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Vision Statement: Adding Joy to People's Lives.
Mission Statement: Creating Joyful Community Experiences Through People, Parks, and Programs.

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January 22, 2003 at 7 p.m.
Brentwood Business & Technology Center
101 Sand Creek Road, B
Brentwood, CA 94513

CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order by Chairperson Ron Beatty at 7:02 p.m.

ROLL CALL: Commissioners present along with the Chairperson Beatty were Vice Chairperson Joe Trebino, Commissioners Bill Weber, Barbara Guise, Jan Melloni, Chris Robinson, Clayton Woolley, and Mary Hannigan. Commissioners absent at call to order were Alice Kamers and Helen Myers. Others present were Sue Barry, Recreation Services Supervisor; Director Craig Bronzan, Vice-Mayor Annette Beckstrand, and Sharon Marsh. 

Chairperson Beatty then moved that Item #13 be moved ahead to be a presentation prior to the start of the agenda as a representative from East Bay Writing Group was there for presentation. There was no second or vote on the matter.

Item No. 13 Discussion and approval of support for the East Bay Writing Group (R. Beatty).
Chairperson Beatty then introduced Sharon Marsh of the East County Writing Group (Ms. Marsh corrected the name of the organization as shown above.) She said the group was formed about three years ago by herself and Florence Sprague. She reported that they meet twice a month at Summerset to critique each other’s work. The group is looking to expand to cover all of Brentwood and not just Summerset and need a meeting place. She reported that they recently had a literary evening at the Brentwood Library. She said they would like to meet in the Technology Building and as Chairperson Beatty remarked they could do so if the Art Commission supported them. Vice Chairperson Joe Trebino moved that the Art Commission support them in this endeavor and allow them to meet at the Brentwood Technology Center. Commissioner Guise seconded the motion and motion carried unanimously. 

Chairperson Beatty announced that there was to be a presentation at this time by Mel Eckerstrom; however since he met with Commissioner Robinson, himself and Director Bronzan earlier in the day he requested Commissioner Robinson to report on the meeting. Commissioner Robinson then passed out an evaluation of the Day in the Park Art and Wine Festival that was held October 12 and 13, 2002 that was received from Eckerstrom Productions. 

Commissioner Alice Kamers arrived at 7:08 p.m.

She reported that there were not any really bad negatives, basically most of the vendors will return. Mr. Eckerstrom felt that for a first try it was above the average and felt it was an excellent event. Mr. Eckerstrom and Commissioner Robinson will be meeting later on when she decides who will be on the subcommittee. Commissioner Robinson said that they know that there are a few things that need to be changed or improved upon. They felt that the entertainment as far as the jazz was wonderful. Food was good, and one of Commissioner Robinson’s suggestions was to move the children’s area to near the parking lot because of the fly situation. She asked at that point if anyone had any questions that she hadn’t answered or that they do not see in the report from Mel. Chairperson Beatty then said he should have prefaced Commissioner Robinson’s remarks with the fact that she has accepted the chairmanship of the “Day in the Park” again for 2003. She said there are some things that she will want to improve on. She has discussed these items with Director Bronzan and he has directed her to go ahead with her plans. When she has these firmed up she will bring them back to the full Commission. Director Bronzan said he will work with Commissioner Robinson also and said they will do some minor modifications on the contract with Eckerstrom Productions. He reported that Eckerstrom Productions has first right of refusal for the next three years. Commissioner Robinson said that she will double check on the beer booths when it gets closer to the time. After some discussion with Vice Chairperson Trebino and Commissioner Guise it was decided that they need more micro brews, not more booths, but more taps for different beers at the booth. Commissioner Melloni asked about coffee and Commissioner Robinson said this has already been taken care of. She also asked about the report that the glasses were a “donation for the school arts program”. This comment had been made when people objected to buying the glasses. Commissioner Robinson that it would be better to tell them it is to benefit the Arts Commission, that it was not a good idea to say it was for the schools. Other Commissioners agreed with her. Commissioner Guise asked about the glasses and wondered if there should just be plastic glasses for the beer. Commissioner Robinson that no, the only way wine or beer would be poured in 2003 would be with the glasses purchased at the event. Commissioner Robinson said she has an advertising budget and will start the advertising campaign right after the Cornfest. She said there will be contract with the vendors that they cannot sell any beverage without the glasses. There has been a budget worked out with Vice Mayor Beckstrand and City Finance Director. She discussed signs that can be white washed and reused year after year. Vice Chairperson Trebino said his banners can also be reused by taking the dates off and changing since they cost $300 apiece and are stored at the City. Commissioner Robinson said this would be good, but would like to add some art work or something to make them stand out. Vice Chairperson Trebino asked if there will be banners in the City and said if so, they would need money for them. He will get figures for Commissioner Robinson, and some of the costs may be picked up by the redevelopment funds if they are displayed downtown. Commissioner Hannigan said she might be able to help with art work on the banners. Chairperson Beatty asked if the committee would be named soon and Commissioner Robinson said she would and would notify him by the next meeting. Commissioner Hannigan said she may be able to get the banners done free of cost by artists. 


Item No. 1 Approval of minutes of regular meeting of November 20, 2002.
Item No. 2 Accept “River of Words” seminar flyer.
Item No. 3 Accept agenda and minutes from December and January Arts and Culture Commission of Contra Costa County.
Item No. 5 Accept final “Day in the Park” financial report (S. Barry).

Vice Mayor Beckstrand asked for the indulgence of the Commission in reference to the Consent Calendar since she cannot pull an item, she would like Item 5 be continued. Vice Chairperson Trebino said he was going to request pulling that item. Vice Mayor Beckstrand said that to continue her comments, she has talked to the City Manager and Finance Director and mentioned the item to Director Bronzan. She said that since the Commission is City-sponsored and Day in the Park is a part of that, she disagrees with the charges of the Police Department with the charges for the event. Therefore she wants the item continued until this situation can be resolved with the Police Department and Police Chief Davies.

Commissioner Guise moved the acceptance of Items 1-4 on the Consent Calendar. Commissioner Melloni seconded the motion and motion carried unanimously.

Commissioner Guise then moved to continue until the next meeting Item #5 final “Day in the Park” financial report. Commissioner Melloni seconded the motion, and motion carried unanimously.

Discussion of charges for police protection by Director Bronzan at other City-sponsored events, also comments by Vice Chairperson Trebino and Vice Mayor Beckstrand. Vice Mayor would like to have a special police activity fund as a line item in the General Fund, that the City would take out of General Funds for these types of activities and would not be charged against the Parks and Recreation Department and would still reflect the amount the City does have to pay the police officers for these events. Other Commissioners discussed this matter with suggestions that other ways to police these types of events without such high costs, especially for City-sponsored events. Discussion of number of police in attendance and whether time and half or more. Vice Mayor Beckstrand said this will be discussed by the Directors and will come before the City Council, and comments could be asked for by the Commissioners if needed. Director Bronzan thanked Vice Mayor Beckstrand for her assistance. 

Item No. 6 Discussion and approval of Arts Commission Projects for 2003 (R. Beatty)
Chairperson Beatty asked if everyone had an opportunity to read this item as presented and asked if there were any problems with it as proposed. He asked if there were any additions or deletions. Commissioner Melloni had a comment on the “Farmer Statue”, she wondered how they can go about doing that with Commissioner Weber being a Commissioner. Commissioner Robinson responded said that they just don’t use City funds, that Art Society funds or others. Vice Mayor Beckstrand said that this was approved by the Art Design Committee prior to this group being brought in under the City as a Commission. She said his approval on that was before and she feels that they are clear on this project. Vice Mayor said on certain other City projects they would have to be put out for bid. Director Bronzan said he will check this out with the City Attorney; however he felt that if City funds are used for a project that was not competitively bid, that this might not be approved. Director Bronzan said Art Society money or money from grants, donations could be used. Commissioner Guise suggested two ways of handling this issue, one being utilizing of discretionary funds of the City Manager, and second possible method could be certain amounts that do not have to go out for bid. This would be a limit of $5,000, the cost of the statue is estimated at approximately $40,000. Commissioner Guise said she felt they should pursue the discretionary funds. Discussion of conflict of interest with Commissioners doing business with the City. Commissioner Guise suggested checking with authorities for a ruling on the issue and must have real figures for cost. After further discussion it was decided that possibly remaining Fountain Committee funds could be used along with Art Society funds to pay for the casting which is estimated at approximately $20,000. The foundry that casts the statue would have to be put out for bid. Commissioner Melloni moved that the projects for 2003 be accepted and Vice Chairperson Trebino seconded the motion and motion carried unanimously.

Director Bronzan will check further with the City Attorney on the payment avenues available for the statue.

Item No. 7 Discussion and approval of “Event Guideline” process (J. Trebino).
Vice Chairperson Trebino explained that these are guidelines to be followed by all Commissioners on any project or committee. This is a check list so everyone is following the same guidelines and is prepared with permits or whatever is required for the event. After all the guidelines are followed and set forth for any event, then it would have to be approved by the Arts Commission. Commissioner Melloni commented that for the next year the ABC (Alcohol and Beverage Control) permits can now be done by mail. Commissioner Robinson said the wine would be taken care of by the wine shop. Vice Chairperson Trebino asked about the beer, this would have to be run through ABC. Commissioner Guise thought possibly it would be more profitable for the Commission to get their own permits for the wine as well. After some discussion, it was decided to let this matter go for now, but possibly Commissioner Robinson could look into the permits and compare the costs. Commissioner Guise moved to accept the outline, with any issues that may come up within the year. Commissioner Woolley seconded the motion. Vice Mayor Beckstrand said that she and Director Bronzan had planned the same type of thing so that they were on a time line for invoices so that the Parks and Recreation Department will know when there is an invoice coming in for processing, etc. Copy of the guidelines given to Sue Barry for her to check out also. Vote then taken and motion carried unanimously.

Item No. 8 Discussion and approval of Arts Commission enabling ordinance revision recommendation to City Council (R. Beatty).
Chairperson Beatty said he wished to discuss a couple of the items on the proposed ordinance, one the Art Associate Member. He said he would like to have Art Associate Members to accommodate those living outside the City limits of Brentwood that would like to contribute, but cannot because of their address. He would like the Art Associates to consist of no more than 10 members and should be counted in the 25 person membership of the Arts Commission. They would not have to reside within the city limits of Brentwood. An Art Associate would serve as an active member of the Arts Commission, share its duties and participate in the meetings and serve on subcommittees. The Art Associates could not make or second motions, vote or hold office and are not counted as a part of the Commission quorum requirements. Commissioner Robinson said she felt with the Arts Society and she felt that Arts Associates, along with the Arts Commission and Arts Society would be confusing. She feels an Art Associate Member is redundant. She feels that they were formed as an Art Commission whose members live in the City of Brentwood. When discussing working side-by-side that should be the Arts Society and use them rather than another entity which would confuse the public. Commissioner Hannigan likes the idea since she feels she is overwhelmed at times. Commissioner Melloni felt the Arts Society is also not ready to take on any more duties at this point. Commissioner Guise felt that the City appointed them as an Art Commission to represent the City and thinks that eliminates people outside the city limits, and that was made very clear. She commented that they can have up to 25 people on the Commission and haven’t aggressively gone after new Commissioners. With the rising population there are enough to add to the Commission. Discussion of new applicants included in the packet for this meeting. It was noted that there were several other applicants whose applications were not in the packet. Director Bronzan said that when the advertisement ran there was a deadline date and some others have come in since that time. Vice Mayor Beckstrand said that since the Commission is not full yet, they should run the ads until the positions are filled. After some discussion it was moved by Vice Chairperson Trebino that the issue be tabled until the current applicants have been interviewed and attempt to fill the current Commission openings. Commissioner Robinson seconded the motion and motion carried unanimously.

The next item is the officers. The officers shall be the Chairperson, Vice Chairperson and the immediate Past Chairperson. They should perform all duties of the Executive Committee. The next portion refers to the Nominating Committee which shall meet in October. Chairperson Beatty then read from the proposed revisions in the packet, items 2.44.60. He asked if there were any issues with these items. Commissioner Barbara Guise moved that the 2.44.60 Officers, and 2.44.190 Poet Laureate be accepted as written. Commissioner Woolley seconded the motion and motion carried unanimously.

Director Bronzan spoke to Item D under 2.44.60 Officers authorizes expenditures of up to $500 when an issue of urgency occurs, and would still come back to the Commission at the next regularly scheduled meeting for confirmation. This would give the Executive Committee authorization for these types of emergency expenditures. 

Item No. 9 Discussion and approval of Public Art Guidelines (M. Hannigan).
Commissioner Hannigan asked if everyone had an opportunity to look these over and all indicated that they had. She said she had discussed this issue with Chairperson Beatty and wondered if anyone else had anything else that they would like to see in the way of public art. Commissioner Weber said that there is one more that Director Bronzan is aware of that will be located across the street from the Tower Gas Station. There is a perfect spot for a statue. Commissioner Hannigan and Chairperson Beatty wished to expand on these as follows: The Commission shall have the power to make, alter or amend or repeal portions or all of the Public Art Guidelines by the affirmative vote of the majority of the Commission. Vice Chairperson Trebino moved that the Public Art Guidelines be accepted with the additional revisions as above stated. Commissioner Guise seconded the motion and motion carried unanimously.

Item No. 10 Discussion and approval of Historian position and recommendation to City Council 
(A. Beckstrand)
There was considerable discussion of the position as whether this it would be just an Art Commission Historian or one that would function for the entire city. Duties were discussed by Ms. Beckstrand and Commissioners, whether this would or could become a paid position at a later date. Comments by Vice Mayor Beckstrand as to what she envisions in the position and also by Director Bronzan. Director Bronzan suggested that the Commission set up guidelines as to what the Historian’s duties would be and then take the proposal to City Council. Then if the City Council decided it would like the position to encompass the entire City, a budget could be included in the position. It was then decided to contact the Historical Society, library and other sources. Vice Chairperson Trebino moved that Commissioner Guise be designated to explore the Historical Society and bring back all the information from existing sources to the Commission. Commissioner Melloni seconded the motion and motion carried unanimously.
Vice Chairperson Trebino then moved to table the issue of the Historian position until the Commission decides what direction they wish to pursue for the duties and guidelines. Motion seconded by Commissioner Melloni and motion carried unanimously.

Item No. 11 Discussion and approval of candidate applications for the Arts Commission (R. Beatty)
Director Bronzan suggested that since the three candidates included in the packets had not been available for interview, that the other applicants currently on file be made available to the Commission and bring this item back to the next meeting. Commissioner Melloni moved to table this item until more information is received. Vice Chairperson Trebino seconded the motion and motion carried unanimously.

Commissioner Guise asked that the positions be re-advertised with an open deadline or until all positions are filled. Commissioner Robinson said there should be a deadline of at least 2 or 3 months hence. After some discussion regarding deadlines, Director Bronzan suggested reviewing all candidates they have at present and then decide whether or not to advertise the positions again. 

Item No. 12 Discussion and approval of press release procedures (S. Barry).
Ms. Barry deferred to Director Bronzan on this item and he explained that a number of procedures have been revised. All news releases and anything that needs to go out to the press should come to him for his approval. He has promised Chairman Beatty that as long as his Administrative Secretary receives the information, he will be sure approvals are done within a 24 hour period. After some discussion and questions by Commissioner Hannigan Director Bronzan said if there was a standardized release for functions such as the art show, he will approve the format. Commissioner Robinson asked about Eckerstrom Productions and the releases he gives out on the “Day in the Park”. Director Bronzan said he will have to approve those releases as well. 

Item No. 13 Has been moved to head of agenda and completed.

Item No. 14 Discussion and approval regarding art in the Balfour Park site (B. Weber).
Commissioner Weber had map of the proposed park behind the Aquatic Complex. The subject of art at this park had been approached at one of the Development Review Meetings he regularly attends. He also had some pictures of sample ideas for sculptures that could be incorporated at this park site. Commissioners asked about a theme, suggestions of swimming, skate boarding or multi-sports theme have been suggested. Discussion of different types of art work, costs and ideas were discussed by the Commissioners. Director Bronzan said this will have to be an item that will go out for bid since it will be a City- paid item and not developer paid. He gave a variety of options that could be done in the park, whether it be sculpture or other type of art even to types of picnic tables. After considerable discussion and various ideas it was decided to form a subcommittee to meet and form the ideas and to be brought back to the Commission. Vice Mayor suggested sending out a Request for Bid to qualified artists for conceptual ideas, and then later send another after making decision as to type of art work for cost and design. Ms. Barry described a type of art work she had seen in an interpretive park near San Diego. The subcommittee, which will consist of Commissioners Weber, Woolley and Melloni. The subcommittee can also send the RFP out to other qualified artists, describing the type of facility and request their concepts. Director Bronzan said budget will have to be worked on also in the meantime and could include some other funding sources, such as donations. Currently, the funds for the project are estimated at about $30,000, 1% of the estimated total cost of the park which was set at $3,000,000 when originally planned three years ago. He suggested that funds from other park projects could also be pooled together for this one project. Commissioner Melloni suggested that the subcommittee also work with the Parks and Recreation Commission in conjunction with their Commissioners on this project. Commissioner Melloni then moved that the subcommittee to work in conjunction with the Parks and Recreation Commission in the design of this park and also in future parks. Commissioner Weber seconded the motion and motion carried unanimously.

Item No. 15 Discussion regarding art planning team with Brentwood Schools (M. Hannigan).
Commissioner Hannigan said that Mary Black of the Brentwood Union School Board has put together a group of individuals, including teachers, parents, Art Commissioners and others to come up with ideas to bring art into the schools. She also said that funds will be very limited in the upcoming year so now are working on ideas to bring the students to the art. They are currently working on a packet for the classrooms for the teachers so that they have a background on Diego Rivera and want to be able to bring them to the exhibit at the art gallery. They also have an art project using fresco and water color, but need to get transportation for students to the art gallery. She then brought up Item 17 which appears later in the agenda but was then incorporated into this agenda item. Commissioner Guise has assisted the group through Tri Delta Transportation to bring the students on Monday, Wednesday and Friday (4th through 6th graders) in the five elementary schools and the two middle schools to enable them to come to the Art Gallery. The children, however, will have to pay the 20 cents fee. Commissioner Guise then handed a check for $50 which she said was her donation to the Arts Commission to assist any children that cannot afford the fare. Commissioner Hannigan said that in her role as a liaison between the Arts Society and the schools she is able to help funnel the money to help where it is needed. Commissioner Melloni said the Arts Society is fronting the money for all of the educational documents that are going to be passed out to the children. She said she has also been emailing the Liberty High School District for input to get lists of teachers at this point that are interested in getting their students over to the exhibit. Commissioner Hannigan also said she is looking for help on Saturdays, the dates being February 22, March 1 and March 8 between the hours of 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. She is also looking for volunteers on Friday to work with Commissioner Weber, in the morning until 1 p.m. This will be to help put up the exhibit, also could use some assistance in the afternoon. Different Commissioners offered assistance for these two times. Commissioner Hannigan then thanked Commissioner Weber for his ability to bring in the tremendous talent he has been able to bring to Brentwood. There was then a discussion of logistics of handling the money to help the children with their fare. Commissioner Guise will work this out with Mary Black and Ms. Barry. The transportation will only take place for the schools for two weeks after the 30th of January. The reception for the Rivera exhibit was discussed briefly and plans seem to all be in order. 

Item No. 16 Update on the Shea Homes variance approval. (A. Beckstrand).
Vice Mayor Beckstrand reported that City Council approved the Shea Homes variance to the amount of $70,000 plus for the Art Commission and a like amount for the Police Activities League (PAL). Completion of this will be on next week’s agenda and then it will be officially be declared for the Arts Commission and PAL. Discussion of whether PAL will still be under Parks and Recreation or separate and when the funds will come in and Ms. Beckstrand said probably funds will not be available for about six months, depending on when plans for homes are drawn and homes placed on the market. 

Item No. 17 Update on Art Gallery/Tri Delta Transit as transportation for the elementary schools to the art gallery (M. Hannigan). This was incorporated into the Item 15 above.

Item No. 18 Appointment of a Budget Subcommittee (R. Beatty).
Chairperson Beatty asked Vice Chairperson Trebino to prepare the budget, which will have to be presented to Director Bronzan and he will then present it to the City Council. Director Bronzan asked that Vice Mayor Beckstrand as the liaison to the City Council be on that committee. Commissioners Woolley and Guise will serve on the subcommittee with Vice Chairperson Trebino as the Chairperson. The meeting will be set by phone calls as far as time and place.

Chairperson Beatty then said that he has met with Director Bronzan and the City Attorney regarding the ordinance for public art. This will be brought back along with the enabling legislation to the next meeting. Director Bronzan said this information is already being distributed through the Capital Improvement Program (CIP) to plan on a 1% for art in roadways and other construction plans. 

Vice Mayor Beckstrand passed on this since she has already brought the Commission up-to-date on most items throughout the meeting.


Ms. Barry asked the Commissioners to start thinking about what activities they wish printed in the Activities Guide since the deadline for the summer edition is the end of February. She will start calling them to remind them of this deadline. Chairperson Beatty remarked that the Art for Art’s sake will be May 10. Vice Chairperson Trebino asked what the other Commissioners felt about the minutes of East County Arts and Cultural League. Some said they do read them and would like anything that relates to Brentwood. Director Bronzan asked if they would like the chairperson of the League to come to one of the meetings, they could get the updates then at that time. Suggestion of Chairperson Beatty was that be on the agenda later in the spring. Commissioner Melloni showed the Commissioners a small china cow which is the Arts Society’s fundraiser. they are trying to get giant cows donated similar to what the City of Chicago did, for artists to paint and display. They would eventually be auctioned off when completed. They want at least five or more donated. She has emailed the who do the ads on television. Commissioner Melloni also reported on the Art Society’s spring project will be at Dell’s Nursery and will be similar to the Turlock event which she went to last year. There will be refreshments, wine and music along with art work for a silent auction. Dell’s Nursery is donating the site. The event is planned for late spring or summer. 

Update on Stage
Update on Historian
Budget subcommittee report
Update on enabling ordinance
Update on candidate applications for Commission

ADJOURNMENT: Chairperson Beatty adjourned the meeting at 9:12 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Betty Jo Whincup
Minutes Recorder

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Brentwood, CA 94513
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