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Vision Statement: Adding Joy to People's Lives.
Mission Statement: Creating Joyful Community Experiences Through People, Parks, and Programs.

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JUNE 25, 2003 AT 7:00 PM
Brentwood Technology Center
101 Sand Creek Road
Brentwood, Ca. 94513

Chairperson Ron Beatty called the meeting to order at 7:06 PM.

Chairperson Beatty called the roll. Commissioners present were as follows, Chris Robinson, Bill Weber, Barbara Guise, Jan Melloni, Vice Chairperson Joe Trebino, Helen Myers and two new Commissioners, James Bryant and Patrick McCarran. Commissioners absent at roll call were Alice Kamers, Mary Hannigan, Saunie Fridley, Sandra Van Dyke and Clayton Woolley.

Others present were Director of Parks and Recreation, Craig Bronzan and Angela DiNicola, Administrative Assistant.

At this time Chairperson Beatty introduced the two new Commissioners James Bryant and Patrick McCarran.

There were no citizen comments.

1. Approval of minutes of regular meeting of April 23, 2003.
2. Accept agenda and minutes from Arts and Culture Commission of Contra Costa County.
3. Accept monthly budget report.

Commissioner Guise wanted to pull Item 1 and correct the date from April 23 to May 28, this was accepted as pulled and change of date noted for minutes by Chairperson Beatty. Commissioner Guise then moved to accept agenda items 2 and 3, motion seconded by Commissioner Melloni. Motion carried.

Vice Chairperson Trebino moved the acceptance of the minutes as corrected, Commissioner Melloni seconded the motion. Motion carried, with abstention of Commissioners Robinson, Myers and Guise who were not present at the May meeting.

4. Update on Day in the Park (C. Robinson)
Commissioner Robinson said the committee is on target, invoices should be to Staff by the end of the month. She reported they will be having wooden tokens this year and they have been designed with Victorian man and woman on one side and the other side “City of Brentwood” and 5 cents in center. These can then be used year after year. Subcommittee has gotten a good price and will be ordering 15,000. Tee shirt provider will be in touch with her this week. Glasses -both beer and wine are on target also. There will be another meeting of the subcommittee this month to go over advertising with her press person. She said she will also be meeting with Contra Costa Times and then Mel Eckerstrom will be taking over the advertising. She discussed the problems she encountered last year with Mr. Eckerstrom not returning calls and this has started to happen again this year. Commissioner Robinson has spoken to his assistant and received her private number so if calls are not returned by Mr. Eckerstrom, the assistant will then take over returning the calls. She has discussed this matter with Chairperson Beatty. Director Bronzan said that the City Staff has not received the signed contract back from Mr. Eckerstrom. Administrative Assistant DiNicola said it had come in and had been forwarded for signatures. Commissioner Robinson mentioned some booths she would like to have and will ask Mr. Eckerstrom to contact these people. She has discussed this with his assistant Shelly, and she has promised to follow up on all calls.

Commissioner Robinson says they are on target and will be getting flags and other advertising right after the Cornfest. Discussion of signs for buses and other signs that Chairperson Beatty has from the previous year. Dates of the event are October 11 and 12, Saturday and Sunday. There will be a VIP night on Friday night for vendors and parking for their vehicles will also be arranged at that time. Commissioner Robinson said coffee will also be available this year for all vendors and volunteers. The times of the event will be from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM. The theme will again be “Turn of the Century”. There will be a contest for all downtown businesses for window decorations in the “Turn of the Century” theme. There will also be a contest for the vendors to see if they will dress in the theme of the event. The contest will be for downtown businesses in hope they will bring their wares out onto the sidewalk so people can shop as they walk by on the way to the park. Another contest will be handlebar mustaches. Outside judges will be brought in to judge all the contests. Commissioner Guise asked where volunteers will be needed for the event. Commissioner Robinson said volunteers would be needed for selling the tickets for wine and beer glasses (these will be the tokens) and for the soda and souvenir booths. Wine sales will be handled by the Wine Store from different wineries. Budweiser will bring in the beer and volunteers will work the beer booth.

Commissioner Clayton Woolley arrived at 7:15 PM.

Chairperson Beatty asked when the first volunteer meeting will be held and Commissioner Robinson said probably in August. No date set yet. Commissioner Guise asked if the Wine Store has verified it will do Day in the Park. Commissioner Robinson and Vice Mayor Beckstrand will be talking to them after the 4th of July and she will verify this at that time. Commissioner Guise suggested Starbucks for the coffee and Commissioner Robinson said she has already asked for bids from Farmers Daughter and Starbucks. She will try to get these as a donation

Director Bronzan commented that last year the first time event made a profit of $7,000.

5. Update on Alex and Lee Show (B. Weber).
Commissioner Bill Weber said the show is going well and will be ending at the end of the month. Bill said he has all the posters for the Frank Lloyd Wright Show which will be coming up next and will get them framed. He will design a box for the stained glass windows and will backlight it for effect. The opening will be August 4th with a reception to be held Thursday, August 14th. The lecturer will be there at that time. The show will consist of Frank Lloyd Wright’s work and also other artists similar to the current show. The next show after that will be a photographer’s show. He is also working on four shows for next year. The first will be Stanley Mous, the person who did the album covers for the Grateful Dead. Bill plans to invite celebrities to the show. Vice Chairperson Trebino mentioned a local artist who carves ducks and would like to see them added to a show sometime. Commissioner Weber said the last show of the year will be glass blowers arts. Two of them are internationally famous. Since this will be just before Christmas it should be a good time for sales as well. The shows in between in 2004, could be something from the schools and he is also working on the Maxfield Parrish Show and another artist who does Southwestern art. Commissioner Weber showed some of this work to the Commissioners.

6. Update on the Frank Lloyd Wright opening show (B. Weber).
This covered under Item 5.

7. Status of new Park Statuary (J. Melloni)
Commissioner Melloni said she has sent the design off to Janet Hansen, Park Planner. She thought the design could be made to look a bit more natural with rocks. Director Bronzan said Ms. Hansen is currently working on the Sunset Park bids and will then probably be putting this out to bid after taking it to City Council in July.

8. Discussion of a summer social (R. Beatty and M. Hannigan).
Chairperson Beatty referred to his comment at the previous meeting that he thought it would be nice to have a get together with all of the Commissioners. The date set is the 27th of July with Mary Hannigan hosting it this year. Ron passed out an invitation and requested that people RSVP to Commissioner Hannigan. The event will start at 3:00 PM.

Director Bronzan commented that because there will be a quorum of the Commissioners, they will have to send out an agenda. This will note that it is a social event and no action taken.

9. Quarterly Canvas Newsletter (R. Beatty).
Chairperson Beatty reported that the next edition of the Canvas will be coming out very soon and passed around a copy for all Commissioners to review. A picture of Frank Lloyd Wright will be included with the story when the newspaper is sent out. He discussed the articles in the newsletter. Vice Chairperson Trebino noted that in the Canvas where new Commissioners are named, Saunie Fridley’s name had been omitted. This will be added prior to mailing of the Canvas. Commissioner Robinson moved that funds not to exceed $900.00, be allocated to Chairperson Beatty for the printing of “The Canvas”. Commissioner Guise seconded the motion, motion carried.

Chairperson Beatty said that Benjamin Steele was given $50 for designing the logo. The award was from the Art Society and was done at their meeting prior to the Commission meeting. Pictures were taken and the Art Society was hoping an announcement would be in the paper.

10. Maize the Bear/Approval of funds (R. Beatty).
Chairperson Beatty discussed the bear which Contra Costa County had donated along with funds of $100 to decorate the bear. However the Commissioners who decorated the bear spent an additional amount of approximately $97. Chairperson Beatty asked for a motion to reimburse him for that amount. Commissioner Robinson moved that Chairperson Beatty be reimbursed the $97, Commissioner McCarran seconded the motion and motion carried.

11. Update on the percent for Art (R. Beatty).
Chairperson Beatty asked the Commissioners to keep the date of July 22nd open which is when the Commission appears before the City Council to promote the percent for Art Ordinance. Since some of the City Council members are new and some of the Commissioners also, they will need to review this. Director Bronzan said this subject is scheduled for a public hearing before the City Council. Commission members on this committee are Chairperson Beatty and Commissioner Woolley. They have been working with Poldina Scherff on this ordinance. Chairperson Beatty and Director Bronzan explained the ordinance to the new Commissioners present. Director Bronzan will confirm this date before the City Council meeting in case there is a change.

12. Update of business cards, phone numbers, office hours, updated addresses, advertising, website and other general administrative items (A. DiNicola).
Angela DiNicola said the business cards have been ordered and should be in any day. She presented the revised phone list and asked Commissioners to review and make any changes they wished. She has worked with the Webmaster for the city and discussed the possibility of a website for the Arts Commission. Angela reported that the Webmaster said that anything they want to do is possible and is open to ideas. She presented examples of Walnut Creek and Turlock’s websites for the Commissioners to review. She then asked if any of the Commissioners would like to work with her on this and suggest any ideas they might have. Chairperson Beatty asked if any of the Commissioners would like to be involved in setting up the website. Commissioners McCarran and Bryant volunteered and will work with Angela and the Webmaster on this project.

Discussion of email addresses and any changes Commissioners would like to make on this list. All will have a city email address assigned which will link to their own personal email address. For those who don’t have an email address, Ms. DiNicola will deliver messages by phone. Commissioner Robinson asked for her personal cell phone to not be published. She also made a change in her email address.
She then talked about the signage in the front of the office building and listing of office hours. Office hours will be listed as Brentwood Arts Commission, Office hours Tuesday and Thursday, 1:00 to 5:00 PM. No phone number will be listed. The receptionist at the front desk will take messages and messages can also be left on the voicemail on the Arts Commission line. The phone number is posted on the website.

Angela then passed around an article from the Contra Costa Times regarding candidates to be nominated for an award by the Contra Costa Arts and Culture Commission. This will be in recognition of artists in the County. Vice Chairperson Trebino nominated Commissioner Weber as a candidate for this award, Commissioner Robinson seconded the motion. Angela was asked to get the information to place his name in nomination. Vote was called and the motion carried to place Commissioner Weber in nomination to the County Arts and Culture Commission. Commissioner Guise then asked for a subcommittee to put the information together for the candidacy of Commissioner Weber. Commissioners Weber, McCarran and Guise volunteered to put the information together with Ms. DiNicola.

Ms. DiNicola then passed around a paper showing all the committees she could find in going through the previous minutes. She asked everyone to review and advise of any changes needed.

Vice Chairperson Trebino asked about the portable stage and Director Bronzan reminded them that this project has to wait for the City Council to adopt the budget for the new fiscal year. $150,000 has been allocated. Vice Chairperson Trebino asked again that the group make sure that there is a representative from the Chamber of Commerce/Cornfest and the schools. This was affirmed.

Angela then asked who on the Commission already has name plates and badges. It was decided badges and name plates will be ordered for the new Commissioners only. The existing name plates should be in the City Council Chambers.

CITY COUNCIL UPDATE: (Annette Beckstrand).
Vice Mayor Beckstrand was not present,

None present.

Commissioner Bryant introduced himself and asked the names of the other Commissioners. He commented that he was very pleased to be there and hopes to have an opportunity to contribute to the Art Commission over the next three years.

Commissioner Melloni commented that the Arts Society has picked a date for the Arts Society Dinner/Fundraiser. It will be September 27th at Roddy Ranch and will be a western theme. Volunteers will be needed. Commissioner Melloni gave a brief overview of the Arts Society, when it was formed and where the funds are utilized in the community. Basically they support school art programs and the Arts Commission. She said the dinner is the major fundraiser for the Arts Society which is 501c3 non profit foundation.

Commissioner Weber asked if the Commissioners were aware that Howard Sword is buying a new table for the Art Shows which will be a display table for the events. Commissioner Guise commented that the display tables in the current Art Show were donated by the Sea Scouts and a thank you note should be sent to them. Chairperson Beatty or Ms. DiNicola will take care of this. Commissioner Weber has a case he will donate for the Frank Lloyd Wright Art Show. Chairperson Beatty thanked everyone for being present and on time so the meeting can proceed as scheduled. He also commented that a letter was sent to the Honorable Gray Davis and other political leaders asking that California art funds not be cut and support the school arts budget.

Director Bronzan passed out a two page proposal for the Arts Manager position. In the document three different proposed positions were described, each with a proposed salary. One was for an Arts Coordinator, one for an Arts Supervisor, and one for an Arts Manager. These were presented to the City Council and they approved a full time Arts Manager. If the City’s budget allows, they will try to get the City Arts Manager in the place by January or February of 2004, otherwise it will be next July. He described the recruitment process and said the position will be advertised next year.

Commissioner Melloni asked the Director about the upcoming concerts. She asked if the Commissioners were supposed to be volunteering for any of these concerts. Director Bronzan said not necessarily since staff will be handling this. He did say the best thing they could do was to show up and bring friends. The goal is to get 300-400 or more to attend the concerts. They do still rent chairs, but there will be no vendors.

None were proposed.

Meeting was adjourned by Chairperson Beatty at 8:20 p.m.
City of Brentwood Arts Commission
35 Oak Street,
Brentwood, CA 94513
(925) 516-5444
Fax (925) 516-5445