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Vision Statement: Adding Joy to People's Lives.
Mission Statement: Creating Joyful Community Experiences Through People, Parks, and Programs.

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October 29, 2003 at 7:00 p.m.
Brentwood Business & Technology Center
101 Sand Creek Road, B
Brentwood, Ca 94513

Chairperson Ron Beatty called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m.


Roll was called and the following Commissioners were present: Chairperson Ron Beatty, Vice Chairperson Joe Trebino, Helen Myers, Chris Robinson, Mary Hannigan Jim Bryant, William Weber, Saunie Fridley, Alice Kamers and Sandra Gill. Chairperson Beatty said that Commissioners Clayton Woolley and Patrick McCarran had called and said they would be late.

Staff members present were Craig Bronzan, Director of Parks and Recreation; Angela DiNicola, Administrative Assistant; and Vice Mayor Annette Beckstrand, liaison to the Arts Commission..

Chairperson Beatty introduced Leonard Roudman, Brentwood Librarian who came to give a report on the City Read. He feels it has been a great success and that the books have been taking the books from the baskets which are placed throughout the community and in the library. Mr. Roudman reported that he had to buy another 100 copies because of the heavy demand. He said the press has been very good and showed some of the releases and the proclamation. Channel Four also carried the story, along with many other newspapers which were not really in the area. He asked the Commission to assist in paying for the extra 100 books by splitting the cost with the Friends of the Library. The amount would be $270. Commissioner Chris Robinson moved that the Art Commission pay half the cost of the extra 100 books. The motion was seconded. Discussion as to what fund the money would be paid from, Director Bronzan said this would come back on the next meeting agenda as to where the funds would be drawn from. Voted on and carried unanimously. Mr. Roudman passed around some of the articles on the City Read and showed the video as it appeared on Channel Four. Suggestion from the Commissioners that some readers thought the book was a gift they could keep and that is why the books are not being returned and perhaps a notice to the Press that the books should be returned would be a good idea. Mr. Roudman said he will be clearer in the future. Vice Mayor Beckstrand suggested that the video be brought to the City Council meeting. He plans on doing this project again. He said the concluding program will be an event with William Saroyan’s niece. She will discuss her “Uncle Bill” and bring some of his letters and memorabilia. This event will be on Saturday, November 1, at 2:00 PM in the Blue Room. He was congratulated by Chairperson Beatty and the other Commissioners for the successful event.
Clayton Woolley and Barbara Guise arrived at 7:15 p.m.

AGENDA REVIEW: No comments or changes requested to the agenda.

CITIZEN COMMENTS: There was a student from the Las Positas Government class present.

Pam Brekas discussed meeting with Chairperson Beatty at a press release workshop and said that she has done as directed and now has the information on the school district website. Ms. Brekas introduced herself as a resident of Brentwood and will be President of the Discover Art League for the next year and is a full time Art Teacher at Livermore High. She feels that there has been a lack of communication between the Art League and the Arts Commission and would like to have one of their officers present at the Arts Commission meetings. The Art League would be very willing to help and support the Art Commission in their undertakings and would like to be more involved with the Commission and their activities. Chairperson Beatty said he felt they could work more closely together. Commissioner Hannigan commented on the helpful assistance she has received from the Art League in the gallery showings. Vice Mayor Beckstrand suggested that the League also contact the contractor for the Day in the Park so they can be part of the artists on the roster for the next event. After some further discussion she was thanked and the possibility of meeting together with some members in the future.

1. Approval of minutes of regular meeting of September 24, 2003.
2. Accept agenda and minutes from Arts and Culture Commission of Contra Costa County (A. DiNicola).
3. Accept monthly budget report (P. Scherff/T. Clark)
4. Accept monthly committee matrix (A. DiNicola).
5. City Council approves percent for art fees on October 14, 2003 (R. Beatty).
Chairperson Ron Beatty asked for changes or approval of Consent Calendar, he requested pulling Item number 4 and 5. Vice Chairperson Trebino moved the acceptance of items 1,2,and 3 on the Consent Calendar. Commissioner Robinson seconded the motion, motion carried.

Chairperson Beatty announced that he had received a letter of resignation from Commissioner Jan Melloni, effective the 8th of October.

4. Accept monthly committee matrix (A. DiNicola). Chairperson Beatty said that with the resignation of Commissioner Melloni this would leave Sandra Gill in charge of this event and asked her if she would accept this, she agreed. He said she could pick someone to assist her if she would like. Chairperson Beatty then asked Commissioner Weber if he was attending the City Design Review meetings and he said no, he had quit some time ago. Chairperson Beatty said he would go if no one else could go. Commissioner Fridley volunteered. He also said the Review of the Charter to amend Ordinance re. Membership Boundaries has been completed and this committee can be removed. The final change would be the Subcommittee to keep Art Gallery open on weekends. He asked if that has been completed and Commissioner Hannigan said that it had. She said that it would consist of artists that show and volunteers from the Art Commission, which will rotate. Chairperson Beatty suggested this committee also be dissolved. Motion to accept the changes in these committees by Vice Chairperson Trebino, motion seconded and approved unanimously.

5. City Council approves percent for art fees on October 14, 2003 (R. Beatty).
Chairperson Beatty said he has been receiving a lot of “pats on the back” for this ordinance and wanted everyone to know that he did not do this alone. He gave a lot of credit to Director Bronzan for showing him the way and introducing him to the right people. He also thanked Vice Mayor Beckstrand for her assistance in this matter. They were given a standing ovation.

6. Update on volunteer program to keep art gallery open on weekends (B. Guise/M. Hannigan/B. Weber).
This item was just completed under Item 4 of the Consent Calendar.

7. Update on Commission website (P. McCarran/J. Bryant/A. DiNicola).
Commissioner Bryant said as of two days ago there are approximately four items that are still positioned in the website. They still do not have all of the biographies or photographs. The webmaster is working on these remaining items and hopes to have these completed soon. Director Bronzan suggested that Commissioners McCarran and Bryant call staff to follow up on items as necessary.

8. Review of the Art Society Fund Raiser held September 27, 2003 (J. Trebino).
Vice Chairperson Trebino said they had a very good dinner but it wasn’t as successful as they would have liked. He felt they were competing with too many events that night. All had a good time but needed a larger turnout to make a profit. He said they are planning to have it earlier in the year next year, possibly in August. The plans are to go to Taylor Ranch in Byron, and will be held the 28th of August.

9. Review of a Day in the Park Art and Wine Festival (C. Robinson).
Commissioner Robinson reported that the festival was an obvious success and everyone there said they had a great time. They made money but Vice Chairperson Trebino said that there are still outstanding bills for the beer and wine and that the Art Society cannot afford to pay for all of this. He suggested that when all the bills are in if they cared to, the Arts Commission could make a donation to the Art Society. There was considerable discussion on this issue. Director Bronzan said this issue will be further researched and asked for the total amount due on both beer and wine. Vice Chairperson Trebino said the amount owing for the beer was $1633 and the profit was $3119. Wine sales were $9244 and he did not have the total cost for the wine at this time. Soda sales profit was $2618. There should be a final report by the next meeting. Director Bronzan asked to get all outstanding bills or receipts to the office as soon as possible. Commissioner Robinson continued her report by saying that she had written approximately 75 handwritten notes to the volunteers to thank them and also the sponsors. She has also met personally with a major sponsor, Blackhawk, and gave them tee shirts and wine and beer glasses. They were pleased to be a part of the event and they plan to stay in touch with her. Commissioner Robinson has other meetings scheduled with Signature Homes and reported all sponsors were wonderful to work with. She felt the profit was doubled from last year. Director Bronzan said there will be a debriefing meeting with the subcommittee and then a meeting with Mel Eckerstrom to go over the pros and cons and any changes that may need to be made in next year’s event. He suggested any comments from Commissioners to be given tonight or in the near future to be included in this meeting. Some further questions as to the financial report discussed.

10. Discussion of Public Art Committee selection (R. Beatty)
Chairperson Beatty reported that they attended a meeting recently with Director Bronzan and the consensus was that a committee should be formed. Chairperson Beatty will serve on this committee and along with Vice Chairperson Trebino. Chairperson Beatty would like at least one other person to serve. The purpose of the committee is to go through the guidelines for public art and make sure they understand what it is all about. They would later meet with citizens to discuss further and then start the search committee for public art. Commissioner Robinson said she would like to serve on this committee. Director Bronzan said that there are a lot of issues involved in public art. He explained what will be happening as this develops and that there needs to be a strong committee. Commissioner Bryant and McCarran volunteered. Duties of the committee were explained by Chairperson Beatty and Director Bronzan. Plans for the first meeting of the group were discussed and hopefully will have a date set by next week. The Committee will consist of Commissioners McCarran, Bryant, Robinson and Chairperson Beatty and Vice Chairperson Trebino.

11. Committee report on the Farmer Statue (Guise/Myers/Kamers/Trebino/Robinson).
Commissioner Guise reported that they did not have a meeting as the Day in the Park kept them too busy. They will plan to meet very soon. Commissioner Guise is the Chairperson of the committee. Commissioner Weber was asked what he had received as quotes on the statue, he reported he has received one and will be getting two more to make it competitive.

12. Update on City Wide Read and petition for more funding (L. Roudman).
This item was taken care of early in the meeting under presentations.

13. Discussion of Tom and Becky statue (R. Beatty).
Commissioner Weber was requested to report on this by Chairperson Beatty. He said originally this was for the Balfour Park near swimming pool. Director Bronzan thought that was where the bronze “critters” were to go. After some discussion it was decided that the committee will have to meet with the City Park Planning committee before any further action could be taken. Director Bronzan will ask Janet Hansen, Park Planner to meet with the committee and see what funds are available for art in this park. Discussion of the funds from fees available for this type of art and whether members of the Art Commission will be involved in this phase of planning. It was also mentioned that the statues are not of Tom and Becky and it was unclear how this name came about.

14. Discussion of statues to be placed in Balfour Road Park (Beatty/Woolley/Weber).
This item to be tabled until the committee is able to meet and to give them time to do more research on the bronze critter statues and be able to submit some photos and prices.

15. Report on the upcoming Tamara Hill art exhibit (Weber/Hannigan).
Commissioner Hannigan reported that the artists would be dropping off their artwork for the new show tomorrow. Tamara Hill is coming on Saturday to hang her artwork. Commissioner Hannigan asked Ms. DiNicola about where and how to purchase the refreshments for the reception. Ms. DiNicola said she could go ahead and place the order at Safeway and she would give her a call about how to purchase it. Commissioner Hannigan said the wine glasses from 2002 Day in the Park would be given away to attendees that night, and the leftover wine from the Art Society dinner would be served. She asked for volunteers to serve the wine at the reception.

16. Report on future Art Exhibits (Weber/Hannigan)
Commissioner Weber said the date for the Stanley Mouse exhibit hasn’t been confirmed yet but he’s in touch with the artist and should have a date soon. Commissioner Hannigan reported that in May children from the schools will be coming to the art gallery and will exhibit their artwork. The $2,500 grant money will be used for the framing and matting of the student art. Since busses will be used to transport the children to the gallery, the date has to be worked out with them. Commissioner Hannigan is very excited about this opportunity for the children as are the schools.

17. Discussion of Art and Wine Festival 2004 (Beatty)
The date set for the 2004 Art and Wine Festival is October 9th and 10th.

18. Appointment of Nominating Committee (Trebino)
Vice Chairperson Joe Trebino chose a nominating committee which will be in charge of making recommendations to appoint a new Vice Chairperson since he will become the new Chairperson. The volunteers were Barbara Guise, Helen Myers and Joe Trebino.

19. Discussion of additional funding for Art Docent Program (Hannigan)
Commissioner Hannigan discussed what is being planned for this program. She said the funds needed are for books and materials for art students and would provide curriculum for three schools. The schools have the volunteers in place. The parents and the Parents Club donate some time and money, but need assistance for materials. Vice Chairperson Trebino said he thought the Art Society would be able to offer some help with the funding. Commissioner Hannigan suggested a figure of $900 but would accept whatever amount could be donated. Questions regarding the curriculum and Commissioner Gill asked why only the two or three schools were mentioned. Commissioner Hannigan said she has materials at the other schools and has a well laid out curriculum which she can share with the Commission. Commissioner Hannigan said she will have the books and prints and a representative at the next meeting. Further discussion with Commissioners as to whether it should be on the agenda for the next meeting, whether or not the Art Society would donate some funds and also what budget funds would be available. Vice Mayor Beckstrand said they need to have a budget in front of them for these types of discussions. She requested a budget impact report with a spread sheet showing what columns and categories these items are coming out of the budget. Director Bronzan agreed with the Vice Mayor and said that as items are put on the agenda they should identify the funds requested and then staff could identify where the funds would be coming from in the budget. Commissioners would then be able to make educated decisions based on the budget. He then said that included in the agenda packet each month is an updated Arts Commission budget spreadsheet. Commissioner Guise asked that the Art Society also come to the next meeting for the presentation next month and let the Commission know what amount, if any, they would be donating to this program. Commissioner Hannigan requested that this presentation be at the beginning of the meeting.

20. Discussion of letter to the Editor (Beatty)
Chairperson Beatty discussed the letter to the Editor in the Brentwood Press which was very critical of the Arts Commission. He then passed out a letter to the Commissioners he would like to submit in response after discussion. He feels that the Commission needs to explain to the community what they are all about. That they are not anti-nude, but there are reasons why they do what they do with the art gallery exhibits and that they are not a private gallery, but a public gallery using public funds. The Commission has a responsibility to the city and the community in the art shown. Vice Chairperson Trebino thought the letter should be sent out. There was discussion among the Commissioners as to the content of the letter. Issue of whether to respond to the letter to editor with this letter or wait to see if the issue is dead and there is no need to respond with Chairperson Beatty’s letter. The general feeling was the letter should be put in the Commentary section of the paper and it should state the vision statement and the purpose of the Arts Commission. Motion was made that Chairperson Beatty form a small subcommittee to write guest column to submit to the newspaper, motion was seconded. Motion carried unanimously. The committee will be Chairperson Beatty, Commissioners Trebino and Bryant.

Vice Mayor Beckstrand touched briefly on the recent event with the murder in the park and said the policeman is recovering, but would appreciate and needs our prayers. She praised the Police Department for their work. She also commented that the City Council likes to hear about the Arts Commission and likes updates from time to time.


Commissioner Gill commented on the Art Society dinner and hoped more would be able to make the event next year.
Commissioner Guise had the note cards for sale and hopes people will purchase them. They’re great for Christmas gifts and cost $5.00. Several Commissioners bought them at the meeting.
Commissioner McCarran commented on needing to get all the pictures and biographies in.

Director Bronzan reported that it was noted in an article in the newspaper that the City of Brentwood was recognized by the American Bicycle League as one of thirteen communities in the nation as being a bicycle friendly community. Now the Public Art Ordinance will make the trip around town not only safe, but attractive and provides more opportunities for the Commission to make a difference. He also commented that Commissioners Guise, Robinson, Myers, and Trebino’s terms are up as of December. So they will need to reapply and will need their applications in by December to submit to Council if they wish to reapply to the Commission.


Commissioner Trebino moved to adjourn the meeting at 8:55 p.m. Commissioner Robinson seconded the motion and motion carried unanimously.

City of Brentwood Arts Commission
35 Oak Street,
Brentwood, CA 94513
(925) 516-5444
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