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Vision Statement: Adding Joy to People's Lives.
Mission Statement: Creating Joyful Community Experiences Through People, Parks, and Programs.

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April 25, 2001 at 7:00 p.m.
740 Third Street
Brentwood, CA 94513

CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order by Chairperson Robinson at 7:02 p.m. 

ROLL CALL: Present were Chairperson Chris Robinson, Vice-Chairperson Joe Trebino, Commissioners Jan Melloni, Ron Beatty, Helen Myers, William Weber, Barbara Guise, and Don Meagher. Absent and excused were Mary Hannigan and Alice Kamers. Others present included Sue Barry, Recreation Services Supervisor and Mike Leana, Chief of Planning for the City of Brentwood.

PRESENTATIONS: Daniel Huang, Retail Sales Manager for Contra Costa Newspapers, Ledger Dispatch and Brentwood News, 1650 Cavallo Road, Antioch, CA 94509. Phone, (925)779-7120, fax (925)754-9483. Mr. Huang was requested to speak to the Commission regarding the Arts and Wine Festival in Lafayette. He is a Director of the Chamber of Commerce in Lafayette and very active in the production of this annual event. He gave a very complete overview of the festival both in Lafayette but also touched on aspects of a similar event in Walnut Creek. He stated they have a contact, Art Atkinson who pays them a fee of approximately $13,000 to participate and brings in the various groups for the festival, who then in turn also pay the Chamber of Commerce a commission. Last year this amounted to a profit of approximately $50,000. The festival brings in between 44 - 50 thousand people in two days. Planning starts at this time of the year for the September event. The City of Lafayette partners with the Chamber of Commerce. Although the event does require a lot of work and volunteer groups, by hiring the organizer, Mr. Atkinson he brings in the different vendors from all over the State, and schedules their events. Police Department works very closely with them for crowd control and traffic. They do mass advertising to let people know, not locally, but all of Contra Costa County, San Francisco and other adjacent areas. Utilization of print media, radio and posters is important. Lots of local artists are promoted along with those brought in, wine and beer vendors, and music. Different events such as jazz, country and blues, also have a children’s center. He really stressed partnership with city, business owners and careful how streets are closed, so people are not shut off from business. They had three stages for music, catered to different groups. 

They do not charge admission, but instead sell glasses for wine and beer. They have a variety of food vendors from all over, not many are local. They hold their festival usually the second weekend in September. He mentioned rain insurance is important, as even if just a drizzle, it can cut down on attendance, then insurance will cover amount you feel you lost due to weather. Cost is about $2,500 to $3,000. 

He offered to bring his expertise to the group and help cut their work down by supplying them with names and information to make work easier. Some discussion of how this could work in Brentwood, along with already scheduled events, such as summer concerts, Cornfest, and barbeque. Mr. Huang also stated they get between 80 to 100 booths and close off Moraga Road. Chamber receives rent from booths; vendor also gets percentage of this rent. Local artists rented a hall, vendors in booths generally from other areas. He also mentioned that last year they had local artists do a painting of Lafayette and this was then used as advertising, the oil painting was sold, and tee shirts and polo shirts for directors were made from this painting and sold at the event also. They partner with local high schools for the event for help. Cautioned to be careful they didn’t get to open wines, etc. Give them rules and make sure they follow them and don’t give them a reason for causing problems. But they did get credits from schools for volunteer work and assisted at most booths. Parking a problem, so they encouraged use of Bart and limos. He stressed this is a family event and very well attended by families.

Barbara Guise concerned that since this is so much like the Cornfest with a slightly different twist, wonders if this would be just too much. Chairperson Robinson stated that the subcommittee has had a meeting and Ron Beatty has done considerable research on this subject and has a three-page report. The subcommittee’s feeling that if they start small, possibly in October, this could be the way to go. Vice-Chairperson Trebino is concerned about burnout from same set of volunteers. A suggestion of tapping groups from Summerset for volunteers since they do not usually get involved in Cornfest. Chairperson Robinson thought this event might have a different ambiance, like a day in the park, walking around with a glass of wine, music, etc. 

Discussion of harvest-type festival with fruit etc. Mention of Taste of Brentwood and all of the other events going on, possibly work in with some of these, especially the Taste of Brentwood. Mr. Huang again reiterated that he would be willing to help them if they decide to go with this type of event and would bring his marketing people with him. Chairperson thanked him and made sure Commission has his address, phone number etc. so he can be contacted. Commissioner Guise requested that people think of this as a craft, wine-tasting event, inside a building so that people could buy things for Christmas. 

AGENDA REVIEW: Commissioner Guise asked to add to the Agenda Review a letter she had received from Mrs. Hanson, who is the USA representative for International Design Posters. She had six copies of most memorable poster exhibits from California to New Mexico. Winning exhibits go all over the world. Vice-Chairperson Trebino noted this was published posters. Rest of the Agenda was accepted, with the noted change on Agenda that the approval of the minutes should state March 28, not February 28, 2001. 

Barbara Guise moved the acceptance, and Vice-Chairperson Trebino seconded and motion carried unanimously.


Item No. 4 Discussion on condition of the downtown fountain by Dave Parsons, Streets Supervisor
Discussed methods used to try and clean up fountain and expressed concern for fact that too harsh products could damage concrete because of color, making it a softer consistency. There were questions about changing water with softener, taking calcium out. Vice-Chairperson Trebino suggested he has a product that has been very effective. It is an electronic system and he is willing to offer it for this use. The concern of the Commission and the Public Works Department is the product that is being dumped into the fountain and to achieve a method once it is cleaned to keep this vandalism from continuing. Commissioner Guise remarked that some time ago the Chief of Police had installed a camera on the building across the street to act as a surveillance on the fountain. She wondered if this could be reinstalled. Mr. Parsons said this camera is no longer available. He suggested that the best place for this would be on the Brentwood Press Building. 

Commissioner Guise then moved that the Arts Commission requests the Chief of Police install a camera on the Brentwood Press Building, with their permission, for surveillance purposes for the fountain. Commissioner Melloni, seconded and motion carried unanimously.

Commission is very concerned about this fountain. Commissioner Melloni suggested that since Swisher did the concrete, someone should talk to him about the type of mix he used and suggestions for cleaning. Don Meagher suggested that we get some publicity about the camera being involved and the camera being in use. All Commissioners agreed. Mr. Parsons said also need VCR with tape for investigation purposes. He has worked with R & R in the past and will check with them. Commissioner Guise said the Kiwanis Club is looking for projects and since she is Chairperson of the community projects will see if they would like to help pay for it. Commissioner Melloni said the cost of the system will run about $5,000. Mr. Parsons also reported that the bottom tile is floating above the surface and needs to be re-laid after fountain is fixed. They need to drain and relay the tile. Commissioner Melloni will check it out and see if her company could do that project at the request of the Chairperson. Suggestion that there be an article in the paper to the effect that the fountain is being drained due to the vandalism. Then follow up with another article after it is repaired that the fountain is now being put back into operation because there will now be a surveillance camera there to monitor it and prevent further vandalism. Commissioner Guise will call Brentwood Press and have them take a picture of fountain drained, and run picture with article with suds in it, then drain and go ahead with repairs. Commissioner Guise will call Mr. Parsons at his office and let him know when to go ahead with the draining of the fountain. Commission thanked Mr. Parsons for his help.

Item No. 5 Discussion regarding building color selections by Mike Leana, Chief of Planning 
He was thanked by Chairperson Robinson for the great tour of the City and new developments. Director Bronzan had asked him to be there several weeks ago and wasn’t quite sure what they were questioning. Chairperson Robinson said mainly it was because of the purple building, thought there was some type of law regarding color code of downtown buildings. He reported there is not on existing buildings; however, on new buildings the Planning Commission does expect to approve building materials, quality and type of materials, and what they approve they expect to see built. Once it is built, there are no standards that require anyone to come back to the Commission and come back to staff to change colors and materials at all. Downtown area has no restrictions on repainting. They did meet with the applicants when the building in question changed color dramatically and tried to get them to do something that was a little more harmonious with the rest of downtown. They were not successful and ultimately the powers that be did not want to push the issue. They now have a procedure for buildings downtown, that if you are doing any remodeling or repainting, we would like to see the colors, try to encourage someone to do something compatible with the surroundings. Do expect to start work in next year or year and half on a downtown specific plan, and it is very conceivable at that time that this might be the mechanism in which they could legally control some of the older buildings downtown, or construction of new buildings downtown to look alike and what kind of color coordination there should be. Commissioner Guise then questioned why McDonald’s could not use traditional mustard and other colors with children’s center. Some discussions did take place with staff on this subject. McDonald’s representative was very adamant on maintaining bright yellow. He also reported that the purple building’s owners, when contacted, brought their attorney into the meeting and suddenly many meetings were taking place with their attorney and City’s attorney, and Council did not want to push any further. Some further discussion regarding this issue. Commissioner Melloni asked Mr. Leana if there is some way that the Art Commission could recommend that they look into this. Mr. Leana said yes, they could send a recommendation to the City Council. Chairperson Robinson asked who this should be directed to, and he said the Mayor and the City Manager. Commissioner Meagher suggested that instead they look at Item #7 and discuss options of ways to work with Planning Commission. Commission decided to wait with ideas until this item is brought up. 

Item No. 6 Discussion of recommended language regarding general policy statement for general plan update related to art in public places by Mike Leana, Chief of Planning. 
Mr. Leana also presented this with a handout he had previously passed out. He directed them to page II, 3-5, highlighted Policy 1.5 Art in Public Places: Promote art in public places. He noted there is already in existence three policies regarding art in public places. That was incorporated when this General Plan was adopted in 1993. This actual element, the community design element, will not be affected by the General Plan Update, so this will remain in force. The City already has a policy in the General Plan regarding public art. The next thing would be to prepare some type of enabling ordinance. This would specify where it would go, what types, who would have to put it in, where the funding would come from, etc. 

Chairperson Robinson then asked how to approach this. Mr. Leana suggested have the staff check with some other cities that have gone through this process and what type of ordinances they have. Individually you could pull something from Internet. Discussion of Antioch’s art. Commissioner Meagher thought good idea to check with Antioch, find out the connection with developers in Antioch in placing art. Mr. Leana suggested they look at the pull-out map in the presentation he gave them and see where some good spots would be for art in the new development projects. He said timing is good to look at this now. Vice-Chairperson Trebino discussed marketing company he is working with and talked about signs by non-profits, if having an event put signs on all entrances to Brentwood with a theme of “Experience Brentwood” and show what events are going on at that time. Chairperson Robinson asked that this be put on the agenda for next meeting. She also thanked Mr. Leana for the tour and feels this should be something done at least once a year by the group.

Item No. 7 Discuss options on Arts Commission working with Planning Commission regarding art in public places by Mr. Mike Leana, Chief of Planning. 
Mr. Leana said the best way to look at this is first to get some type of enabling ordinance that would obviously have to be supported by the Council. A good way to establish some type of funding mechanism and locations of public art. Once that is adopted by the Council, then the Planning Commission would review a project site, and realize that on any given project the pull-out map calls for some type of public art somewhere in this development. So that then we could require the developer to set aside some area for some type of public art. Then the developer would have to come before you, as a Commission, and propose something. And you would be able to look at it as the style of the buildings and comment on it. He commented that before they had a Parks and Recreation Commission, the Planning Commission would review park design. Now Planning Commission just approves location for public park and look at the land use impacts of a park in a specific location and then when that location is decided on, then the actual design of the park comes to the Park Commission. They then tell the developer what they want, and the developer comes back with something and they approve it. I think this could work the same way, but first, do need the enabling ordinance adopted by the Council. Discussion of where to start and the Commissioners and Mr. Leana felt that Antioch and Walnut Creek would have good plans, also Concord. Sue Barry was directed to get copies of these ordinances and bring them to the next meeting. 

Item No. 8 Consideration of workshop with City Council regarding projects and programs
Director Bronzan asked Mr. Leana to discuss this with the group. Mr. Leana suggested that before they go too far, that they approach the Council on this before getting too involved. Considerable discussion of how to approach the City Council. One motion which failed for lack of a second from Commissioner Guise that the Art Commission requests a workshop with the City Council, prior to the City Council meeting. More discussion followed and it was suggested that Director Bronzan be the one to approach the City Council as Director of the Parks and Recreation Dept. 

Sue Barry then suggested several different dates to be suggested by Art Commission to City Council and let them decide best time to meet for workshop. She said Director Bronzan had suggested dates in late summer or early fall. Discussion of times and dates everyone would be available. Sue will get dates if possible before June 27th and bring these back to the Arts Commission. Commissioner Meagher then asked if what we are asking is whether or not they would support an ordinance for public art. It would have to be an agenda item. 

Commissioner Meagher moved that it be a two-part request for the agenda. Part 1: Would the City Council be receptive to an ordinance presenting a concept of art in public places? Motion seconded by Commissioner Trebino, motion carried unanimously.

The discussion then went to Part 2: If the Council approves an ordinance, how do they see it? (Meanwhile Commissioner Guise withdrew her previous motion.) Commissioner Meagher said he would rather go with a plan, rather than have them tell what their plan is as right now the Art Commission is solid on what they want to do. It was agreed then to not vote the amendment.

Item No. 9 Update on Summer Concert Series by Poldina Scherff 
Sue Barry presented this as Ms. Scherff was not present. Sue reported that not much has changed. We did receive a check for Russ Morgan and were able to negotiate a lower price for Sin Sity Suitz. Signature Properties will sponsor them at a price of $5,000. Brookfield Homes’ check for $500 did come in, and Cowell has agreed to donate $2,000 and we are still waiting for a check for that. She did speak with Richmond American Homes. Jon Elam called John there and he is no longer there and so got another name. Jon Elam has agreed to send concert information to this other person and this has been done. Commissioner Guise again expressed her feelings that bands are too expensive. She has discussed this with the man in charge of Cornfest bands and he felt the same. Both felt there should be more negotiating in prices. Chairperson Robinson suggested check where bands have played before and what they have charged. Concerned that prices could have been negotiated more. Commented that all have listened to tapes. Much discussion and decided just need to advertise and work to get audience. Vice-Chairperson Trebino questioned what the role of the Art Commission is supposed to be in the Summer Concert Series. Sue Barry responded that it was just brought to the Art Commission for review of chosen bands for types and variety of music. There is also the need for some volunteers from the Art Commission at the events. Commissioner Guise then brought up a list of questions she had give to Sue Barry and felt they need to be answered. Sue was going to give them to Ms. Scherff, but Barbara wanted them read to the Commission to see if they approved or had suggestions. 

Discussion of beverages and coolers. Some felt bring their own food and snacks and let them do whatever they want to. Restrictions discussed, search of coolers, to deal with these problems. Several Commissioners asked what is the purpose of the concert series, to make money, break even or bring something back to community? Sue Barry reported that developer’s fees pay for concerts only, the Police, food, etc. is separate. Discussion of money lost last year and the need to generate more money. Money that was promised did not come in last year. Chairperson Robinson said she would like an accountability report, so they have an idea of what is coming in and what needs to be generated. Commissioner Meagher suggested in future maybe go for more local bands. Arts should be supporting local art. Chairperson Robinson asked for clarification of what is expected of Art Commission and answers to Commissioner Guise’s questions.

Item No. 10 Discussion of whether the Arts Commission wishes to add a paragraph about the Commission to their page on the City website by Sue Barry. 
Chairperson Robinson thought this a great idea. Commissioner Melloni concurred, wished for “Mission Statement”. Commissioner Guise moved that we add a paragraph about the Commission to their page on the website. Commissioner Meagher seconded and motion carried unanimously. Ms. Barry then asked if the Commission wanted her to drop the paragraph and have your Mission Statement and include your meeting dates? All Commissioners agreed that was their intent.

Item No. 11 Discussion of East County Arts Network Hotline by Sue Barry
E-mail from Ann Sanders, East County Arts Network “Hotline” was included in Arts Commission packets. This would be a good source for publicity. Discussion of local plays in high schools, maybe forward to appropriate person in high schools. Ms Barry will see to that. 

Item No. 12 Update from Arts Commission Subcommittee for the downtown barbecue by Sue Barry and Chris Robinson. 
Chairperson Robinson reported that they had two subcommittee meetings since last regular meeting. Subcommittee has voted to go ahead with the barbecue and to keep it where it has been. Between meetings she has visited with Angelo twice and he is very happy to keep it there. He will do everything he is supposed to do as soon as date is picked. Sweeney’s is up for sale; however he has promised if it is sold, he will incorporate into contract that buyer take over as agreed all arrangements for the barbecue.

Emanuel and Brentwood Dodge will also help with barbecue. Emanuel will also call John Pepini and ask him to come back, whether he does or doesn’t the dealership would help him or be in charge and take over. Suggestion that Rotary do it again if they wish. When Rotary did this previously, they paid for meat. Subcommittee will have to meet again and finalize these arrangements. Suggestion that date be set for September 22. There needs to be confirmation by Commission and approval. 

Vice-Chairperson Trebino moved that the barbecue be held on September 22, 2001. Seconded by Commissioner Myers and motion carried unanimously.

Discussion of some details. Vice-Chairperson Trebino to take charge of fence. He will talk to Director Bronzan about this. Chairperson Robinson will have informal meeting at her home. Commissioner Beatty will get more information to Summerset. Vice-Chairperson Trebino to check with Boys Ranch about setting up tables. 

Item No. 13 Discussion of City tour for possible art locations
Chairperson Robinson reported that she thoroughly enjoyed herself on the tour. She would seriously like to see the group try this again when everyone can go. 

Item No. 14 Update on bronze statue by Commissioner Weber
He is working on small model and then will begin large model. Cost figures were requested and he responded that the foundry wants roughly $15,000, and another $20,000 artist fee, roughly $35,000 at this point. Asked by Commissioners if by barbecue they might have a model to show and get donations. Vice-Chairperson Trebino reported they have $4,400 in bank. Some of this is assigned for the Skate Park. Mary is working on designs for this. 


COMMISSIONER COMMENTS: Chairperson Robinson would like to have shirts for all of the Art Commission. This would make public aware that they are out there and give them identification. Ms Barry will be taking care of that project. 

Discussion about grants from government. The City has a grant writer and should be able to handle this for them. 

Commissioner Guise moved that the Art Commission send a letter to Jon Elam requesting that grant writer Karen Wahl pursue the grants for the Art Commission to see what is available. Commissioner Melloni seconded and motion carried unanimously.

Question as to where the statue would be going, and response was the future site of the Home Depot. 

Commissioner Meagher passed out information on upcoming events of Encore Mario with new artists performing Mario Lanza. Next dates are April 28 and May 6, 2001 in San Francisco. 

Commissioner Beatty reported that the subcommittee’s feeling on how far they should go with Arts and Wine, October Arts Festival. Maybe start with a small version with Taste of Brentwood. More discussion by other members of the Commission. This would be only three weeks after the barbecue. Commissioner Melloni thought might be better to wait until spring. 

Experience Brentwood (Vice-Chairperson Trebino)
Copies of art ordinances from Antioch, Walnut Creek and Concord (Sue Barry)
Dates for workshop with City Council (Sue Barry and Craig Bronzan)
Concept for art in public places . . . is City Council receptive to idea?
Summer Concert Series - Art Commission’s responsibilities and clarification

ADJOURNMENT: Chairperson Robinson adjourned the meeting at 9:20 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Betty Jo Whincup
Minutes Recorder

City of Brentwood Arts Commission
35 Oak Street,
Brentwood, CA 94513
(925) 516-5444
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