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Vision Statement: Adding Joy to People's Lives.
Mission Statement: Creating Joyful Community Experiences Through People, Parks, and Programs.

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February 28, 2001 at 7:00 p.m.
740 Third Street
Brentwood, CA 94513

OATH OF OFFICE: Prior to meeting being called to order, the oath of office was administered to new commissioners: Ron Beatty, Mary Hannigan and Donald J. Meagher.

CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order by Chairperson Chris Robinson at 7:10 p.m.

ROLL CALL: Chairperson Chris Robinson, Vice Chairperson Joe Trebino, Commisioners Ron Beatty, Mary Hannigan, Donald Meagher, Jan Melloni, Helen Myers. Absent: Alice Kamers. Commissioner Barbara Guise arrived later as did new Commissioner William Weber. Mr. Weber was then administered the oath of office by Director Bronzan.

Others Present: Craig Bronzan, Director of Parks and Recreation; Sue Barry, Recreation Services Supervisor; Poldina Scherff, Recreation Services Supervisor; Mac Kaiser, Recreation Services Supervisor; Lt. Mike Davies, Police Dept.; Rick Lemyre.


Discussion of mailing agendas out at an earlier time. Director Bronzan reminded the Commission that they had previously adopted the dates that staff would prepare the agenda to be mailed out. If addresses were incorrect or if Commission wished to change this policy, this could be done. Agendas could also be e-mailed out on Friday prior to the meetings. 

There also was a brief explanation of the Brown Act, and reason for items to be acted upon to be covered in the agenda distributed for the meeting.

There was some discussion of Item #2 on the Consent Calendar by Commissioner Guise, regarding the colors for the Winter Arts Festival flyer. She would like lighter colors than the Concert Series flyers. 

Motion was made by Barbara Guise, and seconded by Commissioner Melloni to remove Item #1 and 2 from the Consent Calendar. Motion carried unanimously.

Item No. 3 
Accept Arts and Cultural Commission Contra Costa County agenda/minutes.

Barbara Guise moved to accept, Commissioner Melloni seconded. Motion carried unanimously.

Agenda items suspended for swearing in of new Commissioner Weber at this point.


Item No. 4
Discussion of proposed concert series by Poldina Scherff, Recreation Services Supervisor. Ms. Scherff reported that she had a meeting with the subcommittee and feels that they have a good variety of concerts. Last year had a total of four, and this year are proposing six different concerts, starting in June and going through September. They have submitted their planned concerts and costs involved to Jon Elam, City Manager. Ms. Scherff suggested they then go out to solicit funding for the band, hopefully obtain funding, then plan to charge enough to offset the rest of the concert series. The costs include staging, sound equipment, light rental and sometimes motel rental, depending on the band and where they are coming from. Ms. Scherff reported she has one signed contract. Other bands have been traveling. The only signed contract at this time is the Russ Morgan Orchestra. Commissioners discussed serving of drinks, food, etc. Commissioner Guise had some suggestions regarding serving of food and drinks and also possibly renting out folding chairs. Also need to decide what concert goers can bring in (baskets, ice chests, etc.). Looking at feasibility of having one blanket price for all series. Ms. Scherff said reason for not bringing these items up at this time is that currently there is no funding at all, and without funding would not be able to go forth and discuss these other details. 

Letters have been sent out to developers in town. Centex and Richmond American indicated that they would pay for a concert. Last year money was received from two developers. Without raising the funds from outside sources we cannot put on the concerts as we do not have the funds in their Parks and Recreation budget. We have a $6,000 check coming, not received as yet, from Centex for the Russ Morgan Orchestra. When the check from Richmond American is received, we will pick out the next concert. One concert will be on a Thursday and the rest on Fridays. Ms. Scherff thinks that Friday night would draw a better crowd. Commissioners discussed funding sources and also agreed that Friday night should be a better draw for people to come with families and friends and stay, not being concerned with having to get up and go to school or work the next day. Suggestions for fundraising from other entities such as U. S. Print, radio stations, dealerships and mortgage/home loan offices. Background of concerts and funding discussed by Director Bronzan. 

Commissioner Guise moved that the Art Commission send letters to local proposed sponsors, developers, businesses, etc. on Art Commission letterhead, signed by the chair outlining proposed concerts and soliciting sponsorships. Helen Myers seconded. Motion carried unanimously.

Chairperson Robinson then suggested that a paper be passed around to write down anyone they could think of that might be willing to assist in sponsoring the concerts. Ms. Scherff then reported also that she has spoken to her counterpart in Tracy where they are also doing concerts and have the same Beattles group. When a band does a “swing by”, they lower their price, so they came down to $4,500. Otherwise, if they came to the area for only one concert, it would have been much higher rates. She will be checking with other groups that might be scheduled into other concerts nearby, where they might be able to achieve a lower rate. Commissioner Meagher suggested a group from Walnut Creek also that might be a good choice. There will be an update at the next meeting on the concert series.

Item No. 5
Mac Kaiser presented for the Commission’s consideration involvement with community melodrama production. He gave a short description of melodrama, what it is and its background over the past 8 years with Delta Community Services, Inc. Usually in past years this has been locally written and produced. He then introduced Rick Lemyre who has been involved in the melodrama productions for the past 8 years and had recently contacted him for assistance. He said this has been a very successful community event involving just about every age group in the community creating a lot of good entertainment. There is a core group of seven or eight people, they have a director, people who can write scripts, etc. Hospital has indicated that they might be interested in funding. The Delta Services, Inc. may be able to do some funding. He thinks the Arts Commission would be a good tie-in and the City may be able to help in making a facility available. Would like to know if Arts Commission is interested and would likely plan to move into Fall for next production. Commissioner Guise also serves on Delta Services Board, which is a non-profit separate entity that has to raise money in order to survive. They are currently in the process of deciding if they have enough funding. She will have more information in a couple of weeks as books are just being closed at present. Does not want to completely shut the door since this may be an opportunity for something they need. Did, however think that if the Arts Commission wanted to be a joint partner or a full partner, that would be fine. Mr. Lemyre said they need approximately $2,500. They may be able to scale it back somewhat for a more simple production. Just want to keep it going and doesn’t want to lose the momentum. Looking for Arts Commission support in this endeavor. All Commissioners had positive comments on melodrama and most had been to the productions. 

Commissioner Meagher moved that the Art Commission give their support and backing to the melodrama. Vice Chairperson Trebino seconded. Motion carried unanimously. 

Chairperson Robinson requested that Mr. Lemyre come back to the Commission at a later date and give an update.

Item No. 6
Skate Park Art update by staff. Director Bronzan reported that the City Council meeting of March 13, 2001, they approved the additional funding required for the skate park. He gave all the details of the bids and additional funding requirements. There is now some pending artwork that the Arts Commission could be involved in if they choose. Choices were trellis at the entry, or an entry sign that has not been designed but either say “City of Brentwood” or “Skate Park”, or something similar. These have not been funded. Options are, first to raise the funds then if you are interested to be involved in one or both of these choices. One of the developers came to him and told him that if it was only a matter of $30,000 to $50,000 they would donate for the kids. It may be possible to utilize their funds if Art Commission does a design. If the Commission is interested, Director Bronzan will make sure interested individuals are invited to come to the meeting to assist in this project. Commissioner Guise asked if there was any money currently for these designs, Director Bronzan responded “no”. She then asked about cost of design. Contractor placed cost at $4,800. 

Discussion of art in each development such as Antioch does. Also, discussion of “farmer” bronze figure that is designed and planned for somewhere in the City. Director Bronzan said tubular steel trellis is estimated at $40,000. Also mentioned concrete benches estimated at $17,000. If Art Commission is interested in any of these items, Director Bronzan will make sure that you are included in planning and making recommendations. There was some further discussion regarding past projects, the city fountain and current “farmer” project.

Motion by Vice Chairperson Trebino that the Commission would like to kept informed and updated on the skate park by the Director. Seconded by Barbara Guise. Motion carried unanimously.

Director Bronzan will make sure the Arts Commission is kept included in the progress of the skate park.

Item No. 7
Discussion of public art programs. Director Bronzan directed the group to an attachment he had included in this meeting agenda regarding what other cities such as Stockton, Turlock and Modesto regarding public art programs. He suggested that they appoint a subcommittee to work with staff and they could go on the Internet and research articles from the California Arts Council and start downloading other art projects and programs. The subcommittee could then build a framework for the kinds of things you think you would be interested in doing. Director Bronzan has some good contacts and will be in Sacramento in three weeks so will be able to obtain more information at that time.

Discussion of the Arts Commission receiving a percentage of developers’ fees for art in new developments. He stated it is difficult to mandate a developer fee, however you can make a strong recommendation for them to be used for art in the community. Timing is good now because developers want to be welcomed into the City and will be more eager to comply. 

Commissioner Guise moved that subcommittee be formed to develop a draft of public art programs to bring back to Art Commission. Vice Chairperson Trebino seconded. Motion carried unanimously. 

Item No. 8
Discussion on annual barbecue brought up by Chris Robinson. They were not able to hold the barbecue last year due to time spent instead on getting Commission organized, but feels strongly that she does not want to see it dropped. Barbecues have traditionally been a fund- raising vehicle for the community. Usually close of First Street between Oak and Bank of America and usually have entertainment, raffles, etc. Typically held from 5:00 to 9:00 p.m. with young adults handling entertainment. Commissioner Myers has been excellent at obtaining items from local merchants for the raffle. Discussion of when to have the barbecue. It was decided September would be best so as not to interfere with Cornfest or concerts. The third Saturday of September seemed to be a good date. Discussion of details, liquor licensing etc. Mr. Davies explained liquor licensing laws, need to talk to City Attorney to be clear on what can or cannot be done. 

Motion by Commissioner Guise that we explore putting on a barbecue during September. Commissioner Myers seconded. Motion carried unanimously.

Item No. 9
Discussion on bronze statue. Commissioner Weber presented sketch he has of the statue of a farmer seeding by hand. Cost of the statue will be between $35,000 and $40,000 to build. Commissioner Weber described the statue he is building a clay model and then it will be cast in bronze. It will take approximately six to eight weeks. Discussion of where the statue should be placed. Suggestion was north end of town near Kaufman and Broad development. Near Brentwood sign, near Grant Street. Director Bronzan will find out what is going up out in the area and bring information back to committee. Vice Chairperson Trebino said there is also some light industrial\commercial going in that might be a good spot also. 

Item No. 10
Discussion related to receiving information from the City of Brentwood. Sue Barry, Recreation Services Supervisor reported that all of the other commissioners currently receive agendas from each commission in order to know what’s going on. In her effort to “save a tree” wanted to find out if the Commissioners were indeed interested in having copies of all matters or would just like the agendas sent for the Arts Commission. The Commissions involved would be the Youth Commission, the Parks and Recreation Commission and as a new Commission you would normally to put on the Planning Commission and the City Council. Can get just the agenda and not the full packet if there was something you wanted you could then go and get it. Also the webpage has all minutes and this information. After some discussion it was decided just the Parks and Recreation and Youth Commission agendas would be enough. Commissioner Guise said really only need things that would pertain to arts if that would not be too confusing. Vice Chairperson Trebino also said he does not feel the need for the full packets and agendas of all commissions. Director Bronzan gave them the web page address which is Chairperson Robinson said how about putting the webpage address on the next agenda.

Item No. 11
Discussion of East County Arts Network Hotline, attachment with agenda and presented by Director Bronzan. There are a lot of things such as Children’s Chorus, Children’s Theater, etc. Suggestion to put them on the agenda to see what they have to offer Brentwood. 


Commissioner Guise brought up discussion of a memorial tree. Park and Recreation had decided they did not want it at the skate park and there was some discussion of planting it at Creekside. No other comments by other Commissioners at this time. Commissioner Guise reported that this morning at 10:00 a.m. the new trolley bus was shown and a tour around the City. There are three new trolley buses, the Barbara, named for Commissioner Guise, the Delta Dawn, and Desire. This project was ten years in planning. They are very beautiful and fine workmanship, wanted all to take a ride on them. They are patterned after the San Francisco trolleys. Will go to Oakley and same route as Dime-a-Ride. Passed around new token for all to view. Vice Chairperson Trebino is trying to get space at the Cornfest to show local wares and arts and crafts and feels need for more artwork. Dates for Cornfest are July 13,14, and 15. 

Would like to know the law on painting buildings in the City of Brentwood. Director Bronzan will ask someone from Planning to come and give the law as it currently stands on this issue.
The fountain also needs to be cleaned. Vice Chairperson Trebino will see about this and may donate attachment to clean tiles. Commissioner Melloni would like also to have agenda item for the future to invite the East County Arts Network to come (Item 11). Another future agenda item would be a report from Commissioner Weber on the statue. This will have to be scheduled for April. Last future agenda item would be to explore an Arts and Crafts Faire. Commissioner Guise will check to see if Commissioners can take ride in new trolley around City before turned over to public use. Want to look over new developments planned in the City.

Commissioners also requested the melodrama and concert series. Director Bronzan will not be present. 

Chairperson Robinson also said that if a Commissioner is not able to attend a meeting, they should call 516-5444. Director Bronzan will then show that you are excused. 

The next meeting will be March 28th at 7:00 p.m. 

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 9:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Betty Jo Whincup
Minutes Recorder

City of Brentwood Arts Commission
35 Oak Street,
Brentwood, CA 94513
(925) 516-5444
Fax (925) 516-5445