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January 23, 2002 at 7:30 p.m.
Parks and Recreation Administration Offices
740 Third Street
Brentwood, Ca. 94513

CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order by Chairperson Robinson at 7:40 PM.

ROLL CALL: Commissioners present as follows: Jan Melloni, Ron Beatty, Helen Myers, Clayton Woolley, William Weber, Alice Kamers and Don Meagher. Commissioners absent were Mary Hannigan, Barbara Guise and Joe Trebino. Others present were Director of Parks and Recreation Department Craig Bronzan, Sue Barry, Recreation Services Supervisor and Mike Davies, newly appointed Chief of Police for the City of Brentwood. The new Commissioner Clayton Woolley was introduced.

AGENDA REVIEW: No objections to agenda, however items 6 and 13 will be continued and rescheduled for the February meeting.

CITIZEN COMMENTS: Chief Mike Davies expressed his excitement and pleasure at being the new Chief of Police and wishes to continue sitting with the Commission whenever possible. He gave the commissioners a choice of having him assign someone to be at every meeting, or if the Commission will continue to send him their agendas he will try to make as many meetings as possible. If he sees something that he really feels is an issue and he cannot be present he will assign someone or be there in person if possible. He gave them the choice. Chairperson Robinson said she would prefer the second choice and all other commissioners concurred.

CONSENT CALENDAR: Commissioner Jan Melloni moved that the Consent Calendar be approved, Commissioner Beatty seconded the motion and motion carried. 

Item No. 4 Discussion of Agreement for Professional Services for a “Day in the 
Park” event. (R. Beatty/C. Robinson/C. Bronzan).
Director Bronzan discussed the agreement that was in the Commissioners packet for the professional consultant services of Eckerstrom Productions. He cited one of the issues they had with the “Agreement” was the insurance, which they understand they now have. The second part was based on a meeting held with the sub committee concerning areas of responsibilities. Director Bronzan has revised the “Agreement” based on his notes from that meeting and if the Commission agrees with those changes and corrections, all they have to do is move to accept the “Agreement” and he will get the document signed and copies distributed. There was a brief discussion of concerns regarding the closing of the streets and wine sales by Chief Davies. He brought up the issue of costs of security by the Police Department and who will pay for these extra costs. Ms. Barry said that the Commission can put together a budget and take it to the City Council and ask for help in covering costs. Chief Davies suggested that if Eckerstrom Productions is handling the security for the event that they contact Lt. Brian Strock of the Brentwood Police Department to coordinate costs and other details. 

Commissioner Beatty moved that the Commissioners proceed with the signing of the Agreement for Professional Consultant Services of Eckerstrom Productions for the “Day in the Park” on October 12 and 13 of 2002. Commissioner Weber seconded the motion, motion carried.

Commissioner Beatty and Chairperson Robinson will follow through on the security issues and other details. A VIP reception will be hosted on Friday October 11 for Festival vendors and participants in the “Day in the Park” event. Chairperson Robinson and Commissioner Woolley also suggested that the commissioners dress in period costumes . Also the commissioners discussed selling derby hats and possibility of police wearing “Bobby” uniforms, turn of the century types of apparel. They could also sell photos of participants posing in front of period type placards, etc. It was decided to form a sub committee to plan this portion of the event. Chairperson Robinson, and Commissioners Woolley and Kamers will form this committee.

Item No. 5 Update on Brentwood Technology Center/LMC art display 
(M. Hannigan/Craig Bronzan) (Deferred until later in the agenda.)

Item No. 6 Discussion of Art Show in Technology Center (J. Trebino) Continued 
over to February agenda.

Item No. 7 Discussion on staff recommendation to develop art show standards/
insurance requirements (C. Bronzan) Deferred to later in agenda.

Item No. 11 Discussion of proposed ordinance for public art (R. Beatty)
Commissioner Beatty read the minutes of the last sub committee meeting on the proposed ordinance. The minutes basically set forth what is needed to prepare the Ordinance in order to bring it before the City Council. Most Commission members have read through the minutes and step-by-step procedures that are recommended and Commissioner Beatty is now looking for approval of the Commission or any changes that may be needed in order to move ahead on this Ordinance. Commissioner Melloni referred to the minutes of the previous meeting under Item #5, where Director Bronzan had suggested a field trip to Stockton to meet with Mrs. Burr-Siegel and seek her suggestions for the proposed ordinance. It was decided that Director Bronzan would set up a luncheon date with Ms. Burr-Siegel and Commissioners Melloni and Beatty will attend with Director Bronzan. Motion was made that the final draft of the amended proposed ordinance be reviewed by Director Bronzan and Ms. Burr-Siegel and brought back to the Commission to then be approved and sent to the City Council for approval. Motion made by Commissioner Melloni and seconded by Commissioner Meagher seconded, motion carried.

Item No. 10 Consideration of moving forward with establishment of membership
for support of the arts similar to the Turlock City Arts Commission “Rings of the Arts” (J. Melloni).
Commissioner Melloni would like to set up a foundation similar to the “Rings of the Arts” in the City of Turlock. She presented the sign up sheets from the Art Gallery show earlier in the evening and felt these would be good to use as a start for the forming of the foundation. She would hope to have a brochure ready by the next meeting for review and then get it out to the interested people who have signed up as well as others in the community. She would then like to have the brochure available at the May “Art for Arts Sake” event, for possible sign ups and take contributions for the foundation. Discussion of setting up a foundation under the non-profit 501C3 status. The commissioners would like a list of guests at the art gallery, artists in the community, and other supporters of the arts in the community on a floppy disc. Director Bronzan will ask his Administrative Assistant Silvia to do this for the Commission. They would like to categorize the memberships in various monetary levels, and offer benefits appropriate to the donation. There was some further discussion of preserving the list. Ms. Barry suggested that there should be a statement at the beginning of the request for names and addresses, and why they want the names and addresses. A sub committee was then suggested and Commissioners Melloni, Meagher, Beatty, and Weber will meet to discuss the benefits from the foundation and how the memberships will be set up. 

There was then a brief discussion of people and groups to be invited to the “Art for Art’s Sake”, Commissioners Woolley and Hannigan will work on this and report back at the next meeting. 

Item No. 5 Update on Brentwood Technology Center/LMC art display 
(M. Hannigan/C. Bronzan)
Director Bronzan said that the art show is a wonderful art show and especially thanked Mary Hannigan (who was still working at the art show) and Bill Weber and everyone else who worked on the event. He also discussed briefly the rules and regulations involved in shepherding an event like this through the city’s procedures, especially as it pertains to insurance policies. He stressed that Ms. Barry and he will work directly with the Art Commission is assisting them in these types of events, getting proper types of permits, insurance and legal coverage. He suggested that the Commission establish a gallery committee to set methods, planning and standards. He discussed being cautious of censorship problems. The Commission needs to have the sub committee set standards and rules for each type of art show, whether juried or not, percentage of sales they will collect, etc. Chairperson Robinson then said that she would like to see a separate sub committee for the gallery and she would like to serve on this committee, she also requested that Commissioners Hannigan and Weber continue and work on this committee since they have been instrumental in setting up the first art show. Commissioners Beatty and Melloni also volunteered to work on the committee. This sub committee will then be responsible to plan how work is insured, the percentage of sales they take and what types of art will be shown, whether they will be juried art shows or not. Chairperson Robinson said that she would like to see Commissioner Hannigan as chairman of the sub committee.

Item No. 7 Discussion on staff recommendation to develop art show 
standards/insurance requirements (C. Bronzan)
Director Bronzan cautioned the commissioners to be careful about setting rules and standards for hanging art for sale in art galleries that was created by the commissioner because of conflict of interest concerns. This again, would depend on whether the shows are juried or not and where the jurors are selected from. If it is a juried art show and jurors are selected from other communities, then commissioners may hang and sell their own art. Question as to relatives, such as brothers, sisters, daughters etc. of commissioners can hang and sell their art. This was not considered to be a conflict of interest. He referred to the need also for the sub committee on art galleries to establish insurance policies.

Item No. 9 Discussion of melodrama Production (C. Woolley)
Commissioner Woolley presented to the Commission his ideas for putting on a Melodrama, he proposed reviving the Melodrama under the Arts Commission. He has had a lot of experience in putting on a Melodrama knows how to get the actors, has them in line already and knows how to make the production a success. He currently needs a date, to procure the house to show the production, such as the community center, and needs help in handling the insurance and rules and regulations aspects of putting on the production under the Arts Commission/City of Brentwood auspices. He has worked with Mac Kaiser in the past and Director Bronzan said since Mr. Kaiser is a City of Brentwood employee, working in the Parks and Recreation Department, he would be able to assist him in this area. ‘The motion was made by Commissioner Beatty that the Arts Commission endorse the revival of the Melodrama, and work in partnership with the Community center, Commissioner Weber seconded the motion, motion 

There was discussion of Commissioner Woolley going to the Community Center and discussing this with them and bringing back the information from that discussion to the Commission.

Item No. 8 Discussion of a Brentwood Film Festival (C. Woolley)
Commissioner Woolley reported that a number of people have communicated to him that they would like to do a film festival and he thought it would be a good event for the Arts Commission to sponsor. He felt it could be a great revenue generator and not a drain on the Commission as far as funds expended. He has contacts with people in Antioch as well as others in Brentwood and feels it would be very easy to sponsor. He feels he has the support of the movie house in Brentwood, that they would close the theater for the weekend or for however many submissions are received. He said it could last from several hours to several days. Commissioner Woolley said PSA and other types of advertisement through newspaper and radio for submissions from East Bay, specifically from the Brentwood, Oakley, Antioch area would bring in the videos.
There would be a fee charged for submissions, fee depending on length and type of submission, could be documentary, educational, historical, etc. There would be a jury to select the videos to be shown. Prizes would be awarded to the winners, many people just like a venue to display their work. Schools also have video production courses and students could submit their videos as well. Fees will be charged for the submission of the videos, as well as admission fee for the theater. Fees for submission could range from $25.00 to $40.00 and up. Other aspects of the festival were discussed and pros and cons of such an event. Commissioner Melloni asked if this could be a part of the Foundation. The only question remaining was to secure the theater, select a date and price or fees to be charged. Jurors would have to be picked and other details worked out later on, and a full report on progress at the next meeting in February. Motion made by Commissioner Meagher to proceed with the plans for the Film Festival, seconded by Commissioner Myers, motion carried.

Item No. 14 Election of officers (S. Barry)
Ms. Barry then proceeded to the election of officers, the first office to be filled was Chairperson, and the only candidate for this office was Chris Robinson, the current Chairperson, since there were no further nominations, Chairperson Robinson was re-elected as Chairman for the coming year. The next office was the office of Vice Chairperson. Chairperson Robinson called for nominations for Vice Chairperson, Commissioner Joe Trebino was nominated, there being no further nominations Chairperson Robinson called for the vote and Commissioner Trebino was re-elected.

Chairperson Robinson asked for staff comments, and called on Ms. Barry first. Ms. Barry passed out a flyer announcing an invitation to the community to attend a meeting scheduled for Saturday, January 26, 2002 at 10:00 a.m. to Noon at the City Council Chambers. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss an improvement plan for the City Park. Invitation offered by Park Planner Janet Hansen of the City of Brentwood Parks and Recreation Department. All were invited to give suggestions and ideas for changes or improvements. Architect will also be at the meeting and if not able to attend the meeting ideas can be emailed or phoned. 

She then discussed the agenda for the meetings for the coming year and explained where the meetings would be held, next meeting will be in the Director’s office and after that in the Blue Room of the Community Center except for March which will be in the Director’s office again. The year of 2003 is all booked for the City Council Chambers.

Director Bronzan said he has received a copy of the Public Opinion Survey that was done statewide last year. He will give the results of the survey to Ms. Barry and either he or she will get more copies or make copies for each commissioner. He said one of the Chairperson’s projects would be to sit down with Ms. Barry and write up the highlights of the coming year for the City Council. He felt there was good information in the survey that would be helpful in doing this project. This was one of the first formal surveys of the citizens of California asking what they think and has much valuable information regarding art. This should be done within the next month and bring back a report to the Commission in February and then the finalized report to go to the City Council.


Chairperson Robinson discussed a letter she has received from a Karen Fraga who wants to start an area where people can come in and start crafts. Discussion of what is her intent and what she is asking. After some discussion it was decided that she would be invited to a meeting to come and present what it is she is looking for from the Commission. She will be given the limited time limit and request a written proposal also at that time for the Commission’s information. After the proposal is received she will be put on the agenda. 

Commissioner Beatty said we need a budget, someone should write a budget, Director Bronzan commented that the Commission does have a budget of $9500 per year, and this is rolled over to the next year if all funds are not expended. Ms. Barry will assist them in writing the formal budget for the upcoming year.

Chairperson Robinson asked for application forms as she has someone in mind that she feels would be a good applicant, Ms. Barry will get them to her.

Commissioner Melloni asked about the $50,000 that Commissioner Guise said had been allocated for the purchase of a stage. Director Bronzan said there was a statement made at one time that money should or would be allocated for a stage, but he was not aware that any money had actually ever been set-aside for a stage. Commissioner Melloni also said that since they are getting so busy they may need to start thinking about December meetings. She said had there been a meeting in December 2001 they could have avoided some of the problems involved in the art gallery. She said other commissions meet that month and she feels very strongly about this issue. Director Bronzan suggested that they wait until later in the year and if at that time they feel they need to have a special meeting in December it can be called. He suggested that this be put on the agenda for the September meeting and bring the subject up at that time. Commissioner Melloni also said that they need more members and need to get more applications out to the interested persons. Procedures of the application process was explained by Director Bronzan. He said that the Mayor will screen all applications and make recommendations to the City Council. Applications will also be interviewed by the Art Commission after completing the applications. The Commission can form a nominating committee, or have the Chairperson and Vice Chairperson review applications prior to sending them on to the Mayor. The Commission now consists of eleven members and can go to twenty-five. Question of advertising for applicants also discussed. Ms. Barry will get applications out to all who wish to get them out to prospective members of the commission. Ms. Barry also reminded the commissioners that a certain percentage of the membership have to be artists. 

Update on Film Festival
Update on Melodrama
Update on Day in the Park (costumes)
Update on Foundation
Update on Poet Laureate
Update on Art Show in Technology Center
Discussion of Barbecue


Meeting adjourned at 9:50 PM by Chairperson Robinson

Respectfully submitted,

Betty Jo Whincup
Minutes Recorder

City of Brentwood Arts Commission
35 Oak Street,
Brentwood, CA 94513
(925) 516-5444
Fax (925) 516-5445