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Vision Statement: Adding Joy to People's Lives.
Mission Statement: Creating Joyful Community Experiences Through People, Parks, and Programs.

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September 26, 2001 at 7:00 p.m.
City Council Chambers
734 Third Street
Brentwood, CA 94513

CALL TO ORDER: Chairperson Chris Robinson called the meeting to order at 7:12 p.m.

ROLL CALL: Present were Chairperson Chris Robinson, Vice-Chairperson Joe Trebino, and Commissioners Don Meagher, Mary Hannigan, Jan Melloni, William Weber, and Ron Beatty. Others present were Sue Barry Parks and Recreation Department Supervisor. Commissioners Barbara Guise and Alice Kamers arrived after roll call.


AGENDA REVIEW: No changes or additions.


Item No. 1. Approval of minutes of regular meeting of August 22, 2001.
Item No. 2. Accept agenda/minutes from Arts and Culture Commission of Contra Costa County.
Item No. 3. Accept copy of Art Beat newsletter.

Vice-Chairperson Trebino moved to accept the Consent Calendar and Commissioner Ron Beatty seconded the motion. Motion carried unanimously.


Item No. 5. Discussion with Rebekah Burr-Siegel, Public Art Manager with the City of Stockton (C. Bronzan). 
Chairperson Robinson reported that she had received an email stating that this item will be moved until next month. 

Item No. 6. Update/verbal report on Concerts in the Park series (P. Scherff). 
Ms. Barry reported that this item is also moved up to next month.

Item No. 7. Discussion of downtown art gallery (Milton Bullard/C. Robinson). 
Mr. Bullard was not present at this time. Chairperson Robinson delayed this until later if Mr. Bullard should arrive at the meeting.

Item No. 8 Update on amending ordinance regarding membership boundaries (S. Barry)
Ms. Barry reported that the first reading of the ordinance went to the City Council yesterday and it was unanimously approved. The second reading will go before the City Council on the consent calendar on October 9th. If the second reading passes again, then the ordinance will go into effect 30 days from the first reading. She reported that the ordinance grandfathers in current members. When current terms are up in the year 2003, if not living in the City of Brentwood, a person can no longer be on the Arts Commission. Chairperson Robinson said she would like a copy of the ordinance and Ms. Barry made them for each member. 

Commissioner Barbara Guise arrived at 7:12 p.m. 

Item No. 9. Discussion of the downtown barbecue (C. Robinson).
Chairperson Robinson said she had seen everyone at the barbecue and appreciated all their hard work. Chairperson Robinson said she will call a subcommittee meeting later to go over some items that she feels should be changed for next year. They will bring these suggestions back in January. One of the items is the ticket selling. There was some discussion of whether tickets should be sold at front gate or to get food. Price was also discussed and decided it should be raised to $10.00. Commissioner Guise also asked if there was any outstanding ticket money and was told there was and it will just about cover what expenses are outstanding. Vice-Chairperson Trebino said at present looks like the barbecue raised approximately $1600. 

Discussion of where the money is to be deposited, to old Fountain Committee Fund or to the City. Chairperson Robinson said that since this was a sub committee, the money could stay separate. Because barbecue had been an event prior to the Commission being formed all proceeds could remain separate. This was confirmed by Commissioner Melloni. 

Vice-Chairperson Trebino had other comments on barbecue and he agreed with Commissioner Guise that the price should be raised. He also feels that there should be something to do with art, either displays, high school with jazz band, and other types of artistic presentations. He felt there should be some performing arts, such as dance group. He felt they should have some local artistic talent and still have the M.C. “Cher” to move things along, but this would be more in the theme of something from the Art Commission. Really needed the Boys Ranch and will certainly have to rely on them in the future.

Commissioner Guise asked about the banner since it didn’t get up to advertise the event. Chairperson Robinson said she had checked with Ms. Barry and she said the banner was ready but the people who put it up didn’t have time. She said the Liberty High School marquee should have been advertising. Vice-Chairperson Trebino said that now that they have the banner, they can arrange to have it up in time next year. Commissioner Guise asked for an estimate of how many attended the event and the estimate was between 400 and 500. Overall everyone agreed it was a success and will be even better next year.

Commissioner Kamers arrived at 7:40 p.m.

Commissioner Melloni then said they need to send thank you notes to all who donated to the barbecue. Chairperson Robinson agreed and passed around a paper for everyone to add names of those who volunteered or donated services or materials. The following are the ones named at the meeting:

Boys Ranch, American Legion, Delta Fence, Sweeneys Bar & Grill, Brentwood Press, DJ Johnny T, Christine Robinson, Mike McPoland, Pee Wee Muldoons, “Jackie”, Gonzales Trucking, Blue Champagne Pools, Beasley Electric, Joe Trebino Water Softener, Chris Marchal, and Bank of America.

Chairperson Robinson asked Ms. Barry to type up a thank you note and she will come over and sign it. She also asked for a different type of thank you to all the merchants on the street whose street was closed off at 2:00 p.m. for the barbecue. She will give names to Ms. Barry. If anyone thinks of any more names, she asked them to call Ms. Barry with the names. Also, when Commissioner Myers gives her a list of all the raffle prizes, she will like them thanked also. 

Chairperson Robinson then brought up the fact that Greg Robinson had given her a sketch of a piece that can be mounted on the fountain where the water comes out and filters the water up, rather than splashing all over the tiles and cement. The piece of equipment costs $450.00, plus labor and she definitely felt it would be a good idea to purchase it for the fountain. They would get a quote on labor. Vice-Chairperson Trebino was familiar with the fitting and also thought it a good idea. Commissioner Weber moved that the item be purchased; Commissioner Meagher seconded the motion and motion carried unanimously. Chairperson Robinson will call Blue Champagne Pools and see about getting the item installed.

Item No. 10. Discussion of applications received for Arts Commission (J. Trebino/B. Guise)
Commissioner Guise reported that they have only one application, from a Mr. Clayton Wooley.  Commissioner Guise asked how they wanted to handle the interviews. Chairperson Robinson wants to interview the applicants. Ms. Barry confirmed that after the Arts Commission makes their decision on the applicants, they are then referred to the City Council for confirmation. It was decided that a subcommittee would be formed and would do the initial interviewing and then make recommendations to the full Commission. They would then make their final choice and send that on to the City Council for confirmation. A subcommittee was formed consisting of Chairperson Robinson, Commissioners Meagher, Kamers, and Myers. This subcommittee would be responsible for forming a list of questions that would be used to interview all applicants. After subcommittee has interviewed and made their recommendations to the full Commission, applicants chosen will be invited to the full Commission meeting to give their presentation. The choice then of the full Commission will be forwarded to the City Council. Chairperson Robinson will call a meeting of the subcommittee in the near future. She requested all the Commissioners to email questions to her that they feel would be appropriate to ask of the candidates. 

Item No. 11. Discussion of how to get the video of California Art out to the public (J. Melloni)
Commissioner Melloni did not have an idea on this matter. Chairperson Robinson has found out that they can legally make copies of the video and she has made some for herself and Commissioner Hannigan. Ms. Barry has the original. All agreed that they would like the schools to each have a copy. Discussion of which budget money should come from and Ms. Barry said if purchase is not real expensive she can pay the amount out of petty cash after she has received a receipt. Chairperson Robinson said she would get tapes for each school and include the library and Technology Center, so she will get 12 copies, if authorized by the Commission. Commissioner Guise moved that Chairperson Robinson be authorized to purchase copies for an amount up to $75.00. Commissioner Melloni seconded and motion carried unanimously. 

Item No. 12. Update on “A Day in the Park” (R. Beatty/S. Barry)
Commissioner Beatty reported that the budget has been reviewed and said they may need more money. The City Attorney has reviewed the proforma contract. He circled a few items, but basically he approved it. Commissioner Beatty feels that the Commission is now ready to negotiate with Mr. Eckerstrom and also feels that the subcommittee should meet before they have this meeting. He would like someone to help in the negotiations. Chairperson Robinson asked Ms. Barry who she would suggest and she felt the Director, Craig Bronzan, would be a good choice. Chairperson Robinson will proceed with setting the first meeting of the subcommittee with Director Bronzan.

Item No. 13. Update on Skate Park Grand Opening Ceremony (S. Barry)
Commissioner Melloni reported on the meeting she attended the night previous. Commissioners Meagher and Hannigan were also at the meeting. Basically a timetable has been set up for November 3, 2001, from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. will be free skate. This will be done in age groups. At noon will be the ribbon cutting and they will have the kids from the Skate Task Force sign it. There will be t-shirts passed out, food and vendors lined up and pro teams and are looking into roller bladers. Food booths are planned and they are trying to get a radio station to advertise the event all day. Chairperson Robinson said she felt it would be good for as many of the Arts Commission as are able to be there and be supportive. Commissioner Melloni said the City Council will be there, along with the Youth Commission. Chairperson Robinson said she would like all the Commissioners to be there and wear their shirts. Commissioner Melloni said they will be giving them commemorative t-shirts. Vice-Chairperson Trebino said that this is the same day as the Taste of Brentwood, several restaurants in town participating in this. The Skate Park Grand Opening will be over in time for people to attend the Taste of Brentwood. Commissioner Guise thought Art Commissioners should wear their Art Commission shirts, if they get the other Skate Park shirts, they can pull them over. Commissioner Robinson agreed and asked all to go who possibly can and wear their Art Commission shirts. Commissioner Guise put this in the form of a motion that all wear their Art Commission shirts, Vice-Chairperson Trebino seconded and motion carried unanimously. 

Chairperson Robinson asked for other comments on those who attended the Skate Park meeting. Commissioner Hannigan said one of the young men there asked about some type of art work, such as murals or sculpture, and she gave him her card. She did feel however, that this should be a Youth Commission project since it would give them ownership to it. He also had some friends interested in a project. She told him to come to one of the Art Commission meetings so they can work together. Chairperson Robinson thought this a great idea and would like to know when they plan to come to a meeting. She asked all who could to come to the grand opening and if not able to come, please call and let her know. She will call Commissioner Myers. Some cannot be there for the entire day, but will at least be there for the ribbon cutting ceremony.

Item No. 7. Discussion of downtown art gallery (Milton Bullard/C. Robinson)
Chairperson Robinson said since Mr. Bullard is not present this is also postponed. She also asked if anyone had seen the article that he was to write about the Art Commission. She had made herself available but has not seen anything. Vice-Chairperson Trebino reported that he and Commissioners Melloni and Weber did meet with Mr. Bullard. Commissioner Melloni reported on the meeting. They updated her on the previous meeting and went over items for art exhibit hall. She had prioritized them as follows:

1. Initial exhibits with schools and local artists.
2. Use of the Women’s Club for a gallery, and transform that into an art gallery.
3. Put up moveable walls for exhibiting the art.
4. Lighting, need for track lighting and need to figure out how to fund that and walls.

The committee felt it was best to start with the Women’s Club because it is free and they don’t know how many people will be attracted at this point. They also need to get a survey going that would include Discovery Bay and Byron. Thought was to make it a small showing with wine and cheese and maybe bring in Bethel Island also. They could have people who attend fill out an information sheet or survey on where they are from and their thoughts and suggestions. It was also decided that the only way to man the gallery at first, since they don’t have much money, would be with volunteers. Summerset might be good place to draw from and possibly local artists themselves when showing their work would volunteer to man the gallery and explain their work. Need to work on funding, such as grants, or establish a foundation. This could be started through a Wine and Art Exhibition. Commissioner Guise mentioned the Art Auction that Summerset has and wondered if that might be a good way to go. She suggested that possibly Summerset might hold their Art Auction for the Art Commission and give them a percentage of the income. Commissioner Melloni stressed that the foundation should be established first as a means for handling the money and also to seek grant funds. Commissioner Melloni said the next things then that need to be decided are hours of operation and where volunteers are coming from. Also suggested the gallery as a point for school field trips to visit. Commissioner Weber asked about the insurance and since the Women’s Club belongs to the City and the Art Commission is an extension of the City, the City should cover this. Ms. Barry will check this out and report back to the Commission. 

Commissioner Robinson then asked about the subcommittee for procuring a stage. She said Commissioner Guise was also on this subcommittee along with Vice-Chairperson Trebino. Chairperson Robinson discussed a drawing of a stage Ms. Barry had discovered on the computer. Ms. Scherff also has information on stages, and Ms. Barry will get this information so that they can set up their first meeting. Others mentioned on the subcommittee outside the Art Commission are Rod Linco, Greg Robinson, Ray Carter, Barry Margesson and Vice-Chairperson Trebino representing the Chamber of Commerce as well as the Art Commission. Chairperson Robinson asked Ms. Barry to get all information on stages that she can from Ms. Scherff and put in a packet and she will pick it up.


Chairperson Robinson then asked for comments, Commissioner Meagher suggested that a “Friends of the Arts Foundation” as an agenda item. Chairperson Robinson thanked Commissioner Weber for bringing his statue and showing it at the barbecue. She also expressed her sincere thanks to everyone for the help at the barbecue since it is one of her special events. She thanked everyone for their hard work and told them all how much she appreciated it. Commissioner Hannigan asked about how she should respond to the Mayor’s questions about the round-abouts. Chairperson Robinson said she will be speaking with him soon.

Discussion of funding for art in the City and how to solicit funds for artwork and policy. Vice-Chairperson Trebino suggested that this be an agenda item that they have a draft of an ordinance that requires the funding of the developers in each development, and then send the ordinance to the City Council for approval. Chairperson Robinson asked that the subcommittee be formed with Commissioner Beatty; Chairperson Robinson asked Commissioners Guise, Trebino, and Melloni to be the rest of the subcommittee. Ms. Barry will assist them either by phone or other information needed. They will meet and draft an ordinance and bring it back to the full Commission for approval. Commissioner Beatty brought some pictures of the barbecue and Chairperson Robinson passed them around for all to see. Commissioner Melloni reported that the fountain got foamed again, and said they need to figure out a way to put some anti foam in there. She feels this is a part of the fountain maintenance and it needs to be cleaned out periodically. Money thrown into fountain needs to be cleaned out and should go to a charity or to Art charity. 

ADJOURNMENT: The meeting was adjourned at 8:40 p.m. The next meeting will be October 24, 2001.

Respectfully submitted,

Betty Jo Whincup

City of Brentwood Arts Commission
35 Oak Street,
Brentwood, CA 94513
(925) 516-5444
Fax (925) 516-5445