Site Plans

City Hall

City Hall will be situated just off the corner of Second and Maple Streets and will be accessible from either Second Street, Maple Street or from the City Park.  A well-defined drop off area allows for short-term parking and traffic circulation.  Inside will be a large lobby which will have a partial two story volume space providing a dramatic, naturally day-lit environment.  The lobby will have dual entries working with both the park side of the building as well as the vehicular drop off area, which connects directly to the parking structure.

The new Council Chambers and closed session room will work directly off the main lobby space and feature separate exterior as well as interior access for both City Council and staff, ample restrooms and natural daylight in the form of clerestory windows in an effort to preserve a secure environment.

The new City Hall campus, in its role as the civic and cultural heart of the City, will support and encourage growth of the existing commercial, retail and civic activities in downtown Brentwood.  The new City Hall will be a testament to the core principles outlined in the City’s General Plan, such as land use, growth management and economic development.

Floor Plans:  The first floor of City Hall will house Utility Billing and Permitting Services Counters. Purchasing and some Public Works/Engineering and Community Development staff will also reside on the first floor.

The second floor will house the remainder of the Community Development and Public Works/Engineering staff as well as Information Systems, City Council offices and numerous conference rooms.  The breakroom, which leads to an open patio area over- looking the park, will also be located on the second floor.

The third floor of City Hall will house City Administration, City Clerk, Human Resources, City Attorney and Finance.

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City Park - Creating a Civic Heart

The program elements and design concepts listed below are the result of community outreach workshops, during which residents identified these key features they felt define the “civic heart” of Brentwood.

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Civic Plaza

The Second Street edge of the Civic Center will be accented by a large public plaza which will be defined by palm trees, true to the architecture of the Civic Center buildings, and a tiered fountain centerpiece.  A public plaza area was a key element of the vision identified by the community during the community outreach workshops.  The Civic Center Plaza will have seating areas for public gatherings, space for pre-function events or receptions and walkway access to City Park, Council Chambers, the Community Center and the parking structure.

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Community Center

The Community Center will be located on the eastern edge of City Park and will relate strongly to the architecture of City Hall, yet will be expressive of its unique function. 

Floor Plans:  The main entry lobby will feature a large reception space which can easily be used for art shows and public gathering space for the adjacent community room.  The community room will be a large volume space which is divisible and opens directly to the park through a series of large glass doors.  The space will also have an additional kitchen and storage areas as well as a receiving area.  Flexible community space such as an exercise / dance studio and art room will round out the first level.  Separate exterior restroom will also be included to serve the adjacent park and park functions.  The second level of the Community Center will contain additional public meeting space as well as offices for the Parks and Recreation Department.


Parking Structure    

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The Parking Facility project was originally scheduled to be construction in Phase 2 of the Civic Center project. Due to very favorable bids on the construction of the Civic Center, the City is able to build the Parking Facility with the rest of the Civic Center project. The Parking Structure will house 280 stalls to accommodate the new Civic Center and patrons of the library and downtown. Construction is expected to begin in March 2010.


Interim Facilities               

City Council Chambers and the Parks and Recreation Department have been moved to the Tech Center at 101 B Sand Creek Road for the duration of the construction of this project.


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This 5,000+ square foot faco;otu was moved from its home on City Park to 104 Oak Street as the first step in building the Civi cCenter.  The fabrics, finishes and walls sport warm, vibrant colors to create a welcoming space to spend time.  The library is also equipped with state of the art technology, including internet access and closed circuit televisions.  Once City Hall is built and occupied, the library will expand into the remainder of the 118-120 Oak Street space and will occupy the full 17,000 square feet.


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