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April 23, 2003 at 7:00 p.m.
Brentwood Technology Center
101 Sandcreek Road
Brentwood, CA 94513

CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order by Chairperson Ron Beatty at 7:05 p.m.

ROLL CALL: The roll was called by Chairperson Ron Beatty. Commissioners present were Jan Melloni, Ron Beatty, Helen Myers, Chris Robinson, Sandra Van Dyke, and Vice Chairperson Joe Trebino. Commissioners Clayton Woolley, Barbara Guise, Alice Kamers, Bill Weber and Clayton Woolley were absent at roll call.

Other Staff members present were Craig Bronzon, Director of Parks and Recreation; Poldina Scherff, Recreation Services Manager; Sue Barry, Recreation Services Supervisor, and Tina Clark, Accountant. Also present was Leonard Roudman, Branch Manager of the Brentwood Library.

Introduction of Sandra Van Dyke as a new member of the Arts Commission. Chairperson Ron Beatty introduced Commissioner Van Dyke and all Commissioners welcomed her to the group.

AGENDA REVIEW: No comments or changes requested to the agenda.


Item No. 1 Approval of minutes of regular meeting of March 26, 2003.
Item No. 2 Accept agenda and minutes from Arts and Culture Commission of Contra Costa County.
Item No. 3 Approval of Day in the Park contract/direction to proceed. (C. Bronzan).
Chairperson Beatty asked if there were any changes requested of the Consent Calendar. Vice Chairperson Trebino moved the approval of the Consent Calendar. Motion seconded by Commissioner Robinson and motion carried unanimously.

Commissioners Bill Weber and Alice Kamers arrived at 7:10 p.m.

Commissioner Jan Melloni requested that Item No. 17, Update on Shakespeare Festival be tabled until the next meeting in May as the presenter was not able to be at the meeting. Vice Chairperson Trebino moved that the item be tabled and Commissioner Robinson seconded the motion, motion carried unanimously. At this point Chairperson Beatty said that some of the Agenda Items would be moved forward to accommodate Commissioner Robinson who would have to leave early. Item 11 will be moved to Item 6 and Item 6 will be moved to Item 11. There was also a request to move Item 8 to the end of the agenda. No motions were made on these actions.

Item No. 4 Day in the Park update/discussion of downtown banners (C. Robinson)
Commissioner Robinson deferred to Vice Chairperson Trebino on this issue. Vice Chairperson referred to the minutes where 25 banners were discussed; however, there are spaces for 62 banners. He wondered if the Commission wanted to put up all the 62 banners and spend that much money. Banners would cost $103 each, and for 62 it would cost $6,386 plus the change out fee of approximately $1,280. After the original cost of $6,386, then the banners would belong to the Commission and in future years the only cost would be the change out fee of $1,280. Commissioner Robinson asked for Director Bronzan to address this matter as she had been discussing it with him prior to the meeting. Director Bronzan said there is no Development Fund money or any other funds available from the city at this time. However, in next year’s budget the City is putting in the Art Commission’s account for publicity for Day in the Park $25,000. They could approve the banners and take some of the money out of next year’s budget, since they would not be billed for the item until after July 1 when the new budget comes into effect. Tina Clark, Accountant was introduced to explain the budget to the Commissioners. She explained that at this time they have $15,931 dollars left in the budget as of April 15, 2003. There is also another $25,000 now in the budget also for the part-time person that is to be hired. She wanted to know what the wishes of the Commission was, and if they would want any of those funds put into their advertising budget now. Discussion of the importance of having all banners ordered at this time, or ordering only half of them at this time. Commissioner Robinson felt it would be good to order them all now, since they could be used forever and some people do not drive in all the areas and she felt it important to have the banners visible to as many people as possible. Dates could be changed each year. They will feature the turn of the century man and woman that is on all the publicity to this point. Half of the banners could be interspersed around the city, using approximately every other pole. (Commissioner Alice Kamers arrived at 7:13 p.m.) Commissioner Robinson moved that all 62 be purchased at this time and that the cost not to exceed $8,000. Motion seconded by Commissioner Van Dyke and motion carried unanimously. Tina Clark commented that whoever is making these purchases needs to coordinate with her on the purchase order, anything over $5,000 needs to be backed by a purchase order. Commissioner Robinson and Vice Chairperson Trebino will work on the design and ordering of the banners.

Commissioner Clayton Woolley arrived at 7:15 p.m.

Item No. 5 Discussion of future art gallery possibilities (C. Robinson).
Commissioner Robinson explained that she had been contacted by the owner of Sweeneys Restaurant. He is concerned about downtown businesses and would like to encourage people to come downtown. He asked Commissioner Robinson to get a couple of people together, not from the Commission -- just people so they could brainstorm. She asked Bill Weber as local artist and Helen Myers as a downtown business person and they met with Peter at Sweeneys. They discussed ideas for a downtown business building of some sort to be used as another art gallery. After discussions they felt too expensive and tabled that idea and are now working on a Downtown Walking Art Gallery. Commissioner Robinson and Commissioner Myers will be going to all of downtown businesses to display whatever art they have room for in their businesses. Commissioner Weber will be asking local artists for their work to be displayed. They will be making up a map showing all the businesses downtown that will have art displayed. This is to get people into all of these businesses. Kathy Leighton has been brought into the project as well and also Gregg Robinson and they will help put the map together. She stressed that this project is just citizens, not the Art Commission and if something evolves and they can find a downtown building, then will try to get everything together and at that point would come back to the Art Commission with the project. They have looked at some buildings at this time, including the Catholic Church. Local artists would also be featured once a month and they could display and sell their work. The focus is to get people into the businesses downtown. Commissioner Weber also suggested the new library after the new library is built. 

Item No. 11 Review of applications for the Arts Commission (R. Beatty).
Chairperson Beatty discussed new candidates for the Commission that have applied. The first candidate is Mr. James E. Bryant. He is a retired Professor of Kinesiology from San Jose State. He is a four-year resident in the Summerset community. He is a professional photographer, and also has experience writing grants. Both Commissioner Robinson and Chairperson Beatty interviewed Mr. Bryant and discussed the results of the interview and follow-up with the Commission. The second candidate interviewed was Patrick McCarran. He is a real estate agent and formerly owned and managed the Kentucky Fried Chicken and has been active in various community events such as Cornfest, Chamber of Commerce and Kiwanis. His art interested is in film and theater. Commissioner Robinson moved to recommend Mr. McCarran to the Mayor and City Council as approved by the Arts Commission. Motion was seconded by Commission Woolley and carried unanimously.

The third candidate was interviewed earlier this evening and her name is Saunie Fridley. She is a private investigator in Brentwood and has her own business. She is very active in Fraud Investigators and other organizations. She is also a member of the Chamber of Commerce. She has a high energy level and has been in Brentwood for 12 years. She is not an artist, but has a lot of interest in art. (Commissioner Guise arrived at 7:30 p.m.) Commissioner Robinson was impressed with her and said that she knew the history of the Arts Commission and the Fountain Society. She felt that Ms. Fridley was a very organized and responsible person. Commissioner Chris Robinson moved that the Commission ask the Mayor and City Council to approve Saunie Fridley as a member of the Arts Commission. Commissioner Weber seconded the motion and motion carried unanimously.

The Commission will continue to consider Mr. J. E. Bryant’s application and bring it back to the next meeting. Director Bronzan then said the two approved candidates should be sent on to the City Council for approval and should appear before the City Council at their May 27th meeting which is prior to the next Arts Commission 

Item No. 6 Discussion of a City-wide read (Leonard Roudman, Brentwood Library/A. Beckstrand)
Mr. Roudman was introduced by Chairperson Beatty. Annette Beckstrand was not able to attend the meeting. Mr. Roudman said he has been in contact with various other cities across the country that have been running city-wide reading programs. These are programs where everyone in the city reads the same book. This is in small cities, as well as large cities. He has been in touch with the city of Los Gatos who are currently reading a book city-wide. He has since been in discussion with them and said that the program consists of setting a theme, and then picking an author that fits the theme and a title of the book to be read and run the program for about siz weeks. They then purchase about 200 books and distribute the books from the library and from two or three coffee shops in town. The books are checked out on an honor system and when finished they are passed on to the next person. At the conclusion of the six weeks, they have a program and a scholar discuss the author and the book the author wrote. He suggested the theme of western and California authors and buy about 225 copies of the book selected. Also, if available titles in Spanish. He suggested William Soroyan and the title “The Human Comedy”. He though of a time frame of the fall to give time to get the program going and order books, find a scholar, advertise in the Activities Guide in the fall issue. The Friends of the Library could purchase the books and distribute to the coffee houses. There was discussion of how the Arts Commission could participate in this event. Cost of the books was discussed as to whether they should be purchased through the library or, plus the cost of the honorarium to the scholar. Cost of the books would be approximately $1,464 and the honorarium possibly $1,000. Cost could be split with the Friends of the Library. Commissioner Guise moved that Mr. Roudman go to the Friends of the Library to get their thoughts on the matter and then return to the Commission to give them the information so a final decision can be made. Vice Chairperson Trebino seconded the motion and motion carried unanimously.

Item No. 7 Discussion of appointment of Curator position(s) (R. Beatty).
Chairperson Beatty said that at the last meeting the Commission had expressed the wish to make the two people who have been curators for the Art Commission an official position for them by vote. The two are Mary Hannigan and Bill Weber who have been doing an outstanding job for the Art Gallery. Commission Weber has brought a lot of talent into the community and Commissioner Hannigan has done the administrative work. Vice Chairperson Trebino moved to appoint Commissioners Weber and Hannigan as official curators of the Art Gallery for the Arts Commission. Commissioner Melloni seconded the motion. There was discussion of developing a guideline of the positions for future curators. Motion carried unanimously.

Item No. 8 Update on art elements at Balfour Road Park (J. Hansen)
Ms. Hansen, Park Planner brought maps depicting the areas in the Balfour Road Park for art elements in the park. She has met previously with the subcommittee. She laid the contract documents on the table for the Commissioners to view. The concept most agreed upon by the subcommittee and the designer for the development was for animal footprints in either concrete or metal and identify various animal or “critter art” in areas throughout the park. At this time she wishes them to see if they approve the areas and then identify the types of animals that would be depicted. Chairperson Beatty wanted to know if this meant that they had discarded the idea of the statues of the little girl, etc.; that they had considered. Ms. Hansen said the idea was not discarded, but rather might be used in another place. She said that as they continue with other parks there will be other places for this type of art. Director Bronzan said there is a developer that is waiting for them to set a meeting because they are conditioned to do an art element. Ms. Hansen said that this is a condition on other developers as well. She showed them that there are a total of seven areas for the art elements in the Balfour Road Park, and indicated where they will be placed in the park. Ms. Hansen then explained the process of getting the project documents completed and the time line for the park. The Commissioners and Ms. Hansen then looked over the documents and viewed where all of the animal elements will be placed. Types of materials to be used discussed and Ms. Hansen said the Commission, through their subcommittee, should come back to her with a list of animals and the type of materials to be used. Commissioner Guise moved that the imprints have to be native to the area, such as raccoons, muskrats, kit fox, coyotes, etc. Commissioner Kamers seconded the motion and motion carried unanimously. The subcommittee needs to set a date to meet again soon.

Item No. 9 Update of monthly budget report (T. Clark/P. Scherff)
Ms. Clark presented the monthly budget report format and asked them to look at what she had prepared and included in their packet. She explained their budget which is Fund 520 and the new Fund 521 carry forward fund. Next year there will not be the Fund 520 in the budget. She explained the budget, including expenditures and revenues, including all items up until today’s date. Format will remain the same. She said since the Commissioners have been requesting the expenditure and revenue reports for each show; therefore, she has gone through all of the costs of the current show and asked the Commissioners to review it to see if this meets their requirements. She will do this for each show in the future at the end of each show. The budget was reviewed and discussed by all of the Commissioners. City report will be done on a monthly basis.

Item No. 10 Review and approval of guidelines and budgets for the Alex & Lee and Frank Lloyd Wright art shows (B. Weber).
Commissioner Weber had included a copy of the guidelines and budget for each of the upcoming shows delineating estimated expenses and revenues for each show. Chairperson Beatty asked if he had included any cost for advertising. Commissioner Weber said he did not, only included flyers, posters, wine and food. He said he does get advertising free in write up in the local newspapers. Discussion of advertising and costs, one half page $440 and quarter page would be $220. Commissioner Weber said that might be a good idea since at the Alex and Lee show he feels they should be able to sell a lot of jewelry. An ad would let the public know that items could be purchased at the show. Discussion of sending out ads in water bills, some have already been sent out; however, some residents would receive them the month prior to the show. The show is scheduled for May 5 and an ad could be placed for Friday, May 2nd. Ms. Barry said it will also be in the Activities Guide out at the end of this week. The Activities Guide will go to Brentwood, Oakley, Byron, Knightsen, Bethel Island and Discovery Bay. (Commissioner Hannigan arrived at 8:18 p.m.) Vice Chairperson Trebino moved to accept the budget as presented for the Alex and Lee show plus the cost of placing an ad in the Brentwood Press not to exceed $450 in cost. Commissioner Guise seconded the motion and motion carried unanimously.

The next budget to discuss was for the Frank Lloyd Wright show, which is basically the same as the Alex and Lee show with the exception of the cost of $500 for framing and $300 for the lecturer. Discussion of whether this cost could be put off until the next budget. Commissioner Weber said he would have to order the prints and then frame them, cost of prints without framing would be $125. He would like to donate these prints to the schools after the show. Commissioner Guise moved that the framed artwork to be donated to the local schools and library. Motion was seconded by Commissioner Van Dyke and motion carried unanimously. Commissioner Guise also moved that one framed print be donated to the Art Society. Vice Chairperson Trebino seconded the motion and motion carried unanimously. Commissioner Guise then moved the acceptance of the budget as presented by Commissioner Weber for the Frank Lloyd Wright show. Commissioner Melloni seconded the motion and motion carried unanimously. Vice Chairperson Trevino then asked to discuss the balance of $9,000 left in the budget and asked if there was anything else coming up before the new budget comes in on the first of July. Chairperson Beatty said there is the Art for Arts Sake in May. He anticipates the cost for this to be about $500 for advertising.

Item No. 12 Appointment of a committee to develop an “Artist Panel” for art selection (R. Beatty).
Chairperson Beatty reminded the Commission that they had previously passed “Art Rules” stating that the “Artist Panel” “should be composed of at least five persons from the following categories: the voting members, representatives of the neighborhood from which the art work is cited, two artists or one artist -- an arts professional designer or curator, a design architect, the project manager for the City, and a representative from the organization in partnership with the city on a capitol project”. Chairperson Beatty said he felt the Commission would like to know at least two artists that they could go to and said he would like Commissioners Weber and Hannigan to chair that committee and bring back their recommendations to them at the next meeting. He asked them if they would accept that responsibility and both agreed.

Item No. 13 Appointment of a committee to work with staff to develop specifications for purchase of portable stage (P. Scherff).
Chairperson Beatty asked Commissioner Guise if she would serve on this committee and she said yes and she remembered that Commissioner Robinson had also expressed a desire to be on this committee. He asked for a third person for the committee and Commissioner Woolley was suggested, and he agreed. Director Bronzan also remarked that so that the Commissioners understand that they have to wait for the budget to be approved. The project is in the Redevelopment Budget, it went through an informal presentation to the City Council and they had no objections to the project. They are planning on putting aside $150,000 for the project. The Public Works Department is getting a new truck that can pull the stage so transportation issue is solved. The committee will put together the specifications desired. It will have to be put out to bid after the budget is approved. He believes bids will go out in early fall to receive delivery by late winter or early spring. Vice Chairperson Trebino asked if only these three would be involved in the specifications and bidding process or would other outside people be involved? Director Bronzan said they would be working with staff and Commissioner Trebino suggested also someone from the Chamber of Commerce or Cornfest to work with them on the project. Since these entities use the stage a lot and would have some ideas as to what is needed. Names suggested were Rod Linn and Gene Clare. Commissioner Guise felt this an excellent idea and especially to involve the schools. Director Bronzan and Poldina Scherff will check with those suggested for additional people on the committee.

Item No. 14 Update on May 8th opening of the Alex & Lee show at the gallery (M. Hannigan/B. Weber).
Commissioner Hannigan reported that everything is in place. She was somewhat concerned about filling the building at this time because of the Art for Arts Sake event. It will be the same format as every other show with the collection of the art on Thursday May 1, 2003. She would like some help on Friday as she has a class that day and would like volunteers. She will also call other artists to come in on Thursday to help. The reception will be May 8th from 6 to 8 p.m. to accommodate more of the city people. She thanked Commissioner Weber for all his work on this show. Commissioner Weber said that they have two framed posters from the last show that he would like to donate to the schools. They would like to donate one to each of the middle schools, or invite someone to the next meeting to see who is interested and make the presentation to them, probably at the next meeting. Commissioner Van Dyke said she would call the schools and make those arrangements for the presentation of the framed posters.

Item No. 15 Update on Art for Art’s Sake scheduled for May 10th (B. Guise).
Commissioner Guise reported that Commissioner Hannigan and Chairperson Beatty have the artists contacted. She has some coming and Commissioner Hannigan also has some others and also suggested some attending the Perez Nursery art show and pass out flyers. Commissioner Guise has walked the area and has most of the businesses signed up for the event. Many will have prizes like last year and will have boxes for tickets that the public drop in each business to win the prize displayed. Chairperson Beatty said he will help her in getting boxes and tickets out and Commissioner Alice Kamers also volunteered. Commissioner Van Dyke will follow up with the schools. Chairperson Beatty has received a call from the elementary schools and they will participate. Commissioners Woolley and Trebino are handling this and will have the Dixieland Jazz Band for the whole venue. Chairperson Beatty suggested selling the Sanchez reproduced cards. He has ordered 20 of each. The Arts Society will also have a table to sign up new members. Discussion of whether places could be reserved, and it was decided that it was first come and first served. Need to plot out the spaces for artists as to amount of area needed. They will have about 20 artists plus the schools and may stretch down First Street and to Chestnut. 

Item No. 16 Approve selling of 2002 Day in the Park glassware (R. Beatty).
Chairperson Beatty asked what they want to sell the glassware from the previous “Day in the Park” event, what price should be set? Vice Chairperson Trebino said the Art Society wants to purchase 300 glasses and 100 beer glasses. They will be used at their next event and may also sell some. Commissioner Guise moved that they sell them for a $1.00 to anyone, after some discussion, she amended her motion to sell the glasses to the Arts Society for 50 cents each, and to the general public for $1.00. Commissioner Weber second the motion, motion carried unanimously.

CITY COUNCIL UPDATE: (Annette Beckstrand).
Vice Mayor Beckstrand was not present.


Commissioner Weber reported that he will not be able to continue attending the Development Review meetings. Since Commissioner Melloni is his backup she will be attending these meetings in the future. The meetings are held on Wednesday afternoons. Chairperson Beatty said he will back up Commissioner Melloni if she is unable to attend.

Commissioner Kamers said that she has a building in the city limits of Brentwood that could be used for an art gallery. If the Commission would like to see it she would be glad to show it to them. She felt it would be very appropriate for art. A committee of Commissioners Weber, Myers, Trebino and Beatty was appointed to see the building. 

Commissioner Hannigan she said that she would like to see the checks for the entry fee to go to the Arts Society. This is because the Arts Society provides the wine and food for the receptions. Director Bronzan said they can do this, but it will have to be on the agenda next month. 

Chairperson Beatty said that he has a large white bear in his garage that was delivered last Friday. This was donated to the Arts Commission by the State Fair and is in line with their celebration of the 150th year of having fairs in California. They have designated ten counties to get a bear each and decorate and/or paint for the fair. The Brentwood Arts Society was picked over Pleasanton, Walnut Creek and other cities because of the fact that they are considered the best and most active Art Commission in the County. After the decorating is completed, it will be on display at the Antioch Fairgrounds and then the state will take possession of the bear. It must be completed by the 26th of May. There will be a jury award “Best of the Bears” and “the People’s Choice -- Best of the Bears”. They will then go on display for a year and the following year auctioned off and the money will go to the State for educational funds. 

Poldina Scherff, Recreation Services Manager passed around the posters for the Starry Nights in Brentwood. This is also the inside cover of the Activities Guide for Summer. They will be in the utility bills as well. Director Bronzan commented that among the many awards they received at the recent State Conference last winter’s Activities Guide won an award. 

Sue Barry, Recreation Services Supervisor passed around an example of a newsletter that she has designed for the Art Commission. She has discussed this with Chairperson Beatty and Commissioner Weber and put all the ideas together and called it the Campus. She had a color copy and a plain one-color copy. This would be something they could insert in water bill three times a year and publicize their big events. All the Commissioners agreed that the yellow copy should be sent out immediately in as many water bills as they could between now and the middle of May and it should be considered as the flyer that they had earlier approved. Sue Barry then told the Commissioners that this is her last meeting with them as their liaison. They all thanked her profusely for all of her work for them and applauded her.

Director Bronzan also had information from Rebecca Burr-Siegel of Stockton that they are currently advertising for five Public Art Projects and he brought along the Request for Bid for these projects. He passed these out to the Commission. He also said that Western Pacific has a condition that when they build their subdivision they must have an art element. So they are requesting one or two of the Commissioners to meet with Director Bronzan and Janet Hansen and the representative of the Western Pacific Developers. Commissioners Kamers and Woolley offered to serve on this committee. He will set the meeting up and invite the committee at that time.

Update on Shakespeare Festival
Donation of income from Art Gallery to Art Society
Review of Art for Art’s Sake

Chairperson Beatty adjourned the meeting at 9:10 p.m.

Betty Jo Whincup
Minutes Recorder

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