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Vision Statement: Adding Joy to People's Lives.
Mission Statement: Creating Joyful Community Experiences Through People, Parks, and Programs.

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February 25, 2004 at 7:00 p.m.
Brentwood Business & Technology Center
101 Sand Creek Road, B
Brentwood, Ca 94513

Chairperson Joe Trebino called the meeting to order at 7:10

All stood for the Pledge of Allegiance.

At roll call the following Commissioners were present: Chairperson Joe Trebino, Vice Chairperson Jim Bryant, and Commissioners William Weber, Saunie Fridley, Clayton Woolley and Sandra Gill. Commissioners Patrick McCarran, Helen Myers, Chris Robinson, Ron Beatty and Barbara Guise were absent. City Council liaison and Vice Mayor Annette Beckstrand was also present.

Staff persons present were Craig Bronzan, Director of Parks and Recreation; Poldina Scherff, Recreation Services Manager; and Angela DiNicola, Administrative Assistant.

Presentation by the California Association for the Advancement of Recording and Music Arts (CAARMA)
This presentation was delayed until later in the agenda due to problems with the Power Point program.

AGENDA REVIEW: No comments or changes requested to the agenda.

CITIZEN COMMENTS: No citizen comments.

1. Approval of minutes of regular meeting of January 29, 2004.
2. Accept monthly budget report and motions for purchases (P. Scherff/A. DiNicola)
3. Approval of Art Commission Committee matrix (A. DiNicola)
Chairman Trebino asked for a motion to approve the Consent Calendar if no one had changes. Vice Chairperson Bryant moved to approve the Consent Calendar, motion was seconded by Commissioner Saunie Fridley. Motion carried.

4. Update on Shakespeare Festival (J. Melloni). Ms. Scherff gave this report on behalf of Ms. Melloni. The contract with the Shakespeare Festival performance company is now in place and is being reviewed by the City Attorney and City Manager. They have secured the Performing Arts Center at Liberty High School for Saturday, April 3rd in the evening, and on Sunday, April 4th for a matinee. The play is Romeo and Juliet and will be free. Everything is going well and once the contract is signed the advertising campaign will start. Subcommittee members are Jan Melloni, Kermit Sveen, Commissioners Sandra Gill and Chris Robinson who will meet Monday, March 1st at 4:30 p.m. at the Tech Center. Flyers will be sent out to the Commissioners along with the other advertising. Two students from Liberty will be hired to run the lights for the performances.

5. Review of the Arts Commission tour of Brentwood (Joe Trebino).
Chairperson Trebino said the tour was very informative he appreciated Ms. Scherff driving them. Commissioner Gill agreed and said it was a delightful 2 ½ hours and she thoroughly enjoyed it. She commented that as they went on the tour keeping in mind sights for public art, she felt it was important to start with areas that are highly visible. She mentioned the Aquatic Center street corner, major intersections and walls that are unattractive, would be enhanced with art work. She suggested the Commission consider putting the Farmer statue on the corner of Pippo and Balfour.

A comment was made that Commissioner Robinson started a list of possible locations to place public art. Chairperson Trebino said this should be handled by a subcommittee who could prioritize the locations. He then appointed a subcommittee consisting of Commissioners’ Robinson, Gill and Chairperson Trebino.

Commissioner Guise arrived at 7:15 p.m.

6. Update of Budget Information received (P. Scherff).
Ms. Scherff asked for Director Bronzan’s assistance in answering the Commissioner’s questions regarding encumbered funds on the Arts Commission budget. After explaining the budget he suggested this item be put on the agenda for March and request accountant Tina Clark attend to further clarify. Chairperson Trebino asked if funds not spent during the fiscal year roll over to the following year and was told it does. Commissioner Bryant asked for explanations about the donations and another question was asked if the $80,000 from Shea Homes had been transferred into the budget. Director Bronzan said they would address these at the March meeting when Ms. Clark attends. Vice Mayor Beckstrand suggested having a categorical report rather than a chronological report which might be clearer.

7. Review and approval of Public Art Guidelines Flow Chart (J. Trebino).
Chairperson Trebino turned this subject over to Director Bronzan. Director Bronzan talked about the flow charts which were included in each of the Commissioner’s packets and presented the four different scenarios.

Director Bronzan explained there will be two committees working on the art project. One will be the Public Art Subcommittee comprised of members of the Arts Commission and Council members. The other will be the Public Art Committee which will include a City Council representative, one city staff member as identified by the City Manager, the Chairperson of the Art Commission and the Developer. When the Arts Manager is hired, he/she will oversee the process, make sure that reports are up to date and know where funds are disbursed for each project. The Arts Manager will be responsible for writing contracts, will track funding, and will have a separate budget report on art projects from developer funds. Of the funds received for the art projects, 80% will go towards fees and art work, and 20% is the administrative fee which will go back into the Commission’s budget; 10% for staff, and 10% will allow for program money to educate and advertise in the community.

Chairperson Trebino asked the Commissioners to consider whether or not they would be interested in serving on the Public Art Committee and/or if they know anyone in the community that would like to serve on it.

Commissioner Bryant moved to accept the flow charts as presented. Commissioner Guise seconded the motion, motion carried unanimously.

Director Bronzan asked this to be added to the March agenda to appoint people to serve on the committee and suggested artists, historians, or people with knowledge about the community and art. He also reported that the first developer who will pay the percentage for art is Pulte who is planning a development of 530 homes and has been in contact with staff to schedule a meeting to receive more information on public art.

Commissioner Guise asked about the Brighton Station project. Director Bronzan said this is in the works and they have not started building at this time.

8. Approval of purchasing plaques for outgoing Commissioners (J. Trebino)
Director Bronzan explained that it is traditional with the Parks and Recreation Department that when people leave at the conclusion of their term to present them with a plaque. He said that the City will take care of this to make sure the Commissioners are recognized.

9. Discussion on Commission helping financially with Concerts in the Park (P. Scherff).
Ms. Scherff gave the Commission an overview of the concerts planned for the summer of 2004. She said they have a very diverse line up and still have some open slots available. One of the final concerts will be a September 11th tribute and the All American Boys Choir will return for this commemorative event. She gave a brief run down on some of the types of bands who will perform; a local band, Jazz, Country, Soul, and Polynesian. Commissioner Woolley gave her a name of a Reggae band, “Red Dye Five” for her to contact. She has submitted a preliminary budget to Director Bronzan and a letter to the Chamber of Commerce. In the past they’ve made a donation of $10,000 for the concerts but haven’t had a response yet. She also said there is approximately $3,000 left from the previous year. She requested $8,000 from the Art Commission for the year. They will also request funds from the City. The Parks and Recreation Department will absorb the staffing responsibilities for the concerts. Chairperson Trebino asked if the money donation to the concerts could come out of the $80,000 from the Shea Homes and Director Bronzan concurred. Commissioner Gill moved that the Commission donate $8,000 to the Concerts in the Park. Commissioner Woolley seconded the motion, motion carried unanimously.

At this time the presentation by the California Association for the Advancement of Recording and Music Arts (CARMA) was presented.

Information packets on the company were handed out and the program was presented in Power Point format by Brian Espinosa who is a partner in the Company. He introduced the President and co-partner, Chris James, and Ollie Mamaril, Secretary, who gave the narrative for the presentation. Mr. Mamaril gave the history of the company and said their non-profit 501(C3) status was approved. The company would like to provide recording opportunities for music arts, schools, and local musicians by providing resources for practice, presentation and performance. They ultimately want a sound treated building to accommodate offices, practices and recording studios in the community. Their goal is to educate and mentor musicians on the recording process. The facilities will be open to young musicians as well as more mature groups. He passed around pictures of a recent event sponsored at the Contra Costa Fairgrounds, listed their sponsors and discussed some of the bands they have worked with. They are planning a second annual band fund-raiser and also plan to do smaller shows throughout the year in the Bay Area. The group would like to establish relationships with the Arts Commission and other similar associations in the local area for support. They thanked the Commission for the opportunity to make the presentation. Chris James said they are looking for building space and can be contacted at their address, P.O. Box 641, Pittsburg, CA 94565, on the Internet at or by phone on their Hotline at (925) 219-9521. Commissioner Woolley asked some questions and suggested that on the March agenda they discuss forming a subcommittee for performing arts and music. Chairperson Trebino asked that Commissioner Woolley prepare a report for this item. Vice Mayor Beckstrand suggested that the group contact the band director at Liberty High School. She said the Liberty High School has facilities for band practice but didn’t know of the availability for CAARMA.

10. Discussion on participating in the Summerset Volunteer Fair (K. Sveen/A. DiNicola)
Ms. DiNicola said that space has been allocated for the Arts Society and the Arts Commission at the fair and they could share a table. They are expecting a large turnout and so far have had about 30 group’s signup. The Summerset people are also asking for some type of donation for door prizes. Chairperson Trebino asked if the Commissioners wanted to participate in the event to be held April 24th and if so, volunteers would be needed. Chairperson Trebino said he would volunteer to be there and pass out literature on behalf of the Arts Commission. Commissioner Fridley also volunteered. Commissioner Guise moved that the Art Commission participate in the Summerset Volunteer Fair, Commissioner Weber seconded the motion, motion carried unanimously. Chairperson Trebino will donate some items from his business and Commissioner Weber will donate some prints and art work. Commissioner Guise said she can also obtain items if needed.

11. Discussion on developing a standard response to artists submitting potentially offensive art work (J. Trebino/B. Weber).
Chairperson Trebino referred the Commissioners to the packet and the response that was given by Ms. DiNicola on January 26 and subsequently reviewed by Director Bronzan. He has requested review also by the Art Gallery Committee and the Arts Commission for approval. Issues that might be raised for display of art were brought up by Commissioner Bryant. Commissioner Guise commented on the fact that this building is not an art gallery, it is a technical office building and this makes a difference in the types of art that may be displayed. Director Bronzan suggested the end of the sentence that says “….standards of public decency” be removed. Commissioner Guise suggested the phrase “a business office and does not function as a traditional public art gallery” be used. Commissioner Weber suggested this be put into the new guidelines so that the artists read it. Chairperson Trebino asked for a motion to reword the statement. Commissioner Bryant moved that a draft will be presented at the next meeting to reflect the comments of the Director and other Commissioners regarding what the standards are for showing art in the gallery and when approved be incorporated into the artists application to display art. Motion seconded by Commissioner Woolley, motion carried unanimously.

Commissioner Bryant then moved that the Curator is responsible for the review of art work submitted by the artist and the Executive Committee is responsible for working with the Curator in responding to any concerns of the Curator, and that the Executive Committee would have the final say in the matter. Commissioner Gill seconded the motion, motion carried unanimously.

12. Review of procedures for featured artists (A. DiNicola).
The Commission’s featured artist, Stanley Mouse, read the current Loan Agreement/Receipt form and questioned the 30% of the sale price to the City if any of their art work sold. They signed the agreement but crossed this off. Ms. DiNicola reported that since this is only the second featured artist that has sold their work this hasn’t come up before. Since the featured artist is not paid anything to display their work, she thought the Arts Commission should have a separate agreement for them. It was decided that since a featured artist’s name is being used in advertising they shouldn’t be charged for the sale of their work. Commissioner Guise moved that in the future featured artists whose names are used in advertising as a “draw” to the show would not be charged a commission fee on sale of their work in the show. Motion seconded by Commissioner Weber, motion carried unanimously.

13. Discussion of upcoming art exhibits and receptions (J. Trebino)
Chairman Trebino feels there needs to be more response from the Commission members in preparation and clean up after receptions and also to fulfill the commitments for the Saturday openings of the gallery. He passed around the sign up sheet and requested others who have not already signed up to please do so. The commitment is only for four hours once every six months. This was agreed on by the Commissioners. Commissioner Woolley signed up for the November obligation.

Ms. DiNicola commented on the amount of work being performed by Commissioner Weber in preparation for the art exhibits and in view of the fact that Mary Hannigan will soon be gone, will need additional help from the Commissioners. Chairperson Trebino said they need more Commissioners to volunteer to help hang the art and prepare for the receptions and clean-up afterwards. A suggestion was made to present this at the Summerset Volunteer Fair and to prepare a list of people who would like to volunteer and the types of things they would be interested in participating in.

Commissioner Weber also said that he has several Frank Lloyd Wright prints that were to be donated to the schools and since the next show involves the schools, this would be a good opportunity to take care of this. Chairperson Trebino asked who is working with the schools for this show and Commissioner Weber said Ms. Hannigan. He said he will be in touch with her before she leaves. Commissioner Gill was concerned because she has promoted this in her classroom and hasn’t been given information. Commissioner Gill will contact Mary Hannigan and Mary Black to coordinate this activity and will contact Commissioner Weber with the information. Ms. DiNicola will also be notified. Chairperson Trebino asked all to assist in putting together a list of volunteers. Commissioner Bryant asked for the information on the Summerset Fair to be put on the website.

14. Discussion of signage for Saturday Art Gallery openings (B. Weber)
The lack of signs on Highway 4 to alert passerby’s to the Saturday Art Gallery openings was discussed. Commissioner Weber volunteered to paint the lettering if someone else could build it, but after some discussion it was decided they would get quotes to have signs made. Commissioner Guise and Chairperson Trebino will both get bids. It was agreed that the sign should serve two purposes, advertise for the Saturday gallery openings and for the Art Exhibit Receptions. Ms. DiNicola suggested two signs, one for street and one at the door. Commissioner Guise suggested putting balloons on the street sign to make it more visible. The sign would read, Art Gallery open today, 1-5, with an arrow. On days of receptions an overlay would read, Art Gallery Reception Tonight.

15. Discussion of Development (Design) Review Meetings (C. Bronzan).
Director Bronzan gave an overview of the Development Review Meetings which are held every Wednesday at 2:00 p.m. Any project that comes to the City as a residential or a commercial city project has to go to the Development Review Committee. There is a representative from every department and this meeting gives the opportunity to have everyone look at the project as part of the “big picture”. Commissioners Weber and former Commissioner Melloni have attended these meetings in the past (Commissioner Fridley is an alternate). Director Bronzan feels with the Arts Manager being hired soon he/she should be responsible for attending the meetings rather than the Commissioners. He suggested this be made a part of the Arts Manager’s responsibilities which would also help build relationships with other City departments.

Commissioner Guise moved that the Arts Manager be given the responsibilities of attending the Development Review Meetings after the position is filled. Motion seconded by Commissioner Gill, motion carried unanimously.



Commissioner Bryant reported that he and Director Bronzan had an opportunity to meet with the Contra Costa County Arts and Culture Commission members. The County Commission’s focus is on art education in schools and throughout the county, and discussed resources that they have that would be available to the Brentwood Arts Commission. They recognize both student artists and artists as a whole once a year and talked about the possibility of a traveling art show within the county. The county also agreed to help publicize the position of Arts Manager for the Brentwood Arts Commission.

Director Bronzan commented on how the County Commission has had funds cut and how fortunate the Brentwood Commission is to have funds available to them. He felt it was a good meeting and a good opportunity for support within the county.

Commissioner Fridley said she’s willing to help on Saturdays with the art gallery.

Commissioner Weber resigned from the Commission but will remain as Curator of the Gallery. Chairperson Trebino expressed sympathy at Commissioner Weber’s need to resign as he has brought much to the Commission but appreciates his reasons. Commissioner Weber said he loves doing the Art Gallery and will be happy to stay as Curator. He would like new business cards as Curator.

Director Bronzan said the Arts Manager deadline is Friday, February 27th, and believes the initial screening will be about the third week of March. The interview committee will be formed and he’s requesting two members of the Arts Commission to volunteer to serve along with Ms. Scherff and suggested Vice Mayor Beckstrand also serve. They will probably start the last of March or first week of April. Chairperson Trebino and Commissioner Bryant volunteered for this committee. Commissioner Guise volunteered to be alternate if Commissioner Bryant is not available.

Ms. DiNicola passed around a program and a wine charm that City Clerk, Karen Diaz, gave to her for the Arts Commission to review from an event she attended in Tracy. Ms. Diaz also asked if the Arts Commission would be willing to donate something to a silent auction being held by the City Clerks of California. Commissioner Guise asked about donating wine glasses for the silent auction, and tee shirts from the Day in the Park. Commissioner Gill suggested making up a basket with wine glasses, tee shirts and a bottle of wine. Chairperson Trebino said he will donate the wine. Ms. DiNicola and Ms. Scherff will prepare the basket for the event which is April 21, 2004.

Vice Mayor Beckstrand then presented the certificates of reappointment to four of the Commissioners which were sworn in by the Mayor the previous night at the City Council meeting. Those Commissioners receiving these were Commissioners Guise, Myers, Robinson and Trebino.

Budget updates (Tina Clark)
Appointment to Committee for Public Art
Committee on music art
Review and approval of submission of standard response to artists
Review of Loan Agreement for featured artists
Follow up on School Art Show and liaison

Chairperson Trebino adjourned the meeting at 8:55 p.m.


City of Brentwood Arts Commission
35 Oak Street,
Brentwood, CA 94513
(925) 516-5444
Fax (925) 516-5445