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Vision Statement: Adding Joy to People's Lives.
Mission Statement: Creating Joyful Community Experiences Through People, Parks, and Programs.

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August 28, 2002 at 7:00 p.m.
Brentwood Business & Technology Center
101 Sand Creek Road, Suite B
Brentwood, CA 94514

CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order by Chairperson Chris Robinson at 7:04 p.m.

ROLL CALL: Present were Chairperson Robinson, Vice Chairperson Joe Trebino, Commissioners Bill Weber, Barbara Guise, Jan Melloni, Helen Myers, Ron Beatty and Mary Hannigan. Commissioner Alice Kamers was absent and Commissioners Don Meagher and Clayton Woolley were excused absences. Sue Barry, Recreation Services Supervisor, was also present.


Item No. 1 Approval of minutes of regular meeting of July 24, 2002.
Item No. 2 Accept Agenda and Minutes from the Arts and Culture Commission of Contra Costa County.
Item No. 3 Accept update on Poet Laureate (S. Barry).
Commissioner Jan Melloni asked to have Item No. 3 pulled from the Consent Calendar. Vice Chairperson Joe Trebino moved to accept Items 1 and 2 on the Consent Calendar, Commissioner Ron Beatty seconded the motion and motion carried unanimously. 

Chairperson Robinson requested that when the person representing Commissioner Woolley entered the meeting that report be moved up on the agenda. Commissioner Beatty moved that when Commissioner Woolley’s representative arrived that Item No. 8, be moved up on the agenda to accommodate them. Commissioner Melloni seconded the motion and motion carried unanimously.

Chairperson Robinson asked Commissioner Melloni if she would like to start with Item No. 3 on the Consent Calendar. Commissioner Melloni deferred to Ms. Barry on this item. A copy of Ms. Barry’s report on the Poet Laureate outline was passed among the Commissioners and they then read the report and discussed it item by item. The residency issue caused some discussion, at which time Commissioner Guise moved that a candidate should live in the Liberty Union High School District. The motion was seconded by Commissioner Ron Beatty and motion carried unanimously.

Commissioner Guise moved on the third bulleted item that the candidate should submit a résumé and some of their original works. On the last bulleted item, Commissioner Guise asked if the group felt it would be a good idea to advertise for a Poet Laureate elect position. After some discussion it was suggested by Chairperson Trebino that after the current candidate has served a year that the Commission advertise the Poet Laureate elect position. This selected person would then come on at the last year of the Poet Laureate’s two-year term. This was agreed by all Commissioners as a good idea. Commissioner Guise then stated that when this is all approved she would like it put on the agenda for the City Council for final approval and then after the middle of October the Arts Commission should have a reception for the selected person at the City Council meeting. (Commissioner Alice Kamers arrived at 7:12 P.M.) Chairperson Trebino moved that after the suggested corrections and changes that Ms. Barry will incorporate these into a document to be put on the agenda for the City Council. Commissioner Beatty seconded the motion and motion carried unanimously.

Item No. 8 Update on Melodrama (C. Woolley)
This item moved up by motion earlier in the meeting, and report made by Cyndy Lemyre for Commissioner Woolley. Ms. Lemyre reported that the show is moving along, rehearsals are being held and script is in place. She reported some problems with the runway and steps to the stage. Ms. Barry thought that the stage may just be stored somewhere and suggested that the Melodrama people contact Mac Kaiser. Cindy said that she will check this out. She also asked about lights, etc. Commissioners and staff will assist in locating items needed. She also said there will be a large write up coming out in the paper on Friday in the Brentwood Press. She also asked for support for someone to take tickets and put up posters in windows. Tickets will be sold at Brentwood Press, and both Commissioners Trebino and Guise are selling them at their stores. Tickets are also available at the Community Center. She passed her business card out to everyone and also posters to be put up in the community. Commissioner Guise and the Soroptimists will be handling the concessions. She said peanuts will be available in the shell so that they can be thrown during the show. Also, some of the actors will be in costume at the shopping center to advertise the Melodrama. Discussion of having the Wine Store involved with the Melodrama. She urged people to sell the tickets. She also reported that the program will be formatted like a newspaper, it will have the story about the Art Society dinner coming up in a coupon shape and promoting the Arts Society. This will be on the front page and above will be a history of the Arts Commission and when opened on one side will be a story by Commissioner Woolley with a story about the Melodrama and incorporate Commission schedule, names of the Commissioners, a story about the Day in the Park, and the art shows at the Business & Technology Center. It will also include the Arts Commission’s mission statement. This will be the first printed article on events sponsored by the Art Commission, it will also list the concerts that have been in the park. Commissioner Hannigan asked about putting flyers in the water bills and was told this is being done. Chairperson Robinson thanked Ms. Lemyre for the report.

Item No. 4 Update/discussion on fountain with Paul Zolfarelli, Director of Public Works (J. Melloni/J. Trebino).
Mr. Zolfarelli was present and introduced himself. He reported on his history with the Public Works Dept. and his responsibility for the upkeep of the fountain. He reported that the fountain is not too difficult to maintain, other than the occasional soaping and cleaning of the tile. He indicated the fountain is in disrepair and in the past year about $7,500 has been spent in maintenance and labor by the City. He said the fountain does need restoration to bring it back to its former grandeur and that will include replacement of some of the tiles and also some type of restoration of the concrete itself. He has received estimates that came to between $3,000 and $5,000. He said that when they were checking for needed repairs he discovered that the sand filter had no sand in it. He discussed what the filter does and also said the fan that has been installed does help to keep the water within the fountain and regulates the size of the bubble. Time frame for repairs were discussed and need for money to fund them. At this point Commissioner Guise mentioned the redevelopment money the City has, unless they have spent it all on the free concerts in the park and other items. She would feel this is a legitimate use for those monies. There was more discussion on how to fund this project and it will be followed up on by the Commission. The Commissioners thanked Mr. Zolfarelli for his report. Discussion of a surveillance camera and whether it would be a deterrent to the vandalism. Mr. Zolfarelli passed out his business cards and received those from other Commissioners. 

At this point Ms. Lemyre returned to ask one other question regarding money being collected for the Melodrama. She wanted to know who the money goes to that she has collected for tickets, and to whom the checks are to be made out and also the nights of the production, who will be responsible for selling the tickets and collecting the money. Chairperson Robinson said the checks need to be made out to the Art Commission and most will be there. Vice Chairperson Trebino said they need one person there at the door who will be responsible for handling the money. After some discussion it was decided that Commissioner Myers would be at the door and responsible for collecting the money. She will be assisted by Commissioner Kamers. Ms. Lemyre then asked who should receive the money she is collecting now and she was instructed to turn those funds over to Ms. Barry. Commissioner Guise asked about whether or not there would be a raffle at the Melodrama as there had been at the previous productions. She said there were items donated by local business people and then raffled off at the Melodrama. Ms. Lemyre will check on this with Commissioner Woolley and then get back to the Commission with the answer. Discussion of selling tie dyed tee shirts at the Melodrama. Commissioners decided they would not do it unless on consignment and it was reported he would not do it that way so that was the end of that issue. Commissioner Guise then reported that Commissioner Woolley had asked her if the Soroptimists would run the kitchen, with a percentage of the receipts going to the Soroptimists for their participation. Vice Chairperson Trebino moved that the Soroptimists operate the kitchen at the Melodrama, with a percentage of the profits to be paid to the club. Commissioner Beatty seconded the motion and motion carried unanimously.

Item No. 5 Discussion of amending ordinance regarding membership boundaries (R. Beatty).
Commissioner Beatty reported that the subcommittee did meet on August 9th and discussed the issue and reviewed ordinance 690. They came to a conclusion by a vote of 4 to 0 that they change the eligibility boundaries from “residents of the City of Brentwood” to “those whose primary residence is the City of Brentwood and Brentwood’s Sphere of Influence”. Therefore it is the wish of the subcommittee to amend the ordinance to this wording. Ms. Barry suggested that the “sphere of influence” can change over time. She suggested they change the wording to include current or existing and suggested that the Commission check with the City Attorney for correct wording. The Commissioners agreed and Chairperson Robinson asked Ms. Barry to take this matter to the City Attorney for clarification and correct wording. Ms. Barry will then take the City Attorney’s recommendation to the City Council after staff report approving the wording. Chairperson Robinson asked if this could be done so it could be presented to the City Council on October 22, when they are scheduled to appear on other matters. (Chief Davies arrived at 7:50 p.m.)

Item No. 6 Update on “Day in the Park” (R. Beatty).
Commissioner Beatty reported on the subcommittee held that morning and passed out a copy of his minutes of that meeting. He reported that they have sent out 550 letters to the Chamber of Commerce members and about 60 letters to the builders and developers. He and others also called on about five locations for donations. He said on Friday they will start the campaign again and also asked for any help anyone can give on this fund raising for the Day in the Park. He reported that Sharon Marsh will help on this. Commissioner Hannigan said she will go directly to Signature Homes. After some discussion it was decided that anyone else should go through Commissioner Myers before approaching people for donations. The Commission wants to coordinate this effort and make sure that people are not contacted by more than one representative of the Commission. Commissioner Beatty reported that he will have a letter from Mel to assist in the fund raising effort after Friday. He also reported that they have received $650 in donations at this point for the event. The glasses have arrived and Chairperson Robinson had some with her to show to everyone. They will be on sale at Commissioner Trebino and Commissioner Myers’ businesses for $4 apiece.

Item No. 7 Discussion regarding activity/event review guidelines (S. Barry).
Ms. Barry passed out the Event Guidelines for all Commissioners. They were reviewed and some discussion. No action on this item.

Item No. 9 Update on Art Foundation (J. Melloni).
Commissioner Melloni reported that the invitations to the dinner are all sent out and she passed around a sample of the invitations for all to see. There will be a silent auction of the donated art at the dinner, valet parking will be conducted on horseback. A jazz band has been hired for the event and the application for the Thomas Kincaid art is being completed. The wine will be donated by the Cline Cellars, also Tomayo is offering several cases. Commissioner Melloni has received approximately $2,500 in memberships to the Brentwood Art Society at this point. She reported the first organizational meeting has been held.
Item No. 10 Update on Fiber Art Show (M. Hannigan).
Commissioner Hannigan reported on the Fiber Art Show and reception held on August 27. She said 50 people signed the guest book at the reception. She thanked Commissioner Weber for bringing in the talented and well known artist Benjie Lasseau. Comments were that this was the best show to date by people attending. Both Commissioners Weber and Hannigan were congratulated on the successful show and applauded by the entire Commission.

Item No. 11 Discussion regarding appointing a purchasing liaison (S. Barry).
Ms. Barry discussed the issue of appointing one person to be a purchasing liaison from the Commission to handle deposits, checks required and other relevant issues. She would like to train one person to work with her so that it will streamline the issue of checks, getting proper information to process. She handed out a list of checks needed and information that was missing relevant to paying out these bills. She mentioned the deadlines required for issuance of checks and said she would be willing to train all Commissioners, but felt it would be more efficient to work with just one or two. Chairperson Robinson suggested since she has been bringing in most of the requests, she should probably be the person appointed and Vice Chairperson Trebino be the second person. Vice Chairperson Trebino discussed some problems he has had in getting items taken care of for the Melodrama. Ms. Barry said anything over $5,000 needs to have bids submitted, but not necessarily have to accept lowest bid. If items are already allocated in the budget, and approved by the Commission, just submit and have receipts attached. Commissioner Trebino was inquiring regarding three headsets for the Melodrama. Ms. Barry asked that all requests for payment be taken to her directly, or Tina, please do not take them to City Hall. Requests must be process and signed off by Ms. Barry and initialed by Tina first.

Item No. 12 Review of items being prepared to go before City Council (S. Barry).
Ms. Barry said this has already been done.

Item No. 13 City Council update (A. Beckstrand).
Councilperson Beckstrand was not available since she was at the Melodrama rehearsals.

A question was raised regarding the cost for booths. It was clarified that food booths are $500, and artist’s booths are $150 plus 10% of sales.

Ms. Barry passed around sheets with information regarding the Mission Statement of the Arts Commission payables information and information from the cities of Campbell and Pico Rivera that Director Bronzan had asked her to share with the Commission members. 

Commissioner Guise then asked for some clarification regarding the cost of the food vending booths and said that she had had some complaints about the cost. After some discussion these issues were clarified. 


Commissioner Guise commented on the sales at the Concerts in the Park and specifically on the hot dog stand and the fact that this is not a non-profit company, and since originally all sales were to be for non- profit organizations, he has not been in compliance with the original agreement which was to sell only hot dogs and nachos. She said that he has now been selling ice cream, candy bars and cookies etc. She said this has resulted in the sales for the non-profits coming down and wanted to report this fact to the rest of the Commissioners. Chairperson Robinson asked Ms. Barry to pass this information on to Director Bronzan and Poldina Scherff for their information. Commissioner Guise also wanted to know how the Concerts in the Park did financially. Ms. Barry said that when all the receipts are in Ms. Scherff should have a report for them in September, otherwise October at the very latest. The last concert was attended by approximately 800 people. 

Chief Davies said he felt the reception at the Art Gallery went very well the previous evening. He had attended the practice for the Melodrama and it seems to be going very well. He also commented on the fountain and how clean and nice it looks. He reported he also got a chlorine dispenser from Doug Beckstrand and Public Works is going to install that soon. Chief Davies also volunteered to be a Keystone Cop if they can find a uniform for him. Chairperson Robinson will try to locate the uniform and asked for suggestions as to where she could locate one.

Commissioner Trebino said he felt much better about how things are getting organized for the Day in the Park after the meeting in the morning with the committee and Mel Eckerstrom. The biggest need now is for volunteers to sell beer, souvenirs, tee shirts and tokens. They already have 30 volunteers and will have another meeting on September 26 and hope to have up to 60 according to Chairperson Robinson. Volunteers for the beer booth which will be supplied by Budweisser and will be both regular beer and micro brew. There will be three beer booths and volunteers at the meeting to pour were Commissioners Hannigan, Melloni and Guise and Ms. Barry and her husband. Commissioner Guise will have Soroptimists Club members to help and Commissioner Melloni said her husband would also help. Also two from the Lion’s Club have volunteered to pour. 

Commissioner Weber reported that he has a list of 50 of his clients that he would like to add to the mailing list for the dinner and also art shows.

Chairperson Robinson reported that there will be a meeting on September 26 at Sweeney’s on the patio. All who were at the previous meeting will be back and will bring friends to volunteer. She would like as many of the Commissioners as are able to come to this 6:30 p.m. On September 24 she would like to have all the Commissioners at the City Council meeting at 7:30 p.m. Commissioner Beatty will be presenting his proposed ordinance at this meeting. She also reported that there will be another sub committee meeting on the Day in the Park at her house on September 10 at her house at 9:00 a.m. 

Chief Davies was concerned about whether there will be monitors to make sure that minors are not getting alcohol at the Day in the Park. Chairperson Robinson said that this has been taken care by asking for identification when selling the tokens and all Commissioners are to be on the watch for people with alcohol to make sure they do not walk out with wine or beer or pass it along to minors, etc. They will be watching the entrances. They will also have the wrist bands for I.D. 

Ms. Barry also reminded the Commission that they need to get in touch with Barry Margesson at the Parks and Recreation Department to go over all the details of the park use, entrances, where trash will be collected and other items. The Park & Recreation Department needs layout so they can plan spraying and where sprinklers are and other relevant details.

Update on City Council meeting by Annette Beckstrand
Update on Day in the Park
Update and final report on Concerts in the Park
Report on the Melodrama
Diego Rivera Art Show (by Bill Weber)

ADJOURNMENT: Chairman Robinson adjourned the meeting at 8:40 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Betty Jo Whincup
Minutes Recorder

City of Brentwood Arts Commission
35 Oak Street,
Brentwood, CA 94513
(925) 516-5444
Fax (925) 516-5445