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May 23, 2001
Parks Administration Offices
740 Third Street
Brentwood, CA 94513

CALL TO ORDER: Meeting was called to order by Chairperson Robinson at 7:08 p.m. 

ROLL CALL: Present were Commissioners Jan Melloni, Ron Beatty, Helen Myers, William Weber, Mary Hannigan, Alice Kamers, Don Meagher, Vice Chairperson Joe Trebino, and Chairperson Chris Robinson. Barbara Guise was an excused absence. Other staff members present were Sue Barry, Recreation Services Supervisor and Craig Bronzan, Director of Parks and Recreation. 

PRESENTATIONS: Commissioner Meagher introduced Margo Cowan, Executive Director of the Arts and Culture Commission of Contra Costa County. Don is a member of the commission and felt the information she had would be helpful to the Arts Commission. Ms. Cowan passed out copies of the Contra Costa County Cultural Plan to each of the members of the Commission, along with a copy of the March/April newsletter called “Artbeat”. She also commented that since this group had hosted a planning meeting of the Contra Cost County Cultural Plan last year as a part of the cultural planning process, therefore, felt it was very appropriate that they have an opportunity to see the plan. She reported that the Board of Supervisors formally adopted the plan in January. She came to this meeting to share the results of the very comprehensive planning process. She further described all of the entities throughout the county that are encompassed in the Cultural Plan and described some of the activities and goals and recommendations of the plan. She described the funding mechanisms in place and explained that they are now in their sixth year of operations. They are currently in the process of presenting this plan to each of the Arts Commissions throughout the County. Ms. Cowan’s presentation, together with the printed copy of the Cultural Plan, expanded on the scope of planning, research process, resources, needs assessments and policy and priority recommendations. 

In addition, the Cultural Plan covered a complete overview and had gleaned information from over 53 different arts groups in the county. She stressed that arts also creates a great economic impact in the community, and the role of the arts in economic development of the community. A discussion of the importance of getting arts education back into the school system and how important that is to the growth and development of the community with the Commissioners. Commissioner Mary Hannigan is especially involved in teaching art in the schools.

Ms. Cowan reported that almost three million people in the county attend arts events, and that arts are really flourishing in the county. She further stated that the third priority of the task force was communication, through the newsletter and Arts Commissions and other groups working to publicize the various events. An overall master calendar of arts events is something that is being planned also, so everyone will be aware in advance when these events are planned. She answered any questions from the group and thanked them for the opportunity to speak to them. She commended Commissioner Meagher on his work with the Commission. Jan Melloni asked what they could do to get arts back into the schools. Ms. Cowan said best way is to go to the school boards and parents for support. Commissioner Jan Melloni further commented that she has definitely noticed a trend in the schools to drop all types of art, including shop and woodworking, which she considers to be art forms. There was strong agreement by the other commissioners. Some discussion also of scholarships for students involved in arts related studies and how it benefits the students in their overall growth. Sue Barry asked about an article in the newsletter, and there was some further discussion of the “Year of the Arts” and government funding. Ms. Barry also asked if the Commission could be put on the mailing list of the “Artbeat” magazine, Ms. Cowan said we would be included in the mailing list. Commissioner Meagher commented that there will not be another newsletter until the fall; however, Ms. Cowan will make sure the Commissioners are included in the next issue. The Commissioners thanked her for the presentation.

AGENDA REVIEW: No changes or additions.


CONSENT CALENDAR: Commissioner Melloni moved the acceptance of the Consent Calendar. Commissioner Hannigan seconded and motion carried unanimously.

Items 5 through 7 delayed until Director Bronzan was available

Item No. 8 Discussion of re-scheduling Art Commission regular meeting to June 20 by Sue Barry 
Vice Chairperson Trebino moved that the June meeting be moved from June 27 to June 20th. Commissioner Beatty seconded and motion carried unanimously.

Item No. 9 Update on concert series by Sue Barry
To date Poldina Scherff has received the following checks:
· Centex Homes - check for $6,000 for the Russ Morgan Orchestra.
· Signature Properties - check for $5,000 for Sin Sity Suitz.
· Richmond American Homes - check for $4,500 for Yesterday.
· S.H. Cowell Foundation - check for $2,000 towards Joni Morris.
· Brookfield Brentwood Lakes - check for $500 towards a concert.
· Grupe Communities, Inc., - check for $100 towards a concert. 
Ms. Scherff is still making calls to all of the developers who have not responded to the letter. Black Diamond Printer is giving half price on the posters for the concerts. 

Summerset has agreed to provide beer/wine at concert for 10% of the net income and has also agreed to promote and sell tickets for the concerts. Tri-Delta Bus Service has agreed to provide free bus shuttle to and from the concerts. Soroptomists have offered to sell snacks and water/soft drinks at the concerts for 10% of the net income. 

Chairperson Robinson asked how many concerts planned and how much of the money is now received. Other band not mentioned was Bobby Cocker and the Rhythm Rockers. She also requested dates of the concerts. Tentative dates are:

Friday, June 15 Sin Sity Suitz
Friday, June 29 Bobby Cocker and the Rhythm Rockers
Friday, July 20 Yesterday
Thursday, August 2 Russ Morgan
Friday, August 17 Joni Morris. 

All concerts start at 6:00 p.m. Ms. Scherff is still trying to get a Spanish or Mexican group. Commissioner Kamers asked about this and Ms. Barry said still hoping to get someone for this type of music.

Item No. 5 Discussion of role of Sue Barry as liaison with the Arts Commission by Craig Bronzan 
Director Bronzan gave a short synopsis of how the Art Commission is formed a little differently than the other Commissions. He gave a brief outline of the different Commissions under the Parks and Recreation Department and how they function. The Youth and Parks and Recreation Commissions are the other two commissions under the Parks and Recreation Department. The Arts Commission has an opportunity to operate on a different level. The Arts Commission has the opportunity to obtain staff as needed, with the approval of the City Council. The Art Commission can write up the types of programs they wish to fund and plans, and with approval of City Council, proceed with theses plans. Presently to define and clarify Sue Barry’s role, she is currently running the biggest operation in the City with the Family Aquatic Complex, so she has several other duties in addition to working with the Art Commission. He says in fairness, she can assist as much as possible, but down the road may need to look to getting further staffing through getting seed money and writing grants, etc. Ms. Barry can make calls during the day and do other things during the day that sometimes the Commissioners are not able to do. Chairperson Robinson said she appreciates Ms. Barry’s help and please let her and other Commissioners know if they are not asking the right tasks of her in her role as staff support.

Item No. 6 Update on probable joint commission bus tour of Brentwood on June 27, 2001
Craig Bronzan reported that other Commissions are going on this tour and it is about a 2 or 3 hour tour of the town. The Mayor, City Manager and others go and talk about growth, parks and it is informative. Currently lining up transportation with speaker systems and will confirm what all is available in the next week. Needs names of those who are interested in going on the tour. Sue Barry passed around sign up sheet and the following signed up for the tour: Helen Myers, Bill Weber, Don Meagher, Jan Melloni, Alice Kamers, Joe Trebino, Ron Beatty, and Mary Hannigan. 

Item No. 7 Discussion of joint workshop for June 26, 2001 with City Council regarding projects and programs
Discussion of joint workshop for June 12, date was changed at City Council meeting the night before. This workshop to discuss projects and programs. Mr. Bronzan recommended that they plan to meet with the City Council at 6:00 p.m. No action is taken at a workshop, just projecting plans and programs and discussing them with the City Council. He recommended that they prepare items that they want to discuss, or put together a subcommittee to identify items they want to put forth. Need to have items readied for packets by June 5th for all to prepare. Tabled Item No. 7 at this point to take up at the end of the meeting for discussion at that time on motion of Joe Trebino. Motion seconded by Jan Melloni and motion carried unanimously.

Item No.10 Discussion of Arts Commission role in summer concert series
Director Bronzan commented that Ms. Scherff is very proud of the concert series and she is concerned that the series lost money last year and that people may be finding her at fault for this. Commissioners all said no, they would just like to be able to help her. Chairperson Robinson said they would very much like to get involved by helping out with the concerts in any way they can. Suggestion that it might be a good idea to ask Poldina to come and meet with the Commissioners. They could offer a valuation of the series and make any suggestions at that time. This seemed to be agreeable to all the Commissioners. 

Item No. 11 Update on Barbecue
Chairperson Robinson reported the Barbecue is well under way. The committee has met and set September 22nd for the date. She has talked to the Police Department. She has also spoken with Angelo, who will get the Special Events License, and there should be no problems. She asked Joe Trebino about his checking with the Boys Ranch and he has not done so yet, but will have a report at the next meeting. Commissioner Guise will check on obtaining the outhouses and Commissioner Myers will handle the prizes. Chairperson Robinson said that the subcommittee has been meeting and the same subcommittee has been moving ahead on the “Day in the Park”. She requested that they add an item for the purpose of discussing the “Day in the Park”. Ms. Barry said that could be added as #16. Motion made by Commissioner Beatty that this item be added to the agenda as Item #16, Commissioner Meagher seconded the motion and motion carried unanimously.

Chairperson Robinson asked if the new members had any questions about the Barbecue. All were all willing to assist. Commissioner Kamers will do sundries as she has previously. Commissioners Melloni and Hannigan will help her. Ms. Barry read letters from the Art Commission thanking Brentwood Dodge and Joe Rogers and Kevin Kirkland for their help. The letter stated that the Barbecue would be held September 22, and street would be blocked off early in the day at about 2:00 p.m. near Sweeney’s. Serving will start at 5:00 p.m. and they will be invited to a meeting for further updates. She asked that the Commissioners plan to come early and help to set up and get everything ready to go. Johnny’s Time Machine will be the DJ. Commissioner Trebino will contact the Boys Ranch and think that they will be able to help throughout the Barbecue. He reported that they can stay and help clean up afterwards. Commissioner Melloni said the boys do appreciate being asked and getting out in the community and that they do have to earn the privilege. Commissioner Guise usually does the tickets, so will need to be sure she can do this, also need flyers. Jim the Printer usually does tickets, last time Tom Rogers handled this and they will contact him again. They will need 500-1000 flyers. Chairperson Robinson will email Tom Rogers regarding tickets. Ms. Barry asked about flyers and Vice Chairperson Melloni will distribute flyers. All will help out with this in their neighborhoods. Discussion of a banner and what cost would be, especially if they could get one that could be used every year. Ms. Barry will check on this. Commissioners would like to have it displayed at Safeway prior to the event.

Item No. 12 Update on Commission shirts and business cards 
Ms. Barry passed out samples of the business cards. Cost is approximately $35.00 a box. They will have their name and title and can have address and also email address. Commissioner Melloni said she will probably not need them since she will have cards from Parks and Recreation Commission. Ms. Barry also reported on shirts, she had catalogs showing variety of types of materials and colors. There was a discussion of logo type and colors. Cost of shirts is approximately $30.00 each. This shirt would have some embroidery on it and name of Commission. Director Bronzan commented that Arts Commission do traditionally develop logos. Ms. Barry said she could give design of shirt with City of Brentwood and Arts Commission on it and give to the company and they could have shirts in 2-3 weeks. Commissioner Melloni moved that they have Royal Blue and Commissioner Kamers seconded with a 4-2 vote. After further discussion the Commission decided on Blue Granite. Commissioner Hannigan moved to order the shirts in Blue Granite. Commissioner Melloni seconded and motion carried unanimously.

Item No.13 Update on ability to utilize the City’s Grant Coordinator for possible art grants 
Karen Wahl is the City’s Grant Writer. Director Bronzan emailed John Elam and he said that using Ms. Wahl would be fine. Commission does have the ability to utilize her services, if you find grants that you would like her to write, she can do that, but remember that she has a lot of responsibilities and would need some time to work on them.

Item No. 14 Update on surveillance camera for the City fountain
Ms. Barry reported that she had spoken with Chief Shaw and he wasn’t sure if the camera that had been put in was to monitor the fountain. He did say many times a camera is a deterrent especially if it is known to be there. Discussion of the value of a camera and the costs involved among the Commissioners. Commissioner Melloni reported that she had looked at the fountain and the tiles and that there is a lot of work to be done. Tile will have to be completely pulled out and base replaced and tile then replaced. She is willing to get bids and present them. Ms. Barry said she had discussed the matter with Mr. DeSilva of the Parks and Recreation Department and he says there is an agent that can be put into the fountain that will not allow the liquid to bubble. He had the same type of problems in another city and when they put this agent in it was like a miracle, people soon learned that it would not bubble and then they didn’t put things in there anymore. Commissioners thought this might be a good idea and Ms. Barry will go back to him and research this matter further with Mr. De Silva. They discussed the article in the paper. First thing to get tile fixed, Ms. Melloni will get bids to get tile fixed and report back at the next meeting. 

Item No. 15 Update on “Art in public places” ordinances
Ms. Barry was not prepared for this so this will be put on next month’s agenda.

Item No. 16 Report on Day in the Park 
Chairperson Robinson said the subcommittee has met and is very excited about the idea. Want to have something not so much a carnival style, but something such as strolling in the park, seeing the art there. It could be someone blowing glass, painting, or other art works. The gentleman they have talked to was very good and has done the Walnut Creek, Lafayette and others. She commented on how impressed they were with the speaker they had at the last meeting who gave the Commission considerable information regarding the Arts & Wine Festivals in Lafayette and Walnut Creek. She said the subcommittee is bringing this subject back to the full Commission as they definitely want this man aboard to assist them in planning a similar event. They are currently looking at a time frame of October 2002. There will be another subcommittee meeting on May 30th at her home. She is hoping to get as many people involved as possible. She asked if anyone had any questions about the report and if they had the Commission’s permission to move ahead with this project. She asked for a vote on this issue. Commissioner Joe Trebino moved that the Commission move ahead with this project. Commissioner Meagher seconded and motion carried unanimously.

Chairperson Robinson then said the subcommittee and invited guests will meet at her home on May 30th. Director Bronzan asked if it was the Commission’s intention to hire the person they had been talking with regarding the event. He explained that this would be perfectly okay to hire a consultant, but that there were certain mechanics of how to do it. Chairperson Robinson said before they move ahead with this they would clear all actions with Ms. Barry as Director Bronzan suggested.

Item No.7 Compile a list of items they wish to take to City Council 
Discussion of items they wished to bring to the City Council meeting. Art awareness in the schools was one topic. Another topic was Art in Public Places, and ordinances involved as it relates to developers. Ms. Barry then commented that she had notes to the effect that question the Commission wished to discuss with the City Council was “Will they support an ordinance for public art and the parameters involved”. Chairperson Robinson asked if this would include the developers, the suggestion was to mandate the developers put public art in spaces reserved for this in developments. The suggestion then was to present a calendar of items they would like to present to the City Council such as A Day in the Park, the Barbecue, the Statue, and the concert series. 

Another suggestion was an annual art show with local and student’s art displayed. The fountain was also mentioned so that they know what is being done to repair it. Director Bronzan looked up the ordinance and suggested that they use the 12 Powers and Duties as listed in 2.44.020, and utilize these to incorporate the projects they have in mind as long and short term goals. He mentioned encouraging talent could be art education, and oversee the development of a City cultural plan, could be a long-term goal. They agreed that this would be a good outline to go by in setting forth their projects and set a calendar for presentation to the City Council. They then decided that basic items they would work on in presenting this calendar would be as follows; the Statue, Day in the Park, Barbecue, Commission’s role in concert series, the fountain, art awareness in conjunction with the schools, providing opportunities for artists to show their art, community day - offering awards for art exhibiting, and art at the skate park. Director Bronzan suggested that they might start with asking if the have the permission of the City Council to go forward and meet with the City Attorney and Planning Commission and Planning Department to work on conditions with the developers. Chairperson Robinson said this would really have to be number one item with her. Their time will be limited so they do need to prioritize items so that they get first or most important items at the head of the agenda. After considerable debate, the Commissioners decided to agendize their items to present to the City Council as follows:
· Item #1a What funds or money is coming in from Developers for park sites?
· Item #1b Would City Council support an ordinance to mandate funds from developers for art?
· Item #2 Promotion of public awareness of art education in school system.
· Item #3 Work plan for calendar year - art calendar
Under this would be included Barbecue, Statue, Day in the Park, Concert Series,
Fountain Repair and surveillance/upkeep, Skateboard Art. 

Commissioner Meagher then suggested asking the City Council if they have anything they would like to add to the work plan. 


Commissioner Meagher mentioned that October is National Arts and Humanities Month. October 10 is Arts Day. There is a Recognition of Arts in October and five people are nominated each year to be recognized for their outstanding work in the field of arts. Have not had anybody nominated and now into fifth year. These are people who have done something outstanding in the field of arts, they could be directors, leaders in the arts and they do have to be volunteers. Recognition is held in the middle of October with the deadline of July 1 for submitting names. If you don’t have anyone now, be thinking about it for next year. He then passed out the material for the Commissioners to look over.

Update on Barbecue
Day in the Park update
Signs for entrance to City (Joe Trebino)
Banner report (Sue Barry)
Follow up on shirt order
Progress report on Statue
Ordinances on Art in Public Places (Sue Barry)

ADJOURNMENT: Chairperson Robinson adjourned the meeting at 9:45 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Betty Jo Whincup
Minutes Recorder

City of Brentwood Arts Commission
35 Oak Street,
Brentwood, CA 94513
(925) 516-5444
Fax (925) 516-5445