Architectural Inspiration

History – Taking a cue from the City’s historic past, the architectural inspiration for the design of the Brentwood Civic Center buildings is based on the old Brentwood Hotel and will fit comfortably into the fabric of the downtown environment. This design is also intended to aid in the vision for what Brentwood will become in the future. A magnificent, $50,000 hotel offering guests every convenience and service available at the time (circa 1913), was one of the most modern establishments in this region of California. The Brentwood Hotel was a two-story structure, built in semi-Mission ornamental style of reinforced concrete and steel. It consisted of forty rooms, including three suites, and two courts beautifully arranged for the pleasure and comfort of its guests. The outdoor pergolas and lawns were kept neatly manicured, and guests could often be seen taking tea there on a Sunday afternoon.


Artist Renderings and Conceptual Drawings

The Civic Center project will feature references to the historic past of Brentwood, most notably the simplified Mission Style architecture.  A strong ground level arcade feature will link all of the Civic Center structure together and provide a pleasant, covered pedestrian environment, which could also be used for art shows, festivals and community events.


Computer Renderings and Building Elevations

These computer renderings are enhanced versions of the artist’s renderings and provide more aesthetic detail.  As the materials and finishes for the buildings are further defined, these renderings will change accordingly.


History Art Walk

An important feature and an inspired element of the building design is the conceptual feature of the “History Walk,” which will be designed to reflect Brentwood’s rich history and tell the story of its past.  Starting at the center of the Civic Plaza and winding its way throughout the Civic Center arcade, date markers will be placed to celebrate significant moments in time that are important to Brentwood’s past.  The walk will encompass several different components that will include historical plaques along the interior walls of the arcade, inscribed concrete walkways and wall murals.


Public Art Concepts

City Hall Wall Mural


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Civic Plaza Fountain Mosaic


Concept 1

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Concept 2
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Children’s Play Area Fence