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Vision Statement: Adding Joy to People's Lives.
Mission Statement: Creating Joyful Community Experiences Through People, Parks, and Programs.

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CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order by Chairperson Ron Beatty at 7:40 p.m.

ROLL CALL: The roll was called by Chairperson Ron Beatty. Commissioners present were Jan Melloni, Vice Chairperson Joe Trebino, Clayton Woolley, Saunie Fridley, Sandra Van Dyke and Alice Kamers. Commissioners absent at roll call were Chris Robinson, Helen Myer, Mary Hannigan and Barbara Guise. Others present included Craig Bronzan, Director of Parks and Recreation; Poldina Scherff, Recreational Services Manager; and Angela Maier, Administrative Assistant.

Introduction of Patrick McCarren and Saunie Fridley.
Chairperson Beatty then introduced Saunie Fridley who was just appointed to the Art Commission at the previous meeting at the City Council meeting. She was welcomed by the Commissioners. Patrick McCarren was not present.

Introduction of Angela Maier, Administrative Assistant.
Ms. Maier is the new part-time employee of the Arts Commission and her work station is located in the Brentwood Business & Technology Center and has been on the job for the past three weeks. She works half time for the City Clerk and half time for the Arts Commission. Ms. Maier gave a bit of her background and said the new hours for the Arts Commission office will be 1 to 5 p.m.

AGENDA REVIEW: No comments or changes requested to the agenda.

CITIZENS COMMENTS: There were no citizen comments.

Item No. 1 Approval of minutes of regular meeting of April 23, 2003.
Item No. 2 Accept agenda and minutes from Arts and Culture Commission of Contra Costa County.
Item No. 3 Accept monthly budget report.
Vice Chairperson Joe Trebino moved the acceptance of the Consent Calendar. Commissioner Jan Melloni seconded the motion and motion carried unanimously.

Item No. 4 Discussion of Shakespeare Festival (J. Melon).
Commissioner Melloni introduced Toby Leavitt who she had met at a Parks and Recreation conference a few months ago where Ms. Levant had made a presentation on a Shakespeare Festival that was being held in Cupertino. She felt this would be an interesting project and invited Ms. Leavitt to come to the meeting to discuss the possibility of the Brentwood Arts Society or Arts Commission sponsoring such an event or a similar type of activity. Ms. Levant said that she is the Managing Director of the San Francisco Shakespeare Festival. She commented on the event which is put on in Cupertino as well as in a number of other locations. She said they got their start doing free Shakespeare festivals in San Francisco at the Golden Gate Park. They have collaborated with many other cities in various types of events and with camps. She said these Shakespeare events have worked out very well in other cities and schools. They can work in outdoor events and also have a touring live performance of Romeo and Juliet coming up this year. This will be a live music performance with 7-9 performers. She wondered about the possibility of having the City of Brentwood host a performance. They are also considering doing a smaller version in the schools for a couple of days leading up to the big performance for the whole city. Costs could range between $5,000 and $10,000 depending on whether the performance would be indoors or outdoors, whether there are restroom facilities, sound and power availability, etc. She then discussed other alternatives and what can be provided to the schools as well.

This project was discussed by the Commissioners, especially focusing on the schools. Commissioner Van Dyke gave input on the local schools curriculum regarding Shakespeare events. Chairperson Beatty said he would like to have a subcommittee to work with Ms. Leavitt to see what the feasibility would be to put on this type of event. He asked Commissioners Melloni and Van Dyke to serve on this committee. They agreed and also for Commissioner Hannigan to serve on the subcommittee with them Chairperson Beatty then appointed them and will talk to Commissioner Hannigan about serving with them and asked them to bring back a report in August if possible. Ms. Leavitt was thanked for her presentation.

Item No. 5 Discussion of Citywide Read proposal with Friends of the Library (Leonard Roudman)
Mr. Roudman introduced himself and explained again the Citywide Read proposal. Mr. Roudman is the Branch Librarian at the Brentwood Library. He had presented the Citywide Read Proposal at the previous meeting and had discussed it informally with the Commission prior to the opening of the meeting. The proposal is that the city would have a Citywide Read, supported by the Friends of the Library and the first book would be the “Human Comedy” by William Saroyan. The program would run in the fall for six weeks. The total cost of the program would be approximately $2,500. He was requesting the Brentwood Friends to cover half of this cost and the Arts Commission to cover the balance, which would be $1,250 for each group. He has discussed this with the Friends of the Library and they are willing to cover half the costs, therefore he is requesting another $1,250 from the Arts Commission. The dates set for the program are September 8, 2003 through October 18, 2003. He is currently trying to arrange for a speaker, and has talked to someone from the William Saroyan Foundation International in San Francisco. Dates have not worked out with this group and he has also talked to St. Mary’s College for a speaker through them also if possible. He has a volunteer who is contacting about three coffee houses in Brentwood to see if they would allow the distribution of the books at their shops. The books would be available on an honor system. They would also be available through the local library. Cost of the books is $6.50 per book for approximately 225 books, coming to a total cost of $1,462.50, plus shipping. There will be no tax since they will be ordered through the Internet. Honorarium or contribution fee for speaker has not been established at this time. Vice Chairperson Trebino asked what other expenses there might be and Mr. Roudman said none other than the baskets to display the books. Publicity would be through the newspaper, and in each book there would be a bookmarker stating that this book was sponsored by the Arts Commission and the Friends of the Brentwood Library. Dates of the program and when concluding events would be held also on the bookmark. Vice Chairman Trebino moved that the City Wide Read Program receive the amount of $1,250 as a donation from the Arts Commission for the purchase of the book “The Human Comedy” by William Saroyn. Motion seconded by Commissioner Bill Weber. Motion carried unanimously. It was noted by Director Bronzan that these funds would come out of the 2003-2004 budget.

Item No. 6 Review of application for the Arts Commission/approve recommendation to City Council to appoint J. E. Bryant to Commission. (R. Beatty).
Chairperson Beatty said the item to approve Mr. James E. Bryant to the Commission was on the agenda for comment or approval. Vice Chairperson Trebino moved the approval of Mr. Bryant and that he be recommended by the Arts Commission to the next City Council meeting for their approval. Commissioner Woolley seconded the motion and motion carried unanimously. Director Bronzan remarked that this will then go to the City Council on June 10 to appoint and
June 24, 2003 for his Oath of office.

Item No. 7 Update on development of an “Artist Panel” for art selection (B. Weber/M. Hannigan)
Chairperson Beatty deferred to Commissioner Weber for what he has on this subject. Commissioner Weber said that he and Commissioner Hannigan will locate some artists from various contacts to serve on this panel.

Item No. 8 Review of Art for Art’s Sake (B. Guise).
Chairperson Beatty reported on this event in view of Commissioner Guise’s absence. He said they did not have the number of artists or as large a crowd as they had anticipated. Nineteen artists had signed up and only eleven showed up. Commissioner Woolley thought it was less than that, but commented that the band was excellent and the public really liked it. Chairperson Beatty said he consulted with Mr. Eckerstrom of the Day in the Park and he suggested a slightly different venue. He suggested putting the show in a grocery store complex where people are already gathered. Raleys, Albertsons and Safeway centers were suggested for next year. Chairperson Beatty also thought more artists should be contacted. Edna Hill School had an excellent representation, other schools were less responsive. Commissioner Weber suggested going through the big list of artists that he and Commissioner Hannigan have collected. Vice Chairperson Trebino thought the use of banners throughout the area in advance would also help in bringing in more attendance.

Item No. 9 Consideration of donation to Art Society for art show reception support (J. Melloni).
This was a result of a discussion at the previous meeting where Commissioner Hannigan suggested donating funds received at the art receptions to the Art Society to cover costs donated by the Art Society to the receptions, such as wine and food. The suggestion to bring this item back to the next meeting for Commissioner Hannigan to comment on since it is her idea was agreed upon and will be put on next month’s agenda. A string quartet was suggested and Commissioner Weber suggested a couple of girls from Livermore who will come for $50. All Commissioners thought this a good idea and would like to pursue this for the next reception.

Item No. 10 Update on Alex & Lee opening/show (B. Weber).
Commissioner Weber thought it went well, the artists enjoyed the reception. He wished more people had attended. The advertising was good, with the exception that the mailers did not go out on time. Also, he felt there was too much going on at the same time, such as the Art For Art’s Sake, should have the reception first for the show and event later on in the middle of the show.

Item No. 11 Discussion of summer social (R. Beatty).
Chairperson Beatty thought that all the Commissioners have been working so hard on so many different events that a summer social or get together would be a good idea. He would like to host this at his house. He suggested after the Cornfest, around the 19th of July. He would like to have spouses also invited. Since that is a conflict of dates, the 26th of July was then suggested and approved by Chairperson Beatty. Director Bronzan said then that since this is an announced social non-agendized meeting no official business can be discussed. The meeting will be agendized since there will be a quorum.

Item No. 12 Discussion of business cards, phone numbers, office hours updated addresses, and other general administrative items (C. Bronzan).
Director Bronzan invited Angela Maier to join in this discussion and said that this would be an opportunity for all members to update their correct phone numbers, emails and addresses. This will assist Ms. Maier when she needs to contact the Commissioners and help get them organized. Commissioners were asked which phone numbers they wished to be used for contact, whether or not they wished to have phone numbers from home phones, cell phones, etc. on file for use. He asked them to decide what hours they wished publicized for office hours when she would be available to the public. She will be working 1 to 5 p.m.; however some of these hours she may be working on other tasks and not available for public walk-in traffic or phone calls. Director Bronzan suggested starting on a lessor time frame with the ability to move up the hours as the demands come in by the public. Vice Chairperson Trebino suggested starting with 1 to 5 p.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays or by appointment. She will also be a contact for artists for shows. The phone number for the new office is 240-2524, other office at City Hall is 516-5106. A form was passed out to all Commissioners to update their addresses and phone numbers. He also said all need to have email for emergency contact and cell phone numbers. This roster will then be revised by Angela and kept updated in the office. Director Bronzan then also asked about business cards and asked that all get new cards with new business number. He also urged all Commissioners to meet with Angela and get to know her.

Director Bronzan said in the future Angela will be their contact when they need things such as flyers and checking on prices of publicity. She will also be the contact to communicate with the Commissioners to get on agendas for events and calendar events. She will help Commissioners get their events advertised in the Activities Guide and mailers and whatever other means necessary for publicity. Other staff members will also assist her in getting all this information on file. She will be their central source of information on all Art Commission activities.

Suggestion for pursuing information on other Art Commissions through websites.

Director Bronzan said they are still pursuing hiring an Art Manager with a degree in art and experience, the hope is to get someone hired by the 2003-2004 budget. The position for Angela will continue as a part-time position until a full-time Arts Manager is hired. This is now scheduled for the 2004-2005 budget, and possibly will come on in the mid year in this coming year.

Chairperson Beatty then asked Director Bronzan about the ordinance for percentage art status, and Director Bronzan said this is a public hearing on June 24 at the City Council meeting. This is the ordinance for a percentage for art from every construction project. Director Bronzan will write a staff report on the subject and the Arts Commission should be ready to work with him on this and be available at the meeting with the City Council. Commissioners Woolley and Fridley will also assist on this committee along with Chairperson Beatty who wrote the ordinance.

Chairperson Beatty passed around pictures of the bear for the Contra Costa County Fair that was decorated by the Commissioners. This will go on later to the State Fair at Sacramento.

Pictures of the first art in a new development at Continente Avenue also passed around of horses. Many did not like this art and many other neighbors also have asked to get it removed because it obstructs views in the round-about. Commissioner Weber thought it was not quality art. This was a condition of Ryder Homes several years ago before there was an Art Commission.

There was also a drawing of the type of art that the Commission would like to have in the new park. Commissioner Weber made the drawing of the statues of the boy and girl that were in a recent art show. Commissioner Melloni will take the drawing back to the committee on the park to review with Janet Hansen.

Chairperson passed around free tickets to the Commissioners for the Contra Costa County Fair and the State Fair for those who wished to use them.

CITY COUNCIL UPDATE: (Annette Beckstrand) She was not present.


Commissioner Kamers said she and Commissioner Woolley need to get together with one of the developers (Western Pacific) for park planning. Director Bronzan said this is not ready yet, but they will be contacted by Janet Hansen when they are ready to move forward.

Vice Chairperson Trebino commented on the banners for Day in the Park will not be as expensive as originally thought. They will cost $64 for one color and figures on them. They will be more expensive if more colors are required. The total cost for one color would be $5,600, and with one more color would be $6,308. There was no vote required for this since the money had already been allotted in the previous meeting. Vice Chairperson Trebino should go ahead and order, he will need a purchase order for this amount. Poldina Scherff, Recreation Services Manager will help Angela with this purchase order process. Vice Chairperson Trebino also asked about the portable stage, he wanted to be sure that after the project is approved that people from the Cornfest be invited to also work on the project. Those previously mentioned are Rod Linn and Gene Clare. Director Bronzan assured him they will be brought into the project.

Commissioner Sandra Van Dyke wants to explore further the web page and ways to get others involved. Director Bronzan said he will help her on this.

Poldina Scherff, Recreation Services Manager commented that some of the paintings had been moved by the door to the hallway so they won’t get damaged while some work is being done on the building.

Angela Maier, Administrative Assistant asked people to let her know how they want their names to appear. She also asked if people want their home phones published. Commissioners Melloni and Trebino do not, others said it is okay to publish home phones. There will be a mailbox created for messages and if not picked up by Friday, the messages will be mailed out.

No future agenda items discussed.

Motion to adjourn the meeting by Vice Chairperson Trebino, seconded by Commissioner Woolley, motion carried unanimously. Chairman Ron Beatty adjourned the meeting at 8:50 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Betty Jo Whincup
Minutes Recorder
City of Brentwood Arts Commission
35 Oak Street,
Brentwood, CA 94513
(925) 516-5444
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