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Vision Statement: Adding Joy to People's Lives.
Mission Statement: Creating Joyful Community Experiences Through People, Parks, and Programs.

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July 24, 2002 at 7:00 p.m.
Brentwood Business & Technology Center
101 Sand Creek Road, Suite B
Brentwood, CA 94513

CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order by Chairperson Robinson at 7:10 p.m.

ROLL CALL: Commissioners present were Jan Melloni, Ron Beatty, Joe Trebino, William Weber and Barbara Guise. Commissioners Don Meagher, Helen Myers, and Mary Hannigan were excused absences. Commissioners Alice Kamers, and Clayton Woolley were absent at roll call. Also present were Sue Barry, Recreation Services Supervisor and Susan Arkwright of the Art League.

AGENDA REVIEW: The agenda was reviewed and there were no objections.


Item No. 1 Approval of minutes of regular meeting of June 26, 2002.
Item No. 2 Accept Agenda and Minutes from the Arts and Culture Commission of Contra Costa County.
Item No. 3 Accept report from Poldina Scherff regarding concert tickets and stage update.
Motion was made by Commissioner Guise to accept the Consent Calendar. Motion was seconded by Vice Chairperson Trebino and carried unanimously.

Chairperson Chris Robinson asked for a motion that when Commissioner Woolley arrives to move Item 9 on the agenda up to wherever they are on the agenda at the time of his arrival. Commissioner Guise made this motion and Commissioner Trebino seconded the motion. Motion carried unanimously.


Item No. 4 Discussion/appointment of Commissioner representative(s) to City design review process (S. Barry)
Ms. Barry reported that at the present time Commissioner Weber is assigned to the City Design Review meetings that are held on Wednesdays at 2:00 p.m. However, since he is not able to attend all the meetings and Director Bronzan felt with all the events coming up for the Art Commission, the Commission might wish to have a second person so that there are two people available to attend these meetings. This would be an alternate to Commissioner Weber to attend the meetings when he is out of town or unavailable. Commissioner Guise suggested Commissioner Melloni for this alternate position. Commissioner Guise then suggested that Commissioner Weber would be delegate #1, Commissioner Melloni #2, and Commissioner Beatty #3. Commissioner Trebino moved the above suggestion as a motion. Motion was seconded by Commissioner Guise and carried unanimously. 

Item No. 9 Update on Melodrama (C. Woolley).
Commissioner Woolley said the rehearsal is going on right now and is being handled by his assistant director. He reported that Commissioner Trebino is doing a great job. They asked Commissioner Guise if she wanted to handle the food and she agreed to take this responsibility. She will then run the concessions. A person from the Brentwood Press will make brownies. There will also be a “tie dyed” tee shirt booth with part of the proceeds going to the Arts Commission and some to the Soroptimists. He asked Commissioner Guise to coordinate with Pat Dixon. He will set up the contact with both Mr. Dixon and Commissioner Guise. 

(Commissioner Kamers arrived at the meeting at this point.)

Commissioner Woolley reported that Chief Davies has agreed to do his “Golf Pantomime”. He reported on other acts that will be in the Melodrama and the Commissioner’s parts in the production. Rehearsal schedules as follows: September 3,4,and 5th, and performances September 6, 7, 13, and 14. He will place phone calls to each to let them know what times they need to be at the rehearsals and performances. Discussion of times for the Melodrama. Discussion of serving alcohol and also having a concession for this. Commissioner Guise will contact Bill Putnam who handled this in the past. Commissioner Woolley asked that Commissioner Guise serve as coordinator for all concessions, food, wine and tee shirt sales. Discussion of an opening night gala or VIP night. Chairperson Robinson will work on this aspect of the Melodrama with a local restaurant. Discussion of costs, felt it should be $50.00 which would include dinner and tickets and reserved tables close to the runway for these VIP tickets. Chairperson Robinson will get prices for dinners and tickets for 30 people. Discussion of where tickets are sold and when they will available. Commissioner Woolley also stated that all cast members will be responsible for selling at least six tickets each. Commissioner Guise nominated Commissioner Myers in charge of tracking the tickets by number and amounts sold. Commissioner Woolley seconded the motion and motion carried unanimously.

Discussion of ticket sales and amount needed to break even, need to sell about 200 tickets for each night of the event. The VIP sales will be first night only. Prices of tickets are as follows:

Presale: Seniors $10.00 At the door $12.00
Art Society Members $8.00 At the door $12.00
Children 12 years and under $8.00 At the door $ 8.00
Adults $12.00 At the door $14.00

Discussion of how to track sales of tickets and types of tickets to be used. Decision to use numbered tickets and to order at least 220 for each night (220 x3 =660). Advertising discussed and Commissioner Trebino has person handling that (Cindy Lemyre). Flyers will also be passed out by cast and others. “Cher” will do a song and introduce the play. 

Commissioner Woolley also announced the musical acts he has scheduled, among them the Broadway tappers, a barber shop quartet, and a string quartet. Music will not be amplified or electrified for the next event of a Day in the Park, which will be the following month after the Melodrama. Bob at Liberty and Mr. Chilcott at Freedom are also on the list to be contacted for background music for the Day in the Park.

Item No. 5 Discussion of amending ordinance regarding membership boundaries (S. Barry).
Ms. Barry deferred to Commissioner Beatty for this item. He read from the original charter which stated that the Arts Commission shall consist of no more than 25 members, all of whom must reside in the Liberty High School District. Of the 25, no more than 5 may live outside the city limits of Brentwood. He reported that last year the ordinance was changed to read that all must reside within the city limits. He discussed the reason for the change being that people living outside the city limits should not be able to commit City funds; however, Commissioner Beatty argues that since it takes a quorum to commit funds, the reason for the change is not valid. Commissioner Beatty then made a motion that the Chairperson appoint a committee to review the charter, specifically territory qualifications and any other issues that may be needed to be improved and report their findings back to the full Commission with their recommendations at the August meeting. Chairperson Robinson would like to sit on that committee and asked Commissioner Beatty to serve on this committee. There was some discussion of this issue and what constitutes a “resident”. The Chairperson then also asked Commissioner Guise to sit on the committee. Chief Davies also added comments that the guidelines be neutral and objective. They will need to define where the boundaries are. Chief Davies agreed to serve as a consultant to the subcommittee on any questions they may have. Commissioner Beatty’s motion was seconded by Commissioner Trebino and motion carried unanimously.
Council Member Beckstrand commented that she would like the subcommittee to take their time in working through these problem areas so that they don’t have to come back to the City Council again at a later date. Chairperson Robinson asked if she would sit in on the subcommittee in an advisory capacity if she is available and Ms. Beckstrand agreed.

Item No. 6 Update on “Day in the Park” (R. Beatty).
Commissioner Beatty reported that a letter has been drafted and 225 copies have been sent to the Chamber of Commerce and also to developers and other officials. Press releases have been sent out. The next meeting on the Day in the Park will be at Chairperson Robinson’s house on August 6. On August 20 all who wish to volunteer to help in the event are asked to meet at Station 4 on the patio at Sweeneys. They would like to have 50 and hope to get 100. Chairperson Robinson said they will also need to contact the police department before the meeting so that Lt. Strock will have the information he will need regarding street closures. The Chief said he may need to assign someone to this event.

Item No. 7 Discussion of proposed ordinance for public art (R. Beatty).
He said they are ready to go before the City Council. The proposed ordinance has been reviewed by the Commission members and suggestions and corrections completed and the City Manager has read and made his suggestions which have also been implemented to the document. They now need to request to be on the agenda of the City Council after submitting the request to Director Bronzan so that he can officially submit this to the City Manager to be initialed and put on the agenda. 

At this point Commissioner Trebino said that he felt it would be important to have the mission statement and a brief history of the Art Commission in the programs also for the Melodrama. He said there should be a blurb with the mission statement and the history and Commissioner Beatty agreed to do this and get it to Commissioner Trebino for the programs. 

Item No. 8 Update on Art Foundation (J. Melloni).
Commissioner Melloni reported that the date of the dinner has been changed to October 5 since Mr. Roddy had a conflict on the previous date. The invitations will be out by August 11, so look for those in the mail. Next meeting is July 30 to discuss the foundation membership dinner. She also requested a list from each Commissioner of up to ten (10) people for the invitations. This can be friends, or whoever they would like to invite to the foundation. She has contacted several local artists about displaying their art around the arena area. Price of the dinner is $75 per person. This will include an open bar. Interviews have been made for the 5th director and the decision has been made, it will be Sharon Marsh from Byron. List of names can be emailed, faxed or given to her in person. The deadline for these names is August 10. Stressed anyone from anywhere invited to this event. Commissioner Weber has donated a 4 x 8 mural to be auctioned off that night. There will also be music and dancing after the dinner. Next meeting will be at Commissioner Beatty’s house July 30, at 6:00 p.m. Newsletter will be out soon. The articles of incorporation have been approved, next step is to then send the paperwork to the Federal Government for the non profit status, and when that is approved, that paperwork will then be sent to the state for acknowledgment. At that point they will be non-profit and incorporated. The first official meeting of the Brentwood Art Foundation will be 28th of August at 6:00 p.m. She will notify everyone about that meeting. Commissioner Trebino asked if on the application it gives the benefits of joining the organization. Commissioner Melloni said, no but with the application she had been sending a lot of information. 

Commissioner Trebino then commented that since there is $5,000 in the Fountain Fund and he would like to make the suggestion that these funds be deposited into an account for the Brentwood Arts Society. If these funds were transferred into a new account for the Society, then they could spend those funds for advertising and whatever needs the Society had in preparing for upcoming dinner and other expenses. Commissioner Weber’s statue and other expenses could come from that fund. There was some discussion on this issue. The question was asked of Commissioner Melloni how much she had collected to date in dues for the Society. She was not sure of accurate amount, but felt it was around $3,000. This could be seed money for the dinner, and would cover costs of invitations, wine, music, etc. Chief Davies also had some questions as to work that needs to be done on the fountain and other issues that he will bring up later in the meeting. The issue of the Fountain fund monies was then tabled until later in the meeting.

Item No. 10 Update on Art Shows (M. Hannigan). 
Commissioner Beatty reported for Commissioner Hannigan regarding the upcoming art show. He reported that the second show, American Art was a huge success and the artists are now being asked to take their paintings home so the halls can be prepared for the Fiber Art Show. This show will start August 5, however the reception will not be held until August 27. Commissioner Hannigan has requested funds for wine and cheese, and perhaps a string quartet from the high school. Need a budget of approximately $500 to $600. Annette Beckstrand commented that this is Liberty High School’s “back to school” night and a City Council meeting, so may wish to change date. Chairperson Robinson said that since the City Council meeting doesn’t start until 7:30 p.m. and this event would be from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m., possibly this could start early, possibly 5:30 p.m. Commissioner Beatty thought this a possibility and also thought invitations should be sent to the Council members. Chairperson Robinson asked if she and Commissioner Beatty could get together at another time on this and get invitations not only to City Council members, but also to other Department Heads, etc. They will confirm this change of time with Commissioner Hannigan and try to set the time at 5:30 to accommodate other City events that same evening. Discussion of press releases for the event. Commissioner Weber and Beatty have both been working on this and some articles have already been published. Councilperson Beckstrand suggested getting flyers out through the schools as well. Other methods of advertising discussed. Chairperson Robinson asked all Commissioners to be present if possible. Commissioner Melloni will check with the Liberty High School as to the time for their “back to school” event. 

Item No. 11 City Council update (A. Beckstrand)
Council member Beckstrand reported on the Shea Homes issue. Right now nothing definite has been decided. When it does come back before the Planning Commission again, she will attend the meeting and then report back to the Arts Commission. No final agreement at this point. She reported that at a recent meeting during the discussion of the parking structure that the city is planning, it was brought forward that the Arts Commission would like to take a look at the parking structure to offer any assistance or ideas that would be applicable. She reported that she was pleased to see that staff and Council members seem to be in agreement on getting input from the Arts Commission. She also suggested that the Arts Commission print up highlights of what upcoming events are planned by the Arts Commission as informational reminders of what is happening in the arts in Brentwood. For example the Melodrama, dates of event, Day in the Park, etc. If these notices are placed in the Council members boxes it will serve as reminders to them. Commissioner Beatty will print up an Arts Commission Highlights and give to staff to put in City Council members boxes. 

Commissioner Guise commented on the fact that we have not put the Poet Laureate on the agenda for a meeting. Discussion of when to invite her to a meeting. Commissioner Trebino said she could not be invited to events or a meeting in her official capacity until the nomination has been submitted to the City Council and approved. They need to discuss this with Director Bronzan and have him put this on the City Council agenda. Chairperson Robinson requested Sue Barry to do this. Sue asked if there was a town that had a Poet Laureate close by and the response was that both Walnut Creek and Pleasanton do. She will contact them for information on how to present this to City Council, and then write up a staff report for the Council. It was agreed that the duties are to attend city functions, write at least 6 poems or readings a year and be an official representative at city functions. 

Item No. 12 Budget Update (S. Barry).
Ms. Barry reported that as of July 1, the Art Commission has received another $9,500 from the city into their budget. Balance of previous budget has been already encumbered. 

There was further discussion of the Poet Laureate position, that she should serve for a term of two years, that she should do six readings a year and would be invited to city functions and any dedications of the City. Ms. Barry then asked again about what the Commissioners want in the draft. Commissioner Beatty will do the back up and then he and Ms. Barry will work together on the draft. 

Item No. 13 Discussion of Turlock Garden Party event (S. Barry/ J. Melloni).
Commissioner Melloni reported that she, Sue Barry and Director Bronzan made the trip to Turlock to attend the function put on by the “Rings of the Arts”, a foundation similar to the Brentwood Arts Society. It was held in a nursery, which was very beautifully set up with art throughout the nursery, and served wine and hors d’oeuvres, a string quartet played throughout the affair and a silent auction was held of donated art from local artists. Other art was for sale and it was a very successful event. The event was for “Rings of the Art” benefit, free to all members and $10 to others. She commented on the all white small lights which added much to the ambiance of the event. 


Chief Davies reported on the fountain and said that after all the work that has been done on it, it has a lot of white foam again. He has some material that he would like to apply to the fountain to clean it up and would like the Commission’s approval. Also, he said the squares in the circle are composed of “wonder board”, and needs to be replaced. Commissioner Melloni said this was supposed to be temporary and to be replaced with metal. Chief Davies said that needs to be replaced and there are also more broken tiles that need to be replaced. Commissioner Melloni suggested that they call Pueblo Tile about replacing “wonder board” with tile. After considerable discussion of the ongoing problem, Chief Davies said he would like to approach Doug Beckstrand about this problem and try to get a solution to the problem. He will also work with his cleaning solution to clean the fountain. At this point Commissioner Trebino again asked to transfer the fountain funds into the Brentwood Arts Society bank account, which he will set up, and use these funds for the fountain and other upcoming expenses of the Society. Commissioner Trebino will set up account and transfer the funds. 

Commissioner Guise commented that a lady that she talked to at the “Supremes” concert and is one of the Summerset Singers. This person suggested that at the Concerts in the Park, on Friday nights that their group would come in between 6:00 and 7:00 p.m. and warm up the audience. Commissioner Guise asked if there would be a problem with this, she asked if Ms. Barry would check with Poldina Scherff if this would be agreeable and no problem with union contract people. Ms. Barry will pass the question on to Ms. Scherff. 

Chairperson Robinson commented on although there were some problems, the last concert of the Supremes was truly wonderful. She wanted these congratulations to be passed on to Ms. Scherff.

Commissioner Trebino still felt there should be a larger audience, wondered if they could have a radio station do a simulcast or advertise more about the events. Cost of doing this discussed and it was decided to ask Ms. Scherff to look into having a radio station come out to a concert and do a simulcast at the event. 

Commissioner Beatty commented on Director Bronzan’s request at the last meeting to have the Arts Commission consider hiring a person to support the Commission. He has spoken to most of the Commissioners regarding this issue and most agreed that down the road they will need a full time person, but most felt they should ease into the position with a part time person, and let the job develop as the Commission develops. They felt the person selected should have an arts background, and some members of the Commission should serve on the selection committee. He has met with Director Bronzan and he was in agreement with all their ideas. Therefore, Commissioner Beatty moved that the Chairperson appoint a subcommittee to work with staff in preparing a job description and to assist in the selection of a staff person to support the Arts Commission. Commissioner Trebino seconded the motion and motion carried unanimously. Discussion of who should serve on the subcommittee. Commissioner Hannigan was suggested as well as Commissioner Melloni. Commissioner Guise discussed the issue of money for the position. Possibility of getting a contingency grant from the City until other funds are available. The motion was voted and carried.


Update on amending ordinance regarding membership boundaries.
Update on Day in the Park
Update on Melodrama
Update on Art Society
Update on Fiber Art Show
Review of items being prepared to go before the City Council
Report from City Council
Follow up on Fountain
Update on stage

ADJOURNMENT: Meeting adjourned at 9:16 p.m. by Chairperson Robinson.

Respectfully submitted,

Betty Jo Whincup
Minutes Recorder

City of Brentwood Arts Commission
35 Oak Street,
Brentwood, CA 94513
(925) 516-5444
Fax (925) 516-5445