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Vision Statement: Adding Joy to People's Lives.
Mission Statement: Creating Joyful Community Experiences Through People, Parks, and Programs.

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August 27, 2003 AT 7:00 PM
Brentwood Technology Center
101 Sand Creek Road
Brentwood, Ca. 94513

CALL TO ORDER: Chairperson Ron Beatty called the meeting to order at 7:02 PM.

ROLL CALL: Chairperson Beatty called the roll. Commissioners present were as follows: Chris Robinson, Bill Weber, Helen Myers, Jan Melloni, Vice Chairperson Joe Trebino, Mary Hannigan, Sandra Gill and Saunie Fridley. Commissioners absent at roll call were Alice Kamers, Barbara Guise, Patrick McCarran and Clayton Woolley. Chairperson Beatty announced that Commissioner Jim Bryant had an excused absence.

Others present were Craig Bronzan, Director of Parks and Recreation; Poldina Scherff, Recreation Services Manager; Angela DiNicola, Administrative Assistant, and Vice Mayor Annette Beckstrand.


AGENDA REVIEW: No comments or changes requested to the agenda.

CITIZEN COMMENTS: No citizens present.

1. Approval of minutes of regular meeting of July 30, 2003.
2. Accept agenda and minutes from Arts and Culture Commission of Contra Costa County.
3. Accept monthly budget report.
4. Accept monthly committee matrix.
Motion to accept consent calendar by Commissioner Melloni, motion seconded by Commissioner Vice Chairperson Trebino, motion carried unanimously.

5. Update on the Citywide Read Program (Leonard Roudman) Mr. Roudman passed around to the Commissioners the flyers on the Citywide Read Program which runs from September 22nd through November 1st, and also the book to be read, “The Human Comedy”, by William Saroyan. He said that it is noted on the flyleaf that the book is a gift of the Friends of the Brentwood Library and the Brentwood Arts Commission. A copy of the information contained on the City website was passed around which can be found on the Community Calendar. There will be a proclamation for the Mayor to proclaim September 22nd through November 1st as City Read Week and it will be on Channel 24 cable television. Baskets of books will be at Cafe Baccio, Willy’s Bagels & Blends and at the Starbucks on Sand Creek Road. The poster will be in the basket to let people know they can pick up the books. He also discussed with Rick Lemyre about doing a press release in the Brentwood Press. There will be follow up of comments each week from citizens who have read the book. Vice Mayor Beckstrand suggested also having the books at Books and Beans and others suggested Panama Bay and Java City in the Raley’s store on Sand Creek Road. Vice Chairperson Trebino and Beatty volunteered to deliver the books. Mr. Roudman will check with these places and see if they will agree to have the books on their premises.

Ms. Beckstrand asked if this was the only book read of the year. She thought it would be nice to have one in the spring and in the fall. Mr. Roudman said this was not currently in the plans. He said that William Saroyan’s niece will also be present for the read and her honorarium will be $200. The total cost of the books and honorarium will be split by the Friends of the Library and Brentwood Art Society. Final costs were not available. The Commission has paid for half of the books.

Commissioner Woolley arrived at 7:10 p.m.

6. Art Ordinance/City Council meeting (R. Beatty) Chairperson Beatty reported that the Commissioners had met the previous evening with the City Council regarding this ordinance. The presentation was made to the City Council members regarding the proposed ordinance and he felt in general it was well received; however, one of the Councilmembers did bring up certain issues that he wanted clarified. These will be discussed and will be brought before the Council again in September. Vice Mayor Beckstrand noted that the issues were more on where the line would be drawn on building permits, which ones would fall into the category for those that would pay the percentage and who would oversee the judging panel. Chairperson Beatty said the companion piece, Public Art Guidelines, were felt by the Council to be a little too stringent and he will look at them again and see if some changes could be made. Director Bronzan said it will be presented to City Council on September 9th and since it’s a short work week, he will be working quickly to work out the corrections for the next Council meeting. He explained his thoughts on the ordinance and what his recommendations would be, along with the projections based on the percentages suggested and after checking with other cities with this type of program, explained what he’s discovered on this type of ordinance. He suggested a one page summary to explain the six-page document and felt the part referring to remodeling or renovations and commercial should be pulled for now. There was some further discussion by the Commissioners regarding this and consideration of a dollar amount other than a percentage. Amendments to the ordinance can be made down the line in later years if necessary.

Commissioner McCarran arrived at 7:35 p.m.

Director Bronzan suggested to set as a minimum on repair and renovation, a $250,000 figure on commercial property and recommended that it go to a subcommittee for commercial and industrial, like Economic Development. Director Bronzan said they should go back to the residential at .4% and public at 1% to provide the expected amount of revenue this would produce in the upcoming years. There was further discussion on the ordinance by the Commissioners. Director Bronzan and Chairperson Beatty will work on refining the ordinance prior to the next City Council meeting on September 9th.

7. Update on stage (P. Scherff/R.Beatty) Ms. Scherff gave a brief update on the progress of the purchase of a stage. There hasn’t been any response from Liberty High School as to who will represent them on the subcommittee. Bob Moore will be the representative from Brentwood Unified School District. The current plan is to set a meeting in September to set up the specifications with the subcommittee. Ms. Scherff said she hopes to have four on the subcommittee and that funding has been approved. She will then send out the request for quotes which should take approximately 30 days and should be able to bring these to City Council sometime in October or November for approval. When the contract is awarded, it should take approximately six months to build. The plan is then to have the stage delivered sometime in the spring hopefully sometime in April. The next plans will then involve where it will be stored and how it will be moved, placed in the park, etc. Vice Chairperson Trebino asked if the Chamber of Commerce has a representative on the subcommittee. Ms. Scherff said that Greg Robinson from the Chamber is on the subcommittee. Commissioner Melloni said that she had received a list of names from Mary Black as to who might be interested in serving on the subcommittee for Liberty High School and will give the list to Ms. Scherff. Commissioner Guise will serve on the subcommittee along with Commissioner Robinson.

8. Purchase of Sanchez etchings of Brentwood landmarks reproduction (B. Guise) Chairperson Beatty reported that in Commissioner Guise’s absence, she had recommended that the Commission take the originals of the Brentwood etchings by artist Sanchez to Livermore and have them reproduced. She could get 120 cards of the 6 etchings on velum Bristol and cream for $16.50. They could be bundled together (bundles of six--one of each building) tied with ribbon, and sell them for $5 or $10. Cards were passed around, with samples of the etchings. Discussion of how to distribute the cards at events such as Day in the Park, Art for Arts Sake, and at some of the local businesses. Commissioner Robinson made a motion that they be purchased. Vice Chairperson Trebino asked if it would be 120 of each building and if envelopes came with them. Envelopes are included and there are 6 separate pictures of Brentwood buildings. Commissioner Robinson revised her motion to read that the Commission purchase 120 of each design. Motion was seconded by Commissioner Weber, motion carried unanimously.

9. Subcommittee report on usage $80,000 Shea Homes donation Vice-Chairperson Trebino said that the committee met and discussed this funding for a considerable length of time and decided there was no reason to figure out how to spend the money until they actually have it. The subcommittee’s suggestion was to wait until it builds up in the bank account and then plan once the money has accumulated. Vice Mayor Beckstrand suggested that a portfolio be started with ideas and suggestions for the use of the funds in the City. She had some suggestions such as the Walnut Road area near Balfour. Director Bronzan reported that the money has already been collected. Shea Homes has pulled all of their building permits and paid their fees from the 23 homes. Once the Arts Commission decides how the funds are to be used, the funds will be transferred into the Arts Commission budget. Vice Chairperson Trebino questioned if the money would remain in the bank earmarked for the Arts Commission and not be used by the City for any other purpose. Director Bronzan assured them that it would not go away. This item is to be put on the agenda again for the next meeting and in the interim the subcommittee will need to meet to discuss how the funds are to be used. Commissioner McCarran suggested that the Commissioner’s take a tour of the city to decide which areas to spend money on.

10. Art docent funding for Brentwood District Schools (M. Hannigan) Commissioner Hannigan brought up the subject of a group of mothers who have been working with the Krey School going into the schools and teaching art. They need $400 which Ms. Hannigan feels is very important to assist the elementary schools in their art programs. Commissioner Robinson made a motion that $400 be donated to Commissioner Hannigan to use in the elementary schools. There was some discussion of who would be presenting the check. Commissioner Melloni and Beatty volunteered to do this in front of the parents. Director Bronzan questioned how the money should be directed, to which program at the school. The docent program was suggested. Commissioner Fridley suggested that a special account be set up and specify how it is to be used. Such as the Paul Krey Elementary School Docent Program so it would be earmarked for that specific program. Vice Chairperson Trebino seconded the motion and it carried unanimously.

Commissioner Melloni then elaborated on a meeting she had recently had with Mary Black and Commissioner Hannigan regarding the docent program. At the meeting they decided that the money that the Art Society donates to the Brentwood School District would go to fund part of the docent program and sponsor one art show each year. She discussed this program and how it got started through the Diego Rivera show and the school involvement in the show.

11. Volunteer programs to keep art gallery open on weekends (B. Guise) Commissioner Guise brought this subject to Chairperson Beatty’s attention. Since Ms. Guise was absent, Chairperson Beatty asked how the Commissioners felt about having the art gallery open on weekends. Commissioner Guise had some comments from people that said the gallery was wonderful but felt it should be open on weekends to accommodate those who work. Commissioner Hannigan said that she had kept it open on a Friday and others had at other times on weekends and the traffic was very poor. Chairperson Beatty said they would have to advertise. The opinion was they would need volunteers with designated times and possibly recruit some of the artists who submitted their art work at the current art exhibit. Director Bronzan said they would have to discuss this with Howard to find out if they could keep the office building open on the weekends. He suggested a committee meet with Howard on the subject. Chairperson Beatty asked for volunteers to be on a subcommittee. Commissioner Weber, Guise and Hannigan were chosen.

12. Art Commission Mission Statement (J. Melloni) Commissioner Melloni expressed her desire for a mission and vision statement. She feels the current mission statement is too long and rambling and would like to see a more concise mission and vision statement. After considerable discussion and ideas such as, “art in your heart” and “enriching the community through the arts,” the Commissioners were asked to consider this over the next month and bring two ideas for each statement to the meeting in September.

13. Update on Commission Website (P. McCarran) Commissioner McCarran reported that he and Commissioner Bryant have been working on the website with the webmaster and Angela DiNicola, and passed around printed copies of what is currently on the website. He also reminded the Commissioners that he had requested biographies of each Commissioner and would like these turned in as soon as possible. He also reported that the pictures which were to be taken of the Commissioners would be postponed until he received word from the city webmaster that the City Attorney approves of individuals pictures on the website. He will hopefully have clarification on this by next months meeting and stated that the work is on track for now. Chairperson Beatty remarked that it looks good and all agreed.

14. Review of Frank Lloyd Wright reception (Weber/Hannigan) Commissioner Hannigan and Weber reported all went well, approximately 80 people attended the reception. They thanked Ms. DiNicola for her assistance as well as everyone from the Commission who assisted.

15. Change in art gallery reception day (M. Hannigan) Commissioner Hannigan would like to change the day of the art gallery reception back to Tuesday night. She then made a motion that future receptions after the next scheduled event, be held in the art gallery on Tuesday evenings. Commissioner Robinson seconded the motion and the motion carried unanimously. Director Bronzan commented that it would be a good idea to consider the first or third Tuesdays that City Council does not meet to accommodate those members that may like to attend.

16. Reimbursement to Bill Weber for art reception expenses (B. Weber) Commissioner Weber presented his bill for expenses incurred at the previous art reception which amounted to $150.63. Commissioner Robinson made a motion that Commissioner Weber be reimbursed for the amount of $150.63 for personal expense for the Frank Lloyd Wright reception at the art gallery. Commissioner McCarran seconded the motion, motion carried unanimously.

17. Financial issues regarding the Art Gallery Receptions (M. Hannigan) Commissioner Hannigan said that she would like a solution to the problem of paying for the wine at these receptions. She said with the funds received from exhibiting artists and donations, she still needs funds to cover all of the costs, food being a lesser amount. Food costs are approximately $150 for each reception. The purchase of alcohol cannot be paid for by the Commission under City regulations. She suggested some ideas to solve this problem and other ideas were discussed. Up until now the Arts Society has been paying for whatever amount has not been received in donations. Director Bronzan said he and the staff will work on this situation and see what solution they can arrive at and will bring it to the next meeting. Commissioner Melloni will work with the Art Society on what they can consider as a contribution. Subject tabled for this meeting.

18. Art Gallery reception postcards and mailing costs (B. Weber) Commissioner Weber reported that the total cost for the postcards to advertise for all the art shows would be $228.20 for 2500 cards which includes tax and shipping. Cards would be created for each art show and the town would be saturated with them through mailings, handing out by Commissioners and at local merchants. It was suggested to have them included in Brentwood Press mailings. Vice Chairperson Trebino made a motion that money be allocated to purchase the postcards in the amount of $228.20. Motion seconded by Commissioner Robinson, motion carried unanimously.

19. Insurance coverage for art gallery (P. Scherff/A. DiNicola) Chairperson Beatty said this subject came up as a result of damage done to art at a previous showing. Ms. Scherff reported that she has checked on coverage and they have some options. Currently she said if there is a claim to the City for any item damaged, broken or stolen, after the $1,000 deductible is paid by the Arts Commission, they can be reimbursed through the City’s insurance. The other option is the Arts Commission could self-insure. Discussion on other types of insurance costs and whether or not to research further or to continue to use current plan under the city with $1,000 deductible per occurrence. After considerable discussion and various ideas suggested, Director Bronzan further explained the situation currently under the City. Vice Chairperson Trebino suggested utilizing $5,000 of the new $80,000 coming into the budget for self insurance. Commissioner McCarran also suggested “event coverage” in addition to coverage from City. Another option would be to ask for a waiver from artists. Director Bronzan will follow up on these issues with the City Attorney and subject was tabled for this meeting.

20. Discussion on 2004 Concerts in the Park (P. Scherff) Chairperson Beatty said he had a discussion with Ms. Scherff regarding some citizens that do not like the way the concerts have been handled this year. She had said if anyone would like to take over and run the concert series, she would be happy to let them. After some discussion, all felt that Ms. Scherff had done a fantastic job and should continue under the same plan. Commissioner Melloni moved to have Ms. Scherff continue handling the Concerts in the Park, Vice Chairperson Trebino seconded the motion, motion carried unanimously.

21. Update on the Day in the Park Art and Wine Festival (C. Robinson) Commissioner Robinson said they are set to go, the banners have been hung in town and she passed around the posters and flyers. Everything seems to be rolling along well. She did comment that they do need some type of storage for signs, banners, glasses, etc. There is too much to be handled by the City or in the Commissioner’s homes as they have been doing and would like the Commission to rent a storage unit. Ms. Scherff will look into what the City has in place and what the rates are. Director Bronzan suggested asking one of the storage places in town if they would donate a storage unit for sponsorship. They could get recognition for this as a sponsor. They will look into this and have the information brought back at the next meeting.

Commissioner Woolley also asked about getting people into costume for the event. Commissioner Robinson said there are contests, one for all volunteers, one for vendors and one for local businesses that are dressed in costume as one for the general public. Judges will be from out of town. Time for judging will be advertised in the paper. September 4th will be the first meeting for the volunteers.

22. Update on the Commission polo shirts and logo (McCarran/Scherff) Ms. Scherff passed around the catalog of the polo shirts and had one on to show the fabric and style to be considered. Colors could be chosen from the page in the catalog. She asked that each Commissioner write down their preference tonight so the shirts can be ordered. Chairperson Beatty asked about the logo and it was decided to use the City logo and put Arts Commission under it. In the future they can look into their own logo.

23. Accounts set up for City purchases at local merchants (P. Scherff) Ms. Scherff reported there are accounts set up for the City at Safeway. Her name is on the account and she can get Ms. DiNicola also listed on the account so the Arts Commission can use them for various events. A time can be set up to meet the Commissioners at the store which will prevent them from having to be reimbursed. For other situations, check with either Ms. Scherff or Ms. DiNicola to see if there is a special account available. She urged communication between herself and Ms. DiNicola.

24. Discussion of grants from Target and Mervyns (J. Melloni) Commissioner Melloni reported that she and Commissioner Hannigan and Mary Black of the Brentwood School District had met that day to discuss the possibility of Target and Mervyns issuing a grant to the Art Society for a project that they are trying to do with the school district and the Arts Commission. She attended a meeting at Schooners sponsored by Mervyns and Target and commented she was the only one there from a nonprofit group from Brentwood (Greg Robinson was also there). She said basically the firms told her if she had a worthy cause, she would get the grant. Commissioner Melloni said the firms would also like to donate to the Day in the Park. She gave them her city business card and they will be contacting her as the representative so she can funnel those funds to the city. Vice Mayor Beckstrand asked for the fax number as she has a corporate, sponsor information letter she would send for their corporate headquarters. The project they decided upon would be the art gallery show in May of 2004 which will be for the schools only. She discussed what the money would be for and how the funds would be used. This would showcase all of the art in the schools and how the students progress from lower grades through high schools. They are requesting $5500 in grant funds.

Commissioner Hannigan also commented that the Target/Mervyns firms would like to sponsor a once a year show similar to the Diego Rivera show. Commissioner Weber said that they are planning this type of show again in January.

CITY COUNCIL UPDATE: Vice Mayor Beckstrand reported she has updated the City Council on the feedback from the Diego Rivera show that the Commission had received at the previous meeting in July. The City Council was very impressed with what the Arts Commission is doing. She was very complimentary to the Commission.

She also reminded the City Council of the Art Society dinner and challenged them to come dressed in costume for the Day in the Park.

CITIZEN COMMENTS: Mr. Don Huntington, Editor in Chief of the new magazine called “110 Degrees East County Living”. This will be a magazine about people in the East County and what activities are going on in the area. Their first magazine will have an article on the Arts Commission and the Art Gallery and will feature Commissioner Weber. He showed a copy of the article and spent some time commenting on the article and on the background of Commissioner Weber.

COMMISSIONER COMMENTS: Commissioner Gill loves the postcards. Commissioner Melloni commented on the success of the Diego Rivera show and complimented Commissioner Hannigan on her part in bringing in the schools.

STAFF COMMENTS: Ms. Scherff passed around the accounting for the Alex and Lee show which indicated a favorable balance of $204.49.


ADJOURNMENT: Vice Chairperson Trebino moved to adjourn the meeting, motion seconded by Commissioner Fridley, motion carried unanimously. Meeting was adjourned by Chairperson Beatty at 9:05 PM.


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