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Vision Statement: Adding Joy to People's Lives.
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October 24, 2001 at 7:00 p.m.
City Council Chambers
734 Third Street
Brentwood, CA 94513

CALL TO ORDER: Chairperson Chris Robinson called the meeting to order at 7:06 p.m.

ROLL CALL: Present were Chairperson Chris Robinson, Vice Chairperson Joe Trebino, and Commissioners Don Meagher, Mary Hannigan, Jan Melloni, Barbara Guise, Ron Beatty, and Helen Myers. Also present was Sue Barry, Recreation Services Supervisor. William Weber and Alice Kamers were absent.




Item No 1 Approval of minutes of regular meeting of September 26, 2001.
Item No. 2 Accept agenda/minutes from Arts and Culture Commission of Contra Costa County.
Item No. 3 Accept copy of Ordinance for Art in Public Places (R. Beatty/J. Melloni)
Item No. 4 Accept letter from Delta Community Services, Inc. regarding fundraising events.

Commissioner moved that the Consent Calendar be approved, Commissioner Trebino seconded the motion and motion carried unanimously.

Since Poldina Scherff was not present, Chairperson Robinson requested that Item No. 5 be moved down in the Scheduled Matters. Commissioner Guise moved that Item No. 5 be moved to Item No. 10. Commissioner Melloni seconded the motion and motion carried unanimously. 

Item No. 6 was also to be presented by Ms. Scherff, so Chairperson Robinson requested a motion to also move that item on the agenda. Commissioner Hannigan moved that Item No. 6 be moved to Item 11. Commissioner Guise seconded the motion and motion carried unanimously.

Item No. 7 Update on “A Day in the Park” (R. Beatty).
Commissioner Beatty reported that the Subcommittee met with the consultant, Mel Eckerstrom and involved Director of Parks and Recreation Craig Bronzan in the discussions. Everything went well and they were able to agree on what items need to be taken care of, so all that is left is the signing of the contract and they will be ready to proceed with the plans. The Commission will make their money from the sale of wine and liquor and sponsors. Mr. Eckerstrom will benefit from the proceeds from the food booths and artists, etc. He has guaranteed the Commission $3,500 for the first year. The contract will be completed by Director Bronzan and then taken to the City Attorney for approval. It is now scheduled for a VIP night on Friday, October 11 with wine and hors d’oeuvres for vendors and 12th and 13 will be the “Day in the Park” Art Festival for Brentwood. Local artists will also be encouraged to display their art and will be given a priority over other artists from out of the community. 

Ms. Barry commented that she has included an application for use of the City Park including the gazebo, trellis and Community Center for use on the dates of October 11, 12, and 13, 2002. She also said that as the time gets closer they will have to apply for the alcohol permits, etc. 

Item No. 8 Update on drafting ordinance for Art in Public Places (R. Beatty/J. Melloni)
Commissioner Melloni deferred to Commissioner Beatty on this report. Commissioner Beatty passed around a copy of the proposed ordinance he had drawn up for presentation to the Planning Commission. He read the ordinance and asked for any suggestions or additions. Commissioner Guise suggested that in Section 2, Part A, it should have added to the last paragraph “and the recommendation shall be forwarded to the Brentwood Planning Commission for final approval”. 

The rest of the Commissioners felt it was well written and it was decided to request Director Bronzan to look at the proposed ordinance and then request to have it placed on the agenda of the Planning Commission. It was decided that the City Attorney should also look at the document and if approved by all parties above should then be sent on to be placed on the agenda of the City Council for final approval. Commissioner Guise then moved that the document be taken to the City Attorney and then to the Planning Staff for review and then placed on the agenda of the City Council. Commissioner Melloni seconded the motion and motion carried unanimously.

Item No. 9 Verbal update on insurance for potential Art Gallery (S. Barry)
Ms. Barry reported that she spoke with Rick Buys of the City’s Risk Management regarding the insurance coverage of the Women’s Club. He reported that the building is covered by the City; however, if art was put in the building then during the hours of the operation it would have to be staffed by City personnel or an Arts Commissioner. Also, as each piece of art came into the building, it would have to be inventoried and photographed, a value assessed to it, and a letter drafted, with a copy to the Risk Management personnel and after approval, then it can go into the building. There would be an extra premium for each piece of art, based on the cost of the art. Then if sold, then they must be notified and that premium deducted and if something else comes in, same process each time. A suggestion that an easier method would be to have an independent person who might be willing to run the art gallery, let them draw their own insurance and the City would have the liability for the grounds outside. Any articles inside would then fall on the responsibility of the person operating the gallery. 

A suggestion that Commissioner Weber would be a good one to operate the gallery. Commissioner Guise commented that she felt if they could get the ordinance approved and get the art in the public places on different developments around town, that would be enough for the Commission to take on until they really get established. Otherwise it would be more than they can take on at this time, unless someone privately would wish to take on the responsibility of the gallery. 

At this point citizens in the audience asked if they were at the right meeting, they were hoping to attend a meeting on the Opening of the Skate Park. Commissioners told them that they have an update on the skate park as part of the agenda and if they wished to stay for that portion they were welcome. Their question was that the kids that had helped in planning the skate park don’t have a part to display their skills and since they had spent many hours on the planning they would like more time at the opening day ceremonies. Commissioner Guise asked Poldina Scherff if she was able to answer some of the citizen’s questions. She replied she could and since her report was scheduled for Item No. 11. Commissioner Guise moved that Item No. 11 be moved to Item No. 10 so the Update on the Skate Park Grand Opening could be heard at this time. Commissioner Beatty seconded the motion and motion carried unanimously.

Item No. 10 Verbal update on Skate Park Grand Opening Ceremony (P. Scherff)
Ms. Scherff referred to the question of the citizens first and said they do have a time for skateboarders prior to the grand opening and they do have set times for all age groups, unless over age of 14 and above. This will not be a contest. The participants will be allowed to skate for about 20 minutes, and the last 10 minutes they can display their tricks, nothing real big and they will then be presented with a tee shirt or raffle ticket. There will not be any type of contest on the day of the opening. Those kids on the Skate Park Task Force will be invited to come to the event, meet the pros, get commemorative tee shirts and get raffle tickets for the prizes. 

Ms. Scherff apologized for being late and then passed out the Skate Park Grand Opening posters to all the Commissioners and gave a synopsis of the event. She asked them to display the posters in their businesses or wherever they could. She said the Grand Opening will be November 3, and all are invited. 

Item No. 11 Update report on Concerts in the Park series (P. Scherff)
Ms. Scherff reported that the Concerts in the Park did lose money this year, but not as much as they had thought it would be. She passed out a complete accounting for each concert, showing all costs, receipts and final tally for each of the concerts. She said that Director Bronzan is taking this project to the City Council and hoping to get some money from the City for the concerts. She went through each concert and explained all of the costs and receipts. She explained comped tickets and discussed some things she hopes to do differently in the upcoming year, such as securing the bands earlier and then be able to concentrate on the advertising more.

Discussions of costs of stages, sound equipment, comped tickets and reasons for some of these expenses. Discussion of the number of comped tickets to the various city personnel. After several questions Ms. Scherff suggested these questions should be referred to Director Bronzan. At this point it was decided since other items were paid for by the City, that no further action or questions would be taken on this issue. 

Final balance of all concerts was a loss of $5,271.75. Comments that if they do purchase a stage that could accommodate all of the bands they would not have been in the hole. Some further discussions as to type of stage, size etc. More donations would also help in this endeavor, such as another $5,000 from developers or merchants. 

Commissioner Guise also said she would like to pursue what happened to money donated by the developers when Quintin Kidd was Mayor. There was a donation of $50,000 that was supposed to be allocated for a stage. She would like to find out what has happened to this money.

Ms. Scherff was thanked for all her many efforts. They are looking forward to working more with her in the next year. She will take all recommendations for next year and also refer them to Director Bronzan. Mention also of a doctor who has said he would like to make a donation to the concert series. Commissioners will pursue other smaller donations as well. Suggestions of Summerset as a donation source. Ms. Scherff also said there are grants available if someone writes the grant. Suggestion also of a flyer to go to all members of the Chamber of Commerce requesting donations of various amounts to assist in cost of concerts. 

Commissioner Guise moved that the Art Commission pay the Chamber of Commerce $15 for an insert in the newsletter requesting donations for next year’s Concert in the Park series. Commissioner Meagher seconded and motion carried unanimously. 

Commissioner Guise asked Ms. Scherff what concerts she is planning on for next year. She had one that she couldn’t get this year, but would like to try for because she was too late in asking. It was the Rhythm Rockers, more of a 40’s through 70’s rock and roll. Commissioner Guise suggested that Ms. Scherff list in the flyer four bands with their costs and see what the reaction of the people is to them. Most of the Commissioners reported that they liked those bands this year. Chairperson Robinson has two bands that she will get the names for Ms. Scherff that she feels are very good also. Another suggestion is to get all concerts on same day of the week. General consensus was all concerts on Friday. Commissioner Beatty suggested putting several options in the flyer for donations, giving a range of options, from low to higher or other. Commissioners also suggested mailing flyer to all developers, those with business licenses, etc., since some are not members of the Chamber of Commerce. Commissioner Guise suggested that they not try to contact other sources until they had an opportunity to determine the response of the flyer through the Chamber of Commerce.


Chairperson Robinson reported on the interview with the applicant for the vacancy on the Art Commission. His name is Clayton Wooley. The subcommittee interviewed him with the exception of Commissioner Weber. Commissioner Beatty sat in for Commissioner Weber. Those present were Director Bronzan, Commissioners Myers, Beatty and Chairperson Robinson. The subcommittee’s recommendation was that he be accepted as a member of the Art Commission. Chairperson Robinson moved that the Art Commission accept his application for Commissioner and the recommendation then be passed on for approval to the City Council. Ms. Barry will report this to Director Bronzan so the letter can be written by him and sent on to Mayor McPoland. 

She also brought up the fountain. She has been calling Blue Champagne Pools to get the piece needed for the fountain and has not been successful in getting them to respond. She did not want to tell them to go ahead until she received the cost of the labor. Commissioner Melloni said it needs to be done as the paint is peeling off. Commissioner Trebino moved that if Blue Champagne Pools does not get back to Chairperson Robinson in a timely manner (one week) that she go to another source for this part. Commissioner Melloni seconded and motion carried unanimously.

Commissioner Hannigan voiced concerns she had in having been approached Mayor McPoland regarding art in public places as to what the Art Commission is doing about this issue. She felt she did not have all the answers and was requesting information from the Commission as to how to respond to his questions. Since the Art Commission has no money at the present time to fund this type of art, they can do nothing at the present time. However, that is the reason for the document drawn up by Commissioner Beatty and presented to the Commission this evening that they plan to take to the Planning Commission and eventually to the City Council for approval. All feel strongly that when the ordinance is presented to the Planning Commission as they had been requested, this would answer the issue and allow the Art Commission to move ahead with art in public places and new developments. 

Commissioner Hannigan also reported on the art program that she started a year ago at Garin School and this year it is really taking off. She hopes to get this art program into all of the other elementary schools in Brentwood. She has not only spent a considerable amount of her time, but also used her own funds to get the program going. She does have a group of volunteers assisting her, and has an article in the Brentwood Press coming out in the next issue. She would love to have more volunteers and other artists, etc. to assist in the program. Commissioner Beatty volunteered to come in and do some of his art work for the class.

Commissioner Guise suggested that when they have the “Day in the Park” have crafters set up their displays and have them sell raffle tickets from their displays. Crafters would also pay out a percentage of their income back to the Art Commission. There was some discussion as to whether raffle ticket would be given out also by downtown merchants. This is also something to look at for the spring art event. The Downtown Art and Craft Exhibit will be on the agenda next meeting.

Commissioner Melloni asked about the proposed presentation by Rebekah Burr-Siegel, the Public Art Manager with the City of Stockton, the minutes had reflected that she would be present at this meeting. Ms. Barry reported that there was miscommunication and that she had plans to come to the next meeting in November.

Vice Chairperson Trebino reported on the subcommittee meeting on the Barbecue and reported a final profit of $1175.54. He also reported that since they are planning a spring function and then with the first Day in the Park wine fest three weeks from when the barbecue was planned, this would be overdoing and extending them too far. The barbecue did not generate that much money and was a tremendous amount of work, especially with the setting up and taking down of tables etc. This created too much strain on the volunteer Commissioners for the amount of funds generated. The general consensus of the group was that it was not worth the effort and they should just concentrate on the two functions, spring Art & Craft Exhibit, and fall Day in the Park. 

Suggestion of having the Rotary or American Legion do the Barbecue. Most Commissioners felt whatever is done should be done in the spring, prior to graduation and long enough before the Cornfest. It was decided that the Subcommittee would work on this issue and come back with further suggestions at a later meeting. 

Commissioner Beatty said that he would like to see an update on revenue sources for the next meeting.

Commissioner Meagher reported that Los Medanos College had a lot of wall space, which they would like to display art. He received a call from Anna Sanders and she would like to have local artists display their art there, and it would be protected since they have a 24-hour guard at the campus. Commissioner Hannigan has a list of artists and it was suggested that she, Commissioner Weber, and Commissioner Meagher work on this project. He will pursue this and bring a report back to the next meeting.

Ms. Barry reported that she had met the President of the Los Medanos College at a tour recently and she had also requested of her that she contact the Art Commission for art.

Update on Day in the Park (R. Beatty)
Update on Art for Art Sake (R. Beatty)
Ordinance Update (R. Beatty)
Update on Revenue Sources Subcommittee (R. Beatty)
Rebekah Burr-Siegel from Turlock (C. Bronzan)
Los Medanos College Art Display Update (D. Meagher and M. Hannigan)
Set dates for 2002 meeting dates in 2002 (S. Barry)
Commission member elections (S. Barry)

Next meeting will be November 28, 2001

ADJOURNMENT: Chairperson Robinson adjourned the meeting at 8:58 p.m.

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