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Vision Statement: Adding Joy to People's Lives.
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June 20, 2001
Parks Administration Office
740 Third Street
Brentwood, CA 94513

CALL TO ORDER: Meeting was called to order by Chairperson Chris Robinson at 7:02 p.m.

ROLL CALL: Present were Vice-Chairperson Joe Trebino and Commissioners Ron Beatty, Helen Myers, William Weber, Barbara Guise, Don Meagher, Mary Hannigan, and Alice Kamers. Others present included Sue Barry, Recreation Services Supervisor and Mike Davies of the Brentwood Police Department. Jan Melloni arrived at 7:15 p.m.

PRESENTATIONS: Mel Eckerstrom of Eckerstrom Productions gave a presentation regarding the proposed “A Day in the Park” event that the Arts Commission is planning for a future date, possibly in October of 2002. The Commission Subcommittee planning this event held a meeting with Mr. Eckerstrom prior to the opening of the regular meeting. Since not all of the Commissioners had an opportunity to meet Mr. Eckerstrom, Chairperson Robinson had everyone introduce themselves prior to Mr. Eckerstrom’s presentation. 

Mr. Eckerstrom gave a brief background of his expertise in producing these types of events. He has been involved in producing this and other types of events for over l6 years and just completed the Walnut Creek Wine and Cheese Festival. This was the 15th year with the Walnut Creek event and they had over 80,000 people at that event. Other local events he has produced are the Livermore Wine and Honey, the Alameda Art and Wine Festival, the Lafayette Art and Wine Festival, and various others. He produced the Lafayette Festival as well as some others from “scratch”. He does believe in having specific job assignments, setting a budget and working to achieve high-class events. He felt Brentwood should have a prepared written Mission Statement with a clear outline of what they plan to achieve. He further stated that there needs to be at least 88 things that have to be done to produce a good solid event. Should have a plan of action for a quality successful event. He believes a good event will enhance the City’s image and also make money. 

He listed five fundamentals that should be included in each event as food, entertainment, children’s area, variety of quality art and wine and beer. He recommends jazz music for the entertainment. He further said having working artists at the event that could be observed doing their art at the event, as well as for sale is a great draw. There should be a quality childcare center so parents could relax and stroll through area, tasting wine or beer, eating food and watching artists and purchasing art. He stressed a quality family event. He has over 1500 exhibitors on his pool that he can bring in along with local artists. Chairperson Chris Robinson also stressed that they do want to encourage and focus attention on local artists. He also suggested using local junior high or high school jazz bands if they are of good quality, along with other good groups. 

Mr. Davies asked about the money aspect, and wanted to find out how the money is produced. Mr. Eckerstrom explained that they set a budget, spend considerable time in the community and start generating revenue as soon as possible through sponsorship programs with local businesses. Also exhibitors pay a fee to have a booth at the event. Revenue is also generated from selling glasses and tickets for wine and beer along with food sales. Mr. Davies explained his reservations and previous situations where there have been problems in the past.  Commissioner Guise also expressed concern of whether or not they could get enough sponsors since it was close to the Cornfest when local businesses have already been tapped for sponsorships. Concerts also require sponsors, wonders if there is room left for sponsors. Mr. Eckerstrom felt this is much the same type of community as Alameda and Lafayette and since it is a different type of event, drawing different types of people, that sponsors will be available. Also sponsors can be anyone who does business locally, whether or not their business is located in Brentwood.

Other Commissioners expressed their concerns and gave input into the presentation and discussion. Chairperson Robinson gave an overview and said the subcommittee has been meeting on the event and are very much in favor of hiring Mr. Eckerstrom and planning the event for 2002. Vice Chairperson Trebino also expressed concern that they don’t go into it without planning on making money, if not the first year, then surely in later years. He also addressed the food, where it comes from, types of food, etc. He wants to have quality food booths, not carnival type of “pull-up trailers”. 

The Commissioners thanked Mr. Eckerstrom for his time and presentation. There being no further questions he was excused.

Vice Chairperson Trebino moved that the Consent Calendar be approved with items 1, 2 and 3 approved. Commissioner Weber seconded and motion carried.  Barbara abstained from voting on the minutes since she was not at the last meeting. 

Item #4. Discussion of June 12th workshop with City Council (Sue Barry).
Sue reported that she felt that the meeting went well and that for the most part the City Council was supportive of the Arts Commission. There were some areas of concern by the Council members and these were addressed by the Council members to the Commission. There was some appreciation expressed and some concern. There was considerable discussion of the fountain issues and funds. Ms. Barry commented that there was a recommendation that the Arts Commission would have a representative that would be a part of the Design Review Committee. These meetings are held every Wednesday, from 2:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. Chairperson Robinson asked Commissioner Weber if he would be available for these meetings at those times and he agreed he could be. Commissioner Weber was suggested as the person the Commission would like to send.  Motion by Commissioner Guise, seconded by Commissioner Melloni to name Commissioner Weber as liaison representative to the Design Review Committee.  Motion carried unanimously.  A notice will be sent to Director Bronzan informing him of the appointment of Commissioner Weber.

Item #5. Update on joint commission bus tour of Brentwood on June 27, 2001 (Sue Barry).
Ms. Barry reported that this has been canceled.

Item #6. Update on concert series (Poldina Scherff). 
Ms.Scherff passed out flyers for the concert series and reported that they have printed 150 posters which have all been distributed in Brentwood. She said tickets are on sale and they do have the four concerts lined up. Soroptimists are providing soft drinks and candies, nachos, etc. Summerset is providing the beer and wine. Tri Delta is providing their services for transportation. Trolley buses are also available and the Youth Commission will be selling Polish sausage and hot dogs. The Youth Commission will receive 10% of the net proceeds for their Commission. Chairs will be supplied in-house at $2.00 a chair. There will be a $1.00 refund if you bring the chair back. She further reported that there is no budget for these events. She has obtained sponsors for each band but that is it, no other funds available. She indicated that she does need volunteers and assistance on ticket sales. There is a package deal available for those who wish to save money and attend all the concerts. Ms. Scherff urged all of the Commissioners to push word-of-mouth advertising and assist in whatever way they can to sell the tickets. The banner is also up at the Safeway location and publicity sent to all the media. Commissioner Guise commented that she takes tickets with her wherever she goes and urges people to buy them. Some people had been refusing to buy tickets as they were expecting free tickets. There are no free tickets this year. Mike Davies commented that he might be able to help getting some free tickets to some. Commissioner Guise also said she will send out the flyers in her customer’s monthly statements and urged other who bill customers to do the same. Also they will promote the concerts at the Cornfest. Mike Davies also suggested in future years consider having Explorer Scouts who go door-to-door taking flyers into the community. Ms. Scherff also asked for volunteers for help taking tickets and wherever they could. A paper was passed out for each concert asking people to sign up as volunteers at each concert.

Item #7. Update on Barbecue (Chris Robinson and Sue Barry). 
Chairperson Robinson reported that she has pulled out all her old files from previous barbecues and had the following people in various assignments:

Jan Melloni - Paper goods and cash box
Alice Kamers - Sundries and rolls or buns
Joe Trebino - Delta Fencing, getting change for ticket sales,
Boys Ranch - tables and chairs
Barbara Guise - Raffle, counting money, portable toilets (Helen Myers assisting her)
Debbie Gonzales - Flatbed truck, and coffee (with Farmers Daughter)

She had also called Fred Dalberti and he and North American will supply same items as in the past. He also has another friend at a travel company who will probably donate some money, probably $200. Thinking of asking Mike McPoland for desert since he has Cafe Bacio, unless someone has another suggestion. Another suggestion was to go to Albertsons for the small ice cream sundaes. Sue Barry will check on the beans. Discussion of raffle tickets that they could get donated. Commissioner Mary Hannigan volunteered to donate Willows theater tickets. Commissioners Ron Beatty, Don Meagher, and Joe Trebino were asked to handle the set up. Commissioner Guise reported that Mike Grimes likes the boys from Boys Ranch to be kept busy, not just standing around. So she suggested that the Boys Ranch people be utilized to set up, serve, and take down. Also mentioned that they will need help selling raffle tickets. 

Item #8. Update on “A Day in the Park” (Ron Beatty).
Agreed that this has already been well covered, error in agenda giving Don Meagher the responsibility for this report, should be Ron Beatty. Correction noted. Commissioner Melloni asked if the Commissioners would be able to see a copy of the contract before we vote? She feels that this is important to review before they decide what to do or sign anything. Vice Chairperson Trebino moved that the Commission progress towards getting Mr. Eckerstrom’s firm hired, but have City Attorney review the contract that is offered. Commissioner Beatty seconded the motion and motion carried unanimously.

Item #9. Update on Bronze Statue (Bill Weber) 
Commissioner reported the statue is moving along well. He has completed the feet and legs. The sketch has been viewed by all the Commissioners and a model will be presented at the Barbecue.

Item #10. Update on Marketing of Community Signage (Joe Trebino)
Vice Chairperson Trebino passed out copies for all the Commissioners to review of the proposed signage for all the entrances to the City. Panels would be interchangeable for various events. Across the top “Experience Brentwood” and also date when City was established in 1948. Discussion of having one near Home Depot and have them pay for the sign. There was a discussion of whether it might be more appropriate at major shopping areas rather than at entrances to town since there are already signs at the entrances. Signs will cost approximately $3,000. Discussion of having builders sponsor signs, and when there are not any events to advertise, could advertise other things about the City. Signs would be created by Rogers Signs. Motion made by Commissioner Beatty that the Commission approved the design as presented at this time. Motion seconded by Commissioner Helen Myers and motion carried unanimously. 

Item #11. Update on “Art in Public Places” ordinances (Sue Barry).
Ms. Barry reported that she has not gotten any responses from her requests for these ordinances from either Walnut Creek of Antioch. Antioch said they had someone researching the ordinances and they were supposed to fax it to her. Both cities promised to fax the ordinances to her, as yet no one has done so. Item then tabled until next meeting.

Item #12. Update on Downtown Fountain (Jan Melloni)
Commissioner Melloni said she has been experiencing the same problems as Ms. Barry in getting people to respond to her requests for bids. Vice Chairperson Trebino suggested that the Commission take the money they have in their budget ($4,000) and spend what it takes to fix it up and then let it be the City keep it up after that. Commissioner Melloni will make more phone calls to try and get someone to respond as to price and ability to get project done. She will push them for an answer. Price probably will run about $4,000 since there is a lot of damage, metal tiles where never put in as promised. Wonder Board was not replaced as promised and dye has faded and stained. Vice Chairperson Trebino then suggested matching funds with City. Commissioner Guise moved to ask the City Manager to turn the fountain back on for the weekend of the Cornfest with a sign that says reconstruction will follow. Have it turned on the Wednesday prior to the Cornfest and turned on through Monday morning. They can put anti-foam material in fountain if necessary. Vice Chairperson Trebino seconded the motion and motion carried unanimously. 

Discussion of how to pay for costs of repair by Commissioner Melloni since she feels this will be a question asked by those bidding on repair. The Commissioners said to tell them it will be paid for by the City and the Arts Commission.


Vice Chairperson Trebino commented that he will not be able to attend the next meeting. Commissioner Hannigan wants to agenda short-term goals and long-term goals for the Commission. Commissioner Meagher reported on San Ramon’s Art and Wind Festival and showed the Commissioners copies of a recent article on this event. 

There will be an update on Barbecue by Chairperson Robinson, an update from the Subcommittee on the “Day in the Park”. 

ADJOURNMENT: Chairperson Robinson adjourned the meeting at 8:52 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Betty Jo Whincup
Minutes Recorder 

City of Brentwood Arts Commission
35 Oak Street,
Brentwood, CA 94513
(925) 516-5444
Fax (925) 516-5445