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Vision Statement: Adding Joy to People's Lives.
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July 18, 2001 at 7:00 p.m.
City Council Chambers
734 Third Street
Brentwood, CA 94513

CALL TO ORDER: Meeting was called to order by Chairperson Chris Robinson at 7:08 p.m.

ROLL CALL: Present were: Chairperson Chris Robinson, Vice Chairperson Joe Trebino, Commissioners Jan Melloni, Barbara Guise, Helen Myers, and William Weber. Excused absences were Ron Beatty and Mary Hannigan. Don Meagher and Alice Kamers were also absent. Others present included Craig Bronzan, Director of Parks and Recreation, Sue Barry, Recreation Services Supervisor, and Lt. Mike Davies of the Brentwood Police Department.

AGENDA REVIEW: No changes or additions.


CONSENT CALENDAR: Commissioner Melloni requested pulling Item #2 for comment. Commissioner Barbara Guise moved acceptance of Items 1, 3 and 4 of the Consent Calendar. Helen Myers seconded and motion carried unanimously.

Item No. 2 Accept information from Turlock City Arts Commission. Commissioner Melloni asked if it was correct that the City of Turlock Arts Commission sells membership. She was favorably impressed with the information received in her packet. Commissioner Guise said she would like to put this on the agenda for next meetings for discussion. Director Bronzan then said he had put this in their packets as he had worked with the Turlock Arts Commission in same capacity as Ms. Barry does with Brentwood for 13 years. He explained that the Turlock Arts Commission was formed in 1978, and currently celebrating their 10th year as a membership Commission. He will be going to Turlock this coming Friday and will bring back further information. He will also ask them send a representative to speak to the Brentwood Art Commission at their next meeting. He explained that the Turlock Arts Commission started very much like the Brentwood Commission, with money from the City and the Chamber of Commerce. Since they started soliciting memberships they have a much larger treasury and are also now getting grants. He explained that when they hold an event now they get up to 1,200 to 1,300 people and sell commemorative glasses for $10 for non-members, and members get in free. He further explained that they now have an old Carnegie Library Building that they are going to restore and recently received $150,000 from an estate, for renovation. Vice Chairperson Trebino moved that they accept the information presented by Director Bronzan. Commissioner Melloni seconded and motion carried unanimously.


Item No. 5 Presentation related to the need for a downtown art gallery (C. Bronzan/Milton Bullard).
Director Bronzan reported that he had met with Mr. Bullard about three weeks previously regarding the possibility of getting an art gallery in the downtown area. Mr. Bullard had been referred to Director Bronzan by Mayor McPoland. Mr. Bronzan felt this was an issue for the Arts Commission and he had also discussed the matter with the City Manager. He suggested that since the City of Brentwood now owns the Women’s Club building and have the Community Center and also have parks available, he felt that by utilizing these facilities, the Arts Commission could start having some art shows and bring people in for these events. He then introduced Mr. Bullard to the group. Commissioner Guise wondered if this could be a fundraising arena, where they could not only show art work, but sell it and a percentage to go to the gallery. Mr. Bronzan referred them to Mr. Bullard for this, but felt that yes, local artists should be promoted and respected for their profession and they and the gallery should profit from a gallery in the downtown area. 

Mr. Bullard of Brentwood’s Summerset Subdivision introduced himself. He presented his idea to establish in downtown Brentwood a serious professional art gallery, as opposed to a print shop or some place that sells a few pieces of art. He feels a downtown location would benefit the community as a whole. He sees this at this time as having a very regional area of artists. He listed the four major beneficiaries from an art gallery as follows:

1. The community as a whole in a growing and changing community.
2. Support for the Chamber of Commerce in their activities.
3. The schools that need assistance in art departments.
4. Would support and encourage local artists.

Mr. Bullard went on to state that such a gallery would need the support of the community for planning and funding. He responded to Commissioner Guise’s question regarding sales of art for the artist. He felt they could have an arrangement with local artists for showing their works and selling for a percentage of the sale price. Gallery’s job he felt would be to help the Chamber of Commerce and other organizations to indulge and support these types of activities. Commissioners generally felt this a great idea and would like to pursue the plan. Chairperson Robinson thanked him for the time and presentation and would be willing to help. They like the idea of the Women’s Club for a facility. Director Bronzan suggested that they appoint 1 or 2 members of the Commission to work with Mr. Bullard and staff to try and figure out different opportunities and report back to the Commission. Chairperson Robinson suggested Mary Hannigan. Commissioners Melloni and Trebino indicated a desire to work on this subcommittee also. Commissioner Weber also volunteered. They will set up an initial meeting through Director Bronzan. Chairperson Robinson will inform Commissioner Hannigan of the subcommittee and give her all the information when she returns home. 

Item No. 6 Update of B.A.N.C. bus tour (Sue Barry).
Ms. Barry reported that the bus will pick everyone up at the Bart Park at Walnut Boulevard at 6:00 p.m. Others not sure as to their plans and will call Tammy. 

Item No. 7 Update on Barbecue (Chris Robinson). 
She asked Vice Chairperson Trebino if he had called Delta Fencing, he replied that he has and the Boys Club are also all arranged. Tickets were printed on the back and discussion of how many to be printed. At this point Commissioner Melloni noted an error in the minutes, she does not have the responsibility for the cash box, that is Vice Chairperson Trebino. She does set up and take down and has responsibility for paper goods.  Commissioner Trebino was concerned there were not enough tables and chairs. Ms. Barry will check to see if Community Service Building will need chairs on September 22, if not she will reserve them for barbecue. Also Rotary Club has chairs and tables used for Trade Club in October, may be able to use them if necessary. Vice Chairperson Trebino moved to accept the flyer with the changes discussed. Motion seconded by Commissioner Weber and motion carried unanimously.

Tickets discussed and fact that each ticket will have different color. Commissioner Melloni requested that they keep the tickets so that they will know how many attend the event. Commissioner Guise moved to accept the tickets, Commissioner Myers seconded, after a brief discussion motion carried.

Chairperson Robinson reported that she has turned over the signed contract for Johnny-T-Time Machine to Ms. Barry, so that is completed. 

Discussion of how many flyers need to be printed. Ms. Barry also reported that there will be a half page advertisement in the brochure that goes to almost 28,000 households. Tickets then discussed and it was decided to print 800, 300 single, 300 children/senior and 200 family tickets. Commissioner Melloni asked about signs for the barbecue. After some discussion as to costs for a banner with removable letters, Commissioner Melloni moved that the Commission buy a barbecue banner from the funds from past barbecues. Commissioner Guise seconded and motion carried unanimously. 

Ms. Barry reported that Pete Petrovich will supply the beans. They need to contact John at PeeWees when close to time to place the order. Vice Chairperson Trebino will call them when the time comes. Chairperson Robinson reported that Fred Valberti of Prudential Real Estate would be willing to donate $150 to $200 for the barbecue if they need extra money for deserts or anything else. 

Item No. 8 Update on “Art in Public Places” Ordinances (Sue Barry)
Sue reported that she has called the source in Antioch four times and still has not gotten an answer. She offered to give the name to one of the Commissioners to place a call and see if they could get a response. Commissioner Guise said she will call. Commissioner Guise suggested also that they have Director Bronzan check with the City of Turlock for their ordinances when he visits them on Friday. 

Item No. 9 Discussion of short and long-term goals of the Arts Commission (Sue Barry)
Commissioner Guise said she had a suggestion regarding a way to keep from losing money on concerts and other events where a grandstand is required. She said the biggest expense is renting of a grandstand stage at $2750. She had a design of a stage 20 x 32 x 44 that could be raised higher and is portable and could be purchased for $39,000. It has wings, stairway, backdrop, etc. that would be totally adequate for their needs. She suggested talking to all of the local fraternal groups and the Chamber of Commerce to see about financial support in purchasing a stage. She suggested going to the City Council also and requesting matching funds for those raised by the Arts Commission. Only items that would have to be paid for then would be sound and light, and currently cost of rental of stage for four concerts is $11,000. Discussion of raising the funds for a stage and how to go about presenting it to other groups and the City Council. Lt. Davies suggested asking developers to donate funds for this stage and receive advertising. Commissioners said they are already donating much for the concerts and feel that developers may be tapped out at this time. He also suggested looking at grants for something like this. Question of who will set up and take down. It was felt that City maintenance people could be taught to do this and be responsible for set up and storage. 

Vice Chairperson Trebino suggested that he will take the plans and discuss with others for opinion on size, etc. He will check it out with Cornfest committee and it was reported by Poldina Scherff that it would be equal to what they have been renting for concerts. This will be put on the agenda for update at the next meeting. Discussion of insurance and possibility of renting also further discussed. 

Item No. 10 Update on downtown fountain (Jan Melloni)
Commissioner Melloni received a call back from the tile person. She reported that he looked at the fountain on two different occasions and said to remove tile, it would cost from $600-$800 to remove everything off down to the concrete. Then depending upon tile that is put back in it would be between $1,200 to $1,800 to set (including tile). Sealing the tile would be $250 for an approximate total of $2800 to $3000. After some discussion by the Commissioners, it was decided that they would like to go to the City Council and ask for matching funds for the repairs to the fountain. Vice Chairperson Trebino would be willing to furnish all information and possibly at no cost a filter system that could preclude these problems in the future. Commissioner Guise moved that representatives of the Arts Commission be agendized to appear before the City Council at their next meeting, August 14, and request matching funds to repair the fountain up to $4000. The Parks and Recreation Commission will furnish up to $2,000 and request same from the City Council, if final bill is less, each will pay less than the $2,000 amount. Commissioner Bill Weber seconded and motion carried unanimously. 

Volunteers were requested to attend the City Council Meeting and make the request.  Commissioner Melloni, Chairperson Robinson and Commissioner Weber volunteered. Lt. Davies suggested that possibly some cost could be cut by volunteers from the Commission doing the work of tearing out the old tile. Vice Chairperson Trebino, Commissioner Melloni, Commissioner Weber, and Lt. Davies volunteered to pull out the old tile. They will meet at the fountain August 25, at 8:00 a.m. if City Council approves their proposal. Chairperson Robinson named Commissioner Melloni in charge of the volunteers to remove the tile. Commissioner Guise made a motion that when the groups goes before the City Council they also make a request for a dumpster at no charge to haul away the tile. Commissioner Weber seconded. The motion was amended by Commissioner Trebino to read a large garbage can, rather than a dumpster, but City to be responsible for hauling it away. Commissioner Guise then revised her motion to read that on August 14, they request the City Council to provide the fountain sub-committee with their largest garbage container and be responsible for hauling it away. Commissioner Myers seconded and motion carried.

Item No. 11 Action to cancel regular meeting scheduled for July 25, 2001 (Sue Barry)
Commissioner Guise moved that the regular meeting on July 25, 2001 be canceled. Vice Chairperson Trebino seconded and motion carried unanimously.

Lt. Davies reported that he and Commissioner Weber attended the Design Review Committee earlier that day. Lt. Davies felt it was very good to have the representation of Commissioner Weber on this committee and felt that his comments were well received. 

He then mentioned he had tickets for the upcoming Policeman’s Ball available. The proceeds from the ball benefit D.A.R.E. and P.A.L. The ball will be held August 4 at Bunkers. Ticket prices for a couple are $175. He said they may contact him or email him for tickets.

Commissioner Weber reported he had attended the Design Review meeting, and that he had requested some art work at the new Home Depot. It may not be the farmer statue, but some type of art work. He also reported he will have a model of the farmer statue at the next Parks and Recreation meeting. Chairperson Robinson thanked Mr. Weber for attending the meetings. 

Vice Chairperson Trebino commented on the Turlock report and felt there were some very good ideas in the report. He specifically mentioned the rotating art exhibit, and felt a similar event with a country and western theme throughout the businesses. He felt people would enjoy this type of event. The Commissioners would like this included with the information from the Turlock Art Commission report at the next meeting.

Commissioner Guise said that she is disturbed by the fact that the Commission is not larger. She feels 10 is not representative enough and since she has someone interested in belonging to the Commission, she had called Ms. Barry. She was informed that it will probably not be expanded immediately as they are waiting until the present Commission has functioned for a time together since they are quite a new Commission. Later on will look at the expansion up to the allowed number of 25. The Commission asked if they could direct Ms. Barry to write an ordinance grandfathering in the old “Fountain Committee” and adding new members in the “planning area” of the City of Brentwood. The Commission then requested Ms. Barry to go back to the Director and ask if they could do an update on the ordinance for membership in the Arts Commission. Ms. Barry will take this to Director Bronzan and he will probably take it to the City Attorney for advisement.

Commissioner Trebino reiterated his request for the Turlock Art Commission’s Walking Tour, and high school art, and where they have a Yosemite Renaissance, could have farming and country theme. 

Also the “Day in the Park” will be updated at the next meeting. 

Business cards update -- Ms. Barry said they have been ordered and may be ready by next meeting.

Update on stage.

ADJOURNMENT:  Meeting adjourned at 8:48 p.m. by Chairperson Robinson.

Respectfully submitted,

Betty Jo Whincup
Minutes Recorder

City of Brentwood Arts Commission
35 Oak Street,
Brentwood, CA 94513
(925) 516-5444
Fax (925) 516-5445