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Vision Statement: Adding Joy to People's Lives.
Mission Statement: Creating Joyful Community Experiences Through People, Parks, and Programs.

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July 30, 2003 AT 7:00 PM
Brentwood Technology Center
101 Sand Creek Road
Brentwood, CA 94513

CALL TO ORDER: Chairperson Ron Beatty called the meeting to order at 7:02 PM.

Chairperson Ron Beatty called the roll. Commissioners present were as follows: Chris Robinson, Bill Weber, Sandra Gill, Jan Melloni, Vice Chairperson Joe Trebino, Helen Myers, Jim Bryant, Patrick McCarran and Saunie Fridley. Commissioners absent at roll call were Alice Kamers, Mary Hannigan, Barbara Guise and Clayton Woolley.

Others present were Poldina Scherff, Recreation Services Manager, Angela DiNicola, Administrative Assistant, Vice Mayor Annette Beckstrand, and Police Chief Mike Davies.

Chairperson Beatty introduced Bob Stewart who had helped the Arts Commission put together the Diego Rivera Art Show. Mr. Stewart is a volunteer to the City College at San Francisco, emeritus, retired teacher. He gave a brief history of his involvement with the Diego Rivera Mural Show for communities for the past five years. He reported that this was the most successful show that the exhibit has had and he came to thank the Commission for their hard work and success in presenting the exhibit. He gave follow up on the exhibit and what has been done to improve and enlarge the exhibit now into two separate shows. He said that the Community College was particularly impressed with the involvement of the schools in the exhibit. He said the prints that were in the exhibit will be on display at the Ford dealership in Brentwood to celebrate Ford’s 100th anniversary. He again commended the Art Commission on the fantastic showing.

CITIZEN COMMENTS: No citizens present.

AGENDA REVIEW: No comments or changes requested to the agenda.

Item No.1 Approval of minutes of regular meeting of June 25, 2003.
Item No. 2 Accept agenda and minutes from Arts and Culture Commission of Contra Costa County.
Item No. 3 Accept monthly budget report.
Item No. 4 Accept monthly committee matrix.
Motion to accept Consent Calendar by Commissioner Robinson, motion seconded by Commissioner Weber, motion carried.

Item No. 5 Update on Day in the Park approval of funds to date (C. Robinson).
Commissioner Robinson reported $20,000 in sponsorships from two sources, Blackhawk and Rosenblum ($10,000 each). She said Mr. Eckerstrom will continue his quest for sponsorship from the Ford dealership and Commissioners will also continue to look for other sponsors. Vice Mayor Beckstrand said there is one other large sponsor, but not one that will be listed for the Day in the Park.

Commissioner Robinson passed around a sign up list for volunteers. Commissioner Robinson said that Farmers Daughter has pledged to bring their milk truck as requested and park it there for ambiance. She will give the vendors coffee and espresso free both days and may also provide pastries. Farmers Daughter is looking into the price of the pint mason jars with handles and will provide labels with the logo man and woman for the jars. The price to the Arts Commission will be between 49 to 65 cents. This is being researched and the jars would be purchased by the Commission to serve the coffee. The Tri Counties Bank will pay for the cotton candy machine, the ingredients to make the cotton candy, and will man the booth. All the money will come back to the Arts Commission. This has been approved by Mr. Eckerstrom. Commissioner Robinson said the beer glasses are being sponsored by Budweiser and Rosenblum and they are waiting for final approval for labeling. This should be ready in the next two weeks and Ms. Robinson has been assured that as long as they are camera ready, this will pose no problem for the manufacturer. She also had a meeting with the people who do the posters and flyers and they are ready to go as soon as all sponsors are camera ready. The posters and flyers are waiting for final sponsors. She has also asked for the line art work of the man and woman so they can also be used on the wooden nickels and on the glasses. This should be done by August 1, 2003. Chief Davies has been fitted for the keystone cop outfit and the helmet will be ordered. She is working with the newspaper ads and the ad should be published in the middle or third week of September. She reported problems with Eckerstrom Productions in getting the vendors list and wanted to bring this to Chairperson Beatty’s attention. This is needed for the advertisement. She said he has not returned her or Angela’s calls from the office. Ms. DiNicola said that late in the day she had received a call from Mr. Eckerstrom and that his computer should be up and running by next week and he will contact her on Monday with some key vendors and the entertainment. Commissioner Robinson said the committee is ahead of schedule and all is going well. Volunteers from last year have also been calling to help again this year.

Item No. 6 Update on Alex and Lee Show (B. Weber).
Commissioner Weber said the show was over and Chairperson Beatty asked him if he considered it a successful event. Commissioner Weber said he thought so but suggested that postcards be mailed out. These would be sent to people who have attended past art shows who signed their name and address in the reception book and artists who have submitted work from past shows. Ms. DiNicola will create this list. He said he is also part of a gallery in Blackhawk and at a recent show they had 500 attendees and sold $5,000 worth of artwork. He felt the reason for the great attendance was sending out the postcards. The cost of 2500 postcards was $190. These are passed out among the public and also mailed out. Chairperson Beatty said this had just been mentioned at the previous meeting of the Art Society and they have a good mailing list that could be used. The cost of post cards and postage was discussed. Commissioner Weber said that for the Frank Lloyd Wright show, he has already been provided with the postcards and passed them around for the Commissioners to view. Commissioner McCarran agreed that this should be done for every event, gallery shows, Day in the Park, etc. After some discussion it was decided not to do this for the Day in the Park, but to go ahead for the gallery shows. Commissioner Weber said he has them for the next show, however it is too late for this one since it takes about three weeks to get them.

Commissioners Guise and Woolley arrived at 7:15 PM

Item No. 7 Update on the Frank Lloyd Wright opening show (B. Weber).
Commissioner Weber said that there will be two write-ups in the paper for this show which starts August 4th with the reception to be held on the 14th. There was further discussion on ordering the post cards and mailing them as discussed in Item #6. Commissioner Bryant moved that money be appropriated not to exceed $400 for the purchase of postcards, postage and labels. There was considerable discussion on this matter. The motion was tabled in favor of pursuing costs and whether all dates for shows would be on the cards or for specific shows. Chairperson Beatty asked that Commissioner Weber return to the next meeting with more specific figures on purchasing and mailing postcards for all upcoming gallery events.

Commissioner Alice Kamers arrived at 7:18 PM

Commissioner Guise asked if Commissioner Weber needed reimbursement for the cost of the postcards he has purchased (500) for the Frank Lloyd Wright Show. Commissioner Weber said he is splitting the cost with the artist and he has obligated himself for approximately $65. Commissioner Guise moved that the Commission pay the artist who designed the post card $65. Commissioner Robinson seconded the motion, motion carried.

Item No. 8 Status of new Park Statues (J. Melloni).
Commissioner Melloni said that since this has not gone out to bid yet, there is nothing to report. She did comment on some animal prints she saw in a park at a recent conference she attended in San Diego. She took pictures of them which she showed to the Commissioners. They are large, concrete, polar bears with feet imprinted in the walkways. Children were climbing on them. She thought the prints would be a good idea for our park.

Chief Davies arrived at 7:30 PM

Item No. 9 Discussion on the Percent for Art Ordinance and Appointment of a Committee
(R. Beatty).
Chairperson Beatty said that he met on July 21, 2003, with Director Craig Bronzan, the City Manager and City Engineers. The engineers had questions and their concerns were addressed. The Art Ordinance was to go before City Council on August 12th, but Chairperson Beatty received a phone call from Director Bronzan saying they’d like to postpone it until August 26th so that he and the City Manager could present some ideas to the builders group prior to going before City Council. Chairperson Beatty asked for all of the Commissioners to attend the council meeting for support.

Item No.10 Discussion of Late Summer Art Walk (R. Beatty).
Chairperson Beatty asked if the Commissioners would like to try the Art Walk that is held in May later in the summer and at a different place such as Raleys or Albertsons, since it was not too successful before. Commissioner Woolley thought it should stay where it is since the downtown area is historical. Other Commissioners agreed. They also did not feel they should attempt another show this year. Instead, find a better date next spring and continue the show in the same location. Chairperson Beatty then asked for a subcommittee to work out the details for the spring “Art For Arts Sake”. Commissioners Gill and Woolley will work on this subcommittee

Item No.11 Presentation of an $80,000 Windfall (A. Beckstrand).
Vice Mayor Beckstrand reported on the $80,000 windfall donation to the Arts Commission. This was a result of a development for a subdivision that had been in progress for many years. She recited the long history of the development and that the most recent purchaser, Shea Homes, who had requested adding more homes and having the agreement modified by the City Council. Part of negotiations with the City Council and Shea homes were some amenities for the community for these concessions. This turned out to be a fee per each additional home that would be a part of the modification of the plan. That fee worked out to be approximately $80,000, to the Police Activities League Program and $80,000 to the Art Commission. This amount will be put into the budget as each building permit is pulled. The Arts Commission would be able to decide how the funds would be used. Commissioners asked how long it would take to receive these funds and the Vice Mayor said any where from one to four years.

Chairperson Beatty suggested that an ad hoc committee be appointed to plan on how to best utilize these funds. Commissioners McCarran, Melloni, Fridley and Vice Chairperson Trebino were appointed to this committee along with Chairperson Beatty.

Item No.12 Update on Fall Art Society Fund Raiser (J. Melloni).
Commissioner Melloni said the event will be held on Saturday, September 27, 2003. They are looking for different types of entertainment such as a Mariachi Band and line dancing to encourage people to stay longer. They will have a silent and live auction. Commissioner Melloni asked each Commissioner to submit a list of people to receive invitations.

Vice Mayor Beckstrand suggested that the list should contain people who would be financially able to donate and bid substantial amounts so the event would be a financial success for the community. Commissioner Melloni agreed and asked for the list before the next meeting as invitations will go out the end of August. List should be names and addresses only and faxed directly to Commissioner Melloni. The event will start at 5:00 p.m. which is cocktail hour, with music and dinner and the silent and live auction to follow. The theme will be western attire. Vice Chairperson Trebino mentioned getting local artists to donate art work.

Item No.13 Discussion Art Commission logo and new T-shirts (R. Beatty).
Chairperson Beatty passed around T-shirt colors and styles and asked for discussion on ordering new T shirts. This was followed by considerable discussion regarding color and fabric for the T-shirts and whether or not the logo could be changed. Ms. DiNicola will bring samples of the shirt material and had an existing one which was passed around to the Commissioners. Commissioner Weber moved that dark green should be ordered because it is the Brentwood city colors and anyone not liking that color could choose their own colors, motion seconded by Commissioner Woolley. After more discussion, Commissioner Weber amended his motion to ordering shirts according to the Commissioner’s own choice of color and material chosen from brochure. This motion was passed as amended.

Commissioner Bryant brought up the subject of logos and after some discussion it was decided to bring this topic back to the next meeting after checking with Director Bronzan and the City of Brentwood as to what would be correct. Chairperson Beatty appointed Commissioner Bryant to study this issue, consult with Director Bronzan and bring it back to the next meeting. Commissioner McCarran will work with Commissioner Bryant on this issue. Subject tabled for this meeting.

Item No.14 Update and Discussion of the Portable Stage (P. Scherff).
Ms. Scherff reported that she will be putting together a spec sheet for the portable stage and will be meeting with her three committee members, along with the Liberty High School delegate and the delegate from the Brentwood Union School District, and Greg Robinson of the Chamber of Commerce. They will study the spec sheet and bring more information in August.

Item No.15 Website Meeting Update (J. Bryant).
Commissioner Bryant passed around copies of the current website and the proposed changes that he and Commissioner McCarran have proposed in meetings with the Webmaster of the City of Brentwood. He described what is currently on the website and discussed the proposed changes and how they would link to the home page. He mentioned among other changes that there should be an Art Commission Mission statement to inform people what the Art Commission represents. All special events for the year will be listed and new ones added as appropriate. Location of art in the community would be a link along with the Art Society. He suggested that each Commissioner be represented with a “biography” and picture. He passed out a form for the Commissioners to complete and bring back to the next meeting. Commissioner McCarran summed up the proposed changes to the website and demonstrated this for the Commissioners. He suggested that all Commissioners come prepared to have their pictures taken at the next regular meeting and have the biographies completed also.

Ms. DiNicola commented that the Webmaster is working with her and Commissioner Robinson on a web page for the Day in the Park complete with pictures. The logo when developed will also be on the website. Chairperson Beatty said it looked good and thanked the committee for the work they’d done.

Item No.16 Discussion/approval of funds for upcoming events (R. Beatty).
Chairperson Beatty reminded all of the Commissioners that before they spend funds, they need to get approval. No one can spend money without prior approval. Discussion of spending for art shows and that it has already been approved for Commissioner Weber to spend money for items needed for upcoming shows as long as it doesn’t exceed $500.

Commissioner Guise asked about costs for refreshments for the upcoming show and how much would be needed. Commissioner Robinson moved that an amount not to exceed $400 for refreshments for the upcoming show reception night on August 14, 2003, motion seconded by Vice Chairperson Trebino, motion carried.

Commissioner Guise asked about the money from artists in shows. It was noted that this goes towards paying for the refreshments at the reception.

Chairperson Beatty reported that an artist painting in the previous show was damaged by someone and the Commission needs to pay for the repair to that painting. The repairs will cost about $80 for this repair. Commissioner Guise moved that the artist be reimbursed for the damage in an amount not to exceed $90. Commissioner Robinson seconded the motion, motion carried.

CITY COUNCIL UPDATE: (Annette Beckstrand).
The Vice Mayor said she had updated them in Item 11, and further stated that she hoped as the Day in the Park rolls around it will be another successful event. She will remind City Council of the event and try to entice them to dress in turn-of-the century costume.

Police Chief Davies briefly addressed the Commission. He complimented the Commission on their progress and cited his history with the Commission.


Commissioner Barbara Guise commented on the Concerts in the Park and said she heard comments that people would like to be able to purchase food and drinks as they did in the past and they would like to have portable toilets. More discussion from other Commissioners. Ms. Scherff commented that downtown businesses profit from the extra business and that the Community Center is open for restroom facilities as well as the Library. Commissioner Trebino asked Ms. Scherff how the concerts are going and about the attendance. She said it has been good and that the community has been able to experience new venues and different types of music. Attendance has been 100 to 300 per night.

Commissioner Robinson reported that she has contacted Rick LeMyre and she’s hoping that he and some of his people will set up a campsite near the park and will do a reenactment of the Civil War period and shoot off the cannon once a day during A Day in the Park.

Commissioner Gill announced change of name from Van Dyke as she was recently married.

Commissioner Melloni reported on the recent attendance in San Diego of a conference sponsored by the League of California Cities. She was representing the Park and Recreation Commission. She passed around a supplement to the San Diego magazine on their Arts Commission and said they have a Mission Statement and a Vision Statement. She felt this would be something that should be written and included in the website and should be a future agenda item. Chairperson Beatty asked Commissioner Melloni to prepare these ideas for the next meeting as an agenda item. Commissioner Bryant seconded the idea of Commissioner Melloni for a brochure on the Art Commission.

Commissioner Bryant read the Public Art Guidelines by the City of Brentwood and the statement in the ordinance that says the purpose of the Arts Commission. He felt it should be clarified so people will understand and once approved, be printed on the website.

Commissioner Kamers commented on her inability to get glasses for the 50’s Bash at Bethel Island. She was to have been able to get 300 to sell at the event and was unable to get any. She did call several people but could not get return calls or the glasses. Chairperson Beatty had the glasses and was away at the time. He apologized and said he had stored the glasses in his garage to get them out of the City offices.

Ms. DiNicola passed out the updated roster and business cards to the Commissioners. She also passed out information about the California Mural Symposium for anyone who would like to attend.

Mission and Vision statement.
Artists to design art for the City.
Update on stage.

Meeting was adjourned by Chairperson Beatty at 8:56 p.m.


City of Brentwood Arts Commission
35 Oak Street,
Brentwood, CA 94513
(925) 516-5444
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