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Vision Statement: Adding Joy to People's Lives.
Mission Statement: Creating Joyful Community Experiences Through People, Parks, and Programs.

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May 26, 2004 at 7:00 PM
Brentwood Business & Technology Center
101 Sand Creek Road. Suite B
Brentwood, CA 94513

CALL TO ORDER: Vice Chairperson Jim Bryant called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.

PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE: All stood for the Pledge of Allegiance.

ROLL CALL: Commissioners present at roll call were Vice Chairperson Jim Bryant, Ron Beatty, Sandra Gill, Helen Myers, Chris Robinson, Deena Foley, Richard Koscher and Kermit Sveen. Absent at roll call were Commissioners Patrick McCarran, Saunie Fridley, Joe Trebino and Barbara Guise. It was noted that Commissioners Guise and Trebino were on vacation.

New Commissioners welcomed and introduced by Vice Chairperson Jim Bryant were Deena Foley, Richard Koscher and Kermit Sveen. He asked each of the new Commissioners to say a few words about their background at the Commissioner’s Comments.

New Commission rosters were passed out and Commissioner Chris Robinson commented that her correct email address is Director of Parks & Recreation Craig Bronzan circulated a master sheet on which Commissioners could make any other corrections necessary. 

Others present were Director of Parks and Recreation Craig Bronzan, Recreation Services Supervisor Tom Burt and Art Gallery Curator Bill Weber. Vice Mayor and Arts Commission liaison Annette Beckstrand was absent.

A. Update on Summer Concert Series (T. Burt)
Tom Burt, Recreation Services Supervisor, introduced himself and distributed flyers for the 2004 Summer Concert Series to all Commissioners. He had a plentiful supply if the Commissioners wished distribute flyers to businesses or friends. He welcomed the new Commissioners and thanked the Arts Commission for funding the concert series in the amount of $8,000. He described the history of the concert series and the variety of types of shows that will be presented this year. All concerts will be on Friday nights with the exception of September 11, 2004, which will be on a Saturday night. He also commented that the concerts will be performed on the new mobile stage. Concerts are informal and attendees are invited to bring chairs, blankets, picnic lunches and whatever they wish for a family picnic atmosphere. Some performances will have dancers and one will feature the movie “Grease” after the performance. The All-American Boys Chorus will perform on Saturday, September 11 as the final show of the year and it will be Brentwood’s tribute to America. Vice Chairperson Bryant thanked Mr. Burt for his presentation. Director Bronzan informed the Commissioners that the Arts Commission will be shown on stage banners and elsewhere as an event sponsor. 

B. Presentation on City Read Program (L. Roudman)
Leonard Roudman, Branch Manager of the Brentwood Library, presented the City Read Program sponsored by the Brentwood Library. In the past, this event has been sponsored by Friends of the Library and the Arts Commission. This year’s City Read selection will be a mystery titled, The Big Sleep, by Raymond Chandler. He provided a background on the book and passed out information regarding the expenses anticipated in purchasing the books for the City Read and bringing in the speaker. The speaker is a Bay Area executive, a teacher at San Jose State University and also a writer of detective stories. Mr. Roudman said the price is $9.60 per book and he wished to order 500 copies. The total cost of the program to $5,396.00 includes; $4,800.00 books, $396.00 sales tax and $200.00 speaker fee. Since the Friends of the Library have spent considerable funds this year at the library, they are requesting the Arts Commission assume the costs of this year’s City Read. Commissioner Robinson commented that her daughter works at Barnes & Noble and does considerable volunteer work there and could possibly achieve a better price on the books. Mr. Roudman appreciated the idea and he will meet with Commissioner Robinson prior to the next Commission meeting to see if Barnes & Noble would be willing to help defray the cost of this event. This will be brought back as an action item at the June meeting.

A discussion followed regarding publicity for the event. Ideally, the event will be publicized in newspapers and on television. Commissioners complimented Mr. Roudman on last year’s publicity. Director Bronzan asked Mr. Roudman to bring the television video spot from last year’s event to the City Council meeting when he announces this year’s event. Mr. Roudman agreed to do so. 

The discussion continued regarding the date for the event and various coffee shops in town where the books could be displayed for pick up. The City Read will start on Monday, September 20 and run through Saturday, October 30. The conclusion of the City Read and speaker presentation is scheduled for Saturday, November 6, 2004, from 2:00 to 3:00 p.m. In addition to hopefully distributing the books at the same locations as last year, it is hoped to also distribute at the new Safeway and Starbucks on Balfour Road. Mr. Roudman will pursue the new locations and provide an update to the Commissioners at the next meeting. Vice Chairperson Bryant thanked him for the presentation and asked him to come back to the next meeting.

Vice Chairperson asked that items number 3 and 4 be pulled for discussion from the Consent Calendar. No one asked for other items to be pulled. Vice Chairperson Bryant moved to pull items 3 and 4, seconded by Commissioner Robinson, motion carried.

CITIZEN COMMENTS: Greg Ruiz was recognized by the chair, he had no comments.

1. Approve minutes of regular meeting of April 22, 2004.
2. Accept monthly budget report and motions for purchases (P. Scherff/T. Clark)
5. Accept update on the Farmer Statue. (C. Bronzan)
Vice Chairperson Bryant moved the acceptance of the Consent Calendar items 1, 2 and 5. Motion carried unanimously.

3. Accept 2004 Arts Commission Committee Matrix. (P. Scherff/T. Homan)
Vice Chairperson Bryant referred the Commissioners to the matrix and asked for a definition of the Artist Panel. Bill Weber, Art Gallery Curator, explained this panel was responsible for the decision on types of art work to be displayed at the gallery. Currently, Mr. Weber was the only person on the panel. Commissioner Koscher has agreed to work with him on this panel. This was agreed to by the Commissioners.

The discussion continued regarding the Community Horse Project Committee. This project had been originally proposed by Commissioner Beatty. Commissioner Beatty reviewed what he had brought to the Commission and said if others would assist on this project he would continue to work with it, but he did not have time to do it on his own. He said other cities have realized a good fund raising profit for their Commissions from this type of project. After a brief discussion, Commissioner Robinson agreed to serve on the committee. Commissioner Beatty will bring back the presentation to the next meeting as an agenda item. The committee will stay the same for the present time. 

The Public Art Committee was then discussed and Vice Chairperson Bryant said there are two names not currently on that committee. Tom Wernholm and Richard Meyer will be added to the committee. 

Per Commissioner Robinson, the Day in the Park Committee should be revised to include Madeline Krebs and remove Chairperson Joe Trebino. Chairperson Trebino will still do the bank and will work with the event. 

The Shakespeare Festival will be changed to Performing Arts Committee. All members of the committee will remain the same with the addition of Commissioner Deena Foley. 

Commissioner Gill asked what her duties are supposed to be in the Subcommittee to Review Public Art. The committee has never met, but hopes to call a meeting soon to discuss the list of places to tour for public art. Commissioner Robinson has this list. Funds will also have to be discussed. This item is to be put on the agenda for the next meeting. 

The rest of the committees will remain the same. 

Commissioner Beatty initiated a discussion of the Balfour Park, which has been renamed Veteran’s Park. With many of the sidewalks paved, he asked where the “critter prints” were to be placed that the Commissioners had wished to be put in this park. Additionally, there was supposed to be actual native critter statues to be placed. Director Bronzan said spaces have been left for the placement of the statues and it is up to the Arts Commission to make this decision and fund the purchase of the statues and prints. 

Vice Chairperson Bryant said that in a meeting with Chairperson Trebino and Ms. Scherff, prior to this meeting, Ms. Scherff had commented that a decision needed to made very soon for the footprints and statues. They then met with Ms. Janet Hansen, Park Planner, and went through where the footprints and statues were to be located. Some tentative answers were given at the time. However, there was not agreement on the animals to be depicted as the animals were not native to the area. Ms. Hansen is to get back to the Chairperson and Vice Chairperson on this issue. Nothing has been heard since. 

Director Bronzan referred them to the matrix and advised there is a committee for this project under Balfour Road Park Committee. The committee name needs to change to Veteran’s Park Critter Committee and needs to get in touch with Janet Hansen and look at plans. The committee consists of Commissioner Beatty, Curator Weber and Commissioner Koscher. Commissioner Gill asked about the list that had been previously drawn up by the committee. This information is in old minutes and will be researched. Chairperson Trebino and Vice Chairperson Bryant will serve as ad hoc to the committee. Commissioner Beatty will call Ms. Hansen and set up an appointment for her to meet with the committee. Commissioner Robinson moved to accept the 2004 Arts Commission Committee Matrix as it has been amended. Commissioner Beatty seconded the motion, motion carried unanimously.

4. Accept update on the Farmer Statue. (C. Bronzan)
Commissioner Beatty and Curator Weber will meet with Ms. Hansen to discuss this item next Wednesday, June 2, 2004, after 4:00 p.m. 

6. Discussion and sign-ups for Saturday gallery openings. (C. Bronzan)
Director Bronzan circulated the sign-up list to volunteer for the Saturday gallery openings. It is currently filled through June. The months of July, August, September, October, November and December need volunteers for one Saturday a month from 1:00 to 5:00 p.m. Gallery openings are scheduled for the second Saturday of each month. 

7. Update on Student Art Show. (B. Weber)
Mr. Weber has the cases for the art shows. Currently, they are in Blackhawk but will be cleaned and brought to the gallery by the end of June. He has been planning the Art Shows for next year. The first show scheduled for February, March and April will feature several sculpture artists in addition to local artists. For the student art show, he will be bringing Jules Vitali featured on the Osgood Files. The artist uses Styrofoam cups and turns them into art work. He refers to his work as Styrogami. Mr. Vitali has agreed to be at the show. In addition to his presentation at the gallery, he will also give a lecture at each of the 8 schools. He will display approximately 100 pieces of Styrofoam for the Student Art Show in May, June and July. His fee for the lectures at the schools is $150 per school. The Art Society will pay the cost if the Arts Commission does not have the money. Mr. Vitali resides in Maine and therefore, travel expenses will be incurred to bring him to California. Commissioner Foley said it is possible to get free airline tickets for people flying for educational and like purposes. A request for non-profit application needs to be filled out in advance to receive the tickets. Lodging has been arranged for Mr. Vitali. 

Mr. Weber has spoken with and hopes to secure Lawrence Ferlinghetti for the show in August, September and October. Mr. Ferlinghetti is a well-known poet, artist, author and publisher. He is currently doing a show at the San Jose Museum of Art. He is a very famous artist and is on the web. 

The next show for the current year will be Joe Cleary, running August 2 through October 29, 2004. The opening reception will be August 3, from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. Commissioner Robinson will try to get Marsh Creek to handle the wines for this reception. Mr. Weber said that he and Commissioner Koscher have been working on a documentary film on Stanley Mouse which could be used by the schools.

8. Update on Art for Arts Sake. (R. Beatty)
Commissioner Beatty reported the Art for Arts Sake went very well this year. There were 16 artists and a very good crowd. The Discover Art League was very supportive and had artists present who also sold several works. In hindsight, the raffle tickets should have been out sooner and would have made more money. However, the raffle earned approximately $350.00 and was well supported by the merchants. The band from the high school did not show up. Discussions followed concerning using more than one band during the day and consider using bands from the middle schools, Freedom High School or local jazz and Dixie Land bands. Director Bronzan said that the Arts Manager will be expected to develop good relationships with the schools and take this responsibility from the Commissioners. 

9. Update on Day in the Park (C. Robinson).
Commissioner Robinson said the event is up and running and the contract has been signed. She has placed calls for t-shirts, glasses etc. She has started advertising meetings and has prepared a vendor welcome letter to all the vendors and made arrangements with the hotel for lodging. Comfort Inn in Oakley is giving a special rate for $79. Thirty vendors have already signed up and she has been receiving a lot of calls including Jazz bands and many others. Rosenblum and Marsh Creek are the major sponsors and looking at two other wineries. 

She recommended Kathy’s Design in Brentwood for costumes as they can design without patterns and previously designed Chief Davies Keystone Cop costume last year. She hopes the Art Commissioners will be dressed in period costumes. The VIP Night is scheduled for October 8th, where vendors are invited, made to feel at home and have the opportunity to meet the Commissioners and City staff. She is hoping to serve coffee in the morning as was done last year. Day in the Park is scheduled for October 9 & 10, 2004. Commissioner Robinson is also working on a better way of directing traffic at the park this year by naming streets such as Rosenblum Way, Carriage Way, Victorian Way, etc. and having street signs erected. Banners will be on display following Cornfest. Additional banners may need to be ordered this year.

10. Discussion of ideas for performing arts events. (K. Sveen)
Commissioner Sveen Referred Commissioners to attached staff report on ideas for performing arts events. He reviewed the list of ideas which he is suggesting as events for performing arts in Brentwood. These are suggestions in addition to what is already taking place in Brentwood. He envisions at least a quarterly event year round in the city. He said this is mainly an informational report at this point and could be used by the Performing Arts Committee when they meet. These ideas could be brought back to the Commission to make recommendations for events. Since the former chairperson for this committee is no longer a Commissioner, Commissioner Sveen will call the committee together prior to the next meeting and a chair could be decided upon at the committee meeting. They will report back at the next regular meeting. 

Vice Mayor Beckstrand was not present. 


Commissioner Beatty requested all to save the date of August 28, 2004 for the Arts Society fundraiser. It will be held at Taylor Ranch, same band and caterer as the previous year. 

On Sunday, June 6, 2004, Commissioner Beatty is hosting a reception for Virginia Winter and Eric Wilson, two local authors who recently published their first books. Eric Wilson is the grandson of Commissioner Guise. A response for those wishing to attend is requested by May 30. Commissioner Robinson said there is also a reception for Mr. Wilson at Barnes & Noble and it would be nice if some of the Commissioners attended that event also. She will verify the date and time and provide the information to the Commissioners. 

Commissioner Beatty displayed a plaque which was presented to him and Curator Weber by the Contra Costa Board of Supervisors. The plaque was read to the Commissioners. He also said Mr. Weber’s art work was very well displayed there as well as some of his that he had sent them. He felt it was a very nice honor for the Commission. The presentation will also be on Public Television on Thursday, May 27, 2004. The plaque was circulated among the Commissioners. Mr. Weber said it will be placed in the Art Gallery.

Commissioner Gill commented on the wonderful Student Art Exhibit and how thrilled the children were to have their art displayed. She also feels that the Commissioners do a lot of volunteer work and thinks it would be nice to have more volunteer workers to assist in some of the projects. 

Commissioner Foley said she moved to Brentwood about three years ago. She came from New York after September 11th. She teaches drama at private school in Concord. She has trained with Julliard and other New York institutions and dramas. 

Commissioner Robinson asked about the possibility of doing more movies or things of that type along with concerts or on separate nights for families. Events that would bring families into the park and utilize the great Brentwood parks. She would like to discuss this next month. 

Commissioner Sveen was then asked by the Vice Chairperson to share some of his background with the Commission. He stated that his bio is on the website. He is neither a performer nor an artist, but loves performing arts events. He is very happy to be a part of the Arts Commission. He lives in Summerset and has been a resident there for about five years. He thanked Vice Chairperson Bryant and Ms. Scherff for the orientation which was very helpful. He also thanked Chairperson Trebino and Vice Chairperson Bryant for their attendance at the volunteer fair in Summerset, which was a huge success. He also hopes for more orientation into the budget process for the Arts Commission. 

Commissioner Koscher said that he came to the United States about four years ago, his background is publishing and has been involved in that career for about 14 years. He is a partner in the 110° publication and is very happy to be a part of the Arts Commission. 

Director Bronzan recommended that someone from the Arts Commission complete an application for the Citizen’s Advisory Committee. He passed the form out to the Commissioners and explained the reasoning for requesting a representative from the Commission. This would be a one-year commitment. 

He also reported that since the Arts Commission supported the Early Literacy Fair, Week of the Young Child and he brought with him a certificate and thank you letter plus art work from the kids at the fair. These were circulated for all Commissioners to view. 

Horse Project
Public Art Placement
Farmer Statue
Performing Arts Center
City Wide Read
Veteran Park Critter prints and statues

ADJOURNMENT: The meeting was adjourned at 8:36 p.m. by Vice Chairperson Bryant.

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