004. They will be officed at the Technology Center in office number 217. The individual will work mornings in the Administration office and afternoons at the office in the Technology Center. As soon as final decision is made Director Bronzan will notify all by email.

14. Consideration of summer movie nights. (C. Robinson)
Commissioner Robinson said she would really like to see movies in the park for families, at least once a month in the summer months. She would like to see classic movies, she asked Ms. Scherff for details since she has scheduled one already this summer in conjunction with one of the concerts. She felt this would be great to keep the audiences after the concerts in the park to relax and enjoy the summer nights. She even would like to consider a Saturday night social, doesn’t have cost figures but would like to hear others views on the subject. Commissioner McCarran said that was something on his agenda and one of the reasons he joined the Art Commission. He would like to work on the committee. Chairperson Trebino suggested they work with a person in another city (who has local contacts) and puts on this type of film nights. 
Discussion of other cities that do this type of entertainment, all seemed to be very enthusiastic about the idea. Discussion of costs and contacts to bring this to the community. The committee will meet and report on their findings at the July meeting.

Ms. Scherff said that they also considered a car show with the 50’s theme for the Grease concert. Commissioner Robinson said she had contacts and would help her with this idea. She also discussed moving the concerts to different parks, rotating so they are not all at the City Park. Vice Mayor Beckstrand suggested four screens on the four fields at Sunset Park. Movies could be shown for children on one screen and adult movies on other screens. This will be referred to the subcommittee. 

15. Consideration of recommendation to City Council for two additional Arts Commissioners. (J. Bryant/R. Beatty).
Commissioner Bryant reported that he and Commissioner Beatty had interviewed the two most recent applicants for the Arts Commission. They are Greg Ruiz and Doreen Forlow and both agreed that these candidates are very high quality individuals and motivated to be a part of the Commission. He described the backgrounds of each candidate, and their applications were attached to the Commissioners packets. Both Commissioner Beatty and Bryant recommended these candidates for positions on the Commission. Commissioner Bryant moved the approval of the applicants by the Arts Commission and that the names be forwarded to the City Council for approval. Commissioner Robinson seconded the motion, motion carried.

Director Bronzan said this recommendation will go to the City Council on July 13, 2004, and they will be sworn in August. Chairperson Trebino asked what the length of the terms of office would be, Director Bronzan said this will be worked out later so all terms do not end at the same time.

16. Discussion of Poet Laureate position. (B. Guise)
In the absence of Commissioner Guise, Commissioner Beatty said he had discussed this with Commissioner Guise and she reported that Poet Laureate Mary Jane Barnes-Lawson is not very well. Since her term expires in September, the Commission should be looking for someone to replace her. Chairperson Trebino suggested tabling this until the meeting in July and have Commissioner Guise report on it at that time. 

Vice Mayor Beckstrand, commented on the new Performing Arts Center at Edna Hill and also the Vineyards at Marsh Creek Amphitheater. She reported the Contra Costs County and City Council have both approved the tax sharing agreement. They should be breaking ground on the amphitheater next year. City Council is working well together on all issues. 

There was some discussion of the new amphitheater and the types of performances and events that will be held there. Director Bronzan commented on some ideas that have been discussed and researched by staff. 


Commissioner Beatty commented on a hanging system for hanging art that he saw at Martinez. He has obtained some of the information on the system and feels the Commission should definitely look at something like this for the art gallery. The walls are currently showing damage and the hanging system would be moveable and is equipped with an alarm. He gave the information to Ms. Scherff. The Curator said this is something they need for the gallery to protect the art and the walls. This will be on the agenda for the July meeting.

Commissioner Foley has some information on the free airline tickets for non-profit organization. She will get this information to Mr. Weber. 

Commissioner McCarran spoke on the newly remodeled El Campenella Cinema in Antioch, which will be showing “Gone With the Wind” on August 14, 2004. He said it is really a beautifully restored. There will be performing arts as well as classic films, September will be “To Kill a Mockingbird”, and other events scheduled for the next six months. 

Ms. Scherff reported that the new mobile stage was opened and used for the first concert in the park last Friday. The system is great and she will take them on a tour and show how the stage works if they wish. 

Update on “critters” cost for Veterans Park
Placement of public art
Update on films in the park
Update on hanging system for art gallery
Performing Arts Committee update

Commissioner McCarran moved to adjourn the meeting at 8:40 p.m., motion seconded by Commissioner Robinson, motion carried unanimously.

Respectfully submitted by,

Betty Jo Whincup 
Minutes Recorder

City of Brentwood Arts Commission
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Brentwood, CA 94513
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