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Vision Statement: Adding Joy to People's Lives.
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August 22, 2001 at 7:00 p.m.
City Council Chambers
734 Third Street
Brentwood, CA 94513

CALL TO ORDER: Chairperson Chris Robinson called the meeting to order at 7:02 p.m.

ROLL CALL: Present were Chairperson Chris Robinson, Vice Chairperson Joe Trebino, and Commissioners Don Meagher, Mary Hannigan, Jan Melloni, Helen Myers, William Weber, Alice Kamers, Ron Beatty, and Barbara Guise. Others present were Lt. Michael Davies of the Brentwood Police Department and Sue Barry, Recreation Services Supervisor. 

A. Introduction of Milton Bullard regarding interviews of Commissioners for column in the Brentwood Press. Chairperson Robinson reported this presentation has been canceled and will be presented at the next regularly scheduled meeting in September.

B. Arts in California video. This is a video depicting the Arts in various forms and cities throughout California. The video was brought to Chairperson Robinson by Commissioner Meagher and she was so very favorably impressed that she felt it was important to present it to the entire Commission. Commissioner Meagher explained a bit about the video and then it was presented to the group. The video was narrated by Peter Coyote and many other famous people in the arts in California. Cities featured were San Francisco, Merced, and Los Angeles. At the conclusion of the video, Commissioner Meagher was thanked for bringing it to the Commission. He then presented it to the Commission to use throughout the community to promote the arts. The Commissioners debated the various methods of utilizing the film, among them presenting it to the schools through the School Board, parents groups, through service organizations, etc. Discussion of whether or not it would be legal to make copies to show in the community resulted in Commissioner Meagher agreeing to check and make sure it would be legal. Chairperson Robinson will then make the copies and get the original back to Ms. Barry. 

Comments at this point by Chairperson Robinson that Milton Bullard, who was not able to be at this meeting, would like to promote a downtown art gallery. He had discussed this idea at a previous meeting with the Art Commission. She felt they need to form a sub-committee to explore this idea and put this on the agenda for the next meeting.


Item No. 1. Approval of minutes of regular meeting of July 18, 2001.
Item No. 2. Accept agenda/minutes from Arts and Culture Commission of Contra Costa County.
Item No. 3. Accept Preliminary Youth Theater Proposal (M. Kaiser)

Vice Chairperson Trebino moved to accept the Consent Calendar. Commissioner Guise seconded and motion carried unanimously.


Item No. 4. Update on amending ordinance regarding membership boundaries. (S. Barry)
Ms. Barry reported that at the last City Council meeting the council voted to approve the ordinance drafted by the Arts Commission regarding membership boundaries to include the city limits of Brentwood only. 

Item No. 5. Update on downtown barbecue. (C. Robinson)
Chairperson Robinson confirmed with Commissioner Kamers that pursuant to a recent subcommittee meeting, she has checked with Centro Mart and will soon get a price on meat. Corn has been taken care of. Only thing left are the sundries and Commissioner Melloni has some still unopened, they will see what else they need beyond what Commissioner Melloni has on hand and purchase it. Commissioner Trebino has the fencing confirmed and the Boys Ranch to assist in setting up and taking down tables. He will also have the cash box. Ms. Barry reported that the tables at the Community Center have been reserved for the event. Chairperson Robinson has talked to the police department and on September 11, they will bring the proposal to City Council to close the streets for the barbecue. If any members are available, it would be good to have them there to support the proposal. Since it is on the consent calendar, it should be heard early in the meeting. Commissioner Beatty reported that he went to Costco, and they have half sheet cakes at $15.00 a cake. He figured they would need about twelve cakes. This will be Plan B if they don’t get dessert from other source. Commissioner Guise will be responsible for arranging for portable toilets at the event. Menu will be tri tip, chicken, beans, green salad, corn and dessert. Commissioner Melloni will pick up salad.

Chairperson Robinson reported she has also booked a young singer. Her parents will bring her to the event and there will be no charge. She has heard her sing on the Fourth of July and was very impressed with her. Flatbed has been arranged for as well as arrangements for beverages. The street will be closed from 2:00 p.m. and flatbed will arrive at that time. She requested all the Commissioners to be there at that time. Chairperson Robinson will not arrive until later since she has heavy and quite warm costume to prepare. Commissioner Melloni will be in charge of the event until Chairperson Robinson arrives. Vice Chairperson Trebino is in charge of the raffle tickets. 

The banner will be ordered and sub-committee has decided on the $150-$200 size, do not need multi color. Need to have Brentwood Art Commission Downtown Barbecue in large letters, then have date and phone number for tickets. Date and phone number can be in removable letters to be changed each year. Chairperson Robinson requested Ms. Barry to order as soon as possible.

Commissioner Hannigan asked about donations for raffle, she reminded them she has offered to donate tickets for Willows Theater in Concord. Commissioner Myers is in charge of raffle tickets. Newer members requested to help take tickets. Commissioner Guise will call Safeway and ask for permission to put up banner. Discussion of getting forms completed with Community Development Department. Commissioner Guise will call Berenice and tell her they wish to replace the concert series banner with a banner for the barbecue. 

There will be no display of art at barbecue other than the model of the “farmer” by Commissioner Weber. Possibly next year they will try to have some local art on display. Sound system will be Johnny Keene and his Time Machine. There was discussion of power whether or not to get a generator. Suggestion of using power from poles on street. Lt. Davies will check into generator. Vice Chairperson Trebino will check into plug ins on poles on street. 

Item No. 6. Discussion regarding formation of a subcommittee to work with Chamber of Commerce on purchasing a stage. (B. Guise)
Commissioner Guise reported that she has communicated with several of the service clubs, along with the Chamber of Commerce, and all indicated very positive interest in the purchase of a stage for the City of Brentwood. She would like to form a subcommittee to investigate the purchase. She would like to have Poldina Scherff and Barry Margesson of the Parks and Recreation staff to be involved in the subcommittee. Chairperson Robinson also indicated a desire to be on the subcommittee since she has had a lot of experience with professional stages. The Chairperson also recommended that Commissioner Guise be on the subcommittee and asked for other volunteers. Commissioners Trebino and Meagher also volunteered. Ms. Barry suggested that the Art Commission write a letter requesting that both Poldina Scherff and Barry Margesson be a part of the subcommittee. Ms. Barry will write the letter and Chairperson Robinson will sign it for the Commission. Question was asked if stage could be leased out and the answer was yes, one of the reasons for purchasing a stage. Also, it is easy to find a stage that the maintenance people for the City could easily be taught how to put up and take down.

Item No. 7. Update on downtown fountain. (J. Melloni)
Commissioner Melloni reported that a crew of workers and volunteer Commissioners are going to meet Saturday to tear out the old tile. She will then call Blue Champagne Pools that it is ready for them to go ahead with the repairs. Volunteers are Commissioners Trebino, Melloni, and Weber, along with Lt. Davies. Commissioner Melloni will bring hand-sized jackhammers for each person to use. Discussion of the water treatment unit donated by Commissioner Trebino. He will contact Blue Champagne Pools about he installation of the device. Blue Champagne Pools is doing all the work without charge, so there will be no fee to be paid when work is completed. Commissioner Guise made a motion that a drawing be made of the tile and the names on the tiles so they have a record. Commissioner Myers seconded the motion and motion carried unanimously.

Item No 8. Discussion regarding grand opening for the Skate Park. (J. Melloni)
Ms. Barry said there is not a definite date set as yet for the Grand Opening of the Skate Park. She wanted to know if the Art Commission was interested in being a part of the celebration at the Grand Opening. Commission responded definitely. Commissioner Guise inquired as to what their responsibilities would be at the event and Ms. Barry responded that it would be mainly to show their presence, possibly help cut the ribbon, etc. Ms. Barry will notify staff that the Arts Commission is definitely interested in being involved and she will get back to the Commission when definite plans and dates are available.

Item No. 9 Update on “A Day in the Park”. (R. Beatty)
Chairperson Robinson commented before Commissioner Beatty started his report that Mel Eckerstrom, of Eckerstrom Productions, the man that the Commission is planning on hiring for this event has asked for expense money. Commissioner Beatty gave him a check for $100 for expenses and Chairperson Robinson requested that he be reimbursed since this was agreed upon by the subcommittee. She requested Vice-Chairperson Trebino write Commissioner Beatty a check from their Fountain Fund. Commissioner Beatty then reported that he has with him the “pro forma” contracts, similar to ones used in other communities. They have the blanks for them to fill in and also feels Commission should have their own legal people look at it and either draw up their own if they are not happy with it or make appropriate changes. Then could sit down and negotiate with Mr. Eckerstrom. Commissioner Beatty said also a lot of work has already been put into this project, Mr. Eckerstrom has come down to assist them, has provided them with an event check list, typical agendas and other related items. He will help with advertising, promotion and sponsorships and all other necessary activities related to the project. Mr. Eckerstrom has provided them with a tentative budget, what can be expected the first year, and various options as to whether they would make money, etc. The Commission’s money would be made basically on the sale of the wine glasses, the food and beverages, the sponsorship programs, the raffles and tee shirts and anything else they wanted to promote to make money. Commissioner Beatty has talked to at least six people who have done business with Mr. Eckerstrom. The last one was Mr. Sherman from the Alameda Wine Festival. Mr. Sherman reported that Alameda has been doing business with Eckerstrom Productions for 17 years and have just completed a very successful 2-day event. Their relationship has been very good, he is the best they have found in the area as he works directly with the community from day one, goes to all the meetings and has excellent suggestions. Commissioner Beatty had similar responses from Walnut Creek, Lafayette, and others. His question was do you want to proceed with Mr. Eckerstrom, have the contract looked at and then sit down and negotiate with him on the final deal. Question as to when first event is planned and so far date is October 2002. Chairperson Robinson has also done considerable research and feels they will make money the first year, not a lot - or as much as later on, but will make money the first time. 

Lt. Davies commented that when these events are planned by the City and require the police attendance, they do charge for this service. However, since this is a part of the budget, so when the Art Commission plans these events such as the Barbecue and Day in the Park, this should be a part of the budget for the Art Commission and presented to the City Council as including police services. Vice Chairperson Trebino moved that the Art Commission proceed with Mr. Eckerstrom on the plans for “A Day In The Park”, Commissioner Guise seconded the motion and motion carried unanimously.

Commissioner Guise moved that Commissioner Beatty be paid the $100 he had advanced out of personal funds for travel expenses for Mr. Eckerstrom, money to be paid out of the ad hoc Fountain Fund. Commissioner Hannigan seconded and motion carried unanimously.

Lt. Davies thanked all those who attended the Policeman’s Ball. He also reminded the Commissioners that he will be leaving and will be gone for several months and wondered if they would like to have Sgt. James Martinez sit in for him while he is away. After some discussion, it was decided that it was not necessary since Lt. Davies will be back by December 19 and he will still be here until after barbecue event. He did remind them if anything came up they could call on Sgt. Martinez.

Commissioner Meagher reported that his term expires with the Contra Costa County Art Commission and wondered if they still want him to continue on the Brentwood Art Commission. Unanimous agreement to request him to stay on the Art Commission.

Commissioner Melloni wondered if they were not supposed to have something back from the City of Turlock? Ms. Barry said that Director Bronzan was going to bring them to this meeting; however he also had a City tour tonight so this was tabled until next month.

Discussion of donation of 49ers or Sharks tickets since Commissioner Guise reported that the Tri-Delta Transit will donate rides to the 49ers games. Round trips would be $10 and children free. If they pre-buy for all games, cost will be $70. These will be in the new deluxe buses, with television in the front of the bus. Buses will pull up to front of stadium to release passengers. Anyone interested talk to Commissioner Guise. They will pick up in three places in Brentwood. 

Commissioner Kamers will ask Vice-Mayor Petrovich for Shark tickets for raffle at Barbecue.

Commissioner Trebino would like to consider Milton Bullard for one of the openings on the Commission since it is now open for more new members. Chairperson Robinson will call him, since she wants to invite him to be on the agenda for the next meeting and then ask if he is interested in applying for a position on the Commission. If he indicates he is, she will send him an application. Ms. Barry also reminded them that they have other applications on file, which they also need to review at this time.

Special comments on the beautiful little miniature farmer sculpture by Commissioner Weber. Discussion of where the finished sculpture will be placed in the city. 

Director Bronzan then came in to the meeting.

Commissioner Weber reported that he had called the City of Antioch Art Commission, to see how they pay for their statues, and they told him that the home developers have donated the money for each statue and they cost from $40,000 to $50,000 apiece. Chairperson Robinson remembered that when the Art Commission was formed, the past Mayor let it be known that the developers would set up a small percentage or some type of fee that would come to the Art Commissions funds. Currently, they do not have any public funds. 

Director Bronzan commented that in Art Commission’s workshop with City Council, he remembers the question, could they go ahead and look at Art in Public Places programs? This is the way that a lot of cities do this and with a policy that requires a percentage from developers to go into this type of fund. Director Bronzan says he remembers the City Council saying that they were supportive of the Art Commission looking into those and coming back with a proposal for them (Council). He did remember Councilmember Hill saying he is not interested in a fee. He believes the Commission has Council’s support to bring them a policy or recommendations on how to get developers or others to voluntarily donate funds. He believes the City Council is favorable to this concept. Director Bronzan says give them a proposal and let them act on it. The Commission decided to put this on the agenda for the next meeting.

Commissioner Weber reported that he is designing a Brentwood Historical Mural for the back of Not Native. This will face the parking lot. He is getting a lot of pictures and information from Kathy Leighton who has recently published a book on the history of the area. Commissioner Guise would like to see a mural also on the library wall.

Commissioner Weber is on the Design Review Committee for the City of Brentwood, and through this he is on the Brentwood Tree Committee.

Commissioner Beatty asked who the attorney is that he sees to go over the contract with the Eckerstrom Productions? The response was Dennis Beougher. Need to confer on blank contract with him for suggestions, etc. Ms. Barry will see attorney and get information on phone number and how to contact to Commissioner Beatty.

Commissioner Guise would like a complete report of expenses and income from Poldina Scherff on the four concerts in the park. Ms. Barry said she knows Ms. Scherff is working on this presently, doesn’t know if she will have all the bills and complete details by next month. She can bring what she has next month.

Commissioner Guise said the applications on file for the Art Commission should be presented in the Commissioner’s packets for the next meeting so they can review them and discuss them and who they would recommend. It was suggested that after their review, recommendation be made to the Mayor for confirmation by City Council.

Commissioner Guise then said they should start the process of preparing a plan to promote art in public places to present to the City Council as Director Bronzan suggested.

Commissioner Melloni wants to agenda the process/how to get the video of California Art out to the public, also check to make sure it is legal for them to go ahead with the promotion.

Commissioner Hannigan has a parents meeting this week, and after checking to make sure it is legal to make copies, Chairperson Robinson will make copies and make one available to her for the meeting.

Update on the Day in the Park – Ron Beatty.

Grand Opening of the Skate Park – Jan Melloni.

Subcommittee for the downtown art gallery - have Milton Bullard present. Subcommittee is Commissioner Melloni, Vice Chairperson Trebino, Commissioner Hannigan, Chairperson Robinson, and Commissioner Weber. Chairperson Robinson will also ask Mr. Bullard to be a part of the committee.

Review of the Barbecue

Turlock Art Commission

Ms. Barry requested by Chairperson Robinson to check into getting Barbecue on Liberty’s marquee.

Lt. Davies wanted to know who to get back to on the portable generators. Chairperson Robinson said report to her since she was in charge. Vice Chairperson Trebino will check with City to see about plugging into poles, check on voltage, etc. Chairperson Robinson will also check on voltage on poles with firm who installed wiring into trees or poles on the street.

Director Bronzan asked if they all knew where Lt. Davies is going. They said yes, to the FBI Training Academy and they are very proud of him since it is quite an honor. Everyone congratulated him for the appointment to attend the FBI Academy.

There being no further business to bring before the meeting, the meeting was adjourned at 9:08 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Betty Jo Whincup
Minutes Recorder

City of Brentwood Arts Commission
35 Oak Street,
Brentwood, CA 94513
(925) 516-5444
Fax (925) 516-5445